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Date Signed: 3/15/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 158/19
MARADMINS : 158/19

R 131830Z MAR 19
REF/A/MSGID: DOC/MCO 1040.43B MCRC OE/YMD:20151029//
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/MCRCO 1100.2A G-3/YMD:20160111//
REF/C/MSGID: MSG/MARADMIN 704/13/YMD:20131231//
REF/F/MSGID: DOC/MCO 7220.24P MPP-20/YMD:20161021//
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REF/H/MSGID: DOC/MCO 1001.52J RAM/YMD:20110606//
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REF/J/MSGID: DOC/SECNAVINST 5510.30B N092/YMD:20061006//
REF/K/MSGID: MSG/MARADMIN 458/04/YMD:20041021//
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REF/M/MSGID: DOC/MCO P1070.12K W/CH1 MIFD/YMD:20000714//
REF/N/MSGID: DOC/MCO 1610.7 MMRP-30/YMD:20150213//
REF/O/MSGID: MSG/MARADMIN 052/19/YMD:20190128//
REF/P/MSGID: DOC/MCO 1900.16 W/CH 1 MMSR/YMD:20150807//
POC/Ms. Troi Spencer/Civ/Unit:MCRC ON/E/-/tel:703 784-9443//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to announce the convening of the FY20 Enlisted to Officer (E-O), Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP), Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP), Reserve Enlisted Commissioning Program (RECP), and Meritorious Commissioning Program-Reserve (MCP-R) selection boards and process changes.
     a.  Eligibilty.  Active Component and Active Reserve (AR) Marines refer to refs (a), (b), and the Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) website for program requirements, eligibility criteria and general qualifications. Marines must be a sergeant or above to apply.  Rank is not waiverable.
     b.  Education.  Marines must submit current transcripts with application to verify education requirements.  Refer to paragraph 8 of this MARADMIN for additional education requirements and information.
3.  ECP
 a.  Eligibility. Active Component and AR Marines refer to refs (a), (b), and MCRC website for program requirements, eligibility criteria and general qualifications.  Marines must be a Lance Corporal or above to apply.  Rank is not waiverable.
 b.  Education.  Refer to ref (a) for education requirements from accredited colleges and universities.  Refer to paragraph 8 of this MARADMIN for additional education requirements and information.
4. RECP and MCP-R
 a.  Eligibility.  Selective Marine Corps Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve Marines refer to refs (a), (b), and MCRC website for program requirements, eligibility criteria and general qualifications.  Marines must be a Corporal or above to apply.  Rank is not waiverable.
 b.  Education.  Refer to ref (a) for education requirements from accredited colleges and universities.  Refer to paragraph 8 of this MARADMIN for additional education requirements and information.
 c. Applicants are encouraged to utilize their respective Career Planner and Prior Service Recruiter in order to facilitate timely and accurate submission of RECP and MCP-R packages given the limited support sometimes available at Home Training Centers.
5.  Applications and submissions.  The electronic application and application process have changed.  Program requirements must be met prior to application submission.  Marines who are interested and meet the criteria for any of the E-O programs, are encouraged to submit an application electronically via the organizational mailbox  Commands with deployed Marines are required to work with their Marines to meet program and medical requirements and deadlines as established by this MARADMIN.  Marines should use the following steps to apply by the established deadline dates listed in pargraph 6 of this MARADMIN:
     a.  Visit the MCRC website at  Select Marine Officer, then Officer Naval/Enlisted Marines.
     b.  Read and follow the instructions for the appropriate program applying.
     c.  Download the appropriate program PDF application and checklist.  Commands and Marines must use the application templates provided for basic format and content.
