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Date Signed: 2/5/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 065/19
MARADMINS : 065/19
R 042050Z FEB 19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message announces the FY-19 2nd Quarter Commandants Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration (DC, CD and I), and hosted by the Capabilities Development Directorate (CDD) Logistics Combat Element (LCE).
2.  The focus of this Innovation Challenge is on Logistics.  This MARADMIN provides the challenge question, eligibility and evaluation criteria, schedule, and instructions for submitting your ideas.  The Commandant will personally recognize Challenge winner(s) who may have the opportunity to partner with the appropriate organization(s) for further concept development and/or implementation.
3.  Purpose and Scope for the Challenge.  The purpose of this challenge is to solicit fresh insights from Marines, Sailors, and civilians regarding logistics integration.  The lines of effort for the challenge, supported by the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (DC, I and L), include Leveraging Global Logistics Awareness, Diversifying Distribution, and Improving Sustainment.  Individuals or teams should submit ideas in one of the areas below or note that their submission falls in an unidentified area.
3.a.  Enable Global Logistics Awareness.  We must enable operations in a data driven environment that allows logisticians to rapidly and accurately identify warfighter requirements, assess friendly force posture, and determine available resources.
3.b.  Diversify Distribution.  We must transform and diversify our distribution methods and systems, allowing us to sustain geographically dispersed forces while still maintaining the ability to re-aggregate in support of larger, more traditional, Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Joint operations.
3.c.  Improve Sustainment.  We must expand and integrate sources of supply while reducing the overall demand on the distribution system, enabling sustainment over extended lines of communication for longer periods of time.
4.  Evaluation criteria.  LCE will judge ideas according to the following criteria in descending order of priority. 
4.a.  Relevance:  Does the idea align to one or more of the six functions of logistics and the lines of effort?
4.b.  Benefit:  Does the idea improve the performance of logistics, operations, or readiness?
4.c.  Creativity:  Is the idea original to a current problem or does it apply an existing idea to a new problem?
4.d.  Feasibility:  How easily can the idea be implemented?
4.e.  Integration:  Does the idea integrate with existing logistics systems?
5.  Instructions.  Submit ideas electronically through the challenge site.  To access the challenge site, you must first register as a user on our splash page at http:(slant)(slant) which will then guide you to the challenge site.  Those registering from a non- .mil, .gov, or .edu email domain (or submitting via other traceable means) must include their 10-digit Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier also referred to as the Department of Defense Identification Number (found on the back of your Common Access Card), name, rank, and unit for validation.
6.  Incentives.  Challenge winners will have the opportunity to personally drive their idea into implementation. 
6.a.  Challenge winners will collaborate with experts within academia and industry to develop and refine their proposals.
6.b.  Challenge winners will be recognized in official Marine Corps media channels and publications, such as, Marine Corps Facebook page, etc.
7.  Timeline.  The FY-19 2nd Quarter CMC Innovation Challenge will pilot a pipeline approach to Marine Corps innovation and utilize a down-select submissions to a round of finalists.  Individuals and teams selected as finalists will then participate in a two-day workshop to further refine their submissions with applicable Marine Corps offices and subject matter experts (SMEs) at Marine Corps Base Quantico.  Challenge winners will then be selected from the finalists workshop for further exploration and prototyping.  The Challenge launched on 20 January 2019 and submissions will be accepted through 18 February 2019.  Submissions will be reviewed and scored 19-22 February 2019 with finalists announced via MARADMIN by 25 February 2019.  Finalists will receive information on the next steps no later than 1 March 2019.  The finalists workshop is expected to be scheduled between 14-22 March 2019.  Dates are subject to change.  You may refer to the website for additional information.
8.  Funding.  DC, CD and I and Marine Corps Warfighting Labratory (MCWL) will support all travel costs for finalists for the FY-19 2nd Quarter CMC Innovation Challenge.
9.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General D. H. Berger, Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration.//