Date Signed: 8/29/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 471/19
MARADMINS : 471/19

R 281314Z AUG 19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  President, Marine Corps University (MCU), as executive agent for the Commandant of the Marine Corps, annually conducts two commanders and sergeants major programs with spouses workshops.  Attendance is mandatory for commanders and sergeants major either prior to or shortly after arriving at their new command.  Attendance for spouses, while not required, is encouraged.  Marines must register for a Cornerstone Commandership course by 20 September 2019.
2.  Mission.  MCU conducts the Cornerstone Program at the Gray Research Center (GRC), Warner Hall, and Breckinridge Hall aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA in order to prepare board-selected commanders, sergeants major, and their respective spouses for the challenges of command.
3.  Execution
3.A.  Commanders Intent
3.A.1.  Purpose.  Educate commanders, sergeants major, and their spouses on the fundamental authorities, responsibilities, programs, and practices that contribute to a successful command tour.
3.A.2.  Method.  The program will address the demands and challenges of command at large with opportunities to focus on particular communities of interest, while providing time for mentoring and cross talk.  The program will emphasize the art and science of command as appropriate for each grade, with leadership, critical thinking, and unit readiness providing the basic foundations for instruction.  The curriculum will maximize the use of small-group guided discussions with current and former commanders, sergeants major, and their spouses in order to permit a frank exchange of observations, ideas, and methods.
3.A.3.  End State.  Successful command teams fully prepared to meet the challenges and demands of command.
3.B.  Concept of Operations.  Cornerstone is a two-week program, involving combined-training opportunities for commanders and sergeants major.  The Spouses Workshop runs concurrently during the second week.  Spouses receive combined training with their Marines and spouse-specific curriculum.  Course dates are as follows:  Cornerstone 20-1, 21 October - 1 November 2019, and Cornerstone 20-2, 20 April - 1 May 2020.
3.B.1.  Cornerstone 20-1
3.B.1.A.  Commanders will travel on 20 October 19, check-in at the GRC, MCU during 0630-0745 on 21 October 19, and execute return travel no earlier than (NET) 1230 on 1 November 2019.
3.B.1.B.  Sergeants major will travel on 19 October 2019, check-in at the College of Enlisted Military Education (CEME) Building 3078, MCU no later than (NLT) 1200 on 20 October 2019, and execute return travel NET 1230 on 1 November 19.
3.B.1.C.  Spouses will travel on 27 October 2019, check-in at the GRC NLT 0730 on 28 October 2019 with the Spouses Workshop Coordinators, and execute return travel NET 1230 on 1 November 2019.
3.B.2.  Cornerstone 20-2
3.B.2.A.  Commanders will travel on 19 April 2020, check-in at the GRC, MCU during 0630-0745 on 20 April 2020, and execute return travel NET 1230 1 May 2020.
3.B.2.B.  Sergeants Major will travel on 18 April 2020, check-in at the CEME Building 3078, MCU, NLT 1200 on 19 April 2020 and execute return travel NET 1230 on 1 May 2020.
3.B.2.C.  Spouses will travel on 26 April 2020, check-in at GRC NLT 0730 on 27 April 2020 with Spouses Workshop Coordinators, and execute return travel NET 1230 on 1 May 2020.
3.C.  Coordinating Instructions
3.C.1.  Eligibility.  Command-slated colonels, lieutenant colonels, lieutenant colonel (selects), and sergeants major selected on the FY 2020 promotion board, as well as U.S. Navy equivalents identified by Manpower Management Division Officer Assignments are directed to attend the program.  Spouses of eligible attendees are authorized to attend the Spouses Workshop at government expense.
3.C.2.  Registration 
3.C.2.A.  Quotas are as follows:  A maximum of 50 colonel-level commanders, 100 lieutenant colonel-level commanders, and 60 sergeants major per course.  Spouses are not limited by quota but must attend the course to which their respective Marines are slated.  Marines will be evenly distributed between the two Cornerstone iterations.  Course selection is on a first-come, first-served basis, until one iteration is full or until 20 September 2019.  At that point, Marines who have not yet registered will be placed systematically in the remaining slots by the Lejeune Leadership Institute (LLI).
3.C.2.B.  Registration Responsibility.  Go to The Commandants Combined Commandership Course site,  https:(slash)(slash), and follow the appropriate link to fill out your registration form.  Once complete, send your form to  LLI will register all attendees (active and reserve component) into the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS) to generate individual funding letters.  Follow-on instructions will be provided to attendees upon registration.
