Date Signed: 9/24/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 524/19
MARADMINS : 524/19

R 241449Z SEP 19
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message outlines the capabilities and limitations of MarineNet Video Services (MVS) and provides a detailed user guide to facilitate the initiation and utilization of a MVS channel for units, schoolhouses, or communities of interest.  Additionally, this message solicits video submissions in support of the Commanding General, Training and Education Command (CG TECOM) initiative to develop a virtual company commander’s handbook entitled “The Mechanics of Command.”
2.  MVS provides Marines the ability to share training and educational videos.  The mission of MVS is to provide global access to video content that has been self-developed by the Marine Corps’ user base.  MVS explicitly captures and distributes the tacit knowledge and experience of the individual Marine through user-generated video-based training.  MVS is intended to bridge any continuity gaps that exist between doctrine, formal distance learning modules, resident schoolhouse training, on-the-job-training, and the execution of established procedure through accepted techniques.  MVS is an exclusive platform open only to registered users of MarineNet and is hosted by Marine Corps University’s College of Distance Education & Training.
2a.  The following hyperlink is used for MVS and the TECOM G-3 MVS page:  MVS - https:(slash)(slash) TECOM G-3 - https:(slash)(slash)
2b.  User Guide.  The user guide is a video that explains what MVS is, why it was created, and how a unit or organization can establish a video channel.  The MVS user guide video can be found at the following hyperlink:  https:(slash)(slash)
2c.  Technical support.  Technical support is provided by the following hyperlink:  https:(slash)(slash) or by calling the MarineNet helpdesk at (888)4DL-USMC (435-8762) and selecting option 1.
3.  Background for development of the Mechanics of Command virtual company commander’s handbook.
3a.  CG TECOM’s initiative to establish a cloud-based resource for new company commanders is in direct response to feedback received from the OPFOR.  While new company commanders continue to demonstrate high levels of competency in their individual areas of expertise, there is an opportunity to improve on the “Mechanics of Command” which every company commander faces but may not be exposed to prior to assuming command.  This initiative intends to provide an online resource for all Marines to utilize.
3b.  The topic for the proof of concept video in support of the Mechanics of Command initiative is Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP).  This video can be viewed at https:(slash)(slash)
3c.  While the NJP video was developed utilizing the unique capabilities provided by Combat Camera, the intent is for widely sourced video submissions that utilize basic smart device capability.
4.  The following topics continue the ongoing support of this initiative and video submissions should be limited to the listed topics and in keeping with the below guidelines.
4a.  Topic 1:  Philosophy of Command.
4b.  Topic 2:  Operational Risk Management.
4c.  Topic 3:  Consolidated Memorandum Receipt Management.
4d.  Topic 4:  8-Day Brief.
5.  Submission Criteria.
5a.  Founded:  Videos should be aligned with current doctrine, directives, and best practices.  Video submission can include references that may further assist the viewer in understanding the concept.
5b.  Applicable:  While the Mechanics of Command initiative is specifically focused on company commanders, video submissions will be made available to the Marine Corps Total Force (military and civilian).
5c.  Creative:  Videos may be developed in any manner that best delivers the content.  Audiovisual creativity is encouraged.
5d.  Collaborative:  Video submissions that include collaboration among various ranks, military occupational specialties, units, and schoolhouses are encouraged.  Additionally, data mining for existing videos is encouraged.
6.  For purposes of this MARADMIN, video submissions are open to the Marine Corps Total Force (military and civilian).
7.  Format.  Videos should be in one of the following formats:  .mp4, .mov, .wmv, and .avi. Maximum video file size is 500MB.  It is recommended that the movie be 10-15 minutes in length and no longer than 25.
8.  Timeline.  Video submissions must be received no later than 15 November 2019 to be considered for topics 1-4.  TECOM G-3 will accept additional videos for consideration outside of these topics and regardless of submission date provided the content addresses the theme "Mechanics of Command".
9.  Instructions.  Videos may be added to your unit’s channel or via Safe File Transfer https:(slash)(slash) with a link submitted to TECOM G-3 Organizational Mailbox (OMB)  To request a channel on MVS please go to https:(slash)(slash), click on the “Channels” link on the left side navigation bar, and click on “Add Channel” to submit your request.
10.  Release authorized by Major General William F. Mullen III, CG, TECOM.//