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Date Signed: 10/2/2017
MARADMINS Number: 544/17

R 021905Z OCT 17
POC/K.A. HOGAN/MAJ/DC MRA/MP/MPA/-/TEL: 703-784-9370/EMAIL: surveys@usmc.mil//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  PURPOSE.  To announce the Exit and Milestone Longitudinal Survey (EMLS) Program.  The EMLS Program provides an opportunity to communicate to senior leaders what factors have the greatest influence on Marines with regard to accession, retention, and exiting the Marine Corps.  Further, the program provides an opportunity for Marines to communicate their satisfaction with certain aspects of the Marine Corps and the military way of life.
2.  BACKGROUND.  The Commandant of the Marine Corps directed that an exit survey be implemented in order to better understand why Marines leave the Marine Corps.  In order to better understand the reasons Marines join the Corps, choose to stay, or leave the Corps, the EMLS Program was developed to track changes in Marines' opinions and perceptions over time.
3.  EXECUTION.  The EMLS Program is a set of surveys that will be administered during specific milestones in a Marine’s career:  initial accession, first and subsequent reenlistments, career designation, officer promotion, and upon exiting the Marine Corps.  The EMLS Program surveys provide essential feedback and key information to better understand personnel satisfaction regarding career opportunities, leadership, performance management, diversity, and work-life programs.
   a.  Entry Survey.  The Entry Survey will be administered via paper and pencil to all Marines during boot camp and Officer Candidate School.  Marines commissioned via the United States Naval Academy will be given the opportunity to complete the Entry Survey electronically, upon graduation.
   b.  Milestone Survey.  Milestone Surveys will be administered via an online-survey tool.  Milestones for enlisted Marines will occur in conjunction with reenlistment.  Enlisted Marines will be eligible to take the Milestone Survey twelve months prior to their End of Active Service (EAS).  Milestones for officers will occur in conjunction with career designation and promotion.  Officers will be eligible to take the Milestone Survey upon release of selection results for career designation.  Officers will also be eligible to take the Milestone Survey upon release of the ALNAV selection results to the rank of Major or above.  Both enlisted Marines and officers should take the Milestone EMLS no later than three months after the effective date of their specific milestone.
   c.  Exit Survey.  The Exit Survey will be administered via an online-survey tool.  The Exit Survey should be taken once a Marine has made the determination they are exiting the Corps via EAS or retirement but no earlier than 12 months prior to their exit date.  Information regarding the Exit Survey of the EMLS Program will be provided during the Transition Readiness Seminar course or equivalent.  Commanders should afford transitioning Marines the opportunity to complete the Exit Survey prior to taking terminal leave, while conducting the separation process.
   d.  The EMLS can be accessed at http:(slash)(slash)go.max.gov\EMLS.  Additionally, instructions on how to access each survey will be available in an email invitation, via Marine Online notifications, through Career Planners, and on posters distributed across the Marine Corps in common areas.  The EMLS Program will be available starting 1 October 2017.  In the event that there are any questions regarding the receipt of an email invitation or lack thereof, recipients can contact the Marine Corps Survey Office at surveys@usmc.mil.
4.  Those invited to take part in the EMLS Program are strongly encouraged to participate and are assured that all responses will be kept confidential.  All supervisors and managers will support their Marines by providing them time during normal working hours to complete the survey.  Each survey takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete.
5.  Commanders should encourage Marines to participate in the EMLS Program and stress the impact survey responses will have toward improving the Marine Corps.
6.  The POC for the EMLS Program is Maj K.A. Hogan, surveys@usmc.mil or at 703-784-9370.
7.  Released by BGen S. F. Benedict, Director for Manpower Plans and Policy.//