Date Signed: 11/20/2018
MARADMINS Number: 660/18

R 192013Z NOV 18
GENTEXT/Remarks/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to solicit nominees for the 2018 Jim Kallstrom Awards and Marine Corps Security and Emergency Services (S/ES) Civilian Awards.  The awards will be presented at the annual USMC Senior Leaders Security Seminar award banquet on 27 February 2019 which will be held at The Clubs of Quantico aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA.
2.  The Jim Kallstrom Award.  The Kallstrom Awards, one for outstanding leadership and one for bravery, are presented annually in honor of Jim Kallstrom. A Marine Corps Captain and Vietnam War veteran, Jim Kallstrom distinguished himself over a twenty-eight year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, culminating in his assignment as the Assistant Director in Charge, New York Division.  He continues his faithful service to the Marine Corps and Law Enforcement Community as the co-founder and Chairman of the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF).  Administered by the MC-LEF, the Jim Kallstrom Awards recognize those Military Police, who in the performance of their duties, best exemplify the ethos of protect and serve, honor, courage and commitment and a genuine concern for the well-being of the Corps, fellow Marines and the community they serve.
2.a.  Eligibility.  Law Enforcement Battalions, Provost Marshal Offices, Marine Corps Police Departments, and other commands staffed with Military Police personnel are encouraged to submit one nominee (officer or enlisted) for each award category.  Commanders (O6 level) will use the following prerequisites to submit nominations;
2.a.1.  Actions included in each nomination must have occurred within the period of eligibility (January-December 2018).
2.a.2.  Nominees must be active duty or reserve serving on active orders and possess a military police MOS (58XX) during the period of eligibility.  Nominations may be submitted posthumously, provided the nominee would meet eligibility and award criteria described above.
2.a.3.  Nominees should be recognized by seniors, contemporaries, and subordinates as Marines who clearly and distinguishably demonstrated those qualities associated with the award for which they are being nominated.
2.a.4.  Nominees for leadership must set the standard for all Marines to follow.  The nominees must exhibit qualities that have made an outstanding contribution to the development of esprit de corps, loyalty, and mission accomplishment within their unit.  Include specific accomplishments, their results and why these accomplishments set the nominee apart from his/her peers.
2.a.5. Nominees for bravery must have performed a selfless act above and beyond the call of duty.  Examples include but are not limited to; lifesaving actions and courage under fire or attack.
2.b.  Nomination for a Kallstrom Award does not affect a Marines eligibility to receive a military award for the same action/performance.  If the nominee received a military award for the same action/performance, the summary of action should be included as an attachment in support of the nomination.
3.  Marine Corps Security and Emergency Services Civilian Awards.  Each year, the Assistant Deputy Commandant, Security (ADC, PPO (PS)) recognizes civilian Marines who have distinguished themselves by making noteworthy contributions to the Security and Emergency Services (S/ES) community.
3.a.  The program consists of two individual awards.
3.a.1.  The first award, the S/ES Civilian Marine of the Year Award, recognizes an individual in the Marine Corps S/ES community who has effected positive change, either through a specific contribution to his/her command, or by the institution of a process improvement.  The purpose of this award is not to recognize long-term distinguished service by supervisory personnel rather, this award targets civilian Marines who have made a significant contribution to support their command in the area of S/ES during 2018.
3.a.2.  The second award, the S/ES Civilian Heroism/Lifesaving Award, recognizes a civilian Marine who has performed a heroic or lifesaving act in the line of duty during 2018.
3.b.  Eligibility.  Federal government civilian employees serving within a Marine Corps activity during calendar year 2018 that hold one of the following occupational series of:
Correctional administration (0006); Security administration (0080); Firefighter (0081); Police (0083); Security guard (0085); Security clerical and assistance (0086); Emergency management (0089); General inspection, investigation, and compliance (1801); Compliance inspection and support (1802); General investigation (1810); Criminal investigation (1811); Conservation law enforcement (1801/1810/1811); and Emergency dispatch (2151/0303).
3.c.  Previously awarded civilian Marines are eligible.
3.d.  Contractors are not eligible for either award.
4. Nomination packages
4.a.  Jim Kallstrom nominee packages must include the following:
4.a.1.  Summary of action supporting the specific award for which the Marine is being nominated.
4.a.2.  Official photograph, in Service “C” uniform taken within twelve months of due date of nomination.  If forward-deployed, photo in Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform without blouse is authorized.
4.a.3.  Commanders (O6 level) shall submit nominations NLT 31 January 2019 to ADC, PP and O (PS).
4.a.4.  An example format can be found under the PS Links (Jim Kallstrom Nominee Package) at https:(slashslash)eis.usmc.mil/sites/hqmcppo/PS/PSL/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/sites/hqmcppo/PS/PSL/References/Example - Jim Kallstrom Award Nomination.docx&action=default
4.b. Security and Emergency Services Civilian Award packages must include the following:
4.b.1.  Summary of action supporting the specific award for which the individual is being nominated.
4.b.2.  Appropriate endorsements via the Commander (O-6 level) in the endorsing chain of command.
4.b.3.   Format for the package may be found in the civilian of the year submission folder under the PS Links at https:(slashslash)www.hqmc.marines.mil/ppo/Units/Security-Division-PS/Security-and-Emergency-Services-COI/Security-and-Emergency-Services-Awards-Program/
4.c.  Nominations for Kallstrom Awards and S/ES Civilian Awards will be submitted via e-mail to the Protection Branch, Security Division, Plans, Policies and Operations, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (email; POC1). Nomination packages must include nominating unit’s address, point of contact, and phone numbers (commercial and DSN).
4.d.   Award nominations must be digitally signed and encrypted to protect personally identifiable information.
4.e.  Completed nominee packages endorsed through the chain of command must be received NLT 31 January 2019.
5.  Execution
5.a.  Kallstrom Award nominations will be consolidated and forwarded to the MC-LEF who will select the recipients.
5.b. A HQMC selection board consisting of senior civilian members of the S/ES community will convene during February 2018.
5.c.  Winners of the Kallstrom Award and S/ES COI Awards will be announced under separate correspondence and banquet attendance coordinated via the designated unit point of contact listed in the nomination package.
6. Points of Contact.
6.a.  For Kallstrom Awards; POC2.
6.b.  For Security-Emergency Services Civilian Awards; POC1
7.  Release authorized by Mr. Randy R. Smith, Assistant Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations (Security).//