Date Signed: 12/15/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 659/16
MARADMINS : 659/16
R 150817Z DEC 16
REF/A/MSGID: MSG/CMC/YMD: 20160602//
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/MPO/YMD: 20140918//
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GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) Commandants Professional Intermediate-Level Education Board (CPIB) convened on 12 September 2016 to select officers to participate in intermediate-level education and special programs.
2.  Background.  The CPIBs purpose is to improve education utilization in the Marine Corps.  The quality of the Marines considered and their records reaffirms that the Marine Corps continues to produce and promote leaders of the highest caliber.  The relatively small number of program/school seats available and the large number of eligible officers combine to make the CPIB process exceptionally competitive.
3.  Coordinating Instructions
3.a.  Headquarters Marine Corps will not normally accept deferrals.  However, consideration will be given to those deployed and unable to execute orders.  Officers who fall into this category may request deferral in writing (AA Form) via the first general officer in their chain of command to HQMC (MMOA-3) no later than 6 January 2017.
3.b.  This MarAdmin serves as notice of orders for the officers listed in paragraph 5.  Per ref (d), officers may request for retirement or resignation, if eligible.
3.c.  Officers assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) must enroll and complete Command and Staff Distance Education Program or complete the entire Naval War College series at NPS, unless already Professional Military Education (PME) complete for grade.  Successful completion of all coursework and degree requirements must be met before date of estimated graduation.
3.d.  AMOS Reference for Paragraph 5.g.  Per ref (e), the following AMOSs are associated with the corresponding graduate education disciplines and school:
        AMOS    DISCIPLINE                                 SCHOOL
        4305    Public Affairs Management                  SDSU
        8802    Education                                  Civilian
        8824    Electrical Engineering                     NPS
        8831    Environmental Engineering                  AFIT
        8834    Information Warfare Systems                NPS
        8840    Manpower Management                        NPS
        8844    Financial Management                       NPS
        8846    Computer Science                           NPS
        8848    Info Systems Management                    NPS
        8850    Operations Analysis                        NPS
        8852    Defense Systems Analysis                   NPS
        8858    Joint C4I                                  NPS
        8862    Material Logistics Support Management      NPS
        8866    Space Systems Operations                   NPS
        8870    Special Operations (Irregular Warfare)     NPS
3.e.  Officers assigned to the Special Education Program or Advanced Degree Program will be immediately assigned to a utilization tour upon completion of their coursework.
4.  Selectees.  All slated officers are listed below with corresponding assignments.  Unless specified otherwise, officers will receive their orders from their Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) monitor.
4.a.  ILS
4.a.1.  Air Force Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Bain, David B.          0202
        Berthold, Claude L.     7566
        Bryant, Michael D.      6002
        Do, Trong M.            7532
        Johnson, Devin D.       6602
        Mcnulty, John A.        0802
        Schlegel, Karl W.       0602
        Seemayer, Christophe R. 6002
        Tyson, Nicholas R.      7509
        Wheeler, Daniel C.      0402
4.a.2.  Army Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Adams, Jeremy D.        0802
        Brunettilihach, Nicola .0602
        Busch Iii, Richard F.   0802
        Butel, Damien M.        0202
        Cisek, Jeffrey J.       3002
        Davis, Jeremy L.        0302
        Davis, Clay E.          3404
        Frick, Matthew C.       0102
        Gallant, Michael J.     7565
        Gordon, Melissa I.      6002
        Green, Michael B.       7563
        Hall, Clinton K.        0302
        Henry, Claire E.        0602
        Jiabia, Michael F.      0302
        Koch, Andrew W.         0202
        Ladner Ii, Andrew L.    7564
        Lomsdale, James R.      7208
        Long, William E.        3002
        Mcneil, Stephen M.      0102
        Slusser, Joseph L.      0402
        Stark, Christophe J.    0370
        Sweigart Jr, Earl A.    7523
        Wagner, Richard J.      0402
        Ward, Brandon M.        0302
4.a.3.  Marine Corps Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Annunziata, Mabel B.    0102
