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Date Signed: 9/12/2018
MARADMINS Number: 504/18

R 121701Z SEP 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This MarAdmin announces those officers selected for career designation, to return to active duty, to transition from a restricted to unrestricted primary military occupational specialty, or transfer from other branches of the armed forces into the active component of the Marine Corps.
2.  Career designation enables the management of the officer population by retaining the best and most fully qualified officers from each year group.  Those selected for career designation are offered the opportunity to remain on active duty if action is taken as required below.
3.  IAW references (a) and (b), the officers identified in paragraph 15 are offered career designation.  Officers selected for career designation are required to accept or decline this offer by 2359 28 September 2018.  Officers who fail to take action by the deadline are considered to have declined, shall not be reconsidered at a future date, and shall execute their current Expiration of Active Service (EAS).
4.  MMOA-3 will enter the offer of career designation to the selected officers via Unit Diary/Marine Integrated Personnel System (UDMIPS).  Notifications to commands will be through the Diary Feedback Report (DFR) to the respective Installation Personnel Administration Centers (IPAC) per reference (c), paragraph 41001.  MMOA-3 will populate UDMIPS with a career designation code of 2, reflecting selectees to be offered career designation.
5.  Upon the release of this MarAdmin officers being offered career designation will receive a message within Marine Online (MOL) indicating the officers selection.  This notification may take 2-3 working days to appear in MOL.  Officers shall accept or decline the offer of career designation by responding to the message via MOL by 2359 28 September 2018.
6.  Officers who were screened during the FY18 Officer Retention Board Number 2 are listed at the following website: https:(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/OA3RR/CareerDesignation?.  Also contained within the website are instructions for administrators that provides the ReportNet template location for local level identification of the population screened, offered, and those that have not taken action to accept or decline the offer of career designation.
7.  Commanding Officers are responsible for counseling affected officers on the ramifications of accepting or declining career designation.  Officers who accept career designation will incur a 24-month active duty service obligation beginning 31 December 2018, and ending 31 December 2020.  This active duty obligation runs concurrently with, not in place of, any existing obligation.  Officers who accept career designation will have their EAS changed to indefinite upon acceptance.  Acceptance of career designation could make officers eligible for permanent change of station (PCS) orders.  PCS orders may result in additional active duty service obligation.
8.  Officers declining the offer for career designation shall execute their existing EAS.  Officers who decline career designation will not normally have their EAS extended.  Requests to accept career designation after the deadline shall not receive favorable consideration.  Requests to extend an officers EAS past their existing EAS date if not selected for career designation will not normally receive favorable consideration.
9.  Officers who do not respond to the offer for career designation by the deadline will be considered as declining the offer and subject to the provisions of paragraph 8.
10.  Officers who were not selected for career designation may be eligible on subsequent boards if their current EAS is greater than the EAS cutoff date prescribed in the announcing MarAdmin.  Extensions will not be granted to officers who have been previously considered but desire additional opportunities.
11.  Commanding Generals may submit Marines who were eligible but not selected by the FY18 Officer Retention Board Number 2 for meritorious career designation.  The allocation of meritorious career designation nominations are as follows: MARFORCOM 7, MARFORPAC 11, MCICOM 2.  Officers nominated must meet the qualifications specified in reference (b).  The nominees for meritorious career designation are subject to CMC approval and are due to HQMC (MMOA-3) within 60 days of publication of this MarAdmin.  Consolidated nominations should be submitted via naval letter from the MARFOR or MCICOM level to smbmanpowerofficerpr@usmc.mil.
12.  The selection opportunities for career designation in the six competitive categories were as follows:
12.a.  Aviation: 95 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.b.  Aviation support: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.c.  Combat arms: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.d.  Combat service support: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.e.  Financial Management: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.f.  Law: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
13.  Captains selected to the rank of major are automatically offered career designation.  Officers in this category should contact their PMOS monitor after selection to major.
14.  The next officer retention board is scheduled to convene during February 2019.  A separate MarAdmin announcing the convening date will be released during December 2018.