4.  Administration and Logistics
4.A.  All attendees shall travel on reporting orders.  Orders are the responsibility of the attendees parent command.  Defense Travel System (DTS) generated orders will suffice.
4.B.  Funding and Travel
4.B.1.  Active Component.  Training and Education Command (TECOM) Formal Schools Training Support will fund travel and per diem to include lodging, meals, and incidental expenses for active component attendees.  Local travel will not be funded.  LLI will submit requests for funding to TECOM upon closing of the registration period.  Attendees must include their funding letters in their travel authorizations.  Individual funding letters can be found in MCTIMS, under course code M02L9L0.  TECOM funding will not open until 30 days prior to course start.  LLI cannot provide customer service for active or reserve duty members traveling on TECOM funded orders.  For travel questions or concerns, please contact the TECOM travel helpdesk at
4.B.2.  Spouses of Active Component.  Travel, meals and incidental expenses for spouses of active duty attendees is authorized and will be funded by MCU.  Spouses will not receive lodging since their active duty spouse will receive lodging funding from TECOM.  Local travel will not be funded.  Active duty Marines must create an invitational travel order for their spouse under the service members DTS profile in order to properly process travel.  Service members must provide their social security number via encrypted email to for DTS cross-organizational purpose.  Select the Line of Accounting (LOA) Label 20 Spouse Prog.  Method of payment for commercial airline must be central billing account.  After completing travel, spouses must sign a paper copy of a DD Form 1351-2 that must be uploaded to the voucher in substantiating documents.  Without this document, the voucher will not be processed.
4.B.3.  Billeting.  Government billeting is directed.  The government lodging facility aboard Quantico is Liversedge Hall (703) 784-3149 and travelers must contact Liversedge Hall to inquire about lodging prior to making reservations elsewhere.  If Liversedge cannot accommodate your reservation, you must obtain a statement of non-availability (SNA) prior to making other lodging arrangements.  A SNA is required from Liversedge Hall for anyone staying in the Crossroads Inn or in any off-base lodging.  If a SNA is issued, travelers are directed to book commercial lodging through DTS.
4.B.4.  Transportation.  Attendees must use the most cost effective General Services Administration City Pair Fare when arranging air transportation.  Rental vehicles will not be funded by TECOM.  Attendees must account for the course ending at 1230 when arranging return transportation.
4.C.  Reserve Component
4.C.1.  Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) G-3 Training will fund all Reserve Marines designated to attend the Cornerstone Course.  Funding requests are submitted as follows:
4.C.1.A.  For Selected Marine Corps Reserve and Individual Mobilization Augmentee Marine attendees, provide a copy of the MCU notification of registration letter or email to the parent organizations administration section for action.  Unit administrators will use the Marine Reserve Order Writing System to generate orders as appropriate.  Funding information as follows:  Order Type:  Schools.  Sub Type:  PME.  If required, select “Other” from the drop down menu and enter FY 2020 Cornerstone:  Commandants Combined Commandership Course.  Program Identifiers (PID):  Career Development Training (CDT) Command.  Force Funding Source:  For the funding source section, select PID, CDT, Budget Execution Activity, Budget Execution Sub-Activity G-3/MR.
4.C.1.B.  For Active Reserve Marine attendees, provide a copy of the MCU notification of registration letter or email to the parent organizations administration section for action.  Unit administrators will ensure the cross organizational worksheet for DTS LOA is submitted to the MARFORRES G-3 Training organizational mailbox at
4.C.1.C.  Spouses of Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) attendees.
4.C.1.C.1.  MARFORRES G-3 Training will fund all spouses of SMCR attendees.
4.C.1.C.2.  Unit administrators will generate the Invitational Travel Authorization in DTS.
4.C.2.  If a reserve component attendee or spouse of a reserve component attendee has a travel or DTS related question, contact the MARFORRES Formal Schools point of contact:  Mr. David Roberts (504) 697-7375, or
5.  Command and Signal
5.A.  Command Relationships.  President, MCU serves as the on-scene commander.
5.B.  Signal.  Questions or concerns in regard to the contents of this message can be directed to the MCU points of contact.
6.  Release authorized by Major General William F. Mullen III, Commanding General, Training and Education Command.//