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Date Signed: 1/18/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 035/19
MARADMINS : 035/19
R 172015Z JAN 19
GENTEXT/REMARKS. 1. The Purpose of this MARADMIN is to solicit Marine Corps nominations for the 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) Award for Supply Chain Excellence.
2. Recognition. World-Class Supply Chains Align Supply operations and business objectives. Supply Chain Management (SCM) involves the end-to-end management of products and services, from the origination of raw materials at the supplier's supplier to the end user of the product or service - the customer's customer, or the warfighter in the case of DoD. To recognize organizations that excel in this arena, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment (ASD(S)) partners with the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) to present the DoD Supply Chain Excellence Award. The annual DoD Award for Supply Chain Excellence spotlights a superlative DoD organization that has recognized the critical role supply chain performance plays in reaching organizational goals, is committed to optimizing its supply chain performance and has demonstrated this commitment through the implementation of supply chain improvement projects.
2.A. All DoD organizations are eligible for the DoD Award for Supply Chain Excellence, which is presented to an organization that operates significant components of a supply chain and has demonstrated excellence in design, operation, or improvement of it.  The nomination should demonstrate successful implementation of the supply chain process categories (plan, source, make, deliver, return, etc.) as defined in DoD Manual 4140.01.
2.B. The award is bestowed based on the selection criteria which captures the nature and complexity of the project undertaken, the nominating activity ability to objectively demonstrate the value of the project, and the ability to characterize the project and effectively communicate its significance to others.
2.C. The 2018 DoD Award for supply chain excellence will be presented at the 2019 NDIA National Logistics Conference. In addition, press releases will be submitted to the appropriate trade and news publications. Organizations should also be advised that questions may be directed to designated points of contact to clarify submissions.
3. Submission instructions. Previous award winners have successfully focused on supply chain projects as opposed to logistics initiatives.  This should not prevent complex, multiple-year programs from being submitted for consideration, but particular attention should be paid to identifying concrete and measurable improvements. Projects that have won a previous DoD Award for Supply Chain Excellence will not be considered. All submissions should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Executive summaries (1-2 pages) of the award submission are required. Submissions should clearly identify the title of the submitted project.
3.A. Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter signed by a General Officer/Flag Officer in the organization that identifies the project, the submitting organization, and a single point of contact (including address, phone number, and e-mail address) for the package.  The cover letter should also explicitly state whether the package can be made publicly available.  It is customary practice to post award nominations on the ASD(S) public website.  For submissions that cannot be publicized, ASD(S) requests a sanitized version of the package that can be posted on the public website.
3.B. Materials other than documents that conform to the submission instructions above will not be accepted; this includes videos.  Submissions must not contain proprietary or classified information unless a sanitized version is provided as well. Conformance to the OSD Supply Chain Enterprise Metrics attributes as defined in DoD Manual 4140.01 is required.
4. OSD Eligibility. The award is open to all DoD organizations.  Submissions will be accepted for activities during the 12-month calendar year (1 January 2018 - 31 December 2018). Each organization may submit up to two entries. The submission deadline to ASD(S) is 15 February 2019. Deadline extensions for award nominations are not routinely granted and must be approved by ASD(S). An awards committee will be appointed by ASD(S) to review and select the winner.
5. Selection Criteria and Scoring. Submissions will be scored based on the information provided for each category below. A response for each category is required. Specific criteria within the categories must be addressed, but the criteria are not all inclusive. A successful submission responds to each required category clearly and sequentially. A total of 150 points is possible.
5.A. Project Scope. Define the general scope of the project (10 points maximum).
5.A.1. Provide the name of the submitting organization (command, service, etc.), and identify the responding organization unit (site, function, etc.).
5.A.2. Provide a brief mission description of the overall business objectives, product lines, and mission of the organization.
5.A.3. Describe the general scope of the project (e.g., within the command, Intra-Service, DoD-Wide, etc.) and provide the names of the supply chain partner organizations (external) and the names of the functional organizations (internal) involved in the project.  Indicate the number of people involved from each organization and the functional category of each.  Provide a point of contact for each supply partner organization (name, mailing address, commercial telephone number, DSN and email address).