15.  The following officers are offered career designation, read in three columns:
NAME                              PMOS    PMCC
ABDELNOUR, ALEXANDER C.           0302    1GR
ABERCROMBIE, JEFFREY C.           7208    1EC
ABOSI, VERONICA Y.                3002    026
ABRAMS, VICKTOR V.                0302    1GS
ADAME, JR., ADRIAN                0602    V25
ADAMS, CARTER D.                  0207    116
ALLEN, CHRESTON P.                0602    1G9
ALLEN, BRIAN T.                   0602    1XC
ALLMAN, BENJAMIN A.               0802    1NB
ALLWOOD, GLENDON R.               3002    1RV
ALTER, KEVIN M.                   6602    1JW
ANDERSON, JUSTUS                  3002    1NR
ARNONE, MARIA C.                  4502    1C0
ATTANASIO, CHRISTOPHER C.         0302    V34
BARKLEY, WILLIAM B.               7557    VRA
BARNES, REDMOND Z.                0302    UKT
BARRY, COLIN M.                   0302    1GT
BATCHER, ALISA J.                 0402    122
BAUER, GUADALUPE                  3002    1Y9
BAYKO, JOHN T.                    1302    15L
BEAMS, DANIEL T.                  7532    VM4
BEASLEY, JASON W.                 7532    1JG
BEAUPRE, ANTHONY E.               7532    VM6
BELLONE, ALEX G.                  7525    V61
BENJAMIN, GABRIEL A.              0602    1G7
BENTZ, JOSEPH P.                  0402    1Y7
BERNREUTHER, BRYAN D.             7532    VME
BEST, MARK C.                     0302    V34
BIGGERS, ROBERT D.                0402    V26
BILES, QUENTIN R.                 7557    VR1
BIRD, JAMES C.                    0102    1DX
BLASCOVICH, ANDREW M.             0602    1XC
BLAZEK, JOSEPH M.                 0302    V27
BLEKE, JEFFREY C.                 7208    1EC
BOLINGER, CURTIS R.               7557    VR1
BOONE, JEREMY M.                  0402    15E
BOOREN, PAUL S.                   7532    VMA
BORDY, JOSHUA R.                  5803    TP6
BORTZ, KERRI L.                   7532    VMH
BOSSERMAN, BRAD M.                0206    1LB
BOURLAKOV, DELANEY T.             0102    066
BRACCI, JUSTIN T.                 1802    19D
BRANCH, AUSTIN N.                 0802    1NE
BREW, DANIEL P.                   0602    130
BREWER, DANIEL L.                 0402    V24
BRITTON, JAMES P.                 0302    V21
BROCKMANN, MATTHEW J.             3002    143
BRODIE, VIRGINIA H.               0802    1NE
BROWN, GENITA L.                  0602    1JL
BROWN, DOUGLAS A.                 3002    1JL
BRUMETT, DAVID L.                 0203    1RS
BRYANT, SCOTT T.                  6602    1JU
BUCHANAN, SAYER Q.                7532    1V4
BUCK, GEHRIG A.                   0402    1Y6
BUCKON, ZACKARY R.                4502    138
BURKE, STEPHEN P.                 0402    1Y7
BURNS, MEAGAN N.                  0602    138
BUTLER, MARQUES D.                7315    1J3
BYRNE, MICHAEL M.                 0302    V26
CABANNE, BORIS                    0302    V36
CALNAN, MICHAEL C.                0602    1G9
CALVES, MADELINE Z.               0602    V22
CAMPBELL, JOHN P.                 7525    V6B
CAMPBELL, JAMAL M.                0802    1NA
CANCLINI, JEFFREY D.              0203    TRG
CANNON, CHRISTOPHER T.            0802    1NB
CARNEY, BRIAN T.                  0302    V38
CASEY, KELSEY E.                  7509    V8C
CHARLES, JONATHAN M.              0602    1G7
CHEK, JR., JOSEPH W.              3404    R00
CHEN, CHERI P.                    7532    087
CHERMOK, NATHANIEL P.             0802    1NG
CHUMICH, DOMINIC W.               0302    V27
