Date Signed: 3/9/2017 | MARADMINS Number: 121/17
MARADMINS : 121/17
R 092229Z MAR 17
Gentext/Remarks/1. This message convenes and provides administrative updates for the execution of the Naval Research Working Group(NRWG)17 meeting, 17-21 April 17 at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA.
2. Per ref A, the NRWG meeting will convene aboard NPS in order to address current and future naval research requirements, integrate NPS faculty into the total naval R&D capability, and disseminate the knowledge gained from these research projects to stakeholders.
3. NRWG meeting participants include NPS students, faculty, staff, and individuals from Navy and Marine Corps agencies who have research or analysis needs. These agencies are termed topic sponsors.
4. NRWG 17 will be a different format than previous NRWGs. Each topic sponsor will be assigned a tradeshow booth in the NPS McNitt Ballroom where they will be able to discuss research opportunities with NPS faculty and students. There will no longer be a plenary session or revolving panel sessions where topic sponsors present research topics. Topic sponsors should enter research topics in the topic portal on the NPS Naval Research Program (NRP) website no later than 27 March 17 in order to be included in the NRWG program. The topic portal is located at https:(slash)(slash) For those without an NPS login, a CAC card is required to login. Additionally, each attending topic sponsor point of contact (POC) may coordinate in-progress reviews
(IPRs) during NRWG 17 with faculty and students currently conducting sponsored research projects.
5.  Tentative schedule. Travel days will be Monday and Friday, 17 and 21 April 17 respectively.
 5.A.  Day One (Tuesday, 18 April 17): 0730-0830 Topic sponsor sync session, 0900-1200 NPS lab tours and IPRs, 1230-1430 Big Ideas Exchange, 1500-1700 Keynote Speakers, 1730-2030 social and faculty research poster session.
 5.B.  Day Two (Wednesday, 19 April 17): 0800-1200 and 1300-1700research tradeshow.
 5.C.  Day Three (Thursday, 20 April 17): 0900-1200 NPS lab tours and IPRs, 1300-1500 topic sponsor out brief and hot wash, 1500-1700 no-host social in the Trident Room.
6. The NRWG will result in the development of initial research estimate forms (IREFs). These forms will be forwarded to the USMC Executive Review Board (ERB)for vetting and validation. The ERB will be held at Education Command in Quantico, VA and will be coordinated via separate correspondence.
7. The NRWG end state includes IREFs addressing topic sponsor research needs, active relationships between topic sponsors and NPS faculty, investment in the intellectual capital of NPS students, and stakeholders prepared to execute service relevant research once approved by the ERB.
8. Registration. All attendees should register for the NRWG at https:(slash)(slash) under the register tab. Indicate if you are a topic sponsor who would like a booth.
9. The uniform for the NRWG will be service charlie (or equivalent) for military and business casual for civilians.
10. Visit requests. Although the NRWG meeting will be conducted at the unclassified level, there may be a requirement for discussion of classified material. If applicable, please submit visit requests for “NRWG 17” via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System. Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearances should be submitted under SMO Code 622713: collateral clearances should be submitted under SMO Code 622715. Ensure the request lists LtCol Camardo as the technical POC. Please contact the NPS security office at 831-656-3448 to verify receipt.
11.  Lodging.
 11.A. Due to ongoing renovation of the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (NGIS), there is very limited on-campus billeting that will be arranged by the NRP. A block of rooms has been reserved for the NRWG at Herrmann Hall. However, in order to access that block of rooms, please notify LtCol Camardo at camardo(at) or 831-656-2794 of your intent. You will be provided a confirmation number which you will use when contacting NGIS at Herrmann Hall. This will guarantee your room as part of the NRWG block of rooms. NGIS will not honor requests for the NRWG block of rooms unless they come from the NRP.
 11.B. The number for the Navy Lodge is 831-372-6133.
12. Travel, billeting costs, and other arrangements associated with this meeting will be the individual units responsibility.
13. DTS will identify the 2017 max per diem rate for Monterey, CA, 93943.
14. Transportation. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation. Rental car is authorized.
15. Wireless access is available throughout the NPS campus.  SIPR access is available in the NPS SCI facility(SCIF)or Dudley Knox Library.
16. Storage.  The SCIF can accommodate storage of classified material up to and including top secret.
17. Conference exemption. This working group has been designated a Title 10 function and is therefore conference exempt. Further, it has been formally vetted and meets exemption 4B in section IV of DoD Conference Guidance dtd 06 Nov 13, as an internal agency business matter.
18. Mission critical travel. Although sponsor attendance is highly encouraged, mission criticality for NRWG attendance will be established by the individual travelers command.
19. Release authorized by Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command.//