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Date Signed: 4/12/2018
MARADMINS Number: 210/18

R 121957Z APR 18
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/DODI 1304.31/20130312//
REF/D/MSGID: DOC/MCO 1001R.1L/YMD: 20151223//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  In accordance with (IAW) references (a and b), this MARADMIN announces the eligibility, application procedures, and reporting procedures for the FY18 SMCR RERB.  This 10,000 dollar lump sum bonus is for first-term sergeants currently serving at an incentivized SMCR unit listed in paragraph 2.  Sergeants must be filling a valid Billet Identification Code (BIC) matching their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).  Eligible sergeants will incur a three year drilling obligation in the approved SMCR BIC beginning the date the applicant accepts the reenlistment, extension, lateral move (RELM) request.
2.  Unit eligibility.  The FY18 10,000 dollar RERB is applicable to the following units for first-term sergeants currently serving in a valid BIC (read in three columns):
Unit Name                             City                State
Rfl Co A 1/23 4th MARDIV              Ellington           TX
Rfl CO C 1/23 4th MARDIV              Corpus Christi      TX
Rfl Co G 2/23 4th MARDIV              Pico Rivera         CA
Wpns Co 2/23 4th MARDIV               Port Hueneme        CA
Rfl Co L 3/23 4th MARDIV              Montgomery          AL
Rfl Co A 1/24 4th MARDIV              Grand Rapids        MI
Wpns Co 1/24 4th MARDIV               Perrysburg          OH
Rfl Co E 2/24 4th MARDIV              Granger             IA
Rfl Co A 1/25 4th MARDIV              Brunswick           ME
Rfl Co B 1/25 4th MARDIV              Londonderry         NH
Rfl Co C 1/25 4th MARDIV              Buffalo             NY
Rfl Co I 3/25 4th MARDIV              Johnson City        TN
Rfl Co K 3/25 4th MARDIV              Pittsburgh          PA
Hqtrs Btry 2/14 4th MARDIV            Grand Prairie       TX
Rckt Btry D 2/14 4th MARDIV           El Paso             TX
Rckt Btry F 2/14 4th MARDIV           Oklahoma City       OK
Arty Btry M 3/14 4th MARDIV           Chattanooga         TN
Arty Btry P 5/14 4th MARDIV           Spokane             WA
COMBAT ENGR Co C 4th CEB 4th MARDIV   Lynchburg           VA
COMBAT ENGR Co E 4th CEB 4th MARDIV   Bessemer            AL
HQSCV Co 4th AAV Bn 4th MARDIV        Tampa               FL
LAR Co C 4th AAV Bn 4th MARDIV        Cp Williams         UT
LAR Co D 4th AAV Bn 4th MARDIV        Quantico            VA
LAR Co E 4th AAV Bn 4th MARDIV        Syracuse            NY
LAR Co F 4th AAV Bn 4th MARDIV        Columbia            SC
Det B MWSS-471 MAG-41 4th MAW         Selfridge           MI
MASS-6 MACG-48 4th MAW                Chicopee            MA
Det EW/C MACS-24 MACG-48 4th MAW      Oceana              VA
Det A MWSS-471 MAG-41 4th MAW         Johnstown           PA
DET A MWSS-473 MAG-41 4TH MAW         Lemoore NAS         CA
DET A MWCS-48 (Rear) MACG-48 4th MAW  Great Lakes         IL
MTACS-48 MACG-48 4th MAW              Great Lakes         IL
VMGR-452 MAG-49 4th MAW               Newburgh            NY
HMLA-775 (-) MAG-41 4th MAW           Camp Pendleton      CA
MALS-49 MAG-49 4th MAW                Newburgh            NY
Det 2 Maint Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG Gulfport            MS
Det 2 Maint Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG  Wichita             KS
Det 3 Maint Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG Indianapolis        IN
PERS RET (AND)+ PROC Co CLR 45 4th MLG     Smyrna         GA
Bridge Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG           NSA Millington US   TN
Engr Co C 6th ESB 4TH MLG             Peoria              IL
Engr Svcs Co CLB 25 CLR 45 4th MLG    South Bend          IN
Bulk Fuel Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG        Luke AFB            AZ
TRANS SVCS Co CLB 25 CLR 45 4th MLG   Providence          RI
Comm Co CLR 45 4th MLG                Greensboro          NC
MP Co A 4th Law Enf Bn FHG            Lexington           KY
Det MP Co D Law Enf Bn FHG            Elmendorf AFB       AK
3d ANGLICO FHG                        Bell                CA
4th ANGLICO FHG                       W Palm Beach        FL
6th ANGLICO FHG                       Ft Lewis            WA
SVC Co 6th Comm Bn FHG                Brooklyn            NY
3.  Eligibility requirements
    a.  First-term SMCR sergeants currently assigned to a unit listed in paragraph 2.
