Date Signed: 6/12/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 337/19
MARADMINS : 337/19

R 112033Z JUN 19
POC/A. L. TARSIUK/MAJ/DC MRA/MP/MPP-30/TEL: 703-784-9365//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This MARADMIN establishes a lateral move program for unrestricted Marine Corps Officers in the Active Component.  This MARADMIN publishes the projected Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) status of the unrestricted ground officer MOSs available for consideration of lateral move.  The deadline for FY20 lateral move application is 30 September 2019.
2. Eligibility requirements for lateral move.
2.a.  Unrestricted officers in the grades of O3-O5 (including O-3 selects).
2.a.1.  Non-career designated captains and captain selects will not be considered unless they are scheduled to screen for career designation within six months of application.
2.a.2.  Lieutenant colonels and majors will not be considered qualified for a lateral move unless they have had appropriate previous experience in the Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) they are requesting.  PMOS qualification will be screened by HQMC (MMOA) and the gaining Occupational Field (OccFld) manager.
2.b.  Officers who are slated for command as a result of the command screening board are not eligible.
2.c.  Officers in joint billets are eligible if they have completed 24 months in their assignment by 1 July 2020.
2.d.  Officers in Commandants Career-Level Education Board (CCLEB) and Commandants Professional Intermediate Board (CPIB) utilization tours are eligible if they have completed 36 months in their assignment by 1 July 2020.
2.e.  Officers in the above zone for promotion are not eligible unless selected for the next higher grade.
2.f.  By 1 July 2020, officers must meet the minimum time on station requirement per MCO 1300.8.
3.  Current and forecasted inventory levels determine the PMOSs eligible for Marines to lateral move.
3.a.  Marines holding the following PMOSs are eligible to apply for lateral move into the PMOSs listed in paragraph 3.b.:
3.b.  The following PMOS options are currently available for lateral entry application from the PMOSs listed in paragraph 3.a.:
3.c.  PMOSs not listed in paragraphs 3.a. and 3.b. are closed to FY20 lateral entry consideration.  Exceptions will not be favorably considered unless the Marine is found exceptionally qualified.  For example, a Marine holding PMOS 0602 with qualified education and/or experience may apply for lateral entry into PMOS 1702 with an exception to policy request.
3.d.  The following MOSs are not open to any portion of the lateral move process under this authority: 0370, 4402, 7315, 75XX, 8059, and 8061.  Solicitation for lateral entry into or lateral exit from these MOSs will be communicated via separate MARADMIN.
3.e.  Changes will be published via separate MARADMIN if additional solicitation of lateral moves within the fiscal year is necessary.
4.  The Marine Corps is specifically soliciting lateral moves for FY20 in the following PMOS and grades (read in two columns):
MOS             GRADE
0202            O3
1702            O3
4502            O3/O4

5.  Lateral move applications must be submitted via the NAVMC 10274 Administrative Action (AA) request form.  Applications must be endorsed by the first O6 in the applicants chain of command as appropriate.  Example requests may be reviewed on the MMOA-3 website.
5.a.  All lateral move applications shall include the following:
5.a.1.  At least one but no more than three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicants leadership, technical skills and abilities, and overall performance.
5.a.2.  A personal statement in naval letter format explaining why the officer desires to lateral move into the requested PMOS.  The candidate will reference any unique experiences relevant to the gaining PMOS.
5.a.3.  Applicants must submit a signed statement from their Special Security Office (SSO) attesting to the current security clearance level and date of adjudication, to include eligibility for TS/SCI.
5.b.  Lateral move applications for PMOS 0202 must be eligible for a TS/SCI clearance and preference will be for applicants to already have a fully adjudicated TS/SCI clearance.
5.c.  Lateral move applications for PMOS 1702 must include the following as listed in paragraphs 5.c.1. and 5.c.2. below.
5.c.1.  Applicants experience, if any, with programming languages, hardware and or network experience, and/or any technical or cyber related experience or training.
5.c.2.  Applicants unofficial transcripts for all undergraduate, graduate, and any technical industry related certifications (A+ Certification for computer service technicians (CompTIA A+), Network+ (Net+), Security+ (Sec+), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), etc.).
5.c.3.  PMOS 1702 applicants must be eligible for a TS/SCI clearance and preference will be for applicants to already have a fully adjudicated TS/SCI clearance.  Applicants may also be required to pass a counter-intelligence polygraph depending on duty station assignment.
5.c.4.  Applicants for PMOS 1702 shall have time remaining in service prior to retirement eligibility to complete service obligations listed in paragraph 8.
5.d.  Lateral move applications for PMOS 4502 must include the following as listed in paragraphs 5.d.1 – 5.d.2. below.
5.d.1.  A letter of recommendation from the most senior 4502 closest to the candidates parent unit.
5.d.2.  A board photograph taken within the last 12 months and the last two fitness reports from the candidates Official Military Personnel File.
6.  Approval of a lateral move request is subject to multiple determining factors for any particular MOS.  Officers are highly encouraged to contact their current PMOS monitor prior to lateral move application.  Officers may also contact a career counselor (MMRP) prior to submission of a request to evaluate the career impact of a lateral move.
7.  Upon receipt of the lateral move application, MMOA-3 will staff the package with the appropriate stakeholders and prepare the package for decision.
8.  Lateral move decisions will be communicated to the Marine via separate correspondence, usually within 90-120 days of receipt at MMOA-3.  Officers approved for lateral move will execute orders to the next available PMOS school or as directed by MMOA.  Lateral moves to new PMOSs incur a 36 month service obligation upon awarding of the new PMOS, with the exception of PMOS 1702.
8.a.  Lateral moves to PMOS 1702 fall into two categories as listed in paragraphs 8.a.1 and 8.a.2.  The OccFld manager will determine the officers requirement for PMOS training.
8.a.1.  Officers approved for lateral move into PMOS 1702 that do not require PMOS training will incur a 48 month service obligation upon receiving the PMOS designator of 1702.
8.a.2.  Officers approved for lateral move into PMOS 1702 that require PMOS school training will incur a 72 month service obligation upon completion of the PMOS school and award of the PMOS designator 1702.
8.b.  Officers who fail to complete the required PMOS school will be reassigned in their PMOS held at the time of application at the discretion of HQMC.
9.  Points of contact.
9.a.  The point of contact for this MARADMIN is the Reserve, Retention, and Release Officer, MMOA-3 at DSN 224-9284 or 703-784-9284 or SMBMANPOWEROFFICERPR@usmc.mil.
9.b.  PMOS 0202: Major Richard Sierra at 571-256-9334 or Richard.sierra@usmc.mil and Lieutenant Colonel Scott Reed at 703-693-6411 or scott.m.reed@usmc.mil.
9.c.  PMOS 1702: Captain Katherine Kercheval at 667-812-9260 or CYBEROCCFLD@usmc.mil.
9.d.  PMOS 4502: Lieutenant Colonel Mike Armistead at 703-692-1825 or Michael.armistead@usmc.mil and Major Antony Andrious at 703-693-4906 or Antony.andrious@usmc.mil.
10.  This MARADMIN is an MPP/MMOA coordinated message.
11.  This MARADMIN is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
12.  This MARADMIN cancels on 30 September 2019.
13.  Release authorized by BGen William H. Swan, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy.//