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Date Signed: 10/11/2018
MARADMINS Number: 582/18

R 101649Z OCT 18
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide an update of awards since the last update, MARADMIN 083/18.
2.  The following unit awards are authorized and will be incorporated in ref A.
2.a.  Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA)
2.a.1.  Hq, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve 17Sep16-05Sep17
2.a.2.  Hq, Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command-Operation Inherent Resolve 13Jul17-23Mar18
Note:  Per ref B, service units and individuals assigned to service units in support of these joint organizations are not eligible for the JMUAs listed above (2.a.1 - 2.a.2).  Only those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were present at the time and directly participated in the service or achievement for 30 days or more or for the period cited if less than 30 days, are authorized to wear the JMUA ribbon.  Personnel must be assigned and/or attached by official orders to the joint unit or task force headquarters receiving the JMUA.  Local commanders may waive, on an individual basis, the 30-day minimum time requirement for individuals (reserve personnel on active duty and TDY and/or TAD personnel) who, in the purview of the commander, contributed directly to the achievement cited, and were assigned on official orders to the awarded unit during the approved time frames.
2.b.  Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC)
2.b.1.  MCAS Camp Pendleton CA 01Jun13-01Feb16 Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Maj Grey, Nicholas R.     LT Taylor, Heath E.
DON civilian employees assigned to MCAS Camp Pendleton CA during the period of this award are approved for participation.  A by name list is maintained in the iAPS archived file.
Note:  This award does not include tenant activities.  It is only intended for personnel assigned to MCAS Camp Pendleton and its subordinate unit Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron.
2.b.2.  13th Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit 05Apr16-23Jul16 Additional units approved for participation:
  BLT 2/1, 1st Marine Regt, 1st MarDiv
  CLB 13
  VMM-166 (Rein)
  Det, MALS-39, 3D MAW
Note:  This award was approved by CNO for the Boxer ARG and 13th MEU.  All personnel that were permanent members of the Boxer ARG or any of the subordinate Navy units authorized for participation during the period of the award are also eligible for this award.
2.b.3.  Task Force 49 08Jul14-15Sep14 Additional MC units approved for participation:
  SPMAGTF South 14
  1st Recon BN
  Co A, 1st LAR BN
Note:  This award was approved by CNO for TF-49. All personnel that were permanent members of TF-49 or any of the subordinate Navy units authorized for participation during the period of the award are also eligible for this award.
2.b.4.  13th Marine Expeditionary Unit 26Mar11-16Aug11 Additional units approved for participation:
  BLT 1/1
  CLB 13
Note:  This award was approved by CNO for the Boxer ARG and 13th MEU.  All personnel that were permanent members of the Boxer ARG or any of the subordinate Navy units authorized for participation during the period of the award are also eligible for this award.
2.b.5.  Marine Security Guard Detachment, Kathmandu  25Apr15-12May15 Personnel approved for participation:
  SSgt Busker, Garrison D.       Cpl Nino, Dorian R.
  Sgt  Hoskins, Lance D.         Sgt Rosado, Andre S.
  Sgt Job, Alex E.               SSgt Stevens, Jayson E.
  Sgt Lopez, Francisco           Sgt Syswerda, Benjamin J.
  Cpl Montoya, Michael D.
The following DON civilian employees assigned to Marine Security Guard Detachment, Kathmandu during the period of this award are approved for participation:
  ARSO Art, Daniel L.            RSO Schaper, Steven E.
  ARSO Downing, Jeffery M.       ARSO Tanner, Brian A.
2.b.6.  Region 9, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group 01Sep17-01Oct17 Note:  Region 9 cosist of MSG Det Panama City, Panama: MSG Det Port Au Prince, Haiti: MSG Det Region 9 HQ: MSG Det San Jose, Costa Rica: MSG Det San Salvador, El Salvador: MSG Det Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: MSG Det Tegucigalpa, Honduras: MSG Det Bridgetown, Barbados: MSG Det Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: MSG Det Guatemala City, Guatemala: MSG Det Havana, Cuba: MSG Det Kingston, Jamaica: MSG Det Managua, Nicaragua: MSG Det Mexico City, Mexico: MSG Det Belmopan, Belize: MSG Det Monterrey Mexico: MSG Det Nassau, Bahamas: and MSG Det Ottawa, Canada.  A by name list of personnel approved for participation is maintain in the iAPS archived file.