CLOVER, AUSTIN L.                 7532    VME
COFER, THOMAS B.                  1302    198
COFFEY, JACOB A.                  7532    VMC
COLLEDGE, IAN P.                  0203    15A
CONNOR, BRENDON M.                7532    VMH
CORNES, DAVID W.                  7532    VME
COX, JARED G.                     7523    VF3
CRUMPLER, CARL S.                 0203    114
CURRIE, JEANLUC K.                1302    C29
CURTO, JUSTIN T.                  0402    15T
DANIELS, JOSHUA C.                0802    1NH
DANIELS, JR., MITCHELL D.         7532    VME
DAPRA, CHRISTOPHER J.             7509    V8C
DAUGHTREY, JAMES A.               1802    199
DAVIS, JONATHAN A.                7557    VR1
DEITERS, BRETT A.                 1803    19E
DELACRUZ, PATRICK N.              0302    041
DELACRUZ, JR., MANUEL             0602    1G9
DELAHOOKE, KURTIS T.              0602    V26
DELANEY, THOMAS R.                0802    1NF
DELONG, DAVID M.                  0302    V26
DERDERIAN, TYLER J.               0602    152
DETWEILER III, ROBERT R.          6602    1JT
DEWEY, JR., RONALD C.             7220    1PK
DIAN, ERIC J.                     0203    V37
DICKSTEIN, SIWEN P.               6002    VMA
DIPAOLA, JOSEPH C.                0302    V18
DJAHANKHAH, ALEX A.               0602    1JC
DOMINGUEZ, KRISTIAN W.            7532    VM1
DONG, JENNIFER T.                 3002    1NK
DOSTART, AARON J.                 0302    268
DUNBECK, ANDREW P.                7563    VLD
DUNLAP, PAIGE E.                  4402    033
DUNOVANT, LEONARD M.              0302    V13
DURUJI, JEREMY C.                 3002    1RW
DWEIKAT, ALEXANDER Z.             0302    V21
EAGLOWSKI, MILES C.               7532    VMC
EATON, ZACHARY T.                 0802    1NH
EDGE, KENNETH W.                  0802    1NJ
ENGLAND, ISAAC B.                 7204    1EG
ENOMOTO, JR., MICHAEL K.          5803    1SJ
ERLANDSON, ERIK J.                7532    VM6
ESPRIT, BRANT A.                  0302    038
EVANS, TAYLOR B.                  0402    1RA
EVANS, JEFFREY T.                 0602    1PB
FAIX, KEENAN M.                   0302    V15
FELDERHOFF, TRAVIS J.             7532    VMA
FIELDER II, RONNIE                6602    1J0
FLANAGAN II, TIMOTHY J.           7532    VMH
FLEISCHER, BRYAN P.               7532    VMC
FLEMING, ADDISON H.               0207    077
FORGACS, JOSHUA T.                7220    1L7
FORRESTER, GREGORY J.             0302    V33
FREDERICK, RAYMOND C.             3404    15A
FRENCH, BRIANNA E.                4502    139
FROST, STEPHEN M.                 0302    V35
GAIDO, MARK A.                    0802    1NH
GAINEY, PAUL M.                   4502    121
GALLAGHER, RYAN C.                7532    VME
GALLO, VINCENT M.                 7532    VMA
GARCIA, JR., CHARLES              0602    1G7
GARDINER, JR., MICHAEL H.         7557    VR1
GAY, JEREMY M.                    4402    168
GENTRY, LANCE A.                  0602    1CQ
GEORGE, MATTHEW D.                0302    V36
GETTY, JACOBY D.                  1802    19D
GIDARI, JOLYON M.                 0802    1NJ
GIUNIPERO, ANTHONY J.             7588    063
GIUNTA, GREG J.                   0302    V21
GLINZAK, LOUIS F.                 4402    168
GLOVER, JAMES D.                  7509    1JC
GONZALEZ, ANTONIO J.              0207    1XA
GOODRICH, BENJAMIN N.             4402    025
GORDON, ADRIAN M.                 0802    1NG
GRAHAM, ROBERT M.                 0602    1Y2
GRAHAM, AARON B.                  1302    1YB
