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Date Signed: 9/20/2018 | MARADMINS Number: 526/18
MARADMINS : 526/18
R 200428Z SEP 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  Since 1996, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has directed that a formal course of instruction be provided for all newly promoted or selected First Sergeants.  The course facilitates the transition from Gunnery Sergeant to First Sergeant.
2.  Mission.  Senior Enlisted Academy will conduct the First Sergeants Course to provide instruction covering the duties and responsibilities of Marines with the rank of First Sergeant. 
3.  Execution.
3.A.  Commanders Intent.  Instruct students on the duties and responsibilities of a First Sergeant.  Course end state is achieved when students are equipped with the knowledge to effectively support commanders and fulfill billet responsibilities.
3.B.  Concept of Operations.
3.B.1.  The First Sergeants Course will be conducted over a two-week period.  Instruction is presented through a variety of lectures and guided discussions.  The focus of effort is to prepare First Sergeants to advise their commanders regarding all matters affecting enlisted personnel and to assist commanders in the performance of their duties.
3.B.2.  The First Sergeants Course will be conducted at Marine Corps Base (MCB), Quantico, VA.
Course     Report          Convene        Graduate
1-19       24 Feb 19       25 Feb 19       8 Mar 19
2-19       14 Jul 19       15 Jul 19      26 Jul 19
3.C.  Coordinating Instructions.
3.C.1.  The Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 First Sergeants Courses will be conducted at the Marine Corps University (MCU).  Reserve and active duty attendees will report to Quantico, VA.  Coordinating instructions will be sent via separate correspondence three weeks prior to the course convening date.
3.C.2.  Attendance.  All First Sergeants selected during FY 2019, those who have received remedial promotion, and those who received a FY 2018 or FY 2017 exemption are required to attend.  Those who did not receive an exemption must request one from their Major Subordinate Command level Sergeant Major.  First Sergeants in receipt of orders to an Inspector-Instructor or reserve First Sergeants should register for class 2-19, unless otherwise excused.  Master Sergeants serving in the billet of a First Sergeant may attend, however, a letter describing their current duties and responsibilities and a command endorsement must be submitted to the Director, Senior Enlisted Academy, prior to being authorized to attend.  All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Direct all correspondence to the Director, Senior Enlisted Academy at and
3.C.3.  Registration.  Attendees are required to register for class 1-19 no later than (NLT) 25 January 2019 and class 2-19 NLT 21 June 2019.  Parent command G-3s/S-3s are required to register attendees in Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS).  Registration in MCTIMS is required in order to receive funding data from Training and Education Command (TECOM) Formal Schools.
4.  Administration and Logistics.
4.A.  Orders.  Temporary additional duty (TAD) orders will be non-reporting.
4.B.  Active Component. 
4.B.1.  Travel/per diem is provided by TECOM World-Wide Travel.  Parent command G-3s/S-3s are required to request funding.
4.B.2.  Reserve Component.  Marine Reserve Order Writing System (MROWS) Professional Military Education/school orders will be routed through Marine Forces Reserve G-3 in order to receive funding.
4.C.  Transportation.  Attendees should not schedule any flight departures prior to 1800 on their scheduled graduation date.  Parent commands are responsible for the cost of rental cars.
4.D.  Lodging.  Accepted attendees who require lodging are required to lodge at Liversedge Hall, commercial:  (703) 784-3149 or The Crossroads Inn commercial:  (703) 630-4444.  If billeting is not available, Marines must receive a non-availability statement from Liversedge Hall before arranging off-base lodging.  MCB Quantico is part of the Defense Travel System (DTS) lodging pilot program.  Attendees are required to reserve off-base lodging through DTS after receiving a non-availability statement.  More information about the DTS pilot program may be found at:  http:(slant)(slant)www.quantico.  Due to lodging expenses at the TAD site, it is highly recommended that reserve units use the Initial Payment Process.
4.E.  Uniform.
4.E.1.  The prescribed uniform is the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform.
4.E.2.  Students should bring a sufficient number of uniforms for the duration of the course.
4.E.3.  All weather coat is optional.
4.E.4.  Appropriate civilian attire and coat/tie is required.
4.F.  Social Events.
4.F.1.  All attendees will attend a mandatory professional dinner.  The prescribed uniform for the dinner is civilian attire (male:  suit and tie, female:  dress or equivalent business attire).
4.F.2.  Depending upon availability, all attendees will attend an Evening Parade at 8th and I, Washington, DC.  (slacks and collared shirt).
5.  Command and Signal.  Inquiries regarding the content of this Marine Administrative Message can be directed to Master Gunnery Sergeant Mark Jerry, Deputy Director, Senior Enlisted Academy.
6.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General D. H. Berger, Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command.//