     d.  Application must be in the exact order prescribed by the checklist and submitted as two separate files; one application PDF to include checklist and one medical PDF.  Both should be labeled as follows:
         (1) Program Last Name, First Name, Middle initial, EDIPI App
         (2) Program Last Name, First Name, Middle initial, EDIPI Med
     e.  Completed applications to include checklist and medical submissions must be password protected and forwarded in an unencrypted email to the organizational mailbox listed in paragraph 5 of this MARADMIN.  Passwords must be sent in a separate email.  Files must not exceed 2MB to be accepted.  Hard copy applications will only be accepted if the above submission guidance does not work.  Commands are authorized to forward the completed application on behalf of the Marine to the organizational mailbox listed above until the deadline date in the proper format annotated above.  Extensions for submission of applications will no longer be accepted past the deadline date.  Commands and Marines that do not meet the deadline date must submit for the next available board.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.  Commands forwarding applications on behalf of the Marines are encouraged to forward a copy of the completed application with all Chain of Command (COC) endorsements to the Marine for their records as MCRC will not provide a copy of applications.  Updates to original application or medical submissions must be forwarded directly to the Point of Contact (POC) email address listed in paragraph 20 of this MARADMIN after the deadline date.  Commands and Marines will ensure all documentation submitted in the electronic application and medical submissions are legible and all photos are in color.  All Marines are required to have a commanders endorsement at each level of their endorsing COC up to the first General Officer (GO) or equivalent.  Marines who are "not recommended" for program consideration at the GO level are ineligible and their application should not be submitted to MCRC.  Commands should review applications to include medical, to ensure Marines meet program and medical requirements and have included all required documentation per the program checklist.  All items on the checklist are required unless stated otherwise.  Marines inquiring about application receipt by MCRC must forward an email to the POC email address listed in paragraph 20 no earlier than two weeks after the deadline date to allow for all packages to be pulled.
6.  Boards and Selection.  Per refs (a) and (b), the following MECEP, ECP, RECP, and MCP-R selection boards will convene:
Board          Application Deadline    Board Convenes     OCS Class
FY20 board 1    1 Apr 2019              3 Jun 2019        OCC 232
FY20 board 2   17 Jun 2019             16 Sep 2019        OCC 233
FY20 board 3   18 Nov 2019             10 Feb 2020        OCC 234
Selection board results will be published by separate MARADMIN message.  The boards are scheduled to align with the below Officer Candidates Courses (OCC) at Officer Candidates School (OCS).  However, Marines are not guaranteed to attend the OCC with which the board aligns.  OCC dates are tentative and subject to change.  Refer to ref (a) for commanders intent concerning OCS opportunities.  Requests to attend OCS for a second attempt or requests to decline participation in the program must be in standard naval correspondence format and endorsed by the Marines COC to the GO level.  Commanding General MCRC is the approval authority.  Updates to OCC report and graduation dates may be viewed at
OCS Class        Report Date          Graduation Date
OCC 232          7 Sep 2019           16 Nov 2019
OCC 233          4 Jan 2020           14 Mar 2020
OCC 234         30 May 2019            8 Aug 2020
7.  Eligibility.  Refer to refs (a) and (b), and MCRC website for program requirements, eligibility criteria and general qualifications.  When computing age at date of commissioning, MECEP Marines should use their estimated college completion year.  ECP, RECP, and MCP-R Marines should use the OCC graduation date listed in paragraph 6 of this MARADMIN.  Age can be waived up to 35.
8.  Education.  Marines must submit current transcripts with application to verify education requirements to include school name, term grade point average, cumulative grade point average, and earned credit hours.  A complete confer date (month, day, year),  must be reflected on transcripts for associates, baccalaureate, or higher level degrees.  Science requirement for MECEP must be a natural or physical science, not a social or behavioral science.    Marines that have 90 or more credit hours or have completed their junior year must apply for ECP once they have completed their baccalaureate level degree from an accredited college or university.  MECEP Marines are not authorized to complete their baccalaureate degree prior to OCS completion as this is not the intent for the program.  MECEP Marines who receive their baccalaureate degree prior to OCS will be disenrolled from MECEP and will have to reapply for the ECP.
     a.  MECEP Marines refer to refs (a) chapter 2, (c), and (d) for financial qualifications, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) participation and reporting, academics, and educational expenses.  Refer to website for a list of NROTC affiliated colleges and universities.  MECEP Marines should contact the Marine for Life Program at (703) 784-9550 for information on how to apply for their military education benefits before contacting the veterans representative at the college or university.  MECEP Marines are directed to follow the guideline and timeline below according to the OCC class they attend to determine semester start:
OCS Class        Graduation Date       Authorized Semester Start
OCC 232          16 Nov 2019           Summer 2020
OCC 233          14 Mar 2020           Fall   2020
OCC 234           8 Aug 2020           Spring 2021
MECEP Marines are not authorized to start school prior to the above school semester start timeframes unless they are a permanent change of assignment move or for medical reasons (self, spouse, child(ren), parent, etc).  No waivers or exceptions will be considered for early semester starts outside above timeframes.