    b.  SMCR sergeants must be within 90 days of completing their current drilling obligation, or have completed any required service, and be serving in a Reserve Affairs (RA) validated BIC commensurate with the Marine's grade and MOS prior to application submission.
    c.  Must obtain/have the contractual time in order to fulfill a 36 month service obligation upon the acceptance date of the RELM request (also known as the execution date) of the bonus or date.
    d.  Must not have received a bonus in the last three years, or currently serving under any other contractual obligation requiring continued affiliation in the Selected Reserve (SelRes).
    e.  Sergeants conducting an inter-unit transfer (IUT) may request the RERB in conjunction with the IUT.  Adjudication of the RERB by RA will occur concurrently to the IUT approval.  Units must include a completed Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) IUT request checklist (available from MARFORRES G-1 section), submitted with the Total Force Retention (TFRS) request as an attachment.  The IUT checklist must be endorsed by the gaining command.
    f.  Sergeants serving in the Active Component (AC), Active Reserve (AR), Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), or Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program are eligible to request this incentive once joined to an incentivized SMCR unit and valid BIC.
    g.  Prior service AC or AR sergeants must be released from active duty with an honorable discharge.
    h.  Reserve sergeants must not have more than a two year break in service from the AC or last Selected Reserve assignment at the time the RERB is accepted.
    i.  IMAs are eligible regardless of the time remaining in their IMA tour.  Upon approval by RA, sergeants will be released from their IMA tour and assigned to the gaining SMCR unit.
    j.  Must serve in a valid BIC as a grade and MOS match (N-grade of one up is authorized).
    k.  Sergeants who have a failed selection to the next higher grade in the SMCR are not eligible for this incentive.
    l.  Must not have been reduced in grade to their current grade, in zone or above zone for promotion in the SMCR, or previously passed over for promotion in any component.
    m.  Must be Professional Military Education (PME) complete, or enrolled to complete resident PME.  A screenshot of the Marine's enrollment must be captured from the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS) and included as an attachment within TFRS.
    n.  Individual applicants may be disqualified for the RERB if subject to a non-judicial punishment in the last 12 months.
4.  Administrative Guidance
    a.  Unit CPs will submit all requests for Marines that are current members of the AR, SMCR, and IMA Marines requesting to IUT to an SMCR unit.  Marines from the AC or IRR must be joined to an incentivized SMCR unit prior to submitting for the incentive.
    b.  Payment of this incentive requires the following five-step process:
        (1) A completed statement of understanding (SOU) approved by RA (RAM).
        (2) A Bonus Control Number (BCN) assignment by RA (RAM).
        (3) Acceptance of the incentive via TFRS authority.
        (4) In accordance with reference (c), RA (RAM-1) will report the obligation via Unit Diary.
        (5) Administrative entries by the SMCR unit S-1 (join, Reserve BIC, reenlistment, extension, bonus PEF code, bonus entry).
    c.  All requests must be submitted via TFRS to RA (RAM-1).
    d.  A signed SOU must be submitted with the TFRS request prior to issuance of a bonus.  SOUs can be retrieved via TFRS, or by visiting the Manpower and Reserve Affairs website at www.manpower.usmc.mil.  Select “Reserve Marine”, “RAM”, “Incentives/Bonuses”, “Enlisted Bonuses”, “SMCR RERB Bonus”.
    e.  RA (RAM-1) will adjudicate and return the RELM request via TFRS to the originator via TFRS to the originator with the following items:
        (1) RA (RAM-1) endorsed SOU with bonus approval or disapproval.
        (2) Incentive Administrative Reporting Guidance document.
    f.  Once the RELM request is accepted in TFRS, the following actions are required:
        (1) The originator must:
            (a) Enter the acceptance date in TFRS.
            (b) Provide the endorsed SOU, Incentive Administrative Reporting Guidance document, and TFRS approval to the unit's administrative section for appropriate action.
        (2) The unit's administrative section must:
            (a) Report the RELM action (reenlistment or extension) in MCTFS via Unit Diary in accordance with reference (c).
            (b) Verify MCTFS D302 screen to validate posting of the obligation remark.
            (c) Report the Reserve BIC via the Inventory Development Management System (IDMS), bonus PEF code, and applicable bonus entry per the Incentive Administrative Reporting Guidance document via the Unit Diary/Marine Integrated Personnel System (UD/MIPS).
