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Date Signed: 1/16/2018
MARADMINS Number: 032/18

R 161404Z JAN 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  Marine Corps University (MCU) solicits active component sergeants major, master gunnery sergeants, first sergeants, and master sergeants for participation in resident Marine Corps Command Staff College (MCCSC) in order to enhance the effectiveness of future commands with a broader pool of graduate staff members able to confront complex security problems with critical analysis and problem solving skills.  MCCSC is a 10 month resident intermediate level school (ILS) that emphasizes professional military education at the operational level of war.  Students are expected to think, write, and speak at the graduate level.  The goal is to help each student expand their intellectual abilities to professionally engage in critical analysis and creative problem solving.  No more than eight applicants will be selected to attend MCCSC in Academic Year (AY) 2018-2019.
2.  Mission.  No later than 2 February 2018 qualified senior Staff Noncommissioned Officers (SNCO) submit applications to MCU in order to attend AY 2018-2019 MCCSC.  MCU conducts senior enlisted solicitation in order to select highly qualified senior enlisted applicants to attend MCCSC AY 2018-2019.
3.  Execution
3.A.  Commanders Intent.  To foster intellectual professional growth of senior enlisted Marines and enhance the educational experience of the MCCSC cohort.
3.A.1.  Purpose: To provide an opportunity for exceptional senior enlisted Marines to participate in ILS.
3.A.2.  Method: MCU panel will review applications in order to select up to eight senior SNCOs to attend MCCSC during AY 2018-2019.
3.A.3.  End State: Senior SNCOs are prepared for follow on operational assignments that utilize their educational experiences at MCCSC, taking into account the needs of the Marine Corps and the individuals career progression requirements.
3.B.  Concept of Operations.  MCCSC provides graduate level education and training in order to develop critical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and ethical leaders who will serve as commanders and staff officers in service, joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational organizations confronting complex and uncertain security environments.  Students will be expected to participate in Socratic seminars facilitated by a lieutenant colonel and a civilian academic professor.  Seminar groups consist of majors or equivalent representing all services, interagency personnel, and international military officers.  Those interested in earning MCUs Master of Military Studies degree will have the opportunity to apply for this optional program.
3.C.  Coordinating Instructions
3.C.1.  Program prerequisites are as follows:
3.C.1.A.  Promoted sergeants major, master gunnery sergeants, first sergeants, and master sergeants.  Rank requirement is non-waiverable.
3.C.1.B.  Secret clearance.
3.C.1.C.  Hold a United States regionally or nationally accredited bachelors degree.
3.C.1.D.  Permanent change of station eligible with at least 24 months time on station.
3.C.1.E.  Minimum of 24 months of service remaining after graduation from MCCSC.
3.C.2.  Deadline for completed applications is 2 February 2018.  Applications should be formatted the same as a sergeant major slate package, to include:
3.C.2.A.  Endorsements from the first commanding general in the chain of command.
3.C.2.B.  Administrative Action (AA) form, which will include the statement:  If selected to attend MCCSC, I will extend/reenlist to accept 36 months of obligated service upon graduation.
3.C.2.C.  Photo.
3.C.2.D.  Professional resume.
3.C.2.E.  Biography.
3.C.2.F.  College transcript(s).  Submit transcripts of all post-secondary education.  Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for applications. However, selected applicants will be required to validate possession of a bachelors degree by submitting an official transcript to the MCU registrar prior to start of classes.
3.C.2.G.  A 250 word (maximum) typed double-spaced paper in Adobe Acrobat format or Microsoft Word format that best describes why your selection to MCCSC would bring value to the Marine Corps.
3.C.3.  Submitting applications
3.C.3.A.  Applications must be sent to MCU via email.
3.C.3.B.  Email applications to carl.tucker@usmc.mil or MCU_registrar@usmcu.edu.  Encrypt email to protect personally identifiable information.
3.C.4.  Selection process
3.C.4.A.  MCU will convene a panel to select up to eight applicants.
3.C.4.B.  Panel selected applicants are subject to approval of the selectees monitor, as well as, Sergeant Major, Manpower and Reserve Affairs.
3.C.4.C.  President, MCU, will make the final selection of the most qualified applicants.
3.C.4.D.  Final selections will be announced by subsequent message.
4.  Administration and Logistics
4.A.  Additional information on MCCSC is available on the MCU website at https:(slash)(slash)www.usmcu.edu.  On the homepage, click the link for Command and Staff College under the Professional Military Education Programs pull-down menu.
4.B.  MCCSC is a 10 month full-time resident program.  It convenes on 30 July 2018 and graduates on 5 June 2019.  Reporting dates and instructions will be provided to selected applicants.
4.C.  Upon completion of MCCSC, Marines are ineligible to request retirement for a minimum of 36 months.  Applicants must acknowledge understanding on the application AA form per subparagraph 3.C.2.B. above.
5.  Command and Signal.  MCU point of contact is the Acting Registrar, Major Carl Tucker, phone:  (703) 432-5503, email:  carl.tucker@usmcu.edu or carl.tucker@usmc.mil.
6.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command.//