Marine Corps Asset Request for FY17 Press Release

    Marine Corps Asset Request for FY17 Press Release 

    The Office of U.S. Marine Corps Communication will hold the FY17 Community Relations Outreach Board August 30, 2016 at Headquarters, Marine Corps.  The board will identify significant community relations events in the United States which will receive Marine Corps support.  Please see the full release for detailed instructions.

    Marine Week

    Marine Week
    Marine Week is a celebration of Community, Country and Corps – providing the American public the unique experience to directly connect with hundreds of Marines. The public has the opportunity to climb aboard state-of-the-art aircraft and ground equipment, check out the latest military technology and combat weaponry, witness hand-to-hand martial arts demonstrations and engage in clinics with Marine Corps sports teams, all while taking in the sights and sounds of the Silent Drill Platoon and Marine Corps Band.

    2016 Harrier Osprey Demonstrations Announced

    The AV-8B Harrier and the MV-22 Osprey flight demonstration is one of the most sought-after aerial demonstrations offered by the U.S. military. Demonstrations are performed by the same aircraft and Marines who train and deploy in support of real-world contingencies. For this reason, Headquarters Marine Corps selects a handful of events to receive the coveted demonstration during the annual AV-8B Harrier and MV-22 Osprey Flight Demonstration Board. For more information and list of 2016 events, please visit:

    Marine Corps Aerial Support

    Marine Corps Community Relations

    Located in the Pentagon, Marine Corps Community Relations coordinates outreach across the continental United States by connecting the Marine Corps with the American public through developing relationships with Veteran Service Organizations, community organizations, businesses, sports teams and individuals who support Marines, Families and Veterans. Marine Corps Community Relations also reaches out to military and veterans' service organizations. One primary method is by connecting through Marine Corps participation in community events, parades, sporting events, air shows, as well as other public ceremonies and occurrences.  The Marine Corps uses a process to manage requests for support that are non-aviation requests and a process for aviation requests. Marine Corps bands perform at ceremonies, parades, festivals, professional sporting events, concerts, and other public events across the United States.