Date Signed: 2/2/2017 | MARADMINS Number: 058/17
MARADMINS : 058/17
021445Z FEB 17
REF/A/MCO 1754.9A/9 FEB 12//
POC/KIMBERLY A. DEAN/CIV/UNIT: MFZ/-/TEL: 703-784-0296/ TEL: DSN 278-0296/TEL: FAX 703-784-2189/EMAIL:  KIM.DEAN(AT)USMC.MIL//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is supported by the Authorized Organizational Communication Tool (AOCT) for communication to Marines and families.  This tool has transitioned from eMarine to the Family Readiness (FR) Module, located on Marine Online (MOL).  Commanding Officers (CO) and their Family Readiness Officers (FROs) are encouraged to utilize the MOL FR Module to communicate and disseminate official FR information.
2.  Applicability.  The MOL FR Module is available for use by the total force, and is accessible via the MOL Website at https:(slash)(Slash)
3.  MOL FR Module Guidance.  FROs are required to have an active MOL Account with FRO Executive Rights for their Unit RUC.  All FROs are required to attend the Manpower Information Systems Support Office (MISSO) MOL FR Module Training by NLT 31 Mar 2017.  Contact the installation supporting MISSO MOL POC to coordinate the training- list is provided in paragraph 5.  Service members remain responsible for the integrity of his/her MOL personal data and the information contained in his/her MOL FR Contacts Section.  Manual updates or changes to the MOL FR data must be performed by the service member, or must be authorized/ approved by the service member prior to updating MOL.  If the service member is not available, the FRO may utilize the completed UPFRP Authorization Form NAVMC 11654 to make the necessary updates to the service member’s MOL FR Contact.
4.  Procedures.  In order to ensure the MOL FR Module reflects the service member’s most current FR designated contacts, the following procedures will be completed by all service members.  Upon checking in to a new unit, all service members are required to log into, or create, their MOL account and verify the information on the MOL Personal Info tab.  From within the MOL Personal Info tab, service members are directed to click on the FR Module link to enter, update, or verify their designated FR Contacts.  If the service member does not have a designated FR Contact listed, they will click on the “New Contact” link and provide the following information for each FR Contact:
a.  First name:  Enter the first name using alpha characters only.  Numeric characters and symbols are prohibited.
b.  Last name:  Enter the last name using alpha characters only.  Numeric characters and symbols are prohibited.
c.  Zip Code:  Enter the service member’s Unit Zip Code using numeric characters only.  Alpha characters and symbols are prohibited.  International Zip Codes other than FPO/APO, alpha and numeric characters can be used, if applicable.
d.  Email address:  Enter at least one valid email address for the FR Contact.  Three email fields are available for each FR Contact:  one email address is required per contact.
e.  Role:  Each FR Contact must be assigned a role.  Available roles are Spouse, Parent, Child (18 or over), and Other.  The role of “Spouse” may only be assigned to one of the designated FR Contacts.  Married service members must enter their spouse as contact number one.
f.  Opt-Out.  As outlined in the reference, the service member’s spouse may Opt-Out from participating in the UPFRP or from being contacted by the unit with family readiness information by completing the UPFRP Opt-Out Form NAVMC 11657 and following the procedures outlined in the reference.  Completed forms signed by both the spouse and the service member will be provided to the FRO.  UPFRP Opt-Out Forms can be obtained from the FRO and must be completed each time a Marine transfers between commands/units.
5.  Training and support.  Training and functionality support for MOL and the MOL FR Module should be directed to the supporting installation MISSO.  The installation MISSO POC list is provided below.
a.  For units located at Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, New River, Norfolk, Pensacola and all Active Duty Units East of the Mississippi and South of Virginia, contact MISSO-02 at 910-450-1255.
b.  For units located at Camp Pendleton, Twenty-nine Palms, Miramar, MCRD San Diego and all Active Duty Units West of the Mississippi, contact MISSO-03 at 760-725-5370.
c.  For units located in Hawaii, contact MISSO-06 at 808-257-0743.
d.  For units located at Quantico and National Capital Region, contact MISSO-09 at 703-784-9051.
e.  For units that are forward-deployed, contact MISSO-11 at 318-357-6840.
f.  For units located on Okinawa, Iwakuni, and Korea, contact MISSO-27 at COMM 011-81-611-645-2966/2988.  DSN 315-645-2966/2988.
g.  For Reserve Units and I and I Staff, contact MISSO-16/17 at 816-926-7740.
6.  The MOL FR Module folder located in the Shared Documents Library of the eHQMC SharePoint Family Readiness FRO Gear Locker site contains the MOL FR Module How-To-Guides for Marines and FROs, which will be continuously updated as new features are implemented.  Additional MOL FR Module support documents, and How-To Guides will be uploaded as needed.
7.  Functionality.  The primary functionality is unit-level email distribution to FR Contacts.  Updates to the MOL FR Module are under development and will include functionality enhancements as recommended by FROs.  Availability of those functions will be communicated at a future date.
8.  POCs:  Kimberly A. Dean/CIV/Unit:  MFZ/-/Tel:  703-784-0296/email:  kim.dean(at) and Eduardo Minaya/Civ/Tel:  703-784-0296/email:  eduardo.minaya(at)
9.  Release authorized by BGen K. W. Stein, Director, Marine and Family Programs Division.//