Date Signed: 4/13/2018 | MARADMINS Number: 212/18
MARADMINS : 212/18
R 122230Z APR 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message serves as an announcement for the 3d quarter FY-18 Commandant's Innovation Challenge, sponsored by the Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office (MCRCO).  The purpose of the challenges is to solicit innovative ideas from Marines, Sailors, and government civilians from across the Marine Corps.  This innovation challenge envisions operating in environments that are defined in the following concepts:  “Marine Corps Operating Concept,” “Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment,” “Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations,” and “Multi-Domain-Battle:  Combined Arms for the 21st Century.”  These concepts are available online at: https://marinecorpsconceptsandprograms.com/concepts
2.  Background:  Battlespace Awareness (BA) is the situational knowledge whereby the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Commander plans operations and exercises command and control.  It is the result of processing and presentation of information comprehending the operational environment – the status and dispositions of Friendly, Adversary, and non-aligned actors, and the impacts of physical, cultural, social, political, and economic factors on military operations.
2.A.  BA provides actionable intelligence to the MAGTF Commander and the warfighter.  BA also provides the MAGTF Commander the ability to make better decisions faster by enabling a more thorough understanding of the environment in which they operate, and how those decisions will affect the five warfighting domains (Air, Land, Sea, Space, and Cyberspace).  In order to accomplish this, we must continue to innovate and provide the MAGTF Commander with highly responsive capabilities that provide persistent, redundant and tailored coverage of the battlespace.
2.B.  The littoral operating environment is comprised of two segments:  seaward and landward.  The seaward portion is that area from the open ocean to the shore that must be controlled to support operations ashore.  The landward portion is the area inland from the shore that can be supported and defended directly from the sea.
2.C.  The future littoral operating environment will be highly contested across the five warfighting domains.  Today, the range of relatively inexpensive modern sensors and weapons extends hundreds of miles both seaward and landward, blurring the distinction between operations at sea and on land, thereby necessitating an operational approach that treats the littorals as a singular, integrated, chaotic battlespace.
2.D.  Elements of BA that are crucial to the MAGTF Commander in the littoral operating environment are Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical (Weather, Terrain, etc.) and Time (PMESII-PT).
3.  Challenge:  Identify concepts, training and/or technologies that will assist MAGTF Commanders in rapidly developing and maintaining Battlespace Awareness and in understanding the entire littoral operating environment.
4.  Evaluation Criteria:  Submissions will be evaluated based on four criteria.
4.A.  Did the submission meet the challenge parameters?
4.B.  Is the submission's solution feasible?
4.C.  Is the submission's solution complete?
4.D.  How original or innovative is the submission?
4.E.  What is the submission's evaluated positive impact on the Marine Corps?
5.  Beginning 9 April 2018, Marines (active and reserve), Sailors, and government civilians from across the Marine Corps will have the opportunity to participate in this Innovation Challenge.  Ideas can be submitted until 18 May 2018.  After careful review, the winner and runner up submissions will be selected from the noteworthy submissions.  Challenge winners will be announced via MARADMIN, the website, and e-mail no later than 29 June 2018.  Ideas can be submitted at:  http://www.marines.mil/innovate
6.  Individuals are encouraged to work and submit as teams.  Everyone is encouraged to comment on ideas throughout the submission period to continue an idea's development.  A submission is not required prior to commenting on the site.  Individuals are allowed to submit more than one idea.
6.B.  Potentially classified submissions must be screened by the local intelligence, security, or classification authority.  Submissions deemed to have classified information will be submitted on SIPR in accordance with the Innovation Challenge website and emailed to Major Fagala.
7.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration.//