Date Signed: 6/30/2017 | MARADMINS Number: 342/17
MARADMINS : 342/17
R 300852Z JUN 17
REF/E/MSGID: MCO/P1070.12K/YMD: 20000714//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  As announced by ref (a), the FY18 U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Promotion Selection Board will convene on 9 August 2017, at Harry Lee Hall, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.  The board will consider CWOs on the active-duty list (ADL) for promotion to the grades of CWO5, CWO4, and CWO3.  ADL CWOs compete for promotion as vacancies become available in their competitive category Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) at the next higher grade.
2.  Promotion Board.  The board will consider, by MOS and grade and only as specified by the yearly promotion plan, three categories of officers:  above-zone, in-zone, and below-zone.  Officers defined as ADL in ref (b) are eligible for the board.  However, officers with established separation/retirement dates within 90 days after the convening date of the board will not be considered by the board if the separation/retirement date is established by midnight on the day the board convenes.  Officers whose lineal control number (LCN) precedes the senior officer in-zone are defined as above-zone.  Those above-zone officers who have not been previously considered are defined as "above-zone, not previously considered."  Officers in this status are considered by the board to be in-zone.  Officers may review ref (b) and their eligibility for the board on the internet at the officer promotion homepage.  The senior and junior officers in-zone and the junior officer eligible below-zone are as follows (Encl (2) of ref
(b) applies):
2.a.  CWO5 Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0170, 0210, 0430, 0610, 0803, 1310, 2110, 2120, 2805, 3510 and 6502 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.a.1.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Michael A. Barclay       01 May 14  01668000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Timothy S. Gardner       01 May 14  01670000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Frederick B. Gant        01 Sep 14  01707000
2.a.2.   MOS 0205:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Terry L. Beckwith Jr.    01 Aug 15  01764000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 David L. Smith           01 Aug 15  01780000
2.a.3.   MOS 0210:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Michael C. Curlee        01 Dec 14  01731000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Anthony L. Martino       01 Dec 14  01732000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Jeffrey P. Causey        01 Aug 15  01770000
2.a.4.   MOS 0306:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Keith A. Marine          01 Feb 14  01654000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Michael J. Ventrone      01 May 15  01749000
2.a.5.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Louis L. Seals Jr.       02 Aug 14  01698000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 James W. Randall III     01 Aug 15  01773500
         JR BZ:  CWO4 James E. Kemp        01 Aug 15  01775000
2.a.6.   MOS 0610:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Jason E. Kirk            01 Sep 12  01531000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Matthew C. Hunt          01 Dec 13  01639000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Rolando Martin           01 Dec 14  01721000
2.a.7.   MOS 0803:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Jeffrey W. Smith         01 Dec 12  01545000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Michael S. Farrington    01 May 13  01584000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Joseph D. Welch          01 Sep 14  01711000
2.a.8.   MOS 1310:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Damon M. Hines           01 Dec 11  01453000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 John H. Walter           01 Dec 11  01456000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Brett L. Lamphere        01 Dec 13  01627500
2.a.9.   MOS 1390:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 Luc P. Brennan         01 Sep 14  01706000
2.a.10.  MOS 2110:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Jerod P. Murphy          01 Sep 13  01616000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Barry K. Quick           02 Aug 14  01684000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Garrett M. Hoffer        01 Dec 14  01729000
2.a.11.  MOS 2120:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Michael R. Sierra        01 May 14  01672000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Richard W. Vittone       01 May 15  01750000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Larry L. Earnest         01 Jun 15  01754000
2.a.12.  MOS 2305:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Brian E. Branch          02 Aug 14  01691000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Michael A. Pickartz      01 Aug 15  01778000
2.a.13.  MOS 2805:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Bryan D. Mackall         01 Aug 13  01607000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Jason L. Kruzel          02 Aug 14  01689000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Roderick W. Palmer       01 Dec 14  01736000
