Date Signed: 9/18/2019 | ALMARS Number: 023/19
ALMARS : 023/19

R 181248Z SEP 19
ALMAR 023/19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  On behalf of the entire Marine Corps, and with great pleasure, I congratulate the United States Air Force on its 72nd birthday.
2.  Since 18 September 1947, when the U.S. Air Force was created as an independent service, America has maintained the most capable and advanced Air Force in the world.  Marines fought side-by-side with our Air Force counterparts in Korea, Vietnam, and in the Middle East – and together our forces have served as a beacon of hope in the aftermath of nature’s wrath across the Pacific and here at home.
3.  Combining innovation and technology with dedication to duty and courage under fire, the men and women of the Air Force consistently demonstrate impressive valor, professionalism, and selflessness.  As you gather to celebrate this anniversary, know that every Marine honors your service and sacrifice on behalf of our great Nation.  Happy Birthday!
4.  Semper Fidelis, David H. Berger, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//