Date Signed: 12/21/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 673/16
MARADMINS : 673/16
R 202109Z DEC 16
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  To announce the immediate implementation of the IMA Integration Initiative, hereafter called the I-3.  This initiative will operationalize Total Force Integration and institute the  appropriate command and control of IMA Marines inherent in Marine  Corps culture, resulting in a standardization of leadership  expected by all Marines, regardless of component.
2.  Background.  Reference (a) approved the immediate implementation of the I-3 as a related deliverable of the 2014/2015 Reserve Component Force Optimization Review group (RC FORG).  The Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (DC MRA), supported by Service Component Commands and other IMA Program stakeholders, developed a detailed command, control, and administrative support plan to address identified gaps in the performance of Title 10 responsibilities specific to the IMA Program.  The I-3 establishes the doctrinally accurate command relationships between IMA Marines and Commanders to whom these Marines are assigned and supported.  Furthermore, the realignment of IMA funding along operational lines will increase oversight and responsibility for resources necessary to train and employ IMA Marines.
3.  Mission.  Per reference (a), DC MRA will lead the process of aligning command membership of IMA Marines into their corresponding parent commands, mirroring their Active Component and Active Reserve counterparts IOT improve, clarify, and standardize command relationships, command functions, and responsibilities associated with IMA personnel administration and IMA program management.  DC MRA will lead the realignment of Reserve Personnel, Marine Corps (RPMC) travel funding to be coordinated and developed in Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) but execution of realignment will occur in Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18).
4.  Execution
    a.  Commanders Intent.  In FY17, DC MRA will execute the I-3 initiative by employing an event driven, phased approach to realign command membership for Reserve Component IMA Marines from a single and separate Reserve Component command to the corresponding Active Component command having ADCON of Marines on the same Table of Organization (T/O).  The initiative is organized along four Lines of Effort (LOE):  Command Membership, RPMC travel Funding, Manpower Systems, and Service Policy.  Each LOE corresponds with a number of supported objectives and will be closely managed and executed to achieve the desired end state.  The end state is to ensure all commands are fully supported to execute and maintain ADCON of the IMA community.
    b.  Concept of Operations.  The main effort in FY17 is to complete the migration of IMA Marines currently assigned to Reporting Unit Code (RUC) 88831 to their newly established Reserve RUC and Monitored Command Code (MCC).  The migration will appropriately align IMA Marines with their respective Service, Joint and United States Government (USG) entities.  In addition, MRA will initiate modifications to applicable manpower systems required to support the I-3 as well as updating applicable service policies, orders, and directives.  Implementation will be in two phases and be event driven to ensure each unit/command is systematically capable of executing its I-3 responsibilities.  MRA will provide support and training to assist in the migration of IMA personnel to new Reserve RUC/MCCs to ensure a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with this initiative are achieved.  A command integration checklist of tasks will be delivered by Reserve Affairs to each primary IMA stakeholder NLT 1 Jan 17 to facilitate command integration.  The command integration checklist will outline the action required by each organization and must be completed prior to implementation.
        (1)  Phase I:  17 Oct 2016 – 30 Sep 2017:  Command integration.  During this phase, integration of commands will be the primary  effort.  The command integration will migrate IMA Marines from the consolidated RUC (88831) into a reserve RUC that corresponds to the respective Active Component command.  Commands will complete pre-migration tasks per the command integration checklist provided by RA.  This ensures effective administrative control of IMA Marines aligned by T/O.  Marines unable to migrate due to administrative, legal, or medical considerations will remain on RUC 88831 through final disposition.
        (2)  After MARFORCOM and MARFORPAC are successfully migrated, implementation of the remaining primary IMA stakeholders will begin.  Primary IMA stakeholders are organized for implementation by fiscal quarters in FY17 and are highly encouraged to coordinate with RA to schedule specific dates within their assigned quarter.  RA will schedule each primary IMA stakeholder specific date for migration based on their level of readiness, according to the command integration checklist.
        (3)  Phase II:  17 Oct 2016 - 1 Oct 2017:  RPMC travel funding realignment.  During FY17, as commands are realigned, MRA in concert with HQMC PR will facilitate the alignment and execution of RPMC funding (IMA travel funding for Inactive Duty Training and Annual Training), from the current IMA travel funding construct to the respective operational commanders and comptrollers in order to set the conditions necessary to execute during FY18.  The RPMC realignment of funds will increase the flexibility for operational units by enabling organizations to obtain control over resources, and improve the management, accountability, and oversight of their IMA travel  funds.  Preparation and execution for RPMC funding realignment  will commence in the 2d or 3d quarter of FY17 and will be detailed in a separate correspondence (MCBUL 5400).
