Date Signed: 11/6/2017 | MARADMINS Number: 614/17
MARADMINS : 614/17
R 061432Z NOV 17
REF/A/MSGID: DOC/TITLE 37 U.S.C. SEC 334/YMD: 20151125//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide information on the Marine Corps Aviation Bonus (AvB) Program for FY18.
2.  Background.  The intent of the program is to provide a proactive, short-term incentive for targeted aviation officers.  The Aviation Bonus is a special pay that will be assessed annually.  Contract amounts are set based on current and projected aviation officer inventories.  The bonus will be offered to Marine aviation officers who meet eligibility requirements defined in paragraph 3 below.  Per Congressional authorization, Ref A provides the legal authority for the Department of Defense to pay the AvB.
3.  Eligibility Requirements.  To receive the AvB, officers must meet the following non-waiverable criteria during the effective dates of the FY18 AvB Program (1 Oct 17 – 30 Sep 18):
3.a.  Be qualified to perform operational flying duty.
3.b.  Be eligible for Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) at the time of application.
3.c.  Have no more than 14 years of commissioned service (YCS) at the time of application.  Start date for calculating YCS is date accepted first commission (DAFC).
3.d.  Be complete with or will complete, within FY18, their original active duty service commitment (ADSC) incurred for undergraduate aviator training.
3.e.  Agree to remain on active duty as an aviator for the defined contract term.
3.f.  Hold one of the following primary Military Occupational Specialties (MOS):
       7509 (AV-8)
       7518 (F-35)
       7523 (F/A-18)
       7532 (MV-22)
3.g.  Applicants must be recommended for AvB by their Commanding Officer and receive final approval from CMC (MMOA-2).
3.h.  Submit contract to CMC (MMOA-2) no later than 1 Sep 18 to allow processing time before the end of the fiscal year.
3.i.  Captains who have previously failed selection to the rank of Major will be ineligible.  They may reapply once selected for promotion.  If already receiving AvB and then failed for selection, subsequent payment will cease after release of the selection results ALNAV message.
3.j.  Must be an officer in the Active component.
3.k.  Aviators under a current officer service obligation for inter-service transfer (IST) are not eligible for AvB and may not apply until completion of IST ADSC.
4.  Aviation Transition/Conversion.  Aviation personnel undergoing transition or conversion training will be eligible for AvB if they meet the requirements in paragraph 3, under their previous PMOS.  If the new platform is not eligible for AvB, payments will cease upon completion of new type/model/series fleet replacement squadron training.
5.  Payment Provisions:
5.a.  The FY18 AvB contract is for 40,000 dollars, which equates to a 20,000 dollar lump sum payment in FY18 and an additional 20,000 lump sum payment in FY19.
5.b.  Contract length will be 24 months beginning on the contract start date.  Contract start date is defined as the date of application package submission to MMOA-2 or the ADSC completion date, whichever is latest.
5.c.  In order to receive the anniversary payment, officers executing AvB contracts must maintain eligibility per paragraph 3.  Inability to maintain eligibility will result in termination of AvB payments.
5.d.  Officers whose eligibility for AvB payments is terminated will be required to fulfill a minimum of a 12-month obligation from the receipt of their last AvB payment, except when the officers’ release from active duty is involuntary under law or regulation.  An officer may be released from their service obligation upon approval by the Secretary of the Navy.
6.  Repayment Provisions
6.a.  Officers shall be required to repay the unearned portion of prepaid amounts on a pro-rated basis in the following circumstances:
6.a.1.  Separation from active duty or discharge within the related contract extension time.
6.a.2.  Loss of designation as a naval aviator (except as specified in para 6.b below).
6.a.3.  Termination of AvIP entitlement (except as specified in para 6.b. below).
6.a.4.  Medical incapacitation or physical disability resulting from misconduct, gross negligence, or incurred during a period of unauthorized absence.
6.b.  Officers will not be required to repay the unearned portion of prepaid amounts of AvB if eligibility is terminated in the following circumstances:
6.b.1.  Involuntary separation from military service by operation of law, or involuntary separation by operation of military service or DoD policy (except separation or dismissal for cause, resignation in lieu of court martial, or processing from administrative separation).
6.b.2.  Death or disability, including medical grounding or suspension, which is not the result of misconduct, willful negligence, and not resulting from a period of unauthorized absence.
7.  Provisions for re-application following termination of eligibility.  Officers whose eligibility for AvB is terminated may re-apply once returned to a status that allows that individual to meet the eligibility requirements in para 3.  Officers re-applying under this circumstance will be approved only under the conditions of the previously terminated AvB contract, and will resume the terms of that contract.
8.  Application Procedures.
8.a.  Applicants must submit their AvB application package to CMC (MMOA-2) by 1 Sep 18 and need to include the application form (as defined in paragraph 9), a copy of the officer’s initial obligation contract, and the Commanding Officer’s endorsement.  The initial obligation contract will identify the initial length of undergraduate training obligation incurred.
8.b.  The documentation needed for processing is a scanned electronic copy, with appropriate signatures, sent to SMB_officer_aviation@usmc.mil.
8.c.  Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and approved by CMC (MMOA-2).  If approved, the effective date of AvB contracts will be on the contract start date as defined in paragraph 5.
9.  Application Form.  Applicants will submit an AA Form (NAVMC 10274) or Standard Naval Letter in the following format:
From:  (Applying Officer’s Grade, Name, EDIPI/MOS
To:  CMC (MMOA-2)
Via:  (Commanding Officer or appropriate designee)
Subj:  Request for FY18 Aviation Bonus
Ref:  (Cite Subject MARADMIN)
1.  Per the Reference, I hereby apply for the FY18 Aviation Bonus (AvB).  Contingent on approval of my application for this special pay, I agree to accept an officer service obligation to complete two additional years of service beginning the effective date of my AvB contract, in exchange for 20,000 dollars annually for each full year of service.  I agree not to tender a resignation that would be effective during this AvB service obligation or voluntarily terminate my flight status.  I understand that, upon receipt by MMOA-2, this application becomes a binding contract and an officer service obligation for the duration of the contract period.
2.  I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the provisions of the reference including all provisions relating to termination of payments to be made pursuant to this agreement, termination of the service obligation and the circumstances under which recoupment by the government of sums paid may be required.
3.  I understand CMC (MMOA-2) must validate my eligibility for AvB.  In the event it is determined I am not eligible for AvB, this application will be returned with no action taken and I may reapply at a later date if my eligibility changes.
4.  The following information is provided and certified to be true and accurate:
Date Accepted First Commission:
Date Designated Naval Aviator:
Length of Aviation Contract:
Work Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:
Pending Legal Action: (Yes/No, provide amplifying information if Yes)
Current Aviation Qualifications/Designations and Date of Certification:  (Signature of Officer)
10.  Upon confirmation of eligibility and AvB approval, MMOA-2 will send an official letter detailing the applicant’s service obligation and monetary amounts to the officer.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit of copy of the final approval letter to MMSB for inclusion in the officer’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).  Selection for the AvB is not intended to be a career enhancement and shall not be annotated in a Marine’s fitness report.
11.  Commanding Officers need only endorse with:  “Forward recommending approval” or “Forward not recommending approval.”
12.  AvB policy issues point of contact:  Maj Rateike, MPP-33, 703-784-9366.
13.  AvB applications and administrative issues point of contact:  GySgt Monterrosa, MMOA-2, 703-784-9267.
14.  This MARADMIN does not apply to the Marine Corps Reserve.
15.  This MARADMIN cancels on 1 Oct 20.
16.  Release authorized by BGen S.F. Benedict, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy Division.//