Date Signed: 3/20/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 179/20
MARADMINS : 179/20

R 201120Z MAR 20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This MarAdmin announces those officers selected for career designation, to return to active duty, or transfer from other branches of the armed forces into the active component of the Marine Corps.
2.  Career designation enables the management of the officer population by retaining the best and most fully qualified officers from each year group.  Those selected for career designation are offered the opportunity to remain on active duty if action is taken as required below.
3.  IAW references (a) and (b), the officers identified in paragraph 15.a are offered career designation.  Officers selected for career designation are required to accept or decline this offer by 2359 3 April 2020.  Officers who fail to take action by the deadline are considered to have declined, shall not be reconsidered at a future date, and shall execute their current Expiration of Active Service (EAS).
4.  MMOA-3 will enter the offer of career designation to the selected officers via Unit Diary/Marine Integrated Personnel System (UDMIPS).  Notifications to commands will be through the Diary Feedback Report (DFR) to the respective Installation Personnel Administration Centers (IPAC) per reference (c), paragraph 41001.  MMOA-3 will populate UDMIPS with a career designation code of 2, reflecting selectees to be offered career designation.
5.  Upon the release of this MarAdmin officers being offered career designation will receive a message within Marine Online (MOL) indicating the officer’s selection.  This notification may take 2-3 working days to appear in MOL.  Officers shall accept or decline the offer of career designation by responding to the message via MOL by 2359 3 April 2020.
6.  Officers who were screened during the FY20 Officer Retention Board Number 1 are listed at the following website: contained within the website are instructions for administrators that provides the ReportNet template location for local level identification of the population screened, offered, and those that have not taken action to accept or decline the offer of career designation.
7.  Commanding Officers are responsible for counseling affected officers on the ramifications of accepting or declining career designation.  Officers who accept career designation will incur a 24-month active duty service obligation beginning 1 July 2020, and ending 30 June 2022.  This active duty obligation runs concurrently with, not in place of, any existing obligation.  Officers who accept career designation will have their EAS changed to indefinite upon acceptance.  Acceptance of career designation could make officers eligible for permanent change of station (PCS) orders.  PCS orders may result in additional active duty service obligation.
8.  Officers declining the offer for career designation shall execute their existing EAS.  Officers who decline career designation will not normally have their EAS extended.  Requests to accept career designation after the deadline shall not receive favorable consideration.  Requests to extend an officer’s EAS past their existing EAS date if not selected for career designation will not normally receive favorable consideration.
9.  Officers who do not respond to the offer for career designation by the deadline will be considered as declining the offer and subject to the provisions of paragraph 8.
10.  Officers who were not selected for career designation may be eligible on subsequent boards if their current EAS is greater than the EAS cutoff date prescribed in the announcing MarAdmin.  Extensions will not be granted to officers who have been previously considered but desire additional opportunities.
11.  Commanding Generals may submit Marines who were eligible but not selected by the FY20 Officer Retention Board Number 1 for meritorious career designation.  The allocation of meritorious career designation nominations are as follows: MARFORCOM 7, MARFORPAC 11, MCICOM 2.  Officers nominated must meet the qualifications specified in reference (b).  The nominees for meritorious career designation are subject to CMC approval and are due to HQMC (MMOA-3) within 60 days of publication of this MarAdmin.  Consolidated nominations should be submitted via naval letter from the MARFOR or MCICOM level to
12.  The selection opportunities for career designation in the five competitive categories were as follows:
12.a.  Aviation: 95 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.b.  Aviation support: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.c.  Combat arms: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.d.  Combat service support: 85 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
12.e.  Law:  90 percent of qualified and eligible officers.
13.  Captains selected to the rank of major are automatically offered career designation.  Officers in this category should contact the Reserve, Retention, and Release Officer, MMOA-3 after selection to major.
14.  The next officer retention board is scheduled to convene during July 2020.  A separate MarAdmin announcing the convening date will be released during May 2020.