        Bahrns, Douglas P.      0302
        Barbaree, Nicole A.     1302
        Barbaree III, Robert D. 7565
        Barclay, Robert M.      7204
        Benbow, Cera T.         7563
        Blair, Mary C.          0102
        Brimm, Misty N.         0102
        Brindel, Joshua A.      3002
        Brooks III, Rex L.      7557
        Brophy, James M.        7557
        Buick, Bradley N.       7525
        Burton, Daniel J.       5803
        Carey, Thomas W.        0302
        Carlton, Harlye S.      4402
        Carter, Jason M.        0602
        Christ, Ryan E.         0202
        Christman, Ashley B.    1302
        Ciarcia, Jason C.       0202
        Cohen, Ryan B.          0302
        Consaul IV, Harry P.    1802
        Copeland, Jason C.      0302
        Currie, Brandon N.      0302
        Davis, Justin D.        1803
        Depriest, Melissa A.    6002
        Disney, Adam T.         0602
        Donado, Joussef J.      3002
        Dowden, Matthew A.      1802
        Duffy, Michael S.       0802
        Duncan, Austin M.       0202
        Emig, Nicholas S.       6602
        Farley, Michael A.      0202
        Faulk, Blair W.         0802
        Ferguson III, Leo       0102
        Fitzgerald, Chad T.     0402
        Forsythe, Christophe J. 7202
        Fry, Joseph A.          7565
        Giraldi, Thomas R.      0802
        Golike, Nathan L.       0370
        Gomez, Ray N.           6002
        Graham, Colin A.        0402
        Grainger, Daniel E.     0302
        Hackett, Peter L.       0802
        Hamlin, Chad A.         1302
        Harrington, Adam M.     0602
        Harris Jr, Paul G.      0402
        Hawkins, Matthew T.     0302
        Holbert, Scott A.       7588
        Hritz, Michael S.       7557
        Hunter, Justin D.       1302
        James, Chad O.          0402
        Jaquith, Brian A.       1803
        Jarolimek, Belinda L.   7202
        Jones Jr, Samuel P.     7566
        Karlin, Jessica J.      1302
        Kim, Sung G.            0302
        Mantz, Erica K.         6002
        Martin, Ryan O.         6002
        May, Robert F.          0302
        McCaffrey, Joseph J.    0602
        McGettrick, Steven M.   3002
        McGrath Jr, David R.    0402
        McGuire, Valerie A.     0202
        McMurray, Niklas J.     0602
        Mease Jr, Frank P.      0302
        Melanson, Erik L.       0202
        Mendizabal, Federico W. 7565
        Motz, Bradley A.        5803
        Nash, Charles C.        0302
        Nix, Jaron M.           7566
        Norman, Thane A.        7525
        Oconnell, Daniel J.     0802
        Omelia, Christophe J.   0302
        Payne IV, Eugene G.     7563
        Pincumbe, Dennis D.     6002
        Porter, Shanelle A.     0102
        Price, Andrew F.        0302
        Quinn, Tyler C.         5803
        Rector, Kevin M.        7566
        Reed, Jenna E.          4402
        Reney, Joseph P.        4302
        Reynolds, Anthony F.    0402
        Robeson Jr, Mastin M.   0302
        Robinson, Christophe A. 5803
        Rosenbrock, David E.    0802
        Sgro Jr, Joseph F.      0402
        Sharpe, Justin M.       0302
        Shirley, Adam D.        7566
        Shively, Nathan B.      7557
        Simon, Adam E.          7557
        Skehan, Patrick J.      0302
        Smith, Jason R.         0602
        Sokol, Stephanie N.     3404
        Souza, Michael J.       7523
        Spillane, Brian T.      0302
        Sykes, Mark C.          3002
        Thomas II, Craig W.     4302
        Tufte, Travis G.        0402
        Tumanjan, David P.      0802
        Vallely, Elena N.       0402
        Vallely IV, Thomas J.   0302
        Walker, Daniel C.       0402
        Weeks, Alisson          0402
        White, Bret A.          4402
        Whitty, Ryan D.         0202
        Yang, Adam              0602
4.a.4.  College of Naval Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Anub Jr, Tyrone G.      7208
        Brock, Christophe S.    0302
        Buffamante, Joseph T.   1802
        Canero, Bethanne .      0102
        Doran, Casey C.         7562
        Dufresne Jr, William F. 1803
        Featherstone, Robert W. 0602
        Grissett, Gideon P.     1302
        Higgins, Orlando L.     5803
        Hollenbeck, Roger A.    4302
        Jones, Mackenzie R.     0302
        Kane, Brian J.          0202
        Lee Jr, Bobby W.        0302
        Messmer, William T.     0402
        Pegram, Brian S.        0802
        Pitchford, Hanson W.    7566
        Rice, Mathew J.         7315
        Windt, Gary J.          7556
        Yeager IV, Charles W.   3002
4.b.  Foreign Professional Military Education.  Language training will begin on or about May 2016 at the Defense Language Institute-West (DLI-W) in Monterey, CA.
