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Date Signed: 9/11/2017
MARADMINS Number: 503/17

R 082053Z SEP 17
REF/A/MSGID: DOC/MCO P1400.32D W/ CH 1//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This MARADMIN provides advance notification of the newly developed Career Recruiter Degree Completion Program (CRDCP) that will become effective on 1 October 2017.  The Program’s authoritative directive is currently being reviewed and is expected to be published no later than 30 September 2017.  The basic eligibility criteria for the Program is provided below as advanced notification for personnel who may be interested in applying.
2.  Background.  During Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17), the Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command (CG, MCRC) directed the MCRC Headquarters Staff to develop an education program to support the personal and professional development of the Marine Corps’ most highly qualified Career Recruiters (MOS 8412).  As originally envisioned, this program will provide a cadre of Marines who possess the advanced academic credentials and technical skills necessary for assignment to key, specified billets throughout the Command and act as an incentive to pursue personal academic goals while serving on active duty.
3.  Eligibility Criteria.  To be eligible for the CRDCP, an individual must:
3.A.  be a regular component, active duty Marine who has served in the 8412 MOS for a minimum of three years,
3.B.  be a Gunnery Sergeant (or selected for Gunnery Sergeant) or Master Sergeant who demonstrates the potential for promotion to Master Gunnery Sergeant in accordance with the reference,
3.C.  have completed all professional military education requirements for their grade,
3.D.  receive the highest recommendation for selection to the Program by his or her chain of command, and
3.E.  possess an associate degree or have attained advanced standing toward a baccalaureate degree by an accredited college or university.  For the purposes of the CRDCP, advanced standing is defined as the completion of accepted course work equivalent to 60 semester-hour or 90 quarter-hour credits, where one semester-hour equals one and a half quarter-hour.  The applicant must show the attending university has granted/accepted the required credits.  The following limitations apply to authorized credit computations for completed course work:
3.E.1.  at least 20 semester-hour or 30 quarter-hour credits must consist of classroom work completed at a civilian college or university,
3.E.2.  the remaining 40 semester-hour or 60 quarter-hour credits can be comprised of additional classroom work, testing through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) and Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support (DANTES) examinations, correspondence courses, and formal military school and military service credit,
3.E.3.  credits obtained by combining formal military school and military service credit cannot exceed more than 30 semester-hour or 45 quarter-hour credits, and
3.E.4.  the maximum military service credit authorized is 12 semester-hour or 18 quarter-hour credits.  Additional military service credits will be not be accepted in order to meet either the minimum two-year requirement of 60 semester-hour or 90 quarter-hour credits.  Further, no military service credit can be applied toward additional credit hours following required o-year advanced standing.
4.  Additional Military Service Obligation (MSO)
4.A.  Applicants must agree to extend or reenlist on active duty for a period of four years beginning on the date they are awarded their baccalaureate degree or withdraw from the Program.  The four-year additional MSO incurred for participating in the CRCDP is in addition to any MSOs previously incurred.
4.B.  Requests to separate from the armed forces prior to completing the MSO incurred for participating in the CRCDP will not normally receive favorable consideration.
4.C.  The four-year additional MSO incurred for participating in the CRDCP is not proportional and will not be pro-rated for academic periods that are less than two years.
5.  Application and Deadlines
5.A.  Marines who meet the basic eligibility criteria for this Program and desire to participate must complete an application package and submit it via their chain of command, to their respective Recruiting Region Commanding General.  Applications received by CG, MCRC after 15 December 2017 will not be accepted.  Detailed guidance for the preparation of application packages will be contained within the Program order.
5.B.  Applicants must include official, sealed transcripts of all courses from each college/university previously attended as part of the application.
5.C.  Applicants must include the academic certification form, which lists the courses required – by course name, number, and credit hours (semester or quarter) - to obtain a baccalaureate degree as part of their applications.
6.  Program Selection
6.A.  CRDCP participants are limited to the following degree programs/majors:  Advertising, Human Resources, Statistics, Business, Business Management, Business Analytics, Business Administration, Sales Management, Marketing, Marketing-Social Media, Public Relations, or Project Management.
6.B.  Applicants must have a single major study area with a minimum of 24 semi-hrs or 36 qtr-hrs, in that area, upon graduation.  Multiple majors are not authorized.
6.C.  Applicants should select schools located 50 miles or less from their current Permanent Duty Station (PDS).  However, applicants are authorized to select schools located more than 50 miles from their current PDS.  The selection board will consider these requests - on a case-by-case basis – according to the applicant’s qualifications.  MCRC will issue PCSO to program selectees who select schools that are located more than 50 miles from their current PDS.  After completing the Program MCRC will issue PCSO, as required, based on the needs of the Marine Corps and MCRC.
6.D.  Applicants are encouraged to select a school that participates in the Service Members Opportunity College Program (SOCMAR), which links service members to institutions that maximize the proper award of academic credit for military training and experience.  A full list of schools is found at http:(slash)(slash)www.soc.aascu.org/socdns/DNSnets-members.html
6.E.  Participants are responsible for all educational costs (e.g., tuition, fees, books, etc.) and should consider the cost of living in the area in which they would reside and the tuition costs at schools to which they intend to apply when making final decisions.  Participants are encouraged to contact their prospective school’s veteran student support services before applying in order to inquire about the use of their GI Bill benefits or any other financial aid options.
7.  This message applies to active component Marines.
8.  Release authorized by Major General Paul J. Kennedy, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.//