2.a.14.  MOS 3402:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Jonathan C. Mead         01 Dec 13  01632000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Jason A. Sheets          01 Dec 14  01733000
2.a.15.  MOS 3510:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Wade A. Smith            01 Dec 12  01543000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Joseph F. Maniscalco     01 Mar 13  01577000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Brian L. Brooksby        01 Dec 14  01719000
2.a.16.  MOS 4430:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Rosa M. Osborn           01 Mar 11  01413000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Diane D. Wyss            01 Aug 15  01761000
2.a.17.  MOS 4602:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 Georgi Hernandez       01 Dec 14  01736500
2.a.18.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Paul T. Pritchard        01 Apr 12  01497000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Brian R. Barksdale       01 May 14  01665000
2.a.19.  MOS 5910:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 John E. Moya           01 Jun 13  01588000
2.a.20.  MOS 5950:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 Eric D. McElheny       01 Aug 15  01776000
2.a.21.  MOS 5970:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 Jason A. Bonilla       01 Aug 15  01768000
2.a.22.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Javier Pina              02 Aug 14  01695000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Steven G. Watrus         01 Sep 14  01714000
2.a.23.  MOS 6502:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Alberto Crespo           01 Dec 12  01557000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Jason M. Fair            01 Sep 14  01702000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 AR Morris II             01 Sep 14  01704000
2.a.24.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Gabriel A. Rivadeneyra   01 Oct 12  01535000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Don Saechang             01 Mar 15  01742000
2.a.25.  MOS 6802:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO4 Tony E. Bieren         01 Dec 14  01725000
2.b.  No CWO5 selection boards will be convened for the following 0160, 0620, 0640, 0650, 1120, 2125, 2340, 2602, 3010, 3102, 3302, 3408, 4130, 4810, 5502, 5804, 5805, 6302, 7002 and 7380.
2.c.  CWO4 Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0170, 0210, 0430, 0610, 0620, 0650, 0803, 1120, 1390, 2120, 2602, 3408, 3510, 4430, 5502, 5702, 6302, 6502 and 6604 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.c.1.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Ramon R. Russell        01 Dec 13  03604000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Dean J. Smith           01 Dec 13  03638000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Adam J. Jones           01 Dec 13  03668000
2.c.2.   MOS 0210:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Christian J. Erlenbusch 01 Aug 14  03724000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Ben Abbott              01 Dec 14  03860000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Nathaniel P. Melnick    01 Dec 14  03874000
2.c.3.   MOS 0306:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Mark S. Suto            01 Dec 14  03848000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Sean C. Flannery        01 May 15  03914000
2.c.4.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Michael E. Gistarb Jr.  01 Aug 14  03775000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Robert T. Rivera Jr.    01 Dec 14  03893000
         JR BZ:  CW03 Rosell Hudson III       01 Dec 14  03897000
2.c.5.   MOS 0610:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Matthew T. Collins      02 Aug 13  03562000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Enrique Laguna          01 Aug 15  03941000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Brian P. Randolph       01 Aug 15  03961000
2.c.6.   MOS 0620:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Donavan S. Dickerson    01 Dec 12  03421000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Geoff T. Beatty         02 Aug 13  03484000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 James E. Floyd          01 Dec 14  03875000
2.c.7.   MOS 0650:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Karlo F. Mendozaplata   01 Dec 13  03623000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Tamia L. Miller         01 Aug 14  03804000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Patrick A. Wire         01 Aug 15  03974000
2.c.8.   MOS 0803:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Joseph S. Dodson        01 May 13  03458000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Daneil D. Olson         01 Dec 13  03644000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 James E. Vinup          01 Dec 14  03858000
2.c.9.   MOS 1120:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Charles C. Hart         01 May 14  03699000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Jerry J. McDonough      01 Aug 14  03717000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Todd L. Coyle           01 Aug 15  03923000
2.c.10.  MOS 1310:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Ronald S. Gillaspie     01 Sep 14  03808000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Robert W. Joyner        01 Sep 14  03809000