2.b.7.  Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow, CA 01Jan15-31Dec15 Additional personnel approved for participation:
  HM2 Archie, Jeffrey D.          LCDR Jeffrey, Patton D.
  HM2 Henderson, Joshua A.        HM3 Wood, Seth V.
DON civilian employees assigned to MCLB Barstow CA during the period of this award are approved for participation.  A by name list is maintained in the iAPS archived file.
2.b.8.  Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA 22Jan17-31Mar18 Additional units approved for participation:
  Comm Platoon, 2d MLG, II MEF Company, MARCORSYSCOM (only personnel assigned to MCLB Albany GA) DON civilian employees assigned to MCLB Albany GA during the period of this award are approved for participation.  A by name list is maintained in the iAPS archived file.
2.b.9.  Marine Corps Logistics Command 01May15-01May18 Additional units approved for participation:
  Blount Island Command
  Marine Depot Maintenance Command
  Production Plant Albany (only personnel belong to MCL Cmd)
  Production Plant Barstow (only personnel belong to MCL Cmd) DON civilian employees assigned to Marine Corps Logistics Command during the period of this award are approved for participation. A by name list is maintained in the iAPS archived file. Additional personnel approved for participation:
Sgt Aguilar, Bryan.               LCpl Arroyorivera, Fernando
SSgt Austin, Heather A.           Sgt Baek, Andy
MSgt Baltazar, Antonio A.         LCpl Bennett, Ramell S.
Cpl Black, Tilford L.             SSgt Borer, Keegan J.
Sgt Breland, Rajon D.             LCpl Burnam, Hunter J.
Sgt Caballero, Jovan G.           LCpl Calderon, Eduardo F.
Cpl Daylong, Dayne A.             LCpl Dinh, Michael V.
Sgt Duarte, Javier A.             Sgt Dugan, Regis J.
LCpl Eastwood, Garrett M.         LCpl Farley, Hollis W.
SSgt Fleming Jr., John E.         LCpl Garvin, Lamar R.
LCpl Guadarrama, Christian        Capt Harris, Kevin R.
LCpl Hawthorne Jr., Rondexter W.  Cpl Hernandez, Adan F.
SSgt Hinschberger, Jeffrey C.     LCpl Howard, Marquavius S.
Sgt Huynh, Vinhson                PFC Jacuinde, Martin J.
LCpl Jeanmarie, Elijah J.         LCpl King, Joshua P.
LCpl Lee, Kalvin                  LCpl Leeks, Quentavious C.
Cpl Lusk, Theodore M.             Cpl Mcdermott, Kenneth C.
Sgt Mcintyre, Benjamin P.         Sgt Monterroso, Bryan D.
LCpl Nicholas, Tristian N.        LCpl Oliver, Marcus D.
LCpl Perez, Christian O.          LCpl Piatak, Alexander R
Cpl Pickett, Jonathan M.          LCpl Ramirezlopez, Omar
LCpl Rasdal, Joseph J.            SSgt Ray, Billy D.
LCpl Retitaranum, John D.         Cpl Rodriguez, Javier A.
LCpl Ruiz, Manuel E.              LCpl Sanchez, Jorge
Sgt Sanchez, Raul M.              LCpl Sharp, Nicholas A.
LCpl Shields, Joseph A.           Sgt Stubbs, Clifton I.
Cpl Tran, Tony                    LCpl Vazquezcordero, Christian J.
Cpl Velo, Eduardo I.              LCpl Vochau, Michael C.
Cpl Wagner, Maximilian A.         LCpl Whaley, Glenn T.
SSgt Wilson, Dereka B.            LCpl Young, Joshua D.
Cpl Zavala, Rico A.               GySgt Abadiegarcia, Omar L.
