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Date Signed: 2/1/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 061/19
MARADMINS : 061/19
R 010024Z Feb 19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message announces the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Combat Support Orientation Course (MCSOC) for Marines interested in serving a tour of duty at MARSOC as Special Operations Capabilities Specialists (SOCS).
2.  Task.  To inform Commanders and their Combat Support Marines about career opportunities at MARSOC and the necessary attributes required for success within the SOCS necessary MOS (NMOS) of 8071.
3.  Purpose.  MCSOC affords eligible Marines interested in a tour within MARSOC the opportunity to interface with Senior Enlisted Leaders in the community and participate in training ranging from MOS-specific, physical performance and resiliency, to mental performance and mental fitness.  Upon completion, marines will receive feedback on general and MOS-specific skills required for successful tours within MARSOC beneficial to their individual preparation and their parent commands.
4.  Overview.
4.a.  The MCSOC is a 5-day course that will focus on the following:
4.a.1.  Introducing marines to career opportunities at MARSOC.
4.a.2.  Informing marines of the professional, mental, and physical attributes desired for a successful tour at MARSOC.
4.a.3.  Identifying interested Marines to Manpower Management Enlisted Assignments (MMEA) for assignment to MARSOC.
4.a.4.  Providing to MMEA, based on MCSOC evaluations, a recommendation for Marines interested in a MARSOC assignment.  all final decisions regarding MARSOC assignment rest with MMEA.  4.b.  MCSOC is conducted twice a year aboard Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. MCSOC 19-1 is scheduled from 25 February to 1 March 2019 and MCSOC 19-2, 18-22 November 2019.  each MCSOC iteration will be limited to 60 students.
4.b.1.  During each training day, attendees will receive instruction on skills required to successfully complete the respective SOCS training pipelines.  Instructional events will include general subjects such as physical performance and resiliency training, injury prevention screening,movement under load, and mental performance training.  Other events will include MOS-specific skills taught by Senior Enlisted Occupational Field Functional Capability Advisors (FCA).  Attendees will also receive informational briefings on combat support and combat service support to Marine Special Operations Forces (MARSOF) and expected training and deployment timelines.  Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive detailed feedback on both the general and MOS-specific skills listed above to enable further individual preparation for a successful MARSOC tour.  This feedback will also serve as a guide to future assignment discussions between the Marine, MMEA, and the MARSOC FCA.
4.b.2.  The training schedule also includes standard Marine Corps physical fitness events.  The PFT, CFT, ruck march, and Water Survival Training (to intermediate standard) will be conducted on successive training days.  Attendees will receive PFT, CFT, and water survival training completion records for entry in their MCTIMS training folder.
4.b.3.  In order for marines to be able to perform well during this demanding course we encourage all applicants to download and use the MARSOC fitness preparation guide at or the fitness preparation app prior to attending the course. This 10-week training schedule and guide is focused on the physical fitness portion of the human performance methodology: improving physical performance through training and nutrition. It provides photos and descriptions of exercises used by MARSOC, and will help prepare candidates for the physical fitness aspects of MCSOC.
5.  Participants.
5.a.  Marines of the following MOS are eligible to participate in this course:  SOF Fires Specialists (SOCS-B): 0861 (E-5 through E-7).  All 0861 must be current, qualified and designated by their unit Commander as a Joint Fires Observer (JFO) or Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) in accordance with NAVMC  3500.42c.  All applicants will be required to produce their Individual Performance Record (IPR) to the SOCS-B FCA prior to enrolment into the course.  SOF Communications Specialists (SOCS-C): 0627, 0621, 0631, 0629, 0639, 0671, 0679, 2831, 2841, 2847, 2862 (E-4 through E-7) SOF Multi-Purpose Canine Handler (SOCS-D): 5811 NMOS 5812 preferred (E-4 through E-5) SOF Sigint Specialists (SOCS-F): 26xx (E-4 through E-7) SOF Geospatial Specialists (SOCS -G): 0241 and 0261 (E-4 through E-6) SOF CI/Humint specialists (SOCS -H):  0211 (E-5through E-7) SOF All-Source Intel Specialists (SOCS -I):  0231 (E-4 through E-7) Combat Service Support (CSS): 0431 (E-4 through E-6), 0431 (E-4 through E-5), 3521 (E-3 through E-5) and 3043 (E-3 through E-5).
5.b.  Prerequisites:
5.b.1. Must be in a full duty status.
5.b.2. Must not have any pending legal or administrative proceedings.
5.b.3. Must not have been awarded NJP in the last 12 months.
5.b.4. Must possess a security clearance in accordance with their PMOS.
5.b.5. Must meet current Enlisted Career Force Controls (ECFC).
5.c.  Eligibility.
5.c.1.  Must have the requisite time on station to execute orders and check into MARSOC NLT 31 November 2019 to be able to attend MCSOC 19-1 and NLT 30 July 2020 to attend MCSOC 19-2.  Marines that are scheduled to deploy within 9 months of attending either course will PCS/PCA upon completion of their deployment.
6.  Registration.
6.a.  Interested marines should submit their request via the MCSOC OMB via email [MCSOC_registration(at)] NLT 60 days prior to the start of the course:  Rank Last name First name Middle initial EDIPI MOS Date of rank Date current tour began Security clearance and adjudication date Last PFT/CFT score and date Meal card number or comrats Email address Phone number Command point of contact
6.a.1.  Subject line should be in the following format:  Lname/Rank/MOS (I.E. Smith/CPL/0621)
6.a.2.  All correspondence must be through a .mil or .gov email account.
6.b.  Following the initial request, the marine will be sent a command screening checklist that must be completed within 10 days of receipt in order to be registered for the course.
7.  Training continuum and obligated service requirements.
7.a.  SOCS:  Marines assigned to MARSOC will be required to complete the following courses before the 8071 MOS is obtained:  Special Operations Forces level I (SOF LVL 1), Special Operations Training Course (STC), and the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) course level c.
8.  Coordinating instructions.  Government messing and lodging is directed.  No cost government quarters provided.  Marines receiving basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) from the camp Lejeune area (50 miles) should be prepared to pay for meals consumed during this period.  Travel costs will be funded by MARSOC.  if selected for participation in MCSOC, Marines will receive further instructions regarding the Line of Accounting (LOA) to be used in the Defense Travel System (DTS).  Marines outside the Camp Lejeune area attending MCSOC 19-1 should plan to travel on 23 February and 2 March 2019. For MCSOC 19-2 Marines should plan to travel on 17 and 23 November.  Marines traveling from Oconus should plan to arrive no earlier than 21 February 2019 for MCSOC 19-1 and no earlier than 16 November 2019 for MCSOC 19-2.
8.a.  Marines who fail to provide all the necessary information by the course registration deadline will not be considered.
9.  Point of contact is Mr. Mark McKay, email: phone number: 910-440-2143.
10. Release authorized by Lieutenant General Brian D. Beaudreault, Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies and Operations.//