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Date Signed: 10/4/2017
MARADMINS Number: 548/17

R 041601Z OCT 17
RMKS/1.  Purpose.  To promulgate standardized Marine Corps practices for accommodating Geographical Bachelors (GBs) living in Marine Corps housing.
2.  Background.
  a.  Per MCO 11000.22, there is no mandate to house GBs within the Unaccompanied Housing (UH) inventory and GBs are not included in the requirement determinations for UH.  GBs will be housed on a space available basis only and will not be assigned to a room or space in unaccompanied housing facilities at the expense of bona fide Single Service Members assigned to the Installation.  There is a potential that GB locations may not be within the same geographic area as their Unit.
  b.  As the Commandant-directed Infrastructure Reset Strategy is implemented, current excess barracks capacity will be reduced, which will reduce the capability to support GBs.
  c.  Assignment/acceptance of government housing which exceeds minimum UH standards may result in forfeiture of BAH.
  d.  GB policies are applicable only for installations within the contiguous United States (CONUS)and Hawaii.  At OCONUS locations, members serving an unaccompanied tour or dependent restricted tour will be assigned to unaccompanied housing with the same priority as the bona fide Single Service Members and are not considered GBs.
3.  Action.
  a.  There remains no mandate or requirement to house GBs.  The Installation Commanding Officer will determine the capability to support GBs based on current excess UH capacity.  GBs shall be housed in facilities under category code 72111 (Unaccompanied Enlisted Housing) or 72411 (Unaccompanied Officer Housing).  GBs should be located in consolidated facilities (by building, wing, floor, etc.) where feasible to enable complete and consistent oversight of all GBs, as well as limit risk of GBs forfeiting BAH if housed in rooms that exceed minimum UH standards.
  b.  GBs will not be housed in Transient Housing facilities, except in accordance with standard Transient Housing policies and rates.  Any requests for exemption to utilize Transient Housing for GBs at other than standard Transient Housing rates must be submitted to Commander, Marine Corps Installation Command for approval.
  c.  In compliance with Joint Travel Regulations, GBs will be assigned a room at or below minimum standards for the member's grade without dependents to avoid affecting the authority for them to continue to receive BAH with dependents.
  d.  Installation Commanding Officers are responsible for ensuring compliance with polices for GB housing at their installation, including establishing proper oversight for approvals of GB requests.  MARFORRES may delegate GB requests to the site commander due to geographic dispersion.
  e.  Initial GB requests will be authorized in increments not to exceed 180 days; extensions can be made by separate request for an extension.  Extensions are approved by the Installation Commander and will not exceed 180 days per request dependent upon the availability and requirement to support Single Service Members.  At any time during the GBs stay when requirements change to support Single Service Members, GBs shall be provided a ten (10) day notification to relocate to another facility or move off the installation into a private rental.
  f.  GBs will be charged a flat rate of $6 per day for E-1 to E5; $8 per day for E-6 to O-3; and $10 per day for O-4 and above for furnishings recapitalization, basic cable service, housekeeping service (twice weekly), linen service (once weekly), and personnel cost associated in support of the GB's.  There is no option to the services provided.  The Unaccompanied Housing (UH) Director may divert a limited number of excess vacant rooms within the eMH database for a period not to exceed one year for use as GB berthing when there is no requirement for the facility.  The Billeting Manager will collect and deposit GB service charges into the Billeting Fund Account for personnel authorized to reside on the installations in a GB status.  GB residents will be required to pay service charges 30 days in advance at the Transient Housing Front Desk.
4.  Effective Date.  In order to provide installations and current GB residents time to align to these new requirements, this policy will become effective 1 January 2018.
5.  MCO 11000.22, Marine Corps Bachelor and Family Housing Management Manual will be updated to reflect these changes.
6.  Release authorized by LtGen M. G. Dana, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics.//