Sgt Alderman, Chelsea             LCpl Alexander, Austin J.
Cpl Arriaga, Fernando             Cpl Arthur, Timothy L.
LCpl Baxter, Mark A.              Sgt Bierman, Andrew C.
LCpl Black Jr., Travis            Cpl Blandino, John
LCpl Blank, William               Sgt Blye, Torean G.
LCpl Bodewig, Alexander P.        GySgt Bonnin, Joseph L.
LCpl Botero, Alvarado Saulo M.    MSgt Branch, Ian D.
LCpl Breen, John R.               Cpl Bryant, Cody T.
LCpl Caldwell, Cameron T.         LCpl Canales, Hector G.
LCpl Carmenaty, Luis E.           LCpl Carroll, Quaid B.
LCpl Carter, Stephen L.           LCpl Carteralford, Jamichael D.
Cpl Cassel, Adam M.               LCpl Cavender, Daniel T.
LCpl Chavez, Simone L.            Sgt Chee, Dennie
LCpl Chukitus, Ian M.             LCpl Clarino, Alexander M.
LCpl Coates, Isaiah B.            Sgt Collman, William M.
LCpl Colongalarza, Josue          LCpl Contakos, Katina A.
LCpl Copeland, Benjamin M.        LCpl Coward, Johnathan M.
Maj Cox, Garrett J.               Sgt Creekbaum, Shawn R.
Capt Dennis, Jacqueline N.        Cpl Diazmarmolejos, Pedro J.
LCpl Disalvo, Christopher A.      LCpl Dohle, Devin R.
LCpl Dumont, Ryan A.              GySgt Easter, Freddie
SSgt Escovarromero, Juan M.       LCpl Esquivel, Francisco X.
LCpl Flores, Christian R.         Cpl Foxworth, Paul E.
Cpl Francis Zachary T.            LCpl Freytesmaldonado, Javier A.
LCpl Gamez, Joshua T.             LCpl Gaona, Mario A.
LCpl Garayrubio, David A.         Sgt Garcia, Oliver E.
LCpl Garza, Nicholas T.           Cpl Gentry Jr., Kenneth J.
LCpl Goldsmith, Cameron L.        Cpl Gomez, Lorelei
LCpl Gonzales, Jonathan E.        LCpl Gonzalezhuertas, Jean L.
Cpl Gordon, Amon J.               Sgt Goss, Jonathan A.
1stSgt Greene, Chedrick A.        LCpl Grubbs, Clarence W.
Sgt Hall, Zachary S.              Sgt Hardy, Nathan D.
Cpl Harris, Deronte D.            LCpl Hassan, Abdulqahar A.
Cpl Hawkins, Curtis R.            LCpl Heath, Marcus M.
GySgt Held, Ethan P.              Cpl Henderson, Hunter I.
LCpl Hicks, Tyler E.              Maj Hill, James W.
Cpl Hill, Seth S.                 LCpl Hinton, Cameron E.
LCpl Howard, Jeremy E.            LCpl Howland, Kyle A.
Cpl Hunt, Sterling R.             Sgt Hyatt, Justin W.
LCpl Hyche, Brandin C.            Sgt Iguado, Gavino S.
LCpl Irons, Joshua P.             LCpl Jarrell, Brandon T.
LCpl Jackson, Noah A.             LCpl Jackson, Tanner S.
LCpl Jackson, Taredeko R.         Maj Jeanfrancois, Villiana
LCpl Johnson, Derick A.           Cpl Johnson, Xavier A.
LCpl Jolly, Corey                 Cpl Jones, Julius J.
Cpl Jones, Curtisha               LCpl Jones, Samuel J.
LCpl Jones, Sedric D.             LCpl Joshua Jr., Lenford J.
LCpl Knight, Deshandre R.         LCpl Konopka, Joshua M.
LCpl Kountz, Travis K.            PFC Kulpa, Robert J.
LCpl Lackey, Richard C.           LCpl Lacorte, Layton F.
LCpl Landerman, Tyler D.          LCpl Lary, Brandon A.