     b.  ECP, RECP and MCP-R Marines refer to ref (a) for education requirements from accredited colleges and universities.  A list of accredited schools can be found at https:(slash)(slash)
     c.  Marines who obtain degrees from a foreign academic institution must be accepted by a nationally or regionally accredited college, or an accrediting institution in the United States (U.S).  In many cases, service members are required to take additional courses to qualify for the next level of their post-secondary education.  If Marines desire to take additional courses, they may refer to ref (d) for tuition assistance.  However, the domestic academic institution may or may not grant credit for courses taken in foreign academic institutions.  Marines may contact their education centers to proceed in their pursuit of a degree or credential.  Marines may also utilize the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) International Education Services, or the Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) to evaluate foreign degrees for U.S. equivalencies.  The link for AACRAO international education services is  The link for ECE, LLC is  A letter from the accredited college or institution stating foreign degree has been accepted must accompany the Marines application.
9.  Medical.  Refer to ref (e) for physical qualifications.  Ref (e) can be accessed via the following website  Medical documentation submitted at time of application will be forwarded to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) by MCRC once the result MARADMIN has been released.  BUMED and the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) requires a minimum of 30 days to process Marines medical documentation, to include submission of additional documentation to make a determination.  Selected Marines requiring additional medical documentation from BUMED or NAMI will be contacted by the POC listed at the beginning of this MARADMIN.  All selected Marines will be notified by the POC at the beginning of this MARADMIN once a determination of physical qualification or physical disqualification have been made by BUMED or NAMI.  Questions pertaining only to the requirement for additional medical documentation should be directed to the MCRC medical reviewer at (703) 784-9426.  Additional medical documentation requested must be forward directly to the POC email address in paragraph 20.  Commands and selected Marines are not authorized to contact or forward any medical documentation directly to BUMED.  Per ref (a), extensions for delay of medical submission are authorized.  Requests for medical extensions should be sent via email message to POC email address listed in paragraph 20, prior to the application deadline date of board applying established in paragraph 6 of this MARADMIN.  Medical documentation must include a Report of Medical Examination (DD Form 2808); Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-1); Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) report; and all supporting documentation.  Ground physicals must be completed within six months of the board convene date to which you are applying.  ECP Marines applying for aviation must have the flight surgeon submit their entire flight physical to NAMI in the Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office (AERO) four months prior to the board convene date to which you are applying.  The AERO website is https:(slash)(slash)  Ensure flight surgeon submits the correct aviation physical in AERO (P1A for student naval aviators and F1A for student naval flight officer).  Commanders must closely review the Marines medical documentation to ensure correctness and completeness as outlined in this MARADMIN.  All established timeframes for medical documentation listed above and below must be from the convene date of the board for which the Marine is applying.  Pay particular attention to the following items:
     a.  Complete date, full social security number, a physicians signature must be reflected on the DD Form 2807-1 and DD Form 2808, and dentist signature on the DD Form 2808.  Failure to ensure this information is annoted will delay submission of the Marines medical documentation to BUMED if selected.
     b.  Body markings which include tattoos, brandings, body ornamentations, and body mutilation must be identified on the DD Form 2808.
     c.  Dental exams must be within six months of board convene dateto which the Marine is applying.  Dental class must be type 1 or 2, and documented on DD Form 2808 in block 43, and have block 83A signed by a dentist.  Must provide current dental examination as a separate enclosure.  (IMR will suffice for separate enclosure requirement).
     d.  HIV results must be within one year of board convene date to which the Marine is applying.  Date tested and roster number must be documented on the DD Form 2808 and as a separate enclosure (IMR will suffice for separate enclosure requirement).  HIV test drawn or results pending is not acceptable.
     e.  The results of an updated audiogram must be included on the DD Form 2808 in block 71A or as a separate enclosure.  If any numbers are outside the normal range, submit a repeat audiogram and an ear, nose, and throat consultation.
