Date Signed: 10/11/2017
MARADMINS Number: 567/17

R 112052Z OCT 17
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message serves as an announcement for the second annual 2017 Logistics Innovation Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is to solicit ideas from Marines, Sailors and civilians from across the Marine Corps for mobile apps that improve delivery of logistics support.  The most promising ideas will be selected for a collaborative rapid prototyping event, i.e. a hackathon to develop a prototype that may be implemented across the Marine Corps.
2.  Todays operational environment is defined by rapidly changing technology.  Our adversaries are able to leverage the latest in commercial apps and mobile technologies without the same restrictions of military security, contracting, and acquisitions.  As a result, these inexpensive adversary technologies often surpass the performance of costly government-provided solutions.  To maintain our advantage, we must empower our Marines with the tools needed to support their immediate and adapting needs.  Also, whether we are moving or maintaining vehicles, resupplying medical supplies, or delivering ammunition, we must find more efficient and accurate ways to process logistics data.  Our manual processes cause frequent errors and wasted time, affecting mission readiness and accurate logistics demand planning.  This results in inefficiencies throughout our logistics chain, to include the creation of large, vulnerable stockpiles just in case they are needed.  It is essential that we put the mechanisms in place for our Marines, Sailors and civilians to develop innovative solutions quickly.
3.  Challenge Theme:  Logistics Apps.  In an age of wearables, smartphones and tablets, we must plan and execute logistics in ways that create a hybrid, lighter, and data-centric supply chain.  The Marine Corps Logistics Enterprise is prepared to embrace emerging mobile app technologies across all six tactical functions of logistics, (Supply, Maintenance, Transportation, Engineering, Health Services and Services) in order to streamline the logistics chain.  The purpose of this challenge is to solicit how Marines, Sailors, and civilians are thinking about the ways that mobile apps could translate to their jobs.
5.  Timeline:  The Logistics Innovation Challenge idea submission period will be open from 18 August 2017 through 08 September 2017.  To learn more and submit responses to the challenges, please visit https:(slash)(slash)usmclogchallenge.md5.net.  This website was developed by the MD5 organization, for idea submission, community voting, and commenting.  Submissions can be as detailed or as simple as the submitter(s) desire(s), though increased detail and creativity will be favorably reviewed.  From 05 to 15 September 2017, IL will then review submissions and select finalists.  Challenge finalists will be announced via MARADMIN by 19 September 2017.  Finalists will further develop their app until the San Diego-area Hackathon event planned for 27-29 October 2017.
6.  Submitters are encouraged to work as teams.  To participate, submitters must each provide their government email address, or an electronic data interchange personal identifier (EDIPI) used to identify government affiliation.
7.  Evaluation criteria.  Evaluating submissions will be based on the following criteria.
7.a.  Relevance:  Does the app align to one or more of the six functions of Logistics.
7.b.  Benefit:  Does the app improve the performance of logistics, operations, or readiness.
7.c.  Creativity:  Is the app original to current problem or does it apply an existing idea to a new problem.
7.d.  Feasibility:  How easily can the app be implemented.
7.e.  Integrated:  Does the app integrate with existing logistics systems and Data.
8.  Incentives.  Finalists will have the opportunity to personally drive their idea into implementation.
8.a.  Challenge finalists will collaborate through the MD5 online platform with experts from academia and industry to further develop their ideas.
8.b.  Challenge finalists will have an opportunity to interact with senior Marine Corps leaders to further describe their idea and its benefits.
8.c.  Challenge finalists will be recognized in official Marine Corps media channels and publications, such as marines.mil and the Marine Corps Facebook page.
8.d.  Challenge finalists will travel to San Diego for a Hackathon on October 27th through 29th, where they will work directly with their teams and experts on their idea.
8.e.  Challenge finalists will present their project on the last day of the Hackathon to a panel of senior Marine Corps leadership.  The panel will vote on the winning projects that will move forward to implementation.
9.  Questions on the Innovation Challenge can be directed to the POCs.
10.  Funding.  DC ,IL will support all travel costs and funding for the Logistics Innovation Challenge winners.
11.  Release authorized by LtGen Michael G. Dana, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics.//


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