2.c.11.  MOS 1390:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Julio C. Dominguez      01 Dec 13  03649000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Chad M. Hentzel         01 Dec 13  03666000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Jennifer A. Enno        01 Sep 14  03816000
2.c.12.  MOS 2110:
         ONLY AZ:  CWO3 Adam R. Trach         01 Aug 14  03718000
2.c.13.  MOS 2120:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Joseph E. Bering        01 Aug 12  03349000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Felix R. Barrios        01 May 14  03706000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Christopher R. Bishop   01 Aug 15  03930000
2.c.14.  MOS 2305:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Peter A. Scarlett       01 Sep 14  03817000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Michael L. Gaydeski     01 Aug 15  03927000
2.c.15.  MOS 2340:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Jonathan A. Courts      01 Aug 15  03957000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Eric P. Hilton          01 Aug 15  03969000
2.c.16.  MOS 2602:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Jeannette L. Scranton   02 Aug 13  03547000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Erik C. Halvorson       01 Aug 14  03723000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Chad M. Williamson      01 Aug 15  03948000
2.c.17.  MOS 2805:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Solomon T. Patrick      01 Aug 15  03929000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Keith M. Fricke         01 Aug 15  04000000
2.c.18.  MOS 3402:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Timothy B. Nixon Sr.    01 Dec 13  03658000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Gabriel Maldonado       01 Aug 14  03794000
2.c.19.  MOS 3408:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Robinson V. Merchan     01 Aug 14  03785000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Geoffrey A. Collver     01 Aug 14  03803000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Peterson E. Jeanpaul    01 Aug 15  03982000
2.c.20.  MOS 3510:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Jason H. Rachel         01 Dec 13  03614000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Joshua R. Ashworth      01 Mar 14  03689000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Lawrence W. Lookabill   01 May 14  03702000
2.c.21.  MOS 4130:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO3 Montreal J. Newkirk   01 Feb 15  03905000
2.c.22.  MOS 4430:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Nicholas J. Philbrook   01 Dec 10  02997000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Timothy R. Dechicchis   01 Feb 13  03438000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Michael A. Baskin       01 Apr 15  03908000
2.c.23.  MOS 4602:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Clinton W. Runyon       01 Dec 13  03655000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Jorge A. Dimmer         01 Aug 15  03977000
2.c.24.  MOS 5502:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Bryan P. Sherlock       01 Aug 14  03714000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Jack K. Davis           01 Aug 14  03716000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Stephanie M. Wire       01 Sep 14  03813000
2.c.25.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Angelo A. Alvarez       01 Aug 12  03257000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Chad E. Mazyck          01 Mar 13  03453000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Cecil A. Fox            01 Dec 13  03637000
2.c.26.  MOS 5805:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Justin D. Hays          02 Aug 13  03541000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Eric R. Peters          01 Jan 14  03678000
2.c.27.  MOS 5970:
         ONLY AZ:  CWO3 Nathaniel B. Kragel   01 Aug 14  03796000
2.c.28.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Justice D. Haggardwallace 01 Aug 15  03932000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Wesley M. Guarino       01 Aug 15  03959000
2.c.29.  MOS 6302:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 David S. Mayer Jr.      01 Dec 14  03870000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 William M. Russ         01 Dec 14  03877000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Manuel A. Jimenezvelez  01 May 15  03915000
2.c.30.  MOS 6502:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Brad C. Swanson         01 Aug 14  03764000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Jason C. Harrington     01 Aug 15  03938000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Michael C. Mizner       01 Aug 15  03958000
2.c.31.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Jacqueline D. Elaziera  01 Dec 11  03188000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Claude A. Cruse         01 Mar 15  03907000
         JR BZ:  CWO3 Steve C. McLean         01 May 15  03912000
2.c.32.  MOS 6802:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Jason D. Mincolla       01 Aug 14  03721000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Joseph J. Mendscole III 01 Aug 14  03774000
2.d.  No CWO4 selection boards will be convened for the following MOSS:  0160, 0205, 0640, 2125, 3010, 3102, 3302, 4810, 5804, 5910, 5950, 7002 and 7380.
