Date Signed: 2/12/2019 | ALMARS Number: 004/19
ALMARS : 004/19

R 111637Z FEB 19
ALMAR 004/19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  A board to select nominees for consideration for selection as the 19th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SMMC) will convene on or about 5 March 2019 for a period of about three (3) days.
2.  The process for selecting nominees will occur as follows.
2.a.  Board membership will consist of general officers that have had sergeant major reporting responsibilities as a general officer.
2.b.  The board will select the five (5) most qualified sergeants major for consideration by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) to be the 19th SMMC.
3.  Prerequisites.  To be eligible for consideration to serve as SMMC, the following minimum prerequisites apply.
3.a.  Must be serving in a general officer slated billet as a senior enlisted advisor for a minimum of 24 months as of the convening date of this board.
3.b.  Must have a minimum of 26 years time in service as of the convening date of this board.
3.c.  Must be willing to occupy the designated quarters established for the SMMC.
4.  Non-consideration.  All eligible sergeants major who do not desire consideration for selection will inform the president of the board of such in writing using the information contained in paragraphs 6 and 7.  The request does not need to disclose why non-consideration is requested and non-consideration requests will have no impact on future retention.  Requests for non-consideration must arrive no later than (NLT) 2359 EST, 26 February 2019.  Once submitted, requests for non-consideration may not be retracted.
4.a.  All eligible sergeants major currently approved to transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve (FMCR) or retire prior to the convening date of the board may request modification of their effective FMCR or retirement date (not to exceed thirty (30) days beyond the date of board adjournment) if they desire consideration.  Submit such requests to CMC (MMSR-2) via naval message for final approval.
5.  Action.
5.a.  Commanding Generals will ensure that every eligible sergeant major is counseled on the contents of this ALMAR.
5.b.  Commanding  Generals must submit messages regarding any eligible sergeant major who is the subject of adjudicated disciplinary action (by military or civilian authorities) not previously reported on earlier fitness reports.  Messages will be submitted to the CMC (MMPR-2) providing a full, detailed report of the circumstances involved.  Messages must arrive at this headquarters NLT 2359 EST, 26 February 2019.
5.c.  All eligible sergeants major will conduct a records self audit to ensure their official military personnel file (OMPF), promotion photo, master brief sheet (MBS), MCTFS data, and other pertinent records are current and complete.  Marines may perform a self audit by following instructions at MMRP home page:, then click on "Active Marine", "Records and Performance Branch (MMRP)", then click on "MMRP-50 Officer/Enlisted Career Counseling" link on the left, then click the OMPF and MBS Self Audit Document link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions provided.
5.d.  Obtaining and Reviewing the OMPF.  The most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF and MBS is through OMPF online via Marine Online (MOL).  The MBS can also be obtained through the MMRP website.  The home screen of the MOL OMPF module states, the documents included there, with the exception of the "Field" tab and the "RS/RO Profile" tab, are the same documents that will be viewed by this selection board.  Eligible sergeants major are responsible for ensuring any documents in their "Field" tab they want the board to view are moved into their "Commendatory/Derogatory" tab.
6.  Communication with the board.  Each eligible sergeant major may communicate with the president of the board.  Such personal communication must be received NLT 2359 EST, on 26 February 2019.  See paragraph 7 for physical mailing address, email address, and fax number.
6.a.  Update material.  Sergeants major may submit any information or material they deem important for consideration before the board.  Be advised that OMPF material sent directly to the president of the board does not become part of a Marines OMPF.  Update material is destroyed upon final approval of the board.
6.b  Update material must be submitted directly from the eligible sergeant major, under signed cover letter, addressed to President, 19th SgtMaj of the Marine Corps Nomination Selection Board, with the update material as enclosures (a sample cover letter is available at the enlisted promotions home page).
6.c.  Update material receipt verification.  Sergeants major are personally responsible for ensuring CMC (MMPR-2) has physically received update material NLT 2359 EST, 26 February 2019.  Verification can be made by contacting MMPR-2.
7.  Points of Contact:
7.a.  President of the Board:
      19th SgtMaj of the Marine Corps Nomination Selection Board Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMPR-2)
      17 Lejeune Road
      Quantico VA 22134-5104
      Comm:  (703) 784-9708/9712 or
      DSN:  278-9708/9712
      Board Support, Comm:  (703) 784-9708/9712/9713/9716 or
      DSN:  278-9708/9712/9713/9716
      Fax Material to Comm:  (703) 784-9884 or DSN:  278-9884
      Website:, click on "Promotion Branch (MMPR)"
7.b.  Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch (MMRP) Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMRP)
      Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
      2008 Elliot Road
      Quantico, VA 22134-5030
      Website:, click on "Records and Performance (MMRP)"
7.b.1.  Records Management Section (MMRP-20).  To submit documents for inclusion into the OMPF or questions concerning the OMPF.
         Comm:  (703) 784-5640, DSN:  278-5640
         Section Head, DSN:  278-3952
         Operations Officer, DSN:  278-3950
         OMPF Customer Service, DSN:  278-3906/3907/5640
         Digital Photos, DSN:  278-3950
         Fax:  (703) 784-5682: DSN:  278-5682
7.b.2.  Performance Evaluation Section (MMRP-30).  For questions or concerns regarding fitness report submissions and date gaps.
         Comm:  (703) 784-3993:  DSN:  278-3993 or toll free 1-877-301-9953
7.b.3.  Enlisted Career Counseling and Evaluation Section (MMRP-50).  For pre and post selection board counseling and record review.
         Comm:  (703) 784-9241 or toll free 1-800-833-2320.
7.b.4.  Operations and Integration Section (MMRP-60).  To process official digital photos into the OMPF.
         Comm:  (703) 784-3738: DSN:  278-3738 or (703) 784-0554: DSN:  278-0554
7.c.  Separation and Retirement Branch (MMSR), Active Duty Retirement Section (MMSR-2) Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMSR-2)
       3280 Russell Road
       Quantico, VA 22134-5103
       Comm:  (703) 784-9324: DSN:  278-9324
       Website:, click on "Separation and Retirement (MMSR)"
8.  Semper Fidelis, Robert B. Neller, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//