        (4)  Initial Operational Capability (IOC) will be achieved when:
            (a) Service, Joint and USG organizations are enabled to execute tasks associated with ADCON of IMA Marines assigned to its organizations.  IMA Marines have migrated from RUC 88831 to their new RUC/MCC and are accurately reflected in the applicable manpower systems.
            (b)  Command personnel facilitate and support command tasks of ADCON.  Op Sponsors continue to support IMAs manpower management, resource management, and unit mission requirements.  Op Sponsors facilitate and support comptroller tasks of RPMC execution as well as command ADCON tasks.
        (5)  Full Operational Capability (FOC) will be achieved when:
            (a)  Successful transfer of all IMA Marines from RUC 88831 to their corresponding RUC/MCC associated with their Active Component Command.
            (b)  Unit comptrollers execute RPMC funding along operational lines.
            (c)  Applicable systems are modified to accurately recognize, report, record, and maintain activity and data for IMA Marines within their appropriately assigned Active Component commands.
           (d)  Applicable policies are updated and modified to accurately reflect new organizations, roles, relationships and responsibilities for Active Component organizations.
           (e)  MARFORRES (MCRISA) is relieved of IMA administrative support responsibilities and RPMC IMA travel management and execution.
           (f)  MARFORRES (IPAC) maintains responsibilities of centralized personnel administration.
    c.  Tasks
        (1)  NLT 1 Jan 2017, each primary IMA stakeholder (MARFORCOM, MARFORPAC, MARCENT, MARFORSOUTH, MARFORCYBER, MARFORRES, DC MRA, MCCDC (TECOM), MCRC, MCICOM, MARSOC, MARCORSYSCOM, DC HQMC Intel, MARFOREUR, MARFORAF, Henderson Hall, and PPO) will submit the name of their organizations I-3 implementation action officer to the Reserve Affairs organizational mailbox (smb(underscore)ima(at) and the points of contact on this message.  This officer will serve as the primary point of contact for all matters pertaining to implementation of the I-3.
        (2)  NLT 1 Jan 2017, each primary IMA stakeholder will request dates to schedule their organizations implementation to I-3 within the respective fiscal quarter, as identified in paragraph b.1 through b.3.
    d.  Coordinating Instructions
        (1)  Manpower Systems.  In FY17, all applicable manpower systems will be modified to accurately recognize, report, record, and maintain activity and data for IMA Marines within their appropriately assigned Active Component commands.
        (2)  Policy.  Additional applicable policies, directives and orders will be updated and modified to accurately reflect new organizations, roles, relationships and responsibilities for Active Component organizations.  Policy revisions will be concurrent with implementation.
        (3)  Command migration schedule.  The command implementation will begin with MARFORCOM and MARFORPAC.  The following fiscal quarter alignment offers the following proposed migration dates (during week of):
            (a)  FY17, 2nd Quarter:
                1.  MARFORCOM week of 23 Jan 17
                2.  MARFORPAC week of 13 Feb 17
                3.  MARFORCYBER week of 27 Feb 17
                4.  MARCENT week of 6 Mar 17
                5.  MARFORSOUTH week of 13 Mar 17
            (b)  FY17, 3rd Quarter:
               1.  MARFORRES week of 3 Apr 17
               2.  MCICOM week of 17 Apr 17
               3.  MCCDC (TECOM) week of 1 May 17
               4.  MARSOC week of 8 May 17
               5.  MCRC week of 15 May 17
               6.  DC MRA week of 5 Jun 17
               7.  MARCORSYSCOM week of 12 Jun 17
            (c)  FY17, 4th Quarter:
               1.  Henderson Hall week of 17 Jul 17
               2.  PPO week of 24 Jul 17
               3.  DC HQMC Intel (including MCIA) week of 31 Jul 17
               4.  MARFOREUR week of 14 Aug 17
               5.  MARFORAF week of 14 Aug 17
5.  Administration.  Omitted.
6.  Command and Signal.  MRA (Reserve Affairs) is the lead agency for this initiative.
7.  Release authorized by LtGen M. Brilakis, Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.//