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June 21, 2018 | 1:00
I'm Corporal Troy Saunders with your Marine Minute.

The Marine Corps recently updated the parental leave policy, which is effective immediately. The updated policy offers Marines more flexibility in their decisions in taking leave after their child is born or adopted. Some of the new changes are that the birthparent is granted 42 days of Maternity Convalescent Leave that must be taken in one continuous absence, including weekends and holidays, and begins on the first full day following discharge or release from the hospital. An additional 42 days of Primary Caregiver Leave is also given to the designated Primary Caregiver. More changes include 14 days of leave is granted to the designated Secondary caregiver. Marine parents must designate which is the Primary Caregiver and which is the Secondary Caregiver prior to the birth or adoption event. For even more details on the updated policy checkout MARADMIN 331/18.

On this day in Marine Corps history in 1945 during World War II,
The Battle of Okinawa ended.

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