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The Marine Corps Combat Pistol Program  Every Marine is a rifleman. This is evident in every photo of a Marine donning the service alpha
U.S. Marine Calls for Fire in New Zealand  U.S. Marine Cpl. Hunter Badgett calls for fire from a Light Armored Vehicle as part of exercise
U.S. Marines and Sailors aid in local accident  Two U.S. Marines, two U.S. Sailors and a Philippine Marine came to the assistance of a local
Man of Pure Heart and Honor  A birthday celebration was held at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans on Oct. 2, 2018
U.S. Marines and Armed Forces of the Philippines Launch Exercise KAMANDAG 2  The 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade and Armed Forces of the
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2018 Miramar Air Show Welcome  Marine Corps Air Station Miramar invites guests to attend the 2018 MCAS Miramar Air Show...
Bringing uniformity to defensive tactics  The Marine Corps implemented a new standardized defensive tactics course to help military law