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The Sounds of Battles Won
Marine Corps bands have represented the sound of the world's most elite warriors since 1768.


Our commitment to delivering premier Marine Band experiences come in multiple forms from solemn ceremonies of honor to educational events that encourage musical exploration. 


Marine Corps bands are as old as the Corps itself. Drummers and fifers marched with the Continental Marines during the American Revolutionary War. And, they have provided music for every United States President since John Adams. Today, the Marine Corps' musical experience includes the following:

  • The President's Own: Established in 1798 to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Their calendar includes chamber and symphony performances, live concerts, and VIP events such as state dinners. 


  • U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps: Officially established in 1956 and is located at the oldest post of the Corps. Experience the excitement of the premier musical marching unit throughout the summer at the Tuesday and Friday night parades located in Washington, D.C.


  • Marine Corps Bands: Trained combat warriors, who have marched with commands since the inception of the Corps. They support military ceremonies, official activities and provide security in times of war. From local ceremonies to live community performances, find a field band performance near you.


Today, the world-famous Marine Bands provide Marines with morale support, evoke feelings of pride and fellowship, and act as a vital link to keep our traditions alive.

Explore Our History

A unique mission established by Pres. John Adams

Established by an Act of Congress in 1798, the United States Marine Band is  America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization.

Learn more about the March King

Unequalled by his predecessors, John Philip Sousa is responsible for bringing the United States Marine Band to an unprecedented level of excellence.

The distinguished history of The President’s Own

Visit the White House Historical Association’s online curation dedicated to the  "The President's Own".

Visit the U.S. Marine Band Historical Exhibit

The National Museum of the Marine Corps includes an exhibit, produced by the White House Historical Association, which illuminates the rich heritage of the Marine Band.

Explore Our Historical Collections

The United States Marine Band Library and Archive has eight collections open for research that help document the Marine Band in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.



Experience the Marine Corps Bands

Steeped in tradition, the Marine Corps bands have represented the sound of the world's most elite warriors since 1768. As the oldest continuously active professional musical organization in U.S. history, audiences can experience the Marine Corps bands perform at various events throughout the year surrounded by patriotic pageantry.