Marine Corps Executive Forum

Program Overview

The Marine Corps Executive Forum strengthens the connection between America’s Marines and the public it serves through community leader engagement.

The Marine Corps Executive Forum is a daylong program that gives executive leaders the opportunity to experience the Marine Corps firsthand. We invite leaders from business, community organizations, and academia to learn more about the Marine Corps’ operational capabilities, programs and future initiatives. 

Attendees will have the rare opportunity to visit a Marine Corps base to see aircraft, weapons systems and martial arts demonstrations. Executive leaders will take part in a discussion with senior Marine Corps leadership on key issues and priorities and some groups will have the opportunity to fly in military aircraft.  Throughout the entire program, executive leaders will be immersed in Marine Corps culture and be able to engage with Marines. 

Each forum hosts 25 attendees and there are four forums held in the Washington D.C. area from May to August each year.  


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Thank you to all of our tremendous participants from our 2017 season! Please check back in early 2018 for the posting of our 2018 MCEF event dates.

Program participants must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered:

- Be a citizen of the United States

- Business/civic leader or industry expert

- In good health and able to stand up for 30 minutes at a time over a 12-16 hour day

- Able to financially afford transportation and lodging costs associated with traveling to and from the program location

- Have the permission and support of his/her employer for participation

Participants cannot:

- Be employees or retirees of the Department of Defense, military or civilian services

- Have served in the military in either an active duty or reserve capacity within the last 10 years

- Have extensive knowledge of the Marine Corps

- Work for or be affiliated with a Department of Defense contract

- Be associated with the media unless working in a business operations or management capacity

- Have attended a service academy or military graduate course

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the program, applicants and nominees must meet certain eligibility requirements. See "Eligibility" above to learn more.


After ensuring that all eligibility requirements are met, interested candidates should fill out an application located here and email it to Forum participants will be selected via committee and notified of their selection on a rolling basis no later than two months prior to each event.


To nominate a civilian leader for the program, please send an email to with the individual's name, organization, title, and email address. Forum participants are selected by a selection committee two months prior to each event and nominations are accepted on a rolling basis.


Contact the Headquarters Marine Corps Community Relations Branch at 703-614-1034 or via email at

What is the Marine Corps Executive Forum?
The Marine Corps Executive Forum is a day-long program that connects America's Marines and civilian leaders of businesses, organizations, academia, and faith-based groups in communities large and small throughout the country. A typical day during the National Capital Region forum might include a tour of the Pentagon, a visit to the Crossroads of the Marine Corps – Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA – where they're exposed to Marine Corps aviation, weapons systems, martial-arts demonstrations, and an evening parade at the House of the Commandant, featuring the famed Silent Drill Platoon.

How can I participate?
To be considered for the program, participants must meet certain eligibility requirements. See "Eligibility" above to learn more. If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to be considered for participation in the forum, click here to download the application.

How much does the program cost?
There is no cost to participate in the program. However, participants are financially responsible for their transportation and lodging costs associated with traveling to and from the program location.

Since the program is only one day, will hotel accommodations be necessary?
The program is only one day in length, but it starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. Participants traveling from outside the National Capital Region may require a one or two night stay at a hotel, dependent upon their travel arrangements. The Marine Corps will coordinate room reservations to ensure participants are in the same hotel, as this also serves as the start and end point for the day.

Will transportation be provided during the program?
On the day of the program all transportation is handled by the Marine Corps.

How physically demanding is the program?
Participants must be able to stand up for 30 minutes at a time over a 12 to 16 hour day.

What is the dress code for this program?
Dress comfortably, as if you were on a camping trip. This includes jeans or khakis, short sleeve shirts, and closed-toe, comfortable shoes such as sneakers. Guests are asked to bring a change of business attire clothes for the evening portion, and will be given appropriate time to change over. Also, remember to bring sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen, medications, and any other items you may need throughout the day.

Is there an inclement weather policy?
The program takes place rain or shine.

Will I need a security clearance to participate?
Participants do not need a security clearance, but two (2) forms of un-expired Government-issued ID such as such as a driver's license, passport and/or social security card will be required for entry into buildings. Without two (2) forms of ID, you will not be able to participate in the program due to the secure nature of the facilities.

Can I take photos?
Participants may bring a camera and take pictures throughout the day, with the exception of certain buildings, due to security protocol. Each program is also staffed by a Marine Corps Combat Camera photographer to obtain photos, and participants will receive electronic copies following the program.