Combat Hunter training available through MarineNet[MIGRATE]

By Lance Cpl. Samuel Ellis | February 25, 2014

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Second Lt. Jonathan Thomsen, student at The Basic School, eats breakfast at Military Operations on Urban Terrain Town aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico on Jan. 10, 2014. The TBS officers ate their meal after finishing their final field exercise before graduation.

The Combat Hunter Curriculum, MTESD0CHC1, is now available on MarineNet for all Marines.

According to e-mails from James Corvin Customer Outreach Coordinator, and Capt. Jason Pollard, Infantry Task Analyst, the courses, designed as a precursor to the week and a half-long Combat Hunter Course, feature “visually rich content as well as interactive activities.”

But, according to Pollard, the courses are not solely beneficial to those who plan to take the resident instruction.

“This course benefits every Marine, if they have the opportunity to attend the resident course or not,” said Pollard. “It can serve as an introduction to associated terms, provide scenario based instruction on key concepts and leave the Marine more aware of cultural components.”

The curriculum is comprised of three courses, combat awareness, combat profiling and combat tracking, and is estimated to take seven to10 hours to complete.

“Taking this course can enhance combat lethality,” said Corvin. “It can also give students the opportunity to practice reading the human terrain, analyzing baseline information and interpreting critical cues to inform decisions.”

Pollard said that there is a dual-purpose for activating this online curriculum.

“The command's intent for activating the courseware is twofold,” said Pollard. “No.1, to serve as a precursor to the resident courses given at the Schools of Infantry East and West to better prepare the students for the course curriculum, and No. 2, to broaden the reach in the amount of Marines who obtain valuable skills that can protect them in combat and make their more aware in garrison.”

To take the course, search MarineNet for Combat Hunter Curriculum, MTESD0CHC1. MarineNet requires a Common Access Card or username and password for access.

“We would like Marines to know the course is available,” said Pollard. “And, that it provides critical information and training and education that enhances [the lethal ability] of the total force," said Pollard.