GREEN, RAY L.                     0402    1Y5
GRIFFIN, BRIAN J.                 7509    V8B
GROTHE, RYAN W.                   4402    021
GUDMUNDSSON, CHRISTIAN L.         1302    15L
GUIDETTI, STEFANO A.              0402    15G
GUTHRIE, SEAN M.                  1302    1Y1
GUTIERREZ, ANTHONY M.             7557    1V2
GUTIERREZ, JR., BRIAN A.          0602    1R3
HAAS, SILVIA                      0207    1K4
HAGER, JARED J.                   7204    1PR
HANSEN, DAVID W.                  7565    VLA
HARCHELROAD, CHRISTIAN A.         0602    1G8
HARDESTY, NICHOLAS E.             7532    VMH
HARRIS, MATTHEW J.                7532    VMD
HART, SPENCER A.                  7565    VLF
HARTING, MICHAEL A.               1803    19G
HASSETT, BRYAN A.                 0402    15T
HATCH, BRYNN C.                   0203    1RU
HEISER, RYAN C.                   7220    1PN
HEISER, ANTHONY J.                7523    VFD
HELWIG, ADAM A.                   7566    1HL
HENE, CORY M.                     3404    044
HENEGAR, ERIK L.                  1302    1CQ
HIGHTOWER, DAMIEN J.              0602    1G7
HILL, LAWRENCE D.                 1302    1Y6
HILTON, JOSHWA D.                 6602    1JZ
HILTS, GRAHAM E.                  4402    031
HINZ, MITCHELL M.                 7563    VLB
HOEL, MATTHEW S.                  7532    VMA
HOFFMAN, STEVEN P.                3404    1F5
HOLE, SETH R.                     3404    110
HOLTHAUS, ADAM W.                 4402    097
HOPKINS, PATRICK J.               7563    1HK
HOPKINS III, JOHN D.              0204    114
HORNBECK, TIMOTHY M.              5803    1SH
HULL, TUCKER R.                   0302    V33
HULL, JR., CHARLES R.             7557    VR1
HUSS, ELLIOT P.                   4402    021
HUSSEY, MICHAEL A.                0302    V26
HUTTON, JR., RODERIC L.           0602    1C1
IKALOWYCH, STEPHEN J.             0302    KAB
INMAN, JOHN A.                    0302    V18
JACKSON, DANIEL J.                7532    VMC
JACKSON, LAMBERT                  4402    097
JACKSON, TREMON                   3002    V35
JAGEARS, DANIEL G.                3404    1Y1
JAMERSON, SPENCER C.              0402    1YA
JENSEN, CHRISTIAN D.              0602    V17
JEROME, BENJAMIN W.               0602    15C
JEW, CHRISTOPHER C.               4402    025
JEWELL, STEPHEN A.                0402    1PJ
JOHNSON, KORTNEY K.               7525    V6B
JOHNSON, ANGELIQUE T.             0102    1JD
JONES, JAMES M.                   6602    1JX
JONES, ANDREW M.                  0206    175
JONES, MARGARET H.                0602    114
KADRMAS, CALEB M.                 0802    1NA
KASCSAK, NICHOLAS A.              7525    V61
KEAFFER, LEE W.                   0302    V37
KEE, HARRISON E.                  0602    15D
KEITH, PAUL P.                    7525    V6B
KELLER, WILLIAM F.                0302    V15
KELLY, DANIEL C.                  7565    VLA
KENNEY, BRIAN M.                  4402    031
KERBY, JACOB A.                   0206    175
KERKHOFF, DAVID E.                0402    15T
KEYS, DOMINIQUE S.                0203    V23
KHALIL, AHMED A.                  0402    15B
KIM, ALFRED                       7532    VME
KING, MATTHEW T.                  0802    1NH
KINGSTON, PETER T.                7532    VMC
KINNE, RUSSELL M.                 0602    1C1
KOEHLER, JAMES T.                 0203    V31
KOERNER, JASEN F.                 3002    K81
KOESTER, LUCAS C.                 5803    014
