This page provides direction to authentic current digital versions of publications issued by Headquarters Marine Corps Staff Agencies, Major Commands, and other DoD and Federal Agencies that issue publications used by the Marine Corps. Not all publications in use by the Marine Corps have been digitized, but this is the official source for those that have.

  • Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library:    
    Program Manager, Head, Publishing & Logistics Systems Management, HQMC ARDE, (703) 614-1712 or 1713; DSN: 224-1712 Technical Support and Email: smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil ; The subject line should read "Help with MCPEL".                       
  • Marine Corps Freedom Of Information Act Administrator: Call (703) 614-4008 
  •  Marine Corps Publication Distribution System (MCPDS) Access: Call  HQMC ARDE (703) 614-1712/1713 or email: smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil.
  • Program Manager, MCLB, Albany, GA (229) 639-5412 / 5411
    Technical Support, (229) 639-5412 Restricted access - PKI Certificate    


  • Technical Manuals Policy & Management 
  • Marine Corps Systems Command (AC ALPS): Program Manager, call: (229) 639-7564
  • Country Studies 
  • This website Contains the on-line versions of the Country Studies books previously published in hard bound the Research Division, Department of the Army. These books are no longer available in printed format.

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