4.b.1.  Australia Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Simi, William B.        0802
4.b.2.  Brazilian Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Sanders, Justin M.      7202
4.b.3.  Royal Brunei Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Hooker, Justin A.       0402
4.b.4.  Canada Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Jonckheere, Andre M.    7557
4.b.5.  France Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Bradstreet, Barret F.   0302
4.b.6.  Japan Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Seymour, Margaret M.    0202
4.b.7.  Korea Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Neagle, Brendan R.      0302
4.b.8.  Norway Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Sing, Justin K.         7532
4.b.9.  Spanish Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Bebell, Martin R.       7202
4.b.10. United Kingdom Command and Staff
        NAME                    PMOS
        Piccinich, Stacie M.    0602
4.b.11. WHINSEC, Ft Benning, GA
        NAME                    PMOS
        Tiggs, Gabriel W.       7563
4.c.  CMC Fellowships.  Selected officers are to contact the MCU point of contact concerning orientation in late July or early August 2016.
4.c.1.  Penn State University, Logistics Fellowship
        NAME                    PMOS
        Castillo, Jason .       0402
4.c.2.  Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
        NAME                    PMOS
        Sampson, Gary J.        0202
4.d.  CMC National Fellowships
4.d.1.  US Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C.
        NAME                    PMOS
        Thunen, Daniel L.       0802
4.d.2.  Federal Express, Memphis, TN
        NAME                    PMOS
        Verta, Nicholas B.      6002
4.d.3.  Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, Washington D.C.
        NAME                    PMOS
        Reidinger, Staci L.     4302
4.d.4.  Intel Security, Plano, TX
        NAME                    PMOS
        Ybarra, Adrian E.       0602
4.e.  Congressional Fellowship Program.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Coordinator, MMOA-3 upon acceptance:
        NAME                    PMOS
        Heiny, Patrick J.       0302
        Martin, Michael B.      1302
        Monte, Alexander M.     6002
        White, Jonathan G.      0802
4.f.  International Affairs Program- RAO.  The following officers will by contacted by the Graduate Education Coordinator, MMOA-3, for region/language selection, orders, and additional coordinating instructions:
        NAME                    PMOS  RPT DATE
        Davidson, Jayson M.     7202  Dec 2017
        Delvalle, David .       0102  Dec 2017
        Hull, Brad L.           0102  Dec 2017
        James, Rodney M.        0402  Dec 2017
        Lusczynski, Brian J.    0302  Dec 2017
        Porter, Nicole L.       0402  Dec 2017
        Reiter, Christine M.    0202  Dec 2017
        Thompson, Craig A.      5803  Dec 2017
4.g.  Special Education Programs (read in four columns).  The following officers will receive coordinating instructions and orders from the Graduate Education Coordinator, MMOA-3:
4.g.1.  Special Education Program (read in four columns)
        NAME                    PMOS  AMOS  RPT DATE
        Larson, Jarrod P.       7315  8824  Jun 2017
        Robinson, Jarrod M.     7202  8826  Jun 2017
        Keeley, Paul C.         0802  8834  Jun 2017
        Stewart, Eric R.        0302  8834  Jun 2017
        Smallwood, Calvin R.    7588  8840  Jun 2017
        Tarsiuk, Alissa L.      1302  8840  Jun 2017
        Whittenberg, Kirk A.    1302  8840  Jun 2017
        Plot, Joseph A.         7588  8846  Jun 2017
        Ellis, Kyle V.          7565  8848  Jun 2017
        Jones, Jacob P.         7557  8848  Jun 2017
        Pollard Jr, Allen V.    0602  8848  Jun 2017
        Rodney, Christophe A.   0202  8848  Jun 2017
        Rosenblatt, Aaron J.    0602  8848  Jun 2017
        Lynch, Gregory E.       0402  8850  Jun 2017
        Moeller, Joseph E.      0302  8850  Jun 2017
        Bowman, Brandon M.      0402  8850  Jun 2017
        Diaz, Daniel O.         7220  8850  Jun 2017
        Faucett, Joshua E.      0802  8850  Jun 2017
        Gordon, Joshua K.       1302  8850  Jun 2017