2.e.  CWO3 Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0170, 0205, 0430, 0620, 0650, 1310, 1390, 2120, 2305, 3010, 3102, 3302, 3402, 3510, 4430, 4810, 5702, 5805, 5950, 6302, 6502, 6604, 6802 and 7002 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.e.1.   MOS 0160:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO2 Jonathan J. Solla     01 Aug 15  04942000
2.e.2.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Charles T. Patterson    01 Aug 14  04628000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Toby M. Salas           01 Aug 14  04670000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Daniel Salvadorramos    01 Aug 15  04722000
2.e.3.   MOS 0205:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Juan M. Gonzales        01 Aug 12  04115000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Richard M. Mather       01 Aug 12  04189000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Scott K. Schneiderman   01 Aug 14  04608000
2.e.4.   MOS 0210:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Gabriel Sifuentes       01 Aug 14  04599000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Shawn S. Reif           01 Aug 14  04650000
2.e.5.   MOS 0306:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Leon A. Tenebruso       01 Feb 14  04523000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Laney R. Taylor Jr.     01 Feb 15  04711000
2.e.6.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Keith A. Challet        01 Aug 14  04623000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Anthony I. Garcia       01 Aug 15  04916000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Perry T. Kirkendoll     01 Aug 15  04947000
2.e.7.   MOS 0610:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Richard E. Near         01 Aug 15  04739000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Ralph B. Rodriguez      01 Aug 15  04899000
2.e.8.   MOS 0620:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Emedin Rivera III       01 Aug 15  04858000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Brian J. Duvall         01 Aug 15  04925000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Kedric D. Beachem       01 Aug 15  04937000
2.e.9.   MOS 0640:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Shaun P. O’Neal         01 Aug 13  04434000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Floydie K. Rodney       01 Aug 15  04908000
2.e.10.  MOS 0650:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Daniel Morris           01 Aug 14  04601000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 David R. Coan           01 Aug 15  04883000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Aaron M. Bauman         01 Aug 15  04926000
2.e.11.  MOS 0803:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Robert J. Gonzalez      01 Aug 14  04565000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Joshua A. Christensen   01 Aug 15  04751000
2.e.12.  MOS 1120:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 James E. Bergeron       01 Aug 13  04323000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Arthur C. Viana         01 Aug 15  04869000
2.e.13.  MOS 1310:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 AJ Shanks               01 Aug 14  04534000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Christopher H. Miller   01 Aug 15  04788000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Thinh X. Tran           01 Aug 15  04915000
2.e.14.  MOS 1390:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Kevin R. Brown          01 Aug 12  04255000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Andria Keeler           01 Aug 14  04669000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Dennis E. Roeder        01 Aug 15  04757000
2.e.15.  MOS 2110:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Nicky J. Jones          01 Aug 14  04621000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Robert L. Morgan        01 Aug 15  04911000
2.e.16.  MOS 2120:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Andrew V. Cordle        01 Aug 13  04376000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Matthew L. Wolfe        01 Aug 15  04718000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Lucas A. Tuning II      01 Aug 15  04793000
2.e.17.  MOS 2125:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO2 Tarl G. Malcolm       01 Aug 15  04866000
2.e.18.  MOS 2305:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Scott M. Carter         01 Aug 14  04580000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Steven A. Tamm          01 Aug 15  04761000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Clayton J. Rue          01 Aug 15  04896000
2.e.19.  MOS 2340:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Nicholas S. Jacobs      01 Aug 15  04781000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Andy G. Fidler          01 Aug 15  04944000
2.e.20.  MOS 2602:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Brian P. Burke          01 Aug 14  04589000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Neal D. McGaughey       01 Aug 15  04874000
2.e.21.  MOS 2805:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Joshua C. Thompson      01 Aug 15  04723000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 John H. Kieffer Jr.     01 Aug 15  04828000
2.e.22.  MOS 3010:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Jeremy S. Carter        01 Aug 12  04169000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Alan D. Thompson        01 Aug 13  04326000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Joshua S. Lane          01 Aug 14  04531000
2.e.23.  MOS 3102:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Frank A. Davis Jr.      01 Aug 13  04478000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Jennifer Lewis          01 Aug 14  04643000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Holy N. Freitas         01 Aug 14  04677000
2.e.24.  MOS 3302:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Michael S. Ashburn      01 Aug 13  04407000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Radcliffe K. Ormsby     01 Aug 13  04500000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Stephanie N. Inabinett  01 Aug 14  04680000