     f.  Female Marines over age 21 must have a PAP pathology results dated within two years of board convene date to which they are applying.
     g.  Distance vision must be documented in block 61 of the DD Form 2808.  If vision does not correct to 20/20, a current ophthalmology evaluation is required.  Marines with a history of vision correction surgery must submit all pre-operative and post-operative reports included with the medical documentation.  Marines who have undergone corrective surgery must be 180 days post-operative to be inducted into training.  Proper medical documentation of surgery is required to include a post 180 day ophthalmology exam per ref (e).
     h.  Ensure all "yes" answers on DD Form 2807-1 are explained by the physician in block 29.  All pertinent medical clearance documentation for each condition disclosed on the DD Form 2807-1 should be provided.  This should include all pre and post-operative paperwork for surgeries, evaluations, history, examination findings, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment record plans, and any functional limitations.
     i.  Ensure all answers on DD Form 2808 blocks 17-42 (excluding block 41 for males) are marked normal or abnormal.  "NE" is not an acceptable answer.  It is the Marines and Commanders responsibility to ensure that all medical documentation is in accordance with the above guidance.  Failure to follow above guidance will delay your medical submission to BUMED.
10.  Additional information for application.
     a.  Marines should refer to refs (a) and (f) for Selective Reenlistment Bonus information and page 11 statement entry.
     b.  Marines must meet the service requirements for the respective program to which they are applying per ref (a) to be board eligible. No waiver will be considered for rank and time in service requirements.  End of Active Service waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis with supporting documentation of extension or reenlistment.  Letters of intent will not suffice for this requirement.  Commanders must ensure that their Marines applying meet the service requirements outlined in ref (a) for the respective program and that their eligibility is reflected in the Marine Corps Total Force System.  AR Marines applying for MECEP or ECP must be approved for conditional release into the regular Marine Corps at time of application.  Refer to ref (a) for details.  A sample request for conditional release request is posted on the AR Enlisted Assignments RAM-2 website at https:(slash)(slash)  Applications received at MCRC that do not contain an approved DD Form 368 or have an expired date will not be considered.  Selected AR Marines must be non-competitively augmented to the active component once identified as selected on the result MARADMIN.  To accomplish this, the AR select must initiate a Prior Service Enlisted Package to Manpower Enlisted Assignments (MMEA-1) via their Career Planner to coordinate the augmentation.  Marines must be available for world-wide assignment and qualified to reenlist or augment per refs (g) and (H) as applicable.
     c.  Only ECP Marines can apply for aviation at time of application.  Refer to ref (a) and this MARADMIN for aviation qualifications and requirements.  ECP aviation Marines must submit an aviation service agreement and a ground service agreement.  RECP and MCP-R Marines are not eligible to apply for aviation.  MECEP Marines may apply for aviation after they have reported to the NROTC Unit and upon completion of their first semester.  Refer to ref (a) for aviation qualifications.
     d.  Marines with body markings which include tattoos, brandings, body ornamentations, and body mutilation must refer to ref (i) for guidance.  If a Marines body markings are not in compliance with ref (i), the COC should not endorse the Marines application for board consideration.  Marines with body markings must submit a close up color photo and explanation of each body marking (not in a private area) addressing the description, meaning, location, size, number of body markings, and date the body marking was made.  In addition, Marines must submit full length color photos in physical training (PT) gear (green shorts-green t-shirt) from each body angle (both sides-front-back).  A hand drawn and written description detailing the criteria cited by this paragraph of the body markings that are located in private areas is required.  Private area is defined as any portion of the body that is covered by the PT shirt and shorts for females and PT shorts for males.
     e.  Refer to ref (b) for acceptable forms of citizenship verification and the certification of documentation.  The following language must be on the verified copy:     “I have determined that this copy is a full, true, and accurate reproduction of the original after personally comparing the copy and original or observing the copying process.  No modifications or alterations have been made to either the original document or this copy".
     f.  Refer to refs (a), (j), and (k) for security investigation information and required application submissions, Marines born outside the United States and territories must include dual citizenships statement in ref (a).  Do not submit joint personnel adjudication system printouts.  Clearances due to expire, must be reinitiated at least 30 days prior to expiration.  Secret clearances are valid for up to 10 years and top secret clearances are valid for up to six years.  Per Title X, U.S. Code, the U.S. citizenship requirement cannot be waived.
