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Date Signed: 2/5/2018
MARADMINS Number: 076/18

R 052201Z FEB 18
REF/A/MSGID: DOC/DODI 1341.09/20160705//
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/DOD FMR 7000.14-R/-//
POC/L. LOREI/CIV /UNIT: MFR/-/TEL: 703-784-9550//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide information on the reimbursement for certain expenses associated with an adoption of a child under 18 years of age.  Per the references, eligible members are authorized reimbursement of qualifying expenses up to a maximum of 2000 dollars per adoptive child not to exceed 5000 dollars per calendar year for qualifying adoptions.
2.  Eligibility:  Active duty and Reserve members serving on continuous active duty for a least 180 days, and the adoption was finalized while the member was on active duty.  Adoption expense reimbursement may be paid to married or single service members.  If both parents are service members, then only one member may be reimbursed for expenses related to the adoption of the same child.
3.  Qualifying Adoptions:  Children under the age of 18 including infant adoption, inter-country adoption, adoption of a child with special needs, and stepchildren adopted by a military member.  The adoption must be arranged by a qualified adoption agency such as a non-profit, voluntary adoption agency authorized by state or local law to place children for adoption, or a state or local agency that has responsibility under state law or local law for child placement, or any other source authorized by a state to provide adoption placement, if the adoption is supervised by a court under state or local law or private and stepchild adoptions finalized in a U.S. court.
4.  Qualifying Expenses:  Reasonable and necessary expenses for the legal adoption, including, public and private agency fees, placement fees, legal fees, court costs (for services not available from military legal assistance), and certain medical expenses.  Travel expenses, basic needs such as clothing, toys, bedding, etc. and expenses incurred for adoption arranged in violation of federal, state, or local law are considered non-qualifying expenses.
5.  Claims Procedures:  Members must submit requests for reimbursement for qualifying adoption expenses using DD Form 2675 “Reimbursement Request for Adoption Expenses.”  A separate form must be submitted for each qualifying child.  The form can be obtained from the local Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) or at the following site, http:(slash)(slash)www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/forms/eforms/dd2675.pdf.  A completed reimbursement request with substantiating documentation must be submitted while the member is on active duty and not later than two years after the finalization of the adoption, or the issuance of a certificate of U.S. citizenship for adoptions of foreign children.  Applications must be submitted via the member’s chain of command to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Cleveland Center – Code JFLADA, 1240 East Ninth Street, Cleveland, OH 44199-2055 or electronically to email dfas.cleveland-oh.jfl.mbx.adoption-reimbursement-cle@mail.mil.
6.  Additional Adoption Assistance Benefits:
    a.  A service member is permitted 21 days of non-chargeable leave in conjunction with a qualifying adoption. Per Marine Corps policy, commanders may authorize up to 21 days (but not less than 10 days) of permissive temporary assigned duty (PTAD) for a member in conjunction with a qualifying adoption, or one parent of a dual military couple.  Although at the discretion of the commander, the authorized PTAD may be taken at one time or intermittently.  Refer to MCO 1050.3J (Regulations for Leave, Liberty, and Administrative Absence) for further policy guidance.
    b.  An adopted child, including a child placed in the home of a service member by a placement agency, is eligible for benefits after the child is enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).  Specific information on access and eligibility is available on the TRICARE website: http:(slash)(slash)www.tricare.mil/ or by calling TRICARE Online at (888) 538-9552.
    c.  The installation Legal Assistance Offices may be able to provide advice on local adoption law or refer members to local adoption agencies.
7.  Questions concerning military adoptions can be obtained by calling Military OneSource at (800) 342-9647 to make an appointment for free specialty consultation with a Military OneSource adoption consultant.  Questions concerning the claims submission procedures or to check on the status of a claim, contact DFAS-CL Adoption Reimbursement at (800) 332-7411 or via email at dfas.cleveland-oh.jfl.mbx.adoption-reimbursement-cle@mail.mil.
8.  Release authorized by BGen K. W. Stein, Director, Marine and Family Programs Division.//