15.a.  The following officers are offered career designation, read in three columns:
NAME                         PMOS      MCC
AARON, LUCAS H.              0302      V32
ADAIR, JESSE L.              7532      VH1
ADAMS, JOSEPH T.             0302      V14
ADAMS, JUSTIN H.             0302      V12
ADELMAN, WESTLEY J.          0302      V13
AGGARWAL, GAURAV             3404      012
AGYEMANBUDU, KWABENA         6002      VR1
AHLGRIM, MICHAEL T.          0602      1Y7
AHMED, AUSTIN I.             0302      V22
ALEXANDER II, STEPHEN V.     0302      V34
ALLARD, EVAN J.              0203      V23
ALLEN, CONNOR R.             0302      1GS
ALLEN, CHELSEA R.            0207      1JM
ALMEIDA, CHRISTOS M.         0602      1QB
ALPHONSO, CRISTIAN G.        7532      VMC
AMAEZE JR, EMEKA E.          0302      V14
AMMEN, JONATHAN T.           0402      15K
ANDERSON, AUSTIN L.          7210      1PK
ANDERSON, BENJAMIN D.        4402      097
ANDERSON, CODY T.            7532      VM5
ANDREWS, JOSHUA M.           0602      V17
ANZALLO, NICHOLAS J.         0802      1NA
APPERSON, ZACHARY D.         7532      1V4
ARENA, SHANE A.              0802      1FR
ARNOLD JR, JAMES K.          0302      1GR
ASBURY, CODY E.              0302      V24
ASH, WILLIAM R.              0203      V21
ASHLEY, JASON A.             7556      J9W
AUNE, JACOB T.               0302      V26
AXCELLMCKEEVER, ROY S.       5803      1SJ
AXELROD, BENJAMIN J.         0203      1GT
AYAAY, EARL J.               0204      1RA
BALDINI, BRIAN P.            0302      V38
BALENT, SHAWN R.             1302      193
BALLENGER, ZACHERY R.        7566      1JE
BANKS, SAMUEL S.             4502      121
BAREFOOT II, BILLY J.        0102      1GD
BARKEMEYER, BLAKE W.         0206      1LB
BARNES, GARYTH J.            0602      1G7
BARNES, JESSICA L.           0207      142
BARRETT, ADAM T.             0802      1NB
BARRIOS, STEVEN E.           0802      1NB
BARTEK, ANDREW C.            6602      1JX
BATCHELDER, ROSS P.          0207      145
BAUMANN, QUINN M.            0802      1NH
BAUS, BENJAMIN S.            1803      1F6
BEAN, JESSICA L.             0207      VF4
BELL, EMMANUEL C.            0602      1G9
BERSHTEIN, RUMMER R.         0207      1K4
BEST, TYLER E.               0302      V34
BIELENBERG, HENRY J.         0302      V12
BIGGER, JAMES S.             7210      1QD
BIRD, JEREMY D.              0102      026
BLACK, ALEXANDER K.          7525      VFG
BLASER, RYAN W.              0302      V34
BLIGH, SYDNIE M.             0206      175
BLOUNT, BRADLEY E.           0203      114
BOLINDER, FREDRIK C.         0602      15B
BONELLI III, JAMES D.        7532      1V1
BONES, PATRICK J.            0602      1F6
BONNETT, TYLER D.            7518      1TC
BOOMGARDEN, LOGAN L.         5803      1SH
BORGIA, SCOTT T.             0402      1CM
BOSCH, ELIZABETH M.          3002      1EZ
BOST, ROBERT C.              3002      V38
BOUDIETTE, COREY L.          7509      V81
BOURDOW II, STEVEN P.        7220      1L1
BOURQUE, WILLIAM F.          0302      V13
BOYD, LOUIS K.               0302      V16
BOYD, QUINTON A.             0802      1NG
BOYD JR, LARRY               4502      122
BOYLAN, BRENDAN J.           0203      115
BOZZO, MARK A.               0203      V35
BRAATEN, CONNOR M.           0402      1CK
BRACAMONTE, LUIS             3002      1Y6
BRACKUP, ROBERT J.           0102      800
BRADLEY, MARCUS D.           0203      115
BRADLEY, BRENTEN E.          7532      1V4
BRANCH, THOMAS Y.            0802      1NJ
BRAND, MACKENZIE P.          0802      1NJ
BRENNAN, JONATHAN R.         0802      1NA
BRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER M.       0302      V25
BRUCH, EMIL J.               0802      1NH
BUNKER, ANDREW W.            0402      15T
BURRELL, DANIEL J.           0102      116
BURT, NATHAN D.              7532      VMH
BURTON, MITCHELL G.          0802      1NH
BURY, AUSTIN J.              0203      1NE
BUTTS, JOSHUA A.             0302      V27
BUYSSE, EVAN D.              0207      1JJ
BYERS, COLTON L.             0302      V17
CAMPAS, DANIEL M.            0602      1XC
CAMPBELL, KYLE T.            0102      KA0
CAMPBELL, JERGEN D.          0102      G14
CAMPBELL, TYLER T.           0102      1GS
CAMPBELL II, TROY E.         0302      130
CANNON, RYAN M.              3002      1QE
CARL, PETER C.               0402      1Y2
CARMODY, PATRICK L.          0302      V13
CARPENTER, TYLER J.          0302      096
CARPENTER III, LUKE          7566      VHC
CARPS, MICHAEL J.            7557      VR1
CASAS, KATHY E.              7208      1EC
CASKEY, COLIN R.             7532      VMJ
CASTANS, NICHOLAS A.         0302      V38
CHAN, HOWARD M.              0602      1QB
CHANG, DEMI                  0102      1Y6
CHOMAN, JOSHUA G.            0602      19D
