Date Signed: 6/28/2018 | ALMARS Number: 022/18
ALMARS : 022/18
R 281732Z JUN 18
ALMAR 022/18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Each July 4th, Americans celebrate Independence Day and the freedoms gained by our Nation's first warriors 242 years ago.  Independence Day has become the quintessential patriotic holiday.  It is a day to enjoy our liberty and honor the courage and sacrifices of those who fought to win and protect those freedoms.  For Marines and Sailors, this is a time to demonstrate our pride in service and our Nation's defense institutions.  It is also a time to rededicate ourselves to our core values of honor, courage, and commitment.
2.  The Marine Corps is America's expeditionary force in readiness.  Maintaining razor sharp readiness is a priority that requires the efforts and vigilance of every Marine and Sailor in our ranks.  We are tasked with ensuring the enemy we engage today does not deny us the freedoms our founders bravely set forth in the Declaration of Independence.
3.  Safety is always a top priority, especially during long weekends.  As you celebrate this year, be mindful of potential threats to your individual readiness, and make wise choices.  Respect the threats you face, especially while traveling with family and friends.  The Marine Corps and all of your fellow Marines and Sailors are counting on you to make good decisions and safely return from the holiday.  Commanders and NCOs, continue to engage the Marines you lead on the crucial topic of safety.
4.  Sergeant Major Green and I are proud of you and proud to serve with you.  Have a great holiday - you've earned it.  Make a plan, arrive safely, and Protect What You've Earned.
5.  Protect What You've Earned, Robert B. Neller, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//