2.e.25.  MOS 3402:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Angelo Genova           01 Aug 14  04663000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Joshua E. Anwyl         01 Aug 15  04894000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Carrie L. Rieth         01 Aug 15  04949000
2.e.26.  MOS 3408:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 John Leca Jr.           01 Aug 15  04861000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Noel Fuentes Jr.        01 Aug 15  04952000
2.e.27.  MOS 3510:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Stephen E. Tobin        01 Aug 13  04360000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Paul W. Klug            01 Aug 13  04480000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Jeff D. Pawelski        01 Aug 14  04544000
2.e.28.  MOS 4430:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Heather N. Cerveny      01 Aug 12  04266000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Crystal L. Ledbetter    01 Aug 14  04658000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Victor T. Delaflor      01 Aug 15  04934000
2.e.29.  MOS 4602:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Jared M. Padula         01 Aug 15  04753000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Izzel P. Sanchez        01 Aug 15  04919000
2.e.30.  MOS 4810:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Douglas L. McGlothlin II01 Feb 15  04707000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Jon E. Carr             01 Feb 15  04710000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Mark R. Green           01 Feb 15  04712000
2.e.31.  MOS 5502:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO2 Andres G. Navarro     01 Aug 14  04609000
2.e.32.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Derek A. Brossman       01 Aug 14  04543000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Jason L. Stacy          01 Aug 15  04876000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Charles S. Jones Jr.    01 Aug 15  04955000
2.e.33.  MOS 5805:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Christopher B. Davis    01 Aug 13  04321000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Jimmy S. Chon           01 Aug 13  04348000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Chad A. Sitz            01 Aug 15  04827000
2.e.34.  MOS 5910:
         ONLY IZ:  CWO2 Jacob C. Griffin      01 Aug 15  04804000
2.e.35.  MOS 5950:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 David K. Coker          01 Aug 14  04638000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Mauricio Cano           01 Aug 15  04796000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Jekri S. Sheppard       01 Aug 15  04892000
2.e.36.  MOS 5970:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Christopher J. Requejo  01 Aug 14  04616000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Robert S. Tucker        01 Aug 15  04779000
2.e.37.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Shawn M. Bryant         01 Aug 15  04713000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Adam J. Zeitz           01 Aug 15  04950000
2.e.38.  MOS 6302:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Clinton W. Watkins      01 Aug 13  04454000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Justin K. Abston        01 Aug 15  04886000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Mario D. Taylor         01 Aug 15  04940000
2.e.39.  MOS 6502:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Christopher L. Johnson  01 Aug 14  04528000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Ricky L. Manley         01 Aug 15  04817000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Leandro S. Crooms       01 Aug 15  04888000
2.e.40.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Ricardo M. Gonzalez     01 Aug 12  04243000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 William A. Rios Jr.     01 Aug 13  04491000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Brian J. Martin         01 Aug 14  04653000
2.e.41.  MOS 6802:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Lacy J. Layne           01 Aug 14  04619000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Jason R. Tyx            01 Aug 15  04871000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Zachary B. Fossum       01 Aug 15  04884000
2.e.42.  MOS 7002:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Adoni Torres            01 Aug 15  04734000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 James C. Garrison       01 Aug 15  04890000
         JR BZ:  CWO2 Conrrado Jonse IV       01 Aug 15  04914000
2.e.43.  MOS 7380:
         SR IZ:  CWO2 Alex M. Tracy           01 Aug 15  04729000
         JR IZ:  CWO2 Joel R. McBee           01 Aug 15  04804500
2.f.  No CWO3 selection boards will be convened for the following MOSS: 4130 and 5804.
3.  Continuation Board.  Upon conclusion of the promotion selection boards, the board will reconvene as a continuation board.  Officers may verify their eligibility for consideration for continuation by contacting CMC (MMSR).  CMC (MMSR) will adjust mandatory retirement dates and/or notify the officers selected for continuation, as applicable, after the promotion selection results have been announced.  The following continuation boards will be convened:
3.a.  FY18 USMC CWO5, CWO4, and CWO3 (select) continuation board.  The board may select for continuation those CWOS selected by the promotion selection board who would otherwise be subject to involuntary retirement due to total years active service until the officers have time to complete 2 years in the next higher grade.
3.b.  FY18 USMC CWO4, CWO3, and CWO2 Continuation Boards.  The boards may select for continuation those CWOs who have twice failed of selection to the next higher grade and who, on the day prescribed for removal from active duty, possess less than 18 years of active service.  The officers selected for continuation will be continued on active duty until retirement eligible under Title 10, U.S. Code, section 580.