CHRISTENSON, JOHN T.         7532      1V1
CHRISTOPHERSON, ERIC B.      0203      1RV
CHUNG, DYLAN J.              1302      130
CIMINO, JAMES A.             0402      124
CIVIELLO, CHRISTOPHER W.     0402      V22
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER D.        0602      1JF
CLARKIN, MATTHEW J.          0402      15H
CLOUTIER, JACOB P.           0203      15T
COATS, MILES H.              6602      1JZ
COBERLY, ADAM M.             0302      V27
COLLISON, ANDREW W.          7563      VLC
COMMINS, RYLAN R.            7565      VLB
CONDARA, MATTHEW C.          0302      V31
CONE, ANTHONY R.             5803      1SJ
CONROY, KRISTIAN B.          0602      1G8
COOGAN, JOHN H.              0802      1NA
CORDOVA, JOSHUA S.           0402      16D
CORSENTINO, THERESA E.       3404      122
COTTELL, TIMOTHY P.          0302      1GR
COULTER, TIMOTHY R.          0602      V38
COX, TAYLOR J.               4502      1RA
CRAWFORD, KELLEN E.          7557      138
CRONEN, GREGORY J.           4502      VRA
CROSS, OLIVER K.             0203      145
CRUZ, ADAM L.                0102      KAT
CUDDEFORD, KYLE R.           0602      1Y8
CUELLAR JR, LUIS G.          3404      1G9
CURCIO, MARIAH L.            0802      1F5
CURTIS, SHANE S.             0302      1NE
DALBEC, ROBERT J.            0203      V13
DAVINSIZER, KYLE Z.          7532      1CQ
DAVIS JR, REGINALD L.        6002      VMC
DEANGELO, SCOTT J.           0602      040
DEARAUJO, KYLE P.            0302      1G8
DEBBINS, GABRIELLE M.        0802      V27
DELLIPAOLI, DAVID A.         7556      1GT
DENISON, DYLAN W.            1302      VR1
DEPEAL, MASON L.             6602      1YB
DERUBEIS JR, JOSEPH A.       0203      1JY
DEVINE, JOSHUA R.            0602      122
DEWING JR, HENRY W.          0302      1QB
DIAZ JR, JOSE A.             0402      V36
DIEDERICH, MADISON P.        7210      1Y2
DILAN, NICOLAS A.            0203      1L1
DILLON, ADE R.               7532      V18
DIOS, ERIC M.                0402      VM2
DOLAN, ERIC M.               0302      V17
DOLAN, RYAN F.               0302      V31
DONAHUE JR, MICHAEL W.       0207      V13
DOTSON, KYRA S.              0102      121
DOUGLAS, CHRISTOPHER M.      0302      V14
DOW, RICHARD C.              0207      V37
DOWNING, DUSTIN T.           7532      1JG
DOWNING, SIMEON D.           7210      VHB
DROZD, ALEXANDER J.          0203      1PK
DRUM, JOSEPH T.              0302      114
DULANY, GRIFFIN P.           0302      V25
DURAND, KYLE J.              0602      122
DURNO, DOMINIC R.            7220      1PR
DWYER, JACKSON F.            6602      1QF
DWYER, KEVIN C.              7204      1JU
DYE, JEREMIAH D.             6002      1PR
EATON, KYLE T.               7220      V6A
ECHOLS, ROBERT B.            4402      1L2
ECKERT, JOEY L.              0602      098
EDDY JR, PARK E.             0302      122
EDELEN, MICHAEL S.           0802      V33
EGLOFF, LUKE C.              0802      V36
ELESKY, HANNA M.             0402      1NE
ELLIS, MATTHEW B.            0302      V14
EMMONS IV, HARRIS            1802      V17
ESCOBEDO, DANIEL             7315      1CK
ESQUIBEL, ANDRE E.           3404      174
ESTRADA, ARMANDO C.          6002      145
EZELL, SLATER R.             5803      VFD
FALLON, OWEN M.              0302      1SG
FAUST, NICHOLAS J.           0203      V23
FAVER, CHELSEA M.            4402      15E
FERGUSON, MATTHEW R.         0402      15T
FISHER, ALEXANDER D.         0302      V36
FISHER, DAVID A.             0802      1NE
FITCHETT, LOGAN P.           1302      1YB
FITZPATRICK, SEAN            3002      1JJ
FLORES, JACOB R.             0207      1JB
FOGARTY, AIDAN T.            0203      124
FOLLETT, STUART J.           0302      1GR
FONG, PATRICK J.             0206      175
FORDE, TROY W.               0206      1LB
FORTEZZO, NATHAN T.          7518      VF2
FOSTER, JESIKA M.            0402      1Y6
FOWLER, ERICA R.             7532      VMJ
FRACASSA, ANGELO             0402      124
FRANCICA, MICHAEL T.         0203      1MX
FRANTZ, WILLIAM R.           7509      V80
FRATELLO, STEVEN A.          1302      040
FRENCH, QUINCY I.            3404      1CF
FROST, MATTHEW S.            0802      1NH
FUENTES, BRITTANY R.         0207      1JH
FUNK, MITCHELLE R.           0302      V31
GAETA, JULIAN C.             0302      V23
GAINSKI, CONRAD              0302      V27
GALLAGHER, CHARLES J.        0302      V18
GALLEGOS, RIO S.             0402      038
GALLOZZI, ANTHONY P.         0207      1JM
GAMEZ, ELIU                  0802      1NA
GARCIA, PAMELA I.            5803      015
GARLAND, JOSEPH P.           1302      1YB
GARRETSON, BRIAN J.          0402      1NE
GARVEY, RYAN P.              7563      VLC
GARZA, DAVID T.              0402      V32
GATEWOOD, WELTON             3404      1C1
GENTