Date Signed: 7/19/2017 | MARADMINS Number: 378/17
MARADMINS : 378/17
R 190733Z JUL 17
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide an update of awards since the last update, MARADMIN 170/17.
2.  The following unit awards are authorized and will be incorporated in ref (a).
2.a.  Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA)
2.a.1.  HQ, Central Command Joint Theater Support Contracting Command                                  01Jan13-31Dec14
2.a.2.  White House Military Office                  01Jul12-01Sep15
     (Correction to MARADMIN 170/17)
Additional eligible units approved for participation:
  White House Military Office Headquarters
  White House Medical Unit
  Marine Helicopter Squadron One
  Presidential Food Service
  White House Transportation Agency
  Presidential Airlift Group (PAG)
  White House Communications Agency
  Naval Support Facility
2.a.3.  HQ, US Forces Korea                          01May15-31Dec16
Note:  Per ref (b), service units and individuals assigned to service units in support of these Joint organizations are not eligible for these Awards.  Only those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were present at the time and directly participated in the service or achievement for 30 days or more or for the period cited if less than 30 days, are authorized to wear the JMUA ribbon.  Personnel must be assigned and/or attached by official orders to the joint unit or task force headquarters receiving the JMUA.  Local Commanders may waive, on an individual basis, the 30-day minimum time requirement for individuals (reserve personnel on active duty and TDY and/or TAD personnel) who, in the purview of the Commander, contributed directly to the achievement cited, and were assigned on official orders to the Awarded unit during the approved time frames.
2.b.  Presidential Unit Citation (PUC)
2.b.1.  Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan     29May09-12Apr10
        (Correction to MARADMIN 231/15)
Additional eligible units approved for participation:
  VMR-1 Detachment                                   29May09-16Nov09
  VMR Detachment Andrews                             17Nov09-12Apr10
Additional eligible personnel approved for participation:
  PS1 Bordios Jr., Porfirio P.          Cpl   Lewis, Veronica L.
  HMC Brisley, Roger L.                 Sgt   Martinez, Chad A.
  Cpl Che, Phong K.                     Cpl   Rose, Derron D.
  Cpl Coil, Ryan W.                     Cpl   Shute, Matthew O.
  Cpl Harrison, Lorne B.                Sgt   Silvers, David T.
  Cpl Jefferson, Victor R.              Cpl   Sonnier, Trevor J.
  Cpl Keller, Alexander R.              GySgt Vasquez, Lenny S.
  Cpl Kvietkus, Jude E.                 Cpl   West, Matthew E.
2.c.  Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC)
2.c.1.  US Naval Academy                             01Aug13-31Oct15
Additional units approved for participation:
  Buchanan House Staff
  Naval Academy Prepatory School
  Naval Academy Band
  USNA North East Region
  USNA Mid West Region
  USNA Los Angeles
  USNA South East Region
  USNA South Central Region
2.c.2.  Marine Transport Squadron (VMR-1)            01Feb14-25Sep15
Civilians approved for participation:
  Benton, William C.      Martin, Italy M.
  Colwell, Gregory N.     Smith, Ronald C.
  Haun, Ronald H.         Wilkerson, David E.
  Hirasawa, George A.
2.c.3.  SPMAGTF-Crisis Response-Central Command      05May14-21Apr15
2.c.4.  SPMAGTF-Crisis Response-Africa               01Aug14-28Feb15
Additional units approved for participation:
 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
  Command Element
  Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264
  Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252
  Marine Wing Support Squadron 273
  Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 26
  Combat Logistics Battalion 2
  Battalion Landing Team 2/2
Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Cpl Bell, Michael
  LCpl Kuznia, Matthew
  Sgt Ortega, Adam
  SSgt Tributino, Jordan
2.c.5.  Marine Corps Information Operations Center   20Oct11-15Apr16
Civilians approved for participation:
  Allen, Christophe A.               Hartfield Jr, Thomas L.
  Andrews, James L.                  Hesley, Stuart M.
  Andros, Christian                  Hilleary, Michael J.
  Austin, Constance I.               Johnson, Adreienna
  Bagley, Joseph D.                  Jordan-Little, Zelma L.
  Bess, Julio                        Lineweaver, Curtis A.
  Brown, Eugene D.                   Loughry, John I.
  Carroll, Colin J.                  Martinez, Refugio
  Carter, Charles F.                 Mcneive, James F.
  Chong, Krystal L.                  Milan, Brian L.
  Copes, Antoine M.                  Milligan, Robert S.
  Dandridge, Kristy c.               Minke, Deborah J.
  Davis, Debbie                      Moroco Jr, Daniel A.
  Davis, Shalisa W.                  Ortiz, Ana L.
  Davis, Maudtisa N.                 Perezpabon, Luis F.
  Eldridge, Erik B.                  Poe, Cynthia
  Ekvall, Richard W.                 Sangster, Paulette M.
  Grohoski, David C.                 Simon III, Leonard J.
  Gross, Steven J.                   Taillie, Glenn A.
  Grizzelli, Randy                   Wagner, Christian
  Hamilton Jr, Harry E.              Williams, Vincent
  Hanrahan William J.
2.c.6.  Carrier Strike Group Ten and Charles De Gaulle French Carrier Strike Group-473
Additional units approved for participation:
This is a correction to MARADMIN 170/17, this award was erroneously listed as a NUC.
2.c.7.  Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force  01Jul14-14Jul15
        (Correction to MARADMIN 508/15)
Additional units approved for participation and are added for eligibility as a supporting element to the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force:
  Marine Corps Force Innovation Office (MCFIO)       01Dec14-14Jul15
Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Maj   Anderlonis, M. C.   SSgt  Medina, J.