        Barrett, Sean F.        0202  8852  Jun 2017
        Barrion, Tyrone A.      1302  8852  Jun 2017
        Peterson, Todd A.       1302  8852  Jun 2017
        Murphy, Justin P.       1302  8858  Jun 2017
        Addington, Paul J.      3002  8862  Jun 2017
        Kozak, Jason A.         7543  8866  Jun 2017
        Pross, John W.          7532  8866  Jun 2017
        Bailey, Paul G.         0370  8870  Jun 2017
4.g.2.  Special Education Program- Law
        NAME                    PMOS
        Barikbin, Margaret T.   4402
        Boenecke, Gabriel D.    4402
        Cronin, Robert P.       4402
        Hackman, Gable F.       4402
        Penn, Micah J.          4402
        Reeder, Matthew T.      4402
        Shrout, Ryan            4402
        Smith, Matthew T.       4402
4.h.  Advanced Degree Programs (read in four columns).  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Coordinator, MMOA-3:
        NAME                    PMOS  AMOS  RPT DATE
        Backlund III, William V.7525  8802  Pending Acceptance
        Sparks, Timothy A.      0102  8802  Pending Acceptance
4.i.  The Judge Advocate General Legal Center and School
        NAME                    PMOS
        Anderlonis, Mary C.     4402
        Bastar, Nathan P.       4402
        Davis, Phillip B.       4402
        Grodi, Benjamin J.      4402
        Hoffman, Kevin L.       4402
        Kocab, Daniel R.        4402
        McDonnell Jr, George F. 4402
        Rock, Danial M.         4402
        Schmitt, Will A.        4402
        Woo, Lisa S.            4402
4.j.  Olmsted Scholar Program.  The officers selected by the official Olmsted Scholar Foundation sponsored board in March 2017 will be notified via seperate correspondence.  Those listed below, yet not selected as an Olmsted Scholar in March 2017, will be considered qualified alternates for the International Affairs Program.
            NAME                    PMOS
            McGonigle, Ryan D.      7566
5.  The list of officers selected as alternates will be published via the MMOA-3 board updates and info page following the release of this message.  www.manpower.usmc.mil(slash)boardupdatesandinformation(slash).  The list will be posted alphabetically by full name and MOS.  No action is required by officers on this list.  If vacancies open from the primary slate, an available alternate will be notified by their primary MOS monitor or Graduate Education Manager to fleet up.
6.  Communication to Headquarters Marine Corps
6.a.  All correspondence must originate from or be endorsed by the selected officer utilizing an Administrative Action Form (AA Form).  Submit correspondence to:
            Headquarters US Marine Corps
            Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MMOA-3)
            Attn: CPIB
            3280 Russell Road
            Quantico, VA 22134-5103
6.b.  Points of Contact:
           LtCol S. O. Meredith, Head, MMOA-3 Plans and Programs
             DSN:  278-9284, COMM:  (703)784-9284/5
             Email:  scott.meredith(at)usmc.mil
           Maj M. D. Nicholson, Plans Officer, MMOA-3
             DSN:  278-9284, COMM:  (703)784-9284/5
             Email:  mark.nicholson(at)usmc.mil
           Capt O. J. Lopes, Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3
             DSN:  278-9284, COMM:  (703)784-9284/5
             Email:  oryan.lopes(at)usmc.mil
           Mr. M. M. Manieri, Graduate Education Coordinator,
             DSN:  278-9284, COMM:  (703)784-9284/5
             Email:  matthew.manieri(at)usmc.mil
           Mr. M. G. Cooper, CMC Fellowships/Foreign PME, MCU
             DSN:  378-0696, COMM:  (703)432-0696
             Email:  michael.g.cooper2(at)usmc.mil
           Mr. C. J. Fisher, International Affairs Program, PP(and)O
             DSN:  312-222-4365, COMM:  (703)692-4365
             Email:  clayton.fisher(at)usmc.mil
           Maj N. J. Armendariz, ADP- Education, TECOM
             COMM:  (703)784-3029
             Email:  nicholas.armendariz(at)usmc.mil
           LtCol B. A. Shottenkirk, Congressional Fellowship Program, OLA
             COMM:  (703)692-0232
             Email:  brian.shottenkirk(at)usmc.mil
7.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig Q. Timberlake, Director Manpower Management Division.//