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Date Signed: 11/9/2017 | ALMARS Number: 042/17
ALMARS : 042/17
R 091410Z NOV 17
ALMAR 042/17
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Since the founding of our Nation, brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces have risked and sacrificed much to secure peace and prosperity for their fellow Americans.  Each year on 11 November, we pause to reflect on the service and sacrifice of those who defend our way of life.
2.  On this day, we honor all military veterans with the respect and gratitude they so richly deserve.  Over the course of our Nation's history, the battlefields have changed and warfighting methods have evolved, but the courage and commitment of those who wear the cloth of our Nation have never faltered.  Theirs is a legacy of selfless service and unwavering devotion to duty.  We salute all who have stepped forward to defend America and promote freedom throughout the world.
3.  America's veterans have had a tremendous impact on our country, resonating all over the world.  Our men and women in uniform today continue to build on the illustrious heritage of those who have gone before us.  As we commemorate this day and pay special tribute to veterans across the country, let us draw inspiration from their service and honor the sacrifices their families have made for our Nation.
4.  Semper Fidelis, Robert B. Neller, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//