KOLODZIEJCZAK, EVAN L.            0203    1RW
KONZEN, RILEY J.                  6602    1JV
KRAMER, BRADLEY A.                0602    1XC
KRAMER, JUSTIN D.                 0203    1R2
KROMBACH, KYLE W.                 4402    018
KUCH, SPENCER J.                  7532    VMA
LAMANNA, JOSHUA A.                0602    V31
LANCASTER, HAYDEN D.              0203    V27
LANDRETH, WESTON T.               0802    1NF
LASKOWSKI, JORDAN A.              7532    VM2
LEGHA, JASKIRAT S.                7566    1HL
LEWIS, BRIAN D.                   7315    1J2
LEWIS, MARCUS A.                  0602    1G8
LICKING, THOMAS M.                7525    VFG
LIDDLE, JOSHUA D.                 7565    1HK
LIN, KEVIN                        0602    1G9
LINDQUIST, LEGRAND A.             6002    VFG
LITZ, ERIKA A.                    0402    1Y9
LLOYD, KAITLYN E.                 0402    C93
LOSAPIO, NICHOLAS P.              7532    VMJ
LOWRING, KEVIN T.                 0302    V26
LUBECK, GRANT P.                  0602    1G8
MACDONALD, JOSHUA C.              3404    1Y2
MACDONALD, NICHOLAS C.            7532    VMJ
MACPHERSON, DANIEL J.             5803    1SG
MAGUIRE, PATRICK F.               7566    VHD
MAHMOUD, NAJIEB N.                0203    V33
MANICKAM, THEODORE S.             7532    VM1
MARION, BRENNAN B.                0802    1NJ
MARSH, SPENCER C.                 0602    193
MARTIN, DEVIN M.                  0302    KAP
MARTINEZ, JOVANIE R.              0302    1GT
MATACOTTA, ANTHONY E.             7563    VLF
MATULIONIS, GAUDRIMAS             0602    15S
MCADAMS, RYAN A.                  3002    1R1
MCBRIDE, LUKHMA                   0203    1R1
MCCANN, KEVIN M.                  4402    034
MCCLANAHAN, LANCE P.              0302    1GS
MCCOLE, CHARLES V.                7220    1PN
MCCOLLUM III, ROBERT M.           7315    K71
MCDANIEL, JOSHUA W.               0402    15D
MCDONALD, MARTIN C.               7509    V8C
MCNAMARA, PATRICK F.              0302    V35
MEDEROS, ERIC P.                  1302    1C1
MEHARG, SETH M.                   0602    1XC
MEIER, JOSEPH T.                  6002    1JY
MELTON, BRANDON K.                6002    1T9
MENDOZA, MONICA A.                3002    15G
MERCADO, MATTHEW A.               0402    1YB
MERCURE, JAY A.                   0602    1QB
MERSHON, CHRISTOPHER A.           0302    V21
MIAZGA, AARON C.                  7208    1EC
MILL, HOWARD K.                   7204    1PR
MILLER, KEVIN C.                  7532    VMA
MILLETTE, ANTHONY A.              4402    018
MILLS, JAMES E.                   1802    199
MILLS, WALKER D.                  0302    V21
MOFFETT, LIAM R.                  0302    V35
MOFFIT, JAMES D.                  0602    1Y7
MOINI, ARMAND                     0302    1GT
MONTALBANO, DOMINIC J.            0802    1C0
MONTI, JONATHAN D.                0602    1MY
MOONAN, KENNETH C.                7208    1QE
MOORE, GREGORY D.                 7565    VLA
MORROW, JOHN L.                   7556    1V2
MULCAHY, BRENDAN P.               0602    124
MURRAY, VINCE M.                  7523    VF1
MYLES, JAMES M.                   0302    1GT
NELSON, CALEB M.                  3002    1MY
NEWMAN, BENJAMIN E.               0302    1GR
NGAN, WILLIAM                     4402    097
NGUYEN, MARCUS D.                 0302    V32
NIKIFOROV, MIKHAIL O.             7532    1V1
NOLE, JUSTIN L.                   7532    VM2
NORSEEN III, JOHN D.              0402    139
NOYES, BRIAN G.                   6002    1JV