4.  Board Preparation Guidance.  Officers are advised to review ref (a) for guidance regarding submission of information, auditing the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Master Brief Sheet (MBS), fitness reports, photographs, deferment of eligibility, and requests for nonselection prior to the convening date of the board.  Officers may review ref (a) at the officer promotion homepage.  Although also mentioned in ref (a), the following guidance is provided:
4.a.  Personal Responsibilities:  Each officer is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and MBS before the board convening date.
4.b.  Obtaining and Reviewing the OMPF.  The primary most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF and MBS is through OMPF online via MOL.  The MBS can also be obtained through the MMRP web site.  Refer to ref (e) to determine what documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF.
4.c.  OMPF Document Submission Guidelines.  Officers are personally responsible for correcting deficiencies, omissions, or illegible documents present in either the OMPF or MBS with CMC (MMRP-20).  Per ref (e), ensure any material sent to CMC (MMRP-20) for filing in the OMPF contains full name, grade, and the Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier (EDIPI).  If the EDIPI is not on the material, then the material may not be filed in the OMPF in time to go before the selection board.  Officers are reminded to verify any additions to or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record.  OMPF documents can be e-mailed as a pdf attachment or OMPF documents can be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20).  However, inclusion in the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are e-mailed.  See paragraph 5 (MMRP) for OMPF inquiries and document submission points of contact.
4.d.  OMPF Document Submission Timelines.  It is imperative that documents submitted to CMC (MMRP-20) for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked “contains documents for FY18 Chief Warrant Officer Selection Board.”  With the exception of fitness reports, all OMPF documents, particularly digital photos, must be forwarded to and received by CMC (MMRP-20) at least two weeks prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to allow processing time to the OMPF.  Officers are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the boardroom at least one week before the board convening date.  Board eligible records continue to be updated until the convening date of the board.  However, officers are highly encouraged to submit all material no later than two weeks prior to the board for which they are eligible to allow sufficient time for processing into the OMPF.
4.e.  Career Counselors.  It is the responsibility of each officer to ensure their personal records (OMPF/MBS) reflect accurate and current information.  Officers concerned with specific aspects of their record may contact their respective career counselors.  Active component officers should contact CMC (MMRP-50).  PES and FITREP policy and correction specific questions should be directed to MMRP-30 (performance evaluation section).
4.f.  Active duty officers:  Conduct a self audit of personal records, refer to the self audit document guide located at the MMRP-50 (career counseling) homepage or through link at the Marine Online/myOMPF/about OMPF tab.  Officers are highly encouraged to contact MMRP-50 to receive a pre-board career performance assessment one year prior to their in-zone look.  In order to schedule a pre-board counseling appointment refer to the MMRP-50 homepage/officer counselors/appointments tab via the Manpower and Reserve Affairs portal.
4.g.  Fitness reports.  Fitness reports are due to CMC (MMRP-30) by the time-lines noted in ref (c).  Reports mailed directly to the president of the board will not be added to a Marines OMPF.  For fitness reports to become part of the OMPF, the reports must be submitted to CMC (MMRP-30).  The automated performance evaluation system (A-PES) is the primary means of submitting fitness reports, however, reporting officials may email pdf copies to the MMRP-32 organizational mailbox at  So long as the senders email account can be confirmed as either the reporting seniors or reviewing officers .mil email address.  If mailing a paper version of a report to HQMC, it is imperative that the forwarding envelope is conspicuously marked "contains FITREPs for FY18 (appropriate board) selection board."  Timely submission of fitness reports is critical for board-eligible members as CMC (MMRP-30) will need time to review reports for accuracy and compliance.  Commanders are ultimately responsible for the timely Submission of fitness reports to (CMC) MMRP-30 and ensuring that all fitness report timelines noted in ref (c) are adhered to.
4.g.1.  Date gaps must be corrected IAW chapter 8 and appendix f of ref (c).  If missing reports are less than one year old, a reconstructed original is required.  Copies of the completed fitness reports over one year old must have all pages certified as true copies by either one of the reporting officials (RS/RO).  For completion and submission of reports that are over one year old, it is preferable that the original reviewing officer complete the report.  However, CMC (MMRP-30) may act as the reviewing officer on reports that are not adverse on a case by case basis.
