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Date Signed: 11/9/2017
MARADMINS Number: 624/17

R 091630Z NOV 17
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message serves as an announcement for the first Hybrid Logistics Symposium.  The Hybrid Logistics Symposium will take place 26 February - 1 March in partnership with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) aboard the UCSD campus.  The purpose of the Hybrid Logistics Symposium is to host a series of interconnected briefs, working groups, and panels to discuss hybrid logistics and installations as a strategic enabler in order to identify the people, processes, and equipment (technology) that the next generation of Marine Corps logisticians will need in 2025 and beyond.
2.  Todays operational environment is defined by rapid and unpredictable change.  We face adversaries that are not beholden to the same laws, regulations, and compliance activities that we face.  Many ideas and concepts that modern militaries spent decades to research and millions to field are now available to anyone for a fraction of the time and price.  To maintain our advantage over our adversaries, we must adopt unconventional and urgent methods for moving concepts to fielded capabilities.  A variety of organizations, internal and external to the Marine Corps, are exploring solutions to existing problems through new approaches, sweeping policy changes, and advanced technologies;  each offering tangible benefits to the operating forces (OPFOR) and individual Marines.  As part of a large complex organization, coordinating activities across many, sometimes competing, lines of operation is difficult.  At times, new and promising processes, policies, and/or products stall in their movement from concept to capability to the detriment of the OPFOR and our Marines.  Marines, Sailors, and Civilians have an innate understanding of the challenges they are facing right now.  It is essential that we put the mechanisms in place for our Marines, Sailors, and Civilians to develop innovative solutions quickly, in order to outpace our adversaries and to capitalize on the depth of intellectual and creative power within our Corps.
3.  Hybrid Log Thrust Areas.  The hybrid logistics concept is centered around five thrust areas:  lift/distribution (unmanned logistics systems), supply/maintenance (additive manufacturing), expeditionary medicine, smart logistics (data/it driven), and expeditionary energy.
4.  Objectives.  The Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (DC, IL) is seeking to 1) Discuss the hybrid logistics concept in support of the United States Marine Corps Operating Concept (MOC).  2) How logistics will support the evolving Department of the Navy Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment (LOCE).  3) How logistics will support Expeditionary Advanced Basing Operations (EABO) concept as we move towards 2025.  4) Hybrid logistics enablers across the five domains that can support the prior listed concepts.
5.  Method.  The symposium is three-part.
5.a.  Preparation.  Cohorts of 10-12 people each will be stood up and assigned 60 days before the start of the symposium.  At the E-45 day mark, the cohorts will be given pre-conference opportunities/tasks to help shape their mindset going into the conference - including reading and discussing the MOC, the Marine Corps Installations and Logistics Roadmap (MCILR), and other top-down marine corps policies that impact day to day logistics.
5.b.  Execution.  The symposium itself will be an academic series of inter-connected briefs, working groups, and panels that will help the participants identify the people, processes, and equipment necessary for the next generation of Marine Corps Logisticians.
5.c.  Presentations.  At the conclusion of the conference, each cohort will present their top five priorities that the Marine Corps logistics community should be pursuing for 2025 in order to operate effectively and efficiently in the future.
6.  Participants.  There will be 120 participants:  100 Marines, Sailors, and Civilian Marines and 20 UCSD students.  This will allow for 10 cohorts of 12 people each.  For the Marine Corps participants, DC, IL is accepting nominations for Junior Enlisted (E-5 and below), Company Grade Officers, and Civilian Marines (GS-12 and below) who think outside the box, not necessarily the NCO or Company Grade Officer of the quarter, but Marines, Sailors and Civilians who are curious and critical thinkers, who are willing to follow through on their thoughts with effort.  If you have someone that falls outside of the nomination range, but you think is critical to the symposium, please provide justification in their nomination write-up as to why.
7.  Cohort Presentations.  The final cohort presentations will have the cohorts using what they learned in the pre-symposium work and combining it with what they learn during the symposium, to present to a panel of judges the top five capabilities they believe the Marine Corps logistics community will need by 2025.  This presentation will require them to use design thinking to reverse engineer how to get to these top five capabilities from where we are now.  A template for the presentation will be provided to the cohorts upon arrival at the symposium.
8.  Evaluation Criteria.  Evaluation of the symposiums final presentations will be based on the following criteria.
8.a.  Overall Benefit:  What is the benefit to the Marine Corps?
8.b.  Creativity:  How original is the idea?
8.c.  Ease to Implement:  How achievable is this idea?
9.  Timeline.  The calling message seeking nominations, primary and alternate, will be released via SEPCOR.  The pre-conference work will be available 45 days before the start of the symposium.  The symposium will occur 26 Feb-1 Mar, with travel days being 26 Feb and 2 Mar.  A report of the findings of the symposium will be available approximately 30 days after the symposium.
10.  Media.  The Hybrid Logistics Symposium will be advertised over a variety of mediums, to include:  Facebook:  https:(SLASH)(SLASH)www.facebook.com/usmcexlog IL website:  http:(SLASH)(SLASH)www.iandl.marines.mil/
11.  Funding.  DC IL will support all travel costs and funding for the Hybrid Logistics Symposium participants.
12.  Release authorized by LtGen M. G. Dana, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics.//