Date Signed: 8/5/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 427/19
MARADMINS : 427/19

R 051222Z AUG 19
REF/A/MSGID: MCO/1300.8/YMD: 20140818//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to publish a list of Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Professor of Naval Science (PNS), Executive Officer, and Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) billet vacancies for FY20.
2.  NROTC units are an essential component in the training of prospective Naval and Marine Officers.  Duty at NROTC units offers the opportunity to mentor, lead, and shape future officers.  Officers desiring to serve in this capacity must be high caliber role models who possess strong academic and physical fitness skills.  MOI duty regularly includes summer augmentation to OCS or CORTRAMID.  Selections and assignments to NROTC/MOI duty will be made by a panel on or about 20 September 2019.
3.  Eligibility.  NROTC positions are 8006 (any unrestricted officer) billets and are open to all unrestricted military occupational specialties.  Officers must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered:
3.a.  Grade Eligibility.  Different billets and universities require grades from captain to colonel.  Paragraph 5 lists available billets with the required grade and special requirements.
3.b.  Time on Station Requirements.  As listed in the reference, officers who complete their prescribed tour lengths during FY20 will be eligible.
3.c.  Time on Station Waivers.  Officers may request in writing via AA form to be screened if they have not completed their prescribed tour length by FY20.  Such requests must be endorsed by the first colonel in the chain of command.  Commands should be aware that if an officer is allowed to depart his or her tour early, the billet may be gapped until the officer would have normally departed the unit unless inventory supports an early backfill.
3.d.  Academics.  Minimum requirement is a Bachelors Degree with a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average, waiverable at some schools to 2.5 if the record is otherwise outstanding.  If a billet requires a Masters Degree, it will be listed under special requirements in paragraph 5.
3.e.  Physical Fitness.  High first class PFT recommended.
4.  Officers interested in NROTC duty who meet the above eligibility criteria must submit the documents listed below as part of their package to MMOA-3 no later than 12 September 2019 to the below address:  Email Address:  smbmanpowerofficerpr@usmc.mil.  If unable to submit electronically, packages may be mailed to the below address:  Mailing address:  Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMOA-3)
Attn: NROTC/MOI Selection Panel
3280 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103
4.a.  The package must include:
(1) Personal statement.  This is submitted in standard naval letter format from the Marine to CMC (MMOA).  This is the officers opportunity to express in writing their personal strengths, desire to serve on NROTC duty, and duty station preferences.  Applicants must include a prioritized list of all billets for which they are eligible to assist in the slating process.
(2) Command endorsement for captains (immediate chain of command:  BN/SQDN or equivalent).
(3) One letter of recommendation.
4.b.  In addition to the requirements above, the following documents must be submitted to MMRP-20 no later than 6 September 2019 to the following email address:  smb.manpower.mmrp-20@usmc.mil Indicate in the text of the email that the attachment (in PDF) is update material for the FY20 NROTC PANEL.  All material forwarded to MMRP-20 for inclusion in the OMPF must contain the grade, full name, and EDIPI.  Mailing address:  Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps (MMRP-20)
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5030
Phone: 800-268-3710
4.b.1.  Current photo.  A current official photograph is required by the NROTC Selection Board.  The photograph must be dated within 12 months of the convening of the board.  Digital photographs are preferred and are to be electronically filed in the officers OMPF through MMRP.
4.b.2.  Official College Transcripts.  Official college transcripts are to be sent directly from the university or officer to MMRP-20 to be included in the officers OMPF.  If legible college transcripts are already included in the officers OMPF, a duplicate submission is not required.
4.c.  Every effort will be made to match selected officers with their preferences.  However, by volunteering for NROTC duty, officers agree to be assigned to any available NROTC billet.  All requests to decline selection after the release of the selection MARADMIN must be made via naval correspondence with command endorsement.  All requests will be considered in the context of the needs of the Marine Corps for approval or disapproval.  Requests for declination by officers who volunteered and were selected for NROTC duty will not normally receive favorable consideration.  There is no deferral of NROTC/MOI selection.
5. Billet Vacancies
5.a. Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) vacancies:
UNIVERSITY                              MCC     RANK   NOTE
University of Arizona State             H53     Capt
University of New Mexico                H52     Capt
Iowa State University                   H30     Capt
University of Colorado                  H08     Capt
Oregon State University                 H64     Capt
University of Nebraska                  H50     Capt   (1)
University of Minnesota                 H44     Capt   (1)
University of Idaho                     H24     Capt
University of Notre Dame                H58     Capt   (1)
Yale University                         HC6     Capt
Miami University Oxford, OH             H40     Capt
Vanderbilt University                   H92     Capt   (2)
University of Virginia                  H94     Capt
Rutgers University                      H97     Capt
Southern Univ and A&M College           H81     Capt
Maine Maritime Academy                  H9C     Capt
Virginia Military Institute             H87     Capt
Virginia Polytechnical Institute        H9A     Capt
Boston University                       H03     Capt
Northwestern University                 H56     Capt
University of Maryland College Park     HC3     Capt
Old Dominion University                 H59     Capt
Norwich University                      H57     Capt
Texas A&M University                    H89     Capt
George Washington University            H63     Capt
5.b.  NROTC Executive Officer (XO) vacancies:
UNIVERSITY                              MCC     RANK   NOTE
University of South Florida             HAE     Maj    (1)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute        H74     Maj    (1)
5.c.  Professor Of Naval Science (PNS) vacancies:
UNIVERSITY                              MCC     RANK   NOTE
The Citadel                             H07     Col    (1)
Texas A&M                               H89     Col    (1)
Norwich University                      H57     Col    (1)
5.d.  Note (1) Masters Degree required.  Note (2) Masters Degree preferred.
5.e.  Additional PNS billets may become available that are not listed above.  If you are interested in being a PNS, please contact your monitor and apply.
6.  All interested officers must contact their PMOS monitors expressing their intent to apply for NROTC duty.
7.  A selection MARADMIN will be released upon conclusion of the panel; however, official transfer orders will not be released until approval by the NROTC units/universities is received by MMOA.  Once MMOA is notified that the officer is approved for assignment, that officer will be notified by his/her monitor and orders will be issued.
8.  Packages will be destroyed upon execution of orders per SECNAV M-5210.1.
9.  This MARADMIN is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
10.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig C. Crenshaw, Director, Manpower Management Division.//