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Date Signed: 7/3/2018
MARADMINS Number: 376/18

R 030920Z JUL 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Recruiting continues to be one of the most demanding missions the Marine Corps faces.  Despite the challenges the Marine Corps continued success is a testament to the high quality of Marines assigned to recruiting duty.  The opportunity to lead these remarkable Marines is provided to officers who have demonstrated great leadership potential.  Selection as a Recruiting Station Commanding Officer (RSCO) is a unique distinction with tremendous opportunity to shape the future of the Marine Corps.
2.  The FY19 Recruiting Station Commanding Officer Selection Board will convene on or about 13 August 2018 aboard MCB Quantico, VA to select officers for recruiting stations that are available during 2019.
3.  The board will select those officers deemed best and most fully qualified from a list of eligible majors and majors (select).  The board will select as primaries a number equal to the number of available recruiting stations and a sufficient number of alternates to meet requirements when primary selects cannot take command.  CMC (MMOA) will release the results via MARADMIN.
4.  Board composition.  The RSCO board will be composed of thirteen officers, three of whom are general officers, selected to ensure a broad perspective among the board membership.
5.  Eligibility Criteria.  Officers who meet the below criteria will be screened for RSCO duty:
5.a.  Majors with a DOR of 1 September 2016 or later, and major selects.
5.b.  FY19 mover based upon current prescribed tour length.
6.  Ineligibility Criteria.  Officers in the categories below will not be screened for RSCO duty:
6.a.  Officers with an established separation or retirement date.
6.b.  Limited duty officers.
6.c.  Officers with legal action pending.
6.d.  75XX officers completing two or more consecutive years in DIFDEN status during FY19 will not normally be screened for RSCO duty.  These officers may request consideration by contacting their monitor.
6.e.  Officers selected for or currently attending programs who have a designated pay-back assignment will be expected to fulfill that obligation and are ineligible for RSCO screening.  Examples include Special Education Program (SEP), Test Pilot, FAO/RAO, School of Advanced Warfighting (SAW), and Funded Law.
7.  Billet vacancies.  Listed below are recruiting stations that the FY19 RSCO Board is expected to slate.  This list is subject to change.
1st Marine Corps District
     RS Baltimore
     RS New Jersey
4th Marine Corps District
     RS Columbus
     RS Frederick
     RS Nashville
     RS Lansing
     RS Richmond
6th Marine Corps District
     RS Montgomery
8th Marine Corps District
     RS Dallas
     RS Houston
     RS San Antonio
9th Marine Corps District
     RS Kansas City
     RS Twin Cities
     RS Milwaukee
12th Marine Corps District
     RS Riverside
     RS San Diego
     RS Orange
8.  Declinations.  Officers may not remove their names from board consideration.  Officers who are screened and slated but do not accept command will be required to submit written correspondence through their chain of command with General Officer endorsement.  Officer requests to decline RSCO command will not normally receive favorable endorsement from MMOA.  Declination letters will be included in the individual officers OMPF.  If a primary select is removed from the slate for any reason, CMC (MMOA) will fleet up an alternate.
9.  Officers who successfully complete duty as an RSCO will have the option of attending resident PME (Intermediate Level School) without being subject to the Commandants Professional Intermediate Level Education Board (CPIB) but will be slated equally with CPIB selected officers.  Officers who do not desire to attend resident PME will have the option of geo-location preference (East Coast, West Coast, Hawaii, overseas) for their follow-on duty assignment.
10.  Board Communications
10.a.  All eligible officers are required to communicate to the Board their top five recruiting station duty preferences and top three district preferences no later than 1 August 2018.  MMOA has developed an online command screening questionnaire to facilitate board communication.  The online questionnaire is the primary mechanism for all board communication, including duty preferences.
10.b.  Command Screening Questionnaire.  The web address for the RSCO selection board questionnaire is https:(slash)(slash)go.max.gov/FY19RSCO.  CAC card certification is not required to access the site.  Submitting update material via the questionnaire is the preferred method of transmitting information to the board that does not belong in the OMPF.  Instructions on how to upload material are given at the end of the questionnaire.  Officers experiencing difficulty with the questionnaire may contact MMOA-3 at smbmanpowerofficerpr@usmc.mil for assistance.
11.  Points of Contact:
11.a.  MMOA-1 (Ground)
       Maj Edward Holton (Cbt Arms) DSN 278-9276
       email: edward.holton@usmc.mil
       Maj Colin Graham (Cbt Svc Spt) DSN 278-9276
       email: colin.graham@usmc.mil
11.b.  MMMO-2 (Aviation)
       Maj Freddie Perez (Avn/Grd) DSN 278-9267
       email: freddie.perez@usmc.mil
       Maj Christopher Denver (RW) DSN 278-9267
       email: christopher.denver@usmc.mil
       Maj Thane Norman (FW) DSN 278-9267
       email: thane.norman@usmc.mil
11.c.  MMOA-3 (Plans and Programs)
       Maj Joseph McCaffrey (Plans Off) DSN 278-9284/9285
       email: joseph.j.mccaffrey@usmc.mil
       Comm: (703) 784-9284/9285
12.  Release authorized by C. F. Swain, Deputy Director, Manpower Management Division.//