5.B. Complexity. Provide a description of the project and its complexities (30 points maximum).
5.B.1. Describe the supply chain process categories the submission spans (plan, source, make, deliver, return, etc.) as defined in DoD Manual 4140.01.
5.B.2. Indicate the duration of the project. Note if the project is a pilot that is currently in development, or has been implemented.
5.B.3. Explain why the project was undertaken and how it was selected.  Note if the project was initiated in response to an audit or directive, in response to visible process issues within the supply chain, or proactively to drive improvements with an already effective and efficient supply chain process.
5.B.4. Describe any best practice employed or developed.  Include the criteria for selecting the best practice used.
5.C. Innovation. Describe the level of innovation behind the project selection (30 points maximum).
5.C.1. Describe the process, analytical approaches and technology used for the project. Indicate whether the project used new, unproven technology and practices, used technology and practices proven in other environments, but not used within the defense environment, or leveraged technology and practices proven within the defense environment.
5.C.2. Describe how the new technologies, practices and analytical methods led to an improvement in supply chain outcomes for DoD.  Demonstrate how the project will fill existing gaps or compliment what has already been accomplished.
5.D. Implementation. Describe the process used to complete the project (20 points maximum).
5.D.1. Describe how the project was successfully implemented across the supply chain process categories (plan, source, make, deliver, return, etc.).
5.D.2. Identify significant challenges encountered, the process for resolution and the solutions.
5.D.3. Indicate the metrics used to measure progress and success.
5.E. Outcomes. Explain how the project optimized supply chain performance and significantly improved the reliability, flexibility and responsiveness of the defense supply chain (30 points maximum).  5.E.1. Describe in detail the outcome of the project implementation.  Document and quantify cost and performance benefits, including the projects return on investment and changes in the capabilities of one or more of the supply chain process categories (plan, source, make, deliver, return, etc.).
5.E.2. Indicate the scope of the outcomes and benefits (e.g., function, site, command, services, or enterprises).  Describe the outcomes and benefits that extend past the submitting organizational unit level.
5.E.3 Outline how the success of this effort supports the organizational objectives described in the project scope per paragraph 5.A.2.
5.F. Knowledge Transfer (20 Points Maximum).
5.F.1. Describe the efforts to share this project with other organizations. Note if knowledge sharing spans across function, site, command, service, or enterprise or beyond the government.  5.F.2. Explain how the project can be transferred to other organizations and specify the likely candidates for transference.
5.G. Conclusion (10 Points Maximum). Indicate why, based on the categories above, the project meets the requirements for the DoD Supply Chain Excellence Award. Describe how the project qualifies as a complex and innovative defense logistics program that leveraged the use of best practices to significantly improve the defense supply chain and advance the DoD's overall supply chain management.
6. Original nomination packages must be received at Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (DC, IL), Logistics Policy and Capabilities (LPC) no later than 8 February 2019 (DoD original deadline published in the "Call for Entries" may be ignored). Soft copy will be accepted and can be e-mailed to  Nomination packages received after this date will not be considered for competition.  If sending hard copy, the mailing address at HQMC is:
    Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
    Attn: Mr. Jim Lettinhand LPC-2 RM 2E211
    3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
    Washington, DC. 20350-3000
7. It is recommended that each Marine Force (MARFOR), Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) AND Supporting Establishment (SE) Command submit no more than two nomination packages. MARFORs will provide forwarding endorsements for their MEF/Major Subordinate Command (MSC) subordinate packages. SE organizations not under the operational command of a MARFOR or MEF may forward nomination packages directly to HQMC, DC, IL (LPC-2). 
8. Format instructions and past winner packages may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) website at the following address: http:(slash)(slash)
9. All nominations received will be reviewed by a selection board convened at HQMC. Two nominations will be selected to represent the Marine Corps in competition with other Services.  DC, IL will make a decision as to which Marine Corps organizations / packages will be submitted to ASD(S).
10. Release authorized by Mr. Patrick N. Kelleher, GS-15, Deputy Director, Installations and Logistics (LP).//