Training and Education

"A warfighting capability is only as effective as the Marines employing it."

The Problem

The current training and education system is not preparing the Marine Corps with the knowledge and range of skills required for the future operating environment.

Our Vision


Training in support of emerging concepts and mission sets will require new, converted, or repurposed training areas

• Reimagining training and education requires the application of information-age learning tools such as technology-enabled classrooms, digitized courseware, and robotic targets

• Modern learning methods and a student-centered approach requires a talented instructor cadre and yields high-caliber Marines


• Create a globally connected live-virtual- constructive training environment that enables realistic training for all-domain warfare

• Expand integrated naval training to prepare Marines to seamlessly deploy and employ integrated fires in the naval and joint fight

• Encourage Marines to accelerate and expand their learning through incentivized skills progression


Rigorous and repeatable standards will continue to form the foundation for all training, education, and assessment

• We will hold-fast to our immutable high standards to continue building upon the legacy of the generations of Marines who came before us

• The title “Marine” is always earned and we will not compromise the standards that define what it is to become a Marine

Our Goal

The Marine Corps training and education ecosystem leverages technology, is data-driven, and effectively utilizes available resources to develop Marines who are cognitively agile, intuitive problem solvers, capable of making bold and consequential decisions in an uncertain environment.


How We Will Do It


Update doctrinal publications to align with Force Design 2030 and enable decisive maneuver in the future fight


Develop lateral entry pathways without compromising standards and apply the methods and lessons learned from infantry entry-level training throughout ELT


Adapt formal learning schools to integrate technology, incentivize skills progression, and evaluate training management


Increase the rigor and relevance of PME, modernize enlisted PME, incentivize excellence, and expand wargaming


Incorporate a thinking and adaptive adversary into realistic force-on-force training scenarios that replicate future operating environments


Leverage learning technologies, consolidate Command and Control structure for human performance, invest in instructor development, and train to retain exceptional Marines


Modernize training systems, simulators, and environments to enable training with modernized capabilities and platforms


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"TE2030 will serve as a blueprint for TECOM to elevate our standards, integrate our forces, and deliver a more capable warfighter to the Fleet Marine Force," said Lt. Gen. Kevin Iiams, Commanding General, Training and Education Command. "Through our efforts we will develop Marines as effective leaders, decision-makers, teachers, and mentors who are prepared to fight and win in the coming decades."