4.g.2.  Marines are reminded that requests for administrative changes to their fitness report records may take up to 30 days for completion.  Due diligence for records correction timeliness rests solely on the Marine making the request.
4.h.  Photographs.  Per ref (d), officers eligible for promotion consideration are required to submit an official photo within 12 months of the convening date of the board.  ref (d) outlines digital photograph submission specification requirements.
4.h.1.  Reviewing Photo Submission.  Officers are responsible for verifying receipt of photo by CMC (MMRP-60).  The primary and most expeditious means of confirming photo receipt is through OMPF online via MOL.  Photos will be available for viewing on OMPF online within 24 hours of photo receipt by CMC (MMRP-60).  The date of the photograph, as noted on the photograph title board, is considered the primary date for determining the 12 month photograph eligibility window for selection boards.  Officers are advised that although a photo may be over 12 months old, the photo will remain in the OMPF until an updated photo is submitted.
4.h.2.  Hard Copy Photos.  Officers who choose to submit a hard copy photo directly to the president of the board are advised that the photo will not be included in the OMPF.  Verification of hard copy photos submitted directly to the president of the board can be accomplished through the officer promotion homepage.
4.i.  Professional Military Education (PME).  The selection guidance (Precepts) for many boards includes a reminder of the importance of PME, whether resident or non-resident, in an officers development.  Officers are advised to ensure that course completion information is noted on their MBS and that PME completion certificates are included in their OMPF in order to document completion.  In cases where an officer has not completed PME but has completed one or more sub-courses of that PME, the officer may send a personal communication to the president of the board describing progress in completing the PME and include documented evidence of any sub-course completion.  See ref (f) for additional information regarding PME.
4.j.  Civilian education.  All officers must ensure their civilian education is accurately reflected in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS).
4.k.  Communication with the Board.  Each officer may communicate with the president of the board.  By law, such personal communications must be in writing and received or hand-delivered to Harry Lee Hall no later than 2359 (Eastern Standard Time) on the day before the date the board convenes.  However, request officers submit such personal communications to CMC (MMPR-1) at least five working days before the date the board convenes.  This five-day period provides CMC (MMPR-1) sufficient time to review the material, reconcile discrepancies, and enter the material in the update material database.  The information in this database is then uploaded to the internet so officers can personally confirm receipt of the material via the officer promotion homepage.  In addition, do not send duplicate copies of update material.  Doing so causes CMC (MMPR-1) to again process the material and for the board to review duplicate copies of the material submitted.
4.l.  Forwarding Communications to the Board.  Officers may submit communications via U.S. Mail, next-day packages, or fax.  U.S. Mail is not delivered directly to Harry Lee Hall, therefore, anticipate a 2-3 day lag time for further delivery to Harry Lee Hall.  Commercial next-day carriers deliver directly to Harry Lee Hall, excluding weekends and holidays.  Officers with the capability to scan their documents may send the scanned documents via e-mail directly to the organizational mailbox  Ensure the e-mail subject line reads "update material for the FY18 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board."
4.m.  Update Material.  Officers may submit to the board any written information, to include written material they deem important for consideration.  OMPF materials sent directly to the board president will not become part of an officers OMPF.  Although officers may submit any material as update material, officers should contact CMC (MMRP-30) before submitting fitness reports as update material and CMC (MMRP-20) for any other OMPF materials.  This process will ensure an officers OMPF is appropriately updated.  The following guidelines apply regardless of the means by which an officer submits material, e.g., mail, fax, e-mail, etc.:
4.m.1.  Update material must be in writing and submitted under cover letter with the update material as enclosures (a sample cover letter is available at the officer promotion homepage).
4.m.2.  The cover letter must be addressed to President, FY18 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board (see paragraph 5a for complete address).
4.m.3.  Update material must be from the eligible officer, and the officer must physically sign the cover letter.  Digital signatures are authorized on e-mail submissions.  Material submitted that is not in writing, submitted without a signed cover letter, or received after 2359 on the day before the date the board convenes will not be submitted to the board.