OBRIEN, JULIA M.                  0602    1XA
OCHS, ROSS M.                     1803    19F
ODGERS, MATTHEW M.                7557    1V2
ODONNELL, SEAN G.                 0302    V38
OLSON, ADAM P.                    7565    V34
OSHIRO, DANE M.                   0602    1G9
OSULLIVAN, PATRICK M.             7532    VM2
OSWALD, MORGAN P.                 1302    1K2
OTIENO, CECIL                     0602    15G
OTTAVIO, SAMUEL J.                0302    V18
OVIATT, ABIGAIL E.                1302    1Y6
PAGE, MAXMILLION                  0203    V24
PANICACCI, PAUL S.                0402    1UW
PAPPU, SUNDAR J.                  7563    VLA
PARKER, JORDAN R.                 4402    016
PASKO, JOSHUA J.                  0203    1R5
PATRICK, AUSTIN D.                7566    VHD
PATTERSON, ANTHONY M.             0302    V34
PAYNE, KURT T.                    0402    1Y3
PECORARO, ALEXANDER M.            0402    15K
PEPPERMAN, JON R.                 7532    VMA
PERRINE, FREDERICK J.             3002    V26
PETERSON, TYLER I.                0102    V31
PILE, AUSTIN S.                   0802    1NG
PITTMAN, MICHAEL A.               7566    1JE
PLUHAR, ZANE W.                   7563    VLF
POBLETE, CHRISTOPHER M.           7532    VMA
POBLETE, RYAN J.                  0602    1YB
POLAMALU, MAIKA F.                3404    1Y2
PRESNELL, WILLIAM A.              7532    V38
PUTNEY, MICHAEL J.                0203    V26
QU, BO                            0302    1GS
QUESSENBERRY, PAUL W.             0302    V21
QUINN, EMMA C.                    0204    TRH
RABUN, BRANDON L.                 0602    199
RADLOFF, JOSEPH W.                7565    VLA
RAGLAND, NOEL D.                  0302    V11
RAMOS, ANTHONY J.                 4502    041
RASCHE, COLTON L.                 3404    013
REARDIGAN, RYAN M.                7208    1PJ
REDMON, ALEXANDER A.              4402    1F3
REICHOW, JAMES E.                 0402    15T
REITHER, DANIEL E.                0602    1G8
REPETTI, KYLE P.                  0602    15B
RICCARDI, JOSEPH T.               4402    098
RIEKER, ZACHARY D.                0402    1UW
RILEY, THOMAS R.                  4402    033
RILEY, JOHN T.                    0302    1GS
RIMAL, NICOLE A.                  4402    031
ROBERTS, DANIEL P.                0602    V14
ROBLES, RAMIRO                    0602    017
ROCHE IV, PAUL L.                 0302    V36
RODRIGUEZ, JOSHUA L.              0402    1UR
ROGER, LOUIS E.                   0302    V17
ROSEN, KYLE R.                    7509    V80
ROSENKRANZ, MIRANDA F.            0207    1JD
ROSSO, JASON M.                   0602    1PB
RUARK, CONNOR M.                  7532    VM1
RUESCHHOFF, ZACHARY G.            7315    1J2
RUGGIERE, NICHOLAS C.             0402    15F
RYMAN, RYAN A.                    7566    VHA
SACCOMANNO, MARC E.               3404    007
SACKS, STEVEN D.                  0204    115
SAKIEVICH, LUKE J.                1302    193
SAMUEL, JASON D.                  4402    168
SAMUELSON, ISAAC J.               0203    V24
SANTANGELO, SAGE J.               7525    VFG
SAVAGE, COLIN M.                  1302    028
SAVINO, JR., WILLIAM P.           0402    15S
SCHMIDT, KASSANDRA L.             0102    239
SCHMIDTKE, BARNEY R.              3404    121
SCHMITT, FREDERICK J.             0402    19G
SCHNITKER, JASON J.               7532    VM3
SCHROERS, WILLIAM G.              1302    124
SCHULLER, ROBERT A.               0402    1PK
SCHULTE, JASON                    4402    018