     g.  Refer to refs (a), (b), and this MARADMIN regarding disclosure of criminal offense dispositions and submission of required forms and proper documentation by law enforcement agency or court.  If the above cannot be obtained, provide a completed DD Form 369 (police record check) in jurisdiction of offense in the application.  Recommend contacting recruiters in jurisdiction of offenses to assist with DD Form 369.  All offenses regardless of date of incident must be disclosed.  Offenses within five years of board application date require supporting documentation.  Alcohol and assault related offenses regardless of date of incident require supporting documentation. 
     h.  All pre-service waivers must be addressed in first endorsement.  Ref (a) pertains.
     i.  For information about pre-existing relationships and familial relationships, contact your local staff judge advocate office.  Marines must sign the fraternization statement of understanding located in program application.
     j.  Marines must have a mininum of a 235 physical fitness test (PFT) score at time of application.  Refer to ref (l) for physical fitness scores.  Marines who are expempt from conducting a current PFT due to deployment must submit a copy of the waiver exempting them.
     k.  Aptitude scores can be requested on-line for the Scholastic Aptitude Test program at or call 1 (800) 630-9305 or for the American College Test records at or call (319) 337-1270.  Questions regarding the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) contact MPA Test Control at DSN 278-9368 or commercial (703) 784-9368 or email:  MPA Test Control highly recommends personnel plan to take the AFCT, if needed, 60 days in advance of the application deadline.  Test score requirements are not waiverable.
11.  Commanders refer to ref (a) and this MARADMIN for actions pertaining to the screening and review of applications and medical.  Additional information provided below.
     a.  Ensure Marines are using the program application located on the MCRC website in paragraph 6.
     b.  Ensure point of contact information is on all endorsement letters to include name, email address and phone numbers.
     c.  Ensure all required forms are signed by the Marines and the certifying commissioned officer.
     d.  If a Marine is in receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders prior to selection, the Marines CO must inform the Marines monitor by administrative message that the Marine is applying for (Program Applying) and that they are requesting a disposition of pending orders until the release of the selection result of board applying.  Selected Marines in receipt of PCS orders must have their CO contact the Manpower Personnel Management Enlisted Assignments (MMEA-25) by message requesting disposition of orders.
12.  Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and photo submissions.  Per refs (n), (o), and (p), Marines are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and master brief sheet (MBS) at least two weeks prior to date of scheduled board applying.  Do not submit MBS with application.
     a.  Obtaining and reviewing the OMPF.  The primary and most expeditious means to obtain and view the OMPF and MBS is through OMPF  online via Marines on Line (MOL).  Refer to ref (n), to determine which documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF.
     b.  OMPF document submission guidelines.  Marines are personally responsible for correcting deficiencies, missing information, or illegible documents present in either the OMPF or MBS with MMRP-20 per ref (n).  Per ref (n), the top portion of the MBS is corrected via the Installation Personnel Administration Center or S-1.  Ensure any material sent to MMRP-20 for filing in the OMPF contains full name, grade, and Electronic Digital Individual Personal Identification (EDIPI).  If the EDIPI is not on the material, then the material may not be filed in the OMPF in time for selection board review.  Marines are reminded that any additions or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window should also be verified to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record.  OMPF documents can be emailed as a PDF attachment or faxed to MMRP-20.  OMPF documents can also be mailed to MMRP-20; however, inclusion into the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are either emailed or faxed.  See paragrah 12e of this MARADMIN for OMPF inquiries and document submission points of contact.
     c.  OMPF document submission timelines.  It is imperative that  documents submitted to MMRP-20 for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked “contains documents for (FY board name)”.   With the exception of fitness reports, all OMPF documents must be forwarded to and received by MMRP-20 at least two weeks prior to board convening date in order to allow processing time to the OMPF.  Marines are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the board room at least one week before the board convening date.  Board eligible records continue to be updated until the convening date of the board; however, Marines are highly encouraged to submit all material no later than two weeks prior to the board convening date.