4.n.  Update Material Receipt Verification.  Officers desiring to verify that CMC (MMPR-1) has physically received update material may do so via the officer promotion homepage.  Officers are reminded that update material received by CMC (MMPR-1) takes approximately five working days to be reviewed and entered in the update material database.  Therefore, officers should not expect to see the information at the officer promotion homepage immediately upon receipt by CMC (MMPR-1).  Officers who submit update material under this five-day period should call CMC (MMPR-1) for confirmation of receipt of the material.
4.o.  Request for non selection.  Officers eligible for promotion who plan to separate or retire may desire to write to the president of the board requesting they not be selected for promotion.  Any officer who writes such a letter to the board will still be considered for promotion and will incur a failure of selection if not recommended for promotion by the board.  Per section 1174 of Title 10, U.S. Code, an officer who submits a request not to be selected for promotion, or who otherwise directly causes his or her non selection through written communication to the board, is not entitled to separation pay if involuntarily discharged from active duty.  This pertains to all active duty boards, with the exception of the CWO board.
5.  Addresses, Points of Contact, and Internet Information:
5.a.  Address for the President of the Board:
            FY18 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board
            Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMPR-1)
            Harry Lee Hall
            17 Lejeune Road
            Quantico, VA 22134-5104
5.b.  Officer Promotion Section (MMPR-1) comm 703-784-9705:
5.b.1.  Section Head, DSN 278-9703/04
5.b.2.  Promotion Board Action Officers, DSN 278-9705/06/07
5.b.3.  Lineal Staff, comm 703-784-9705/06/07, DSN 278-9705/06
5.b.4.  Confirm receipt of material, 703-784-9712/03, DSN 278-9712/03
5.b.5.  Fax material to:  COMM 703-784-9883/9884 OR DSN 278-9883/9884
5.b.6.  E-mail material to:  OFFICERPROMOTIONS@USMC.MIL
5.c.  Internet information through the officer promotion homepage.  Go to  Select the “Active Marines” tab at the top of the page.  Under "manpower management," select “promotion branch,” and then select “officer promotions,” to arrive at the officer promotion homepage.  From there, to find:
5.c.1.  Ref (a):  Select “messages” and under “promotionmaradmins” select "CY 2016" then 213/16.
5.c.2.  Lineal list:  Under "reference" select “McBul 1400-blue book dtd July 2017.”  Blue book will be updated July 2017 prior to the board convening.
5.c.3.  Zone eligibility or update material receipt verification:  Under "online applications" select "eligibility verification/submitted material.”
5.c.4.  Information for preparing for a board:  Select “preparing for your board."
5.c.5.  Sample cover letter:  Under "reference" select "sample cover letter."
5.c.6.  Consult with a career counselor via the Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch homepage:  Under "related links" select "officer counseling (MMRP-50)" and then select "appointments for counseling."
5.c.7.  OMPF/MBS/Digital Photos.  The primary and most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF, MBS, and digital photo is through OMPF online via MOL.  Alternative means of downloading and viewing the MBS and digital photograph is available through the MMRP homepage.  From the officer promotion homepage, under “related links.  Select “Records And Performance (MMRP),” select “official military personnel file,” select “digital photo requirements.”  Under “online applications,” select “digital photo inventory.
5.d.  Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch
5.d.1.  (MMRP-20) Records Management Section.  OMPF documents or questions concerning the OMPF can be sent by the following means:
5.d.1.a.  E-mail:
5.d.1.b.  Address:
                 Commandant of the Marine Corps
                 Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMRP-20)
                 2008 Elliot Road
                 Quantico, VA 22134-5030
5.d.1.c.  Phone numbers (comm 703-784-3907, DSN 278-3907) OMPF customer service, DSN 278-3906/3907/5640
5.d.2.  (MMRP-30) Performance Evaluation Section, comm 703-784-3993, DSN 278-3993 or toll free 1-877-301-9953.
5.d.3.  (MMRP-50) Officer Career Counseling Section, comm 703-784-9281, DSN 278-9281, or toll free 1-800-634-7988.
5.d.4.  Operations Section, Digital Photos (MMRP-60), (703)784-3738/4607, DSN 278-3738/4607.
5.d.5.  Separation and Retirement Branch (MMSR):  comm 703-784-9324 or DSN 278-9324/9306.
6.  Release authorized by C. F. Swain, Deputy Director, Manpower Management Division.//