            (d) E-mail the DD Form 4 or NAVMC 321(a), as applicable, along with the RA (RAM-1) endorsed SOU to Manpower Management Records and Performance (MMRP) Branch for inclusion into the member's Official Military Personnel File to smb.manpower.mmrp@usmc.mil.
    g.  Payment will execute upon completion of all MCTFS reporting and posting requirements IAW reference (c).
    h.  In the event the applicant does not accept the bonus approval, the originator must notify RA (RAM-1) via organizational mailbox at RAM-1@usmc.mil.
    i.  Waiver requests with all required endorsements will be routed to RA (RAP) and submitted as an attachment to the TFRS request at the time of submission.  Waiver requests submitted from CPs will include the member's chain of command endorsements to the first O5 level command.  RA (RAP) will approve/disapprove waiver requests in the adjudication process of the TFRS request.
    j.  Requests must be received by RA (RAM-1) no later than 1 September 2018.  Sergeants must obtain RA (RAM) bonus approval prior to 10 September 2018 and accept payment within 60 days or prior to 24 September 2018, whichever comes first.  Direct Affiliation Program participants must first join the approved BIC and SMCR unit prior to 24 September 2018 to be eligible for the bonus.  Failure to join the approved BIC and SMCR unit within this window will result in bonus revocation, except in conjunction with a lateral move, as specified in paragraph 5.
    k.  All approved bonuses must be paid by 24 September 2018.
    l.  Marines in receipt of this bonus are required to waive the reasonable commuting distance requirement (if applicable) per reference (d).
5.  Retraining in conjunction with the RERB
    a.  Requests for assignment to the SMCR lateral move program must be submitted and approved by RA (RAM-1) prior to the Marine joining or agreeing to remain with the SMCR unit.
    b.  Marines assigned to the SMCR lateral move program must report for formal MOS training within 180 days of affiliation with the contracted SMCR unit.  Failure to meet this deadline will result in ineligibility for the applicable incentive, and may result in transfer to the IRR.
    c.  If a Marine is accepted to the SMCR lateral move program, payment of the applicable incentive will not be received until MOS training is complete.
    d.  The training requirements will not be waived.
6.  Obligation
    a.  Recipients of these incentives will incur a three year drilling obligation to the SMCR beginning on the date the RELM is signed.  The three year service obligation of applicants who submit for the bonus during the last 90 days of their current SMCR obligation will not run concurrent.  The new three year obligation will begin upon completion of the current obligation.  Contractual time previously served will not be applied towards the new contractual obligation.
    b.  Recipients must serve in a BIC commensurate with their grade and MOS at the joining unit for three years.  Requests for IUT must be adjudicated by RA (RAP).  RA will be notified and the D302 MCTFS remarks updated in the case of a Marine who is later assigned to a different BIC.
    c.  Marines who have transferred their Post-9/11 GI Bill or Montgomery GI Bill-SelRes education benefits to a dependent or spouse IAW Department of Defense Instruction 1341.13 and Section 16132a of Title 10, U.S.C., are eligible for a retention bonus.
7.  Recoupment.  Recoupment will occur at a prorated basis if the Sergeant:
    a.  Fails to fulfill the three year service obligation.
    b.  Fails to participate satisfactorily in all scheduled drills and annual training.
    c.  Executes a subsequent lateral move without RA (RAP) approval.
    d.  Changes BICs without RA (RAP) approval (this includes any excess BICs).
    e.  Executes an IUT without RA (RAP) approval, including an IUT to a BIC with the same billet title/description.
    f.  Performs Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) with a unit other than their own for a period greater than 90 cumulative days per FY without prior approval by RA (RAP).  Career-level PME or career progression courses are exempt.
    g.  Augments to the AC or access on the AR program.
    h.  Elects to transfer to the IMA program, not due to Force Structure Review Group (FSRG) or Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) IAW paragraph 6b.
    i.  Transfers to the IRR or another Service.
8.  The RERB Bonus is a 10,000 dollar lump sum payment, less any applicable taxes, and will not be paid out while the member is on active duty orders.
9.  Incentives will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.  A maximum of two incentives will be authorized per unit listed above in paragraph 2.  Availability of funds will be updated periodically via TFRS message as required.
10.  This bonus is not retroactive and is effective the date this message is signed.
11.  Direct liaison is authorized between SMCR units and RA.
12.  This MARADMIN cancels on 30 September 2018.
13.  Release authorized by Colonel J. M. Morrisroe, Director, Reserve Affairs Division, Acting.//