SCHULTZ, ETHAN K.                 1803    19G
SCIROCCO, STEPHEN T.              4402    1CK
SEABROOK, JADE S.                 0602    030
SEYMOUR, MICHAEL T.               7588    K03
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL J.               7509    V81
SHEEHAN, RYAN J.                  0602    1G8
SHIMP, MATTHEW W.                 0802    1NB
SHOMSHOR, ANTON K.                7566    1HL
SHUFORD, JR., DAVID G.            0302    V14
SIMMERS, SHELDONIA C.             4402    097
SIMONS, ANNA J.                   7532    VMC
SKILLMAN II, JOHN J.              7557    1V2
SMALDONE, CHRISTOPHER R.          7208    1QE
SMITH, JOSIAH B.                  7208    TSR
SMITH, JON T.                     0802    1NB
SNOUFFER, TYLER A.                1302    130
SNYDER, MELISSA D.                7208    1XG
SOMMERS, MATTHEW T.               0602    1SH
STACKHOUSE, KYLE D.               1302    124
STANICH, SHANNON M.               0402    1Y8
STEINHAUS, LOUIS D.               0802    1NA
STOUDER, QUINTON B.               0602    1Y2
STUDWELL, ROSS T.                 7532    VMC
SULLIVAN, LUCAS J.                0302    V21
SUTTON, NICHOLAS C.               0302    1GR
SZALLAR, ALEXZANDER K.            0302    V11
TALICURAN, JEFFERSON S.           0602    1G9
TAYLOR, JAMESON W.                0602    1G9
TEMPLE, CHRISTOPHER E.            0602    1PB
TEPERA, MICHAEL S.                7532    VMA
THOMPSON, JOEL E.                 0802    1NE
THOMSEN, JONATHAN W.              7532    VM2
TILQUE, CHRISTOPHER P.            7220    1QH
TOMKO, COREY W.                   6002    1HL
TOPALIAN, PHILLIP G.              7532    1V4
TORRES, DANIELLE M.               0402    128
TOSCO, HIRAM D.                   7210    1L3
TRAMMELL, RICHARD G.              7566    1HL
TRAVIS, ALLEN J.                  4402    018
TRIBBLE, CORY D.                  0602    V16
TUDAS, RYAN J.                    7563    VLF
URANKAR, BRIAN J.                 4402    1F1
VALENCIA, JUAN T.                 7208    1EC
VANDERLIND, AARIEL A.             6002    VLD
VANDEVENDER, BRANDON S.           0203    V16
VANLIEW, MICHAEL P.               0203    1Y3
VARGAS, DAPHNE A.                 7563    VLD
VEAL, ANDREW W.                   0302    V26
VETERE, MARK D.                   6002    1JV
VOSBURGH, WYATT J.                0302    1GS
WAGLEY, PHILIP B.                 5803    1SG
WALDEN, HUNTER T.                 7532    VM2
WALKER, JUSTIN E.                 7532    VM6
WALKER, WILLIAM F.                3404    040
WALLS, MATTHEW B.                 0302    1R4
WALSH, CALE M.                    0802    1NF
WALSH, PEYTON B.                  3002    013
WALTON, BRIDGET G.                7208    1EC
WARREN, SPENCER J.                0602    1GS
WARRING, THOMAS T.                0802    1NE
WATRAL, PATRICK D.                0203    1RU
WATSON, NICHOLAS E.               5803    013
WATSON, ANDREW A.                 7566    VHA
WEBB, RICHARD E.                  7557    VR1
WEBER, MASON K.                   0302    J15
WESTHOFF, ETHAN C.                3002    1XC
WESTLEY, NICHOLAS S.              4402    TFT
WHITE, ANSLEY R.                  0102    1UR
WHITEHURST, PATRICK R.            6002    VM2
WILCOX, ALEXANDER J.              0203    19F
WILKISON, JUSTIN T.               1302    15L
WILLIAMS, SHELBYWAYN              0302    KAA
WILLIAMS, DANIEL I.               0203    V23
WILLIAMSON, JUSTIN T.             5803    R10
WILLINGS, ETHAN E.                0402    15S