     d.  Photographs.  Per ref (o), All Marines applying to subject name boards are required to submit an official photo within 12 months of the board convening date.  Ranks below a Sergeant are required to provide a photo as part of their application.  Marines are responsible for verifying receipt of photo by MMRP-20.  The primary, most expeditious means of confirming photo receipt is through OMPF online via MOL.  Photos will be available for viewing on OMPF online within 24 hours of photo receipt by MMRP-20.  The date of the photograph, as noted on the photograph title board, is considered the primary date for determining the 12 month photograph eligibility window for selection boards.  Marines are advised that, although a photo may be over 12 months old, the photo will remain in the OMPF until an updated photo is submitted.
     e. Records and Performance Branch.
         (1) MMRP-20.  OMPF documents or questions concerning the OMPF can be sent by the following means:
             (a) Email:
             (b) Fax:  Commercial (703) 784-5682, DSN: 278-5682
             (c) Address:  Manpower Management Records and
                           Performance Branch (MMRP-20)
                           2008 Elliot Road
                           Quantico, VA 22134-5030
             (d) Phone numbers:  DSN: 278-xxxx
                 Section Head, (703) 784-5671
                 Operations Officer, (703) 784-3950
                 OMPF customer Service, (703) 784-3906/3907/5640
                 Digital photos, (703) 784-3738
         (2) Performance Evaluation Section (MMRP-30). Commercial (703) 784-3989, DSN:  278-3989 or toll free:  1-877-301-9953.
13.  Per ref (p), Marine officers require 20 years of active duty service with ten years of active commissioned service for retirement eligibility as a commissioned officer.
14.  Common application discrepancies include:
     a.  Marine's endorsing chain of command not reviewing applications prior to submissions, ensuring Marines meets basic requirements per ref (a).
     b.  Command endorsments not providing POC information as required per paragraph 11 of this MARADMIN.
     c.  Incomplete applications (missing required endorsements and documents as annotated on program checklist and this MARADMIN).
     d.  Commands not using the tier ranking as annotated on endorsements letters (e.g. if a command has three or more Marines applying to one program they should rank 1, 2, and 3 out of 3).
     e.  Commands and Marines not ensuring forms in the application have required dates, signatures, social security number, or EDIPI (i.e. information sheet, DD Forms 2808 and 2807, essays, etc.)
     f.  Absence of college transcripts to accurately determine projected commission fiscal year for MECEP Marines, and grade point averages and credits completed for all program Marines.
     g.  Non-disclosure of preservice waivers.  Non submission of supporting documentation for offenses within five years and for all alcohol and assault related violations.
     h.  OMPF and Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) do not accurately reflect the correct information and do not match information in application.
     i.  Missing required medical documentation, documentation not within established timeframe, or medical documentation not properly filled out per paragraph 9 of this MARADMIN.
     j.  Award citation write-ups missing in OMPF.
     k.  Fitness report date gaps.
     l.  End of active service not within policy outlined in ref (a), and TFRS RELM not included showing iniation of extension.
     m.  Missing current promotion photo in OMPF no matter the Marines rank.
15.  Updates to ref (a) are outlined in this MARADMIN.
16.  Recommend all qualified Marines reapply for future boards if not selected.  Dated endorsements must be within six months of board convening date and all forms must be within one year of board convening date.
17.  To ensure Marines are prepared for the next chapter in their careers, Commands will assign a Company Grade Officer within their command as a mentor.  The Marine Officer will assist with the application process and a physical training regimen that will prepare them for the rigorous demands of OCS.  Additionally, the Marine Officer should mentor the Marine to ensure they are aware of and prepared for the expectations at OCS, The Basic School (TBS), and life as a Company Grade Officer.  Assistance and additional information can be found at website  Select Units, then OCS or TBS.  The OCS Physical Training Preparation Pack is listed at  Further links for academics preparation and overall OCS curriculum is also on the OCS web page 18.  This MARADMIN is applicable to the Marine Corps Total Force.
19.  This MARADMIN is cancelled 29 Feb 2020.
20.  The POC for this MARADMIN is Ms. Troi Spencer.  Please refer to POC information at the beginning of this MARADMIN for telephone number or email
21.  Release authorized by Major General James W. Bierman, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.//