  SSgt  Arce, I.            Maj   Posey, M. J.
  GySgt Armstrong, M. P.    Col   Samarov, M. V.
  LtCol Coleman, L. C.      SSgt  Serrano, H. M.
  Cpl   Garcia, J. L.       BGen  Smith, G. W.
  Capt  Gastrock, J. R.     LtCol Sullivan, M. D.
  Maj   Hume, E. B.         GySgt TorresGutierrez, J. A.
  Capt  Iturriaga, J. R.    LtCol Venning, B. M.
  Capt  Jadro, B. J.        Col   Weinberg, A. M.
  Maj   Kaltrider, V. L.    Maj   Wolny B. M.
  Capt  Krebs, M. T.        Maj   Zelek, T. R.
Civilians approved for participation:
  Johnson, Paul C.
2.d.  Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation (CGMTC)
2.d.1.  Marine Barracks Washington
Approved personnel for participation:
  Sgt  Newton, Kenneth J.
  LCpl Sweckard, Adam R.
  LCpl Vonspreecken, Justin R.
Note:  Per ref (c), this award is not authorized for wear.
3.a.  Combat Action Ribbon (CAR)
3.a.1.  The Assistant Secretary of the Navy approved the CAR for Operation Shining Express in Monrovia, Liberia from 24 June to 29 August 2003.  Approved personnel will be added to the CAR database maintained at this Headquarters.  Active duty and reserve personnel records will be updated via UD to reflect in MCTFS.  Retired and Discharged personnel may request a change to their DD-214 by submitting a Standard Form 180 to Headquarters US Marine Corps, Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch, 2008 Elliot Road Quantico VA 22134-5030.  Approved personnel for this award are listed below:
  Sgt   Adams, Anthony D.          Cpl   Massarelli, Michael P.
  GySgt Aldridge, Jonathan W.      CWO2  Massey II, Duward E.
  Sgt   Anderson, David L.         Cpl   Matthews, Benjamin W.
  Sgt   Barton II, Travis N.       Cpl   Michalek, Clint A.
  Cpl   Bellamy, Nicholas A.       Cpl   Milisauskas Ii, Stephen J.
  Cpl   Bogues, Jesse M.           Cpl   Morales, Alberto M.
  SSgt  Bourdaghs, Daniel R.       Cpl   Muniz, Michael
  LCpl  Boutall, Patrick R.        LCpl  Murrell, John C.
  Cpl   Brown III, Herman A.       Cpl   Nelson, Edward Z.
  Cpl   Brown, Daniel J.           LCpl  Nixon, Erik R.
  LCpl  Burroughs, Sean M.         Cpl   Peddycoart, Michael D.
  LCpl  Carroll, Theron A.         Cpl   Pope, Louis M.
  LCpl  Chandler, Damien J.        LCpl  Regonini, Neil R.
  LCpl  Cooney III, Peter B.       SSgt  Reiff, Jacob M.
  GySgt Cooper, Glenn S.           LCpl  Reina, Mark J.
  Cpl   Davis, Eric E.             LCpl  Rivas, Adrian M.
  LCpl  Delamarter, Nicholas C.    LCpl  Rositas, Stevan J.
  LtCol Delcolliano, John A.       LCpl  Rushing, Micheal C.
  Cpl   Fulton, Ryan L.            Sgt   Scramlin, Jason R.
  Cpl   Gonzales, Patrick E.       LtCol Spicknall, Edward N.
  Sgt   Grungo, Nicholas M.        Maj   Spignesi, Nicholas A.
  Sgt   Guthrie, Scott A.          Cpl   Spooner, Jonathan E.
  Sgt   Himes, Thomas E.           LCpl  Stanley, Matthew S.
  LCpl  Holmes, Thomas A.          Cpl   Steiner, Christophe T.
  LCpl  Howard, Leon M.            LCpl  Stevens, James J.
  Sgt   Key, Jasper K.             Cpl   Strovall, Bryan
  LCpl  Kim, Sang U.               LtCol Sullivan, Christopher G.
  Cpl   Spooner, Jonathan E.       Cpl   Taylor, Arthur R.
  LCpl  Knappenberger, Derek L.    Cpl   Taylor, Rodney L.
  Capt  Kuni, Gregory L.           Cpl   Thompson, Joseph M.
  Cpl   Lackner, Adam J.           Cpl   Thompson, Matthew S.
  Sgt   Lapine, Craig D.           Cpl   Vargas Jr, Serafin
  Cpl   Leckrone, Adam K.          Sgt   Voskuhl, Shane M.
  Cpl   Lemcke, Jason A.           Sgt   Weeks, Jordan C.
  Capt  Lynch, Robert P.           LCpl  White, Brian K.
  LCpl  Machado, Mark A.           Cpl   Yager, Jeff D.
  Cpl   Marksberry, David T.       LCpl  Yencha, Jason R.
  Cpl   Marshall, Jack D.          LCpl  Zadravec, Robert J.
4.a.  The office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense has approved OPERATION ODYSSEY LIGHTNING as a qualifying operation for award of the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for the period of 01 August 2016 through 19 December 2016.  The associated GWOTEM areas of eligibility (AOE):
Algeria       Niger       Spain
Chad          Greece      Tunisia
Egypt         Italy       France
Libya         Mediterranean Sea from the Straits of Gibralter to 25 East Longitude.  Service members must be deployed to the AOE for the designated GWOTEM approved operation in order to qualify for award of the GWOTEM.  There is no associated deployment requirement in order to qualify for award of the GWOTSM.
5.  Ref (a) is no longer distributed.  Instead, ref (a) is updated quarterly and maintained on the internet at
6.  Release authorized by MajGen Michael A. Rocco, Director, Manpower Management Division.//