Housing Key Talking Points
Date: 4/15/2011
Housing Privatization
· The Air Force HP Program shifts the renovation, construction, and operations and maintenance of family housing to the private sector, allowing the Air Force to focus on the mission and its Airmen.
· HP provides homes and amenities that are comparable to contemporary housing found off-base while retaining a sense of military community.
· HP communities promote an Air Force-unique sense of community through a number of activities and programs including educational and safety events, community bonding events and holiday celebrations

Military Family Housing (Non-Privatized)
· Whether through updating existing housing with modern amenities or developing new communities through housing privatization, the CE's housing program provides Airmen and their families with thoughtfully planned communities where they can establish comfortable homes to meet their needs and lifestyles.
· CE not only provides quality housing but also housing support services so Airmen can focus on their mission knowing their families are cared for by the communities in which they live.
· As CONUS family housing privatizes, installations continue to benefit from MILCON and Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) funding to ensure that their homes and communities continue to thrive through this transition.