Sgt Lebo, Cameron K.              LCpl Lee, Jordan D.
Cpl Lemmon, Blake M.              Sgt Leon, Joseph G.
Cpl Levy, Victor J.               Sgt Long, Joshua W.
SSgt Longoria, Michael E.         LCpl Lor, Cheng Z.
Sgt Lucas, Jonathan T.            Sgt Mack, Danija R.
PFC Madrigal, Baldomar            Cpl Martinez, Jacob A.
Cwo2 Martinez, Javier             Cpl Mathias, Eric W.
Sgt Maynor, Wesley                Sgt Mccallister, Allen M.
LCpl Mckinney, Roneko M.          GySgt Mckinney Jr., Steven P.
LCpl Mckinnon, Jason M.           Cpl Mcvicker, Lee I
Cpl Medrano, Miguel A.            LCpl Melton, Jarred M.
LCpl Mendozamccrory, Emiliano B.  LCpl Mitchell, Ryan C.
Sgt Montesdeoca, Jovanni.         LCpl Moorman, Christopher.
LCpl Morgan, Ionathan E.          LCpl Morris, Austin J.
LCpl Mosschagolla, Angelo C.      Maj Mullen, Devin S.
MSgt Munson III, Robert L.        LCpl Murphy, Marcell L.
LCpl Muse, Brandon S.             GySgt Newman, Edward D.
Sgt Nguyen, Jimmy P.              LCpl Novasky, Gregory N.
LCpl Nuckolls, Ethan T.           GySgt Ocoro, Victor G.
LCpl Ortega, Roberto I.           LCpl Pacheco, Omar R.
Maj Palaima, George E.            Sgt Pajibo, Lawrence A.
Cpl Parra Jr., Jesus E            LCpl Pedrozagutierrez, Ulises
LCpl Perry, Matthew J.            Cpl Polston, Aaron D.
Cpl Pratt, Marquesdis T.          Sgt Provost, Paul E.
Sgt Quichocho, Derrique           LCpl Quiroga, Eduardo
Cpl Raleigh, Robert W.            LCpl Ramos, Timothyjoh I.
Cpl Ray Jr., Luther E.            LCpl Resto, Fernando M.
LCpl Reyesquinones, Javier O.     Sgt Reynolds, Christopher J.
Sgt Rivera, Biancesca G.          Cpl Roberts, Jason S.
LCpl Robinson, Kendall L.         LCpl Rodriguez, Jose E.
LCpl Rodriguez, II Adam L.        LCpl Rodriguez,-Pelaez Andre
Cpl Rou Shing, C.                 Cpl Ruizissa, Edwin J.
LCpl Russell, Taylor C.           Sgt Sakacs, Andrew J.
LCpl Samplawski, Matthew E.       LCpl Samuels, Shantal
Sgt Sanchez, Amy                  LCpl Sanchezdelgado, Luis A.
Cwo3 Sawdey, Jeffery              LCpl Schmall, Nicholas A.
Sgt Seifert, Aaron C.             Cpl Spruiell Jr., Jamie
LCpl Standford Jr., Trevor H.     LCpl Stephens, Asia C.
SSgt Stori, David C.              LCpl Sturn, Keyanna M.
Sgt Tabares, Alexander            Cpl Tamagyow, Kevius
LCpl Tanwar, Dhiraj S.            LCpl Taylor, Terelle K.
LCpl Taylor Jr., Daniel B.        Sgt Tenley II, Michael L.
Sgt Thompson, Paulette A.         Cpl Todd, Seth M.
LCpl Tran, Jimmy                  Cpl Tucker, Derrek B.
LCpl Vanegashernandez, Juan C.    Sgt Vargas, Jesse A.
LCpl Vaughan, Christopher S.      Cpl Villalobos, Efren M.
LtCol Visconti, Nicholas J.       Cpl Weathersbee, Kyson R.
Cpl White, James A.               Cpl Wilferd, Sienna R.
Sgt Wilkinson, Jason R.           LCpl Williams, Lakembria S.