WINT, BRADEN A.                   0402    1Y4
WONG, JONATHAN Y.                 0602    1CF
WOODS, CAMERON P.                 7563    VLF
WORNER, ALEX M.                   0802    1NA
WOTACHEK, JUSTIN A.               7315    1J3
YACKEY, BROCK B.                  1302    152
YISRAEL, KHALIF I.                0302    V28
ZIMMER, JOHN E.                   0602    V23
ZIMMERMAN, PAUL J.                0302    V15
ZIMMERMAN, CARL F.                0302    V38
16. Return to active duty (RAD), redesignation of limited duty officers as unrestricted officers and interservice transfer sub-boards.
16.a.  A total of 20 RAD applications were received.  Sixteen complete and qualified packages were presented to the boardroom for consideration.  The below listed officers will be recommended to the Secretary of Defense or the Senate as appropriate, for active component appointments through the scrolling process.  If approved, officers will be contacted by MMOA for completion of appointment paperwork and transfer to the active component.  Upon being joined to the active component (Comp Code 11) by their appropriate Marine Corps Reserve Agency, selected officers should contact their gaining active component PMOS monitor (MMOA-1/2) and not prior.  The scrolling process may take upwards of 120 days to accomplish.  Read in three columns:
NAME                              PMOS    PMCC
BOMBRIA, ZACHARY R.               0302    SL7
BROOKMAN, MARK T.                 0402    IRR
CHAPA, JOSHUA                     5803    SIJ
CHAVIS, NOAH F.                   0802    SM6
GREEN, JR., ROBERT A.             0202    S13
HILTON, MATTHEW H.                4502    QAW
MENDEZ, JESUS S.                  0302    SJT
MCKENNA, CHARLES W.               1302    SD9
STEPHENS, JAMES M.                0202    IRR
RHINE, JACOB S.                   0802    SMK
16.b.  No redesignation applications were received.
16.c.  One interservice transfer application was received and
considered.  The below officer will be recommended to the Secretary of Defense or the Senate as appropriate, for active component appointment in the United States Marine Corps through the scrolling process.  The scrolling process may take upwards of 120 days to accomplish.  The following Officer was selected for interservice transfer: read in three columns:
RANK      NAME                    BRANCH
LTJG      TOSKI, SETH D.          USN
17.  The Selected Marine Corps Reserve is actively seeking the service of company grade officers in any military occupational specialty (MOS) who want to remain affiliated with the Marine Corps upon transition from the active component.  Opportunities exist for platoon or company command, resident and non-resident professional military education, and advanced or additional MOS training.  Depending on MOS and billet availability, officer affiliation bonuses may be available for transitioning officers.  Opportunities also exist for continued full time active duty service through the Active Reserve program which is announced twice a year via MarAdmin.  Additionally, active duty for operational support and voluntary mobilization may be available.  Interested officers are encouraged to contact Reserve Affairs Personnel Management Branch at email: RAM-1@usmc.mil, DSN: 278-9144 or COMM: 703-784-9144.
18.  This MarAdmin is applicable to the Marine Corps Total Force.
19.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig C. Crenshaw, Director, Manpower Management Division.//