Sgt Willis, Jerome                LCpl Winchell, Donovan R.
LCpl Wiskerchen, Adler D.         Cpl Withers, Liam J.
Cpl Wooten, Ryan J.               SSgt York, Robert R.
Maj Mathews, David W.             Maj Silverio, Francisco R.
2.c.  Army Meritorious Unit Commendation
2.c.1.  USMC Detachment, Georgian Liaison Team Rotation-2 16Oct15-25Apr16 (Correction to MARADMIN 339/18) Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Cpl Arteaga, Adrian  R.        Sgt Lucero, Anthony S.
  Capt Cambell, David  K.        Cpl Maceda, Mitch
  Sgt Cox, David B.              1stLt Marcyan, Colt T.
  Capt Deichl, Shane A.          HM2 Matthews, Michael
  Sgt Delaney, Collin M.         Sgt Melendezlopez, Edwin A.
  Cpl Drew, William              HM2 Moeller, Michael
  GySgt Enriquez, Timothy J.     Cpl Neyman, Zachary H.
  GySgt Fagan, Sean M.           Sgt Olex, Brian M.
  GySgt Francisco, Steven L.     HM2 Petree, Matthew
  Capt Galer, Vincent M.         SSgt Rael, Matthew G.
  Cpl Garcia, Kenny              Cpl Reyes, Daniel I.
  Cpl Guindon, Ryan J.           Sgt Sanchez, Michael D.
  Sgt Harvitt, Jacob M.          Cpl Scott, Corey
  Sgt Hawkins, Samuel W.         HM1 Smith, Octavius
  HM2 Heimlich, Mitchell         Sgt Sorensen, Colton L.
  Sgt Hunter, Ryan M.  .         Maj Stroschine, Jonathan C.
  SSgt Kurahashi, Adam H.        1stLt Tomblin, Csarankhi
  Sgt Lane, Steven C.            SSgt Zwegat, Keith W.
  SSgt Liu, Yen
2.d.  Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA)
2.d.1.  USMC Detachment, Goodfellow AFB, TX 01Jul13-30Jun15
3.  Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (GWOTEM) and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal (GWOTSM)
3.a.  The office of the Under Secretary of Defense has approved Operation PACIFIC EAGLE-PHILIPPINES (OPE-P) as a qualifying operation for award of the GWOTEM and the GWOTSM Effective October 5, 2017.  The associated GWOTEM area of eligibility (AOE) for OPE-P includes the land, air, and territorial waters of the Republic of the Philippines.
3.b.  Service members deployed to the GWOTEM OPE-P AOE for unnamed counterterrorism operations during the period of May 23 to October 4, 2017, prior to the start of OPE-P, are authorized the award of the GWOTEM provided the member meets the GWOTEM eligibility criteria contained in ref B.
3.c.  IAW DoD policy, Service members must be deployed for an approved operation to a designated AOE in order to qualify for the award of the GWOTEM.  There is no associated deployment requirement in order to qualify for award of the GWOTSM.  Full GWOTEM and GWOTSM award eligibility criteria are outlined in Volume 2 of ref B. 3.d.  A copy of the list of GWOTSM and GWOTEM approved operations and associated AOE are available online at the Military Awards Branch (MMMA) web page under the Manpower portal (www.manpower.usmc.mil).
4.  United Nations (UN) Medal.
4.a.  The Assistant Secretary of Defense authorized the UN medal for mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) for acceptance and wear by U.S. Service members effective January 10, 2012-TBD.  Pursuant to this authorization U.S. Service members who are awarded the UN medal for UNMISS may formally accept and wear the medal in accordance with Section 7342 of Title 5, U.S. Code: ref B - D.
4.b.  A complete list of UN medals authorized for acceptance and wear by U.S. Service members is posted online at the MMMA web page under the Manpower portal (www.manpower.usmc.mil).
5.  Ref A is no longer distributed.  Instead, Ref A is updated quarterly and maintained on the internet at www.Marines.mil.
6.  Release authorized by Director, Manpower Management Division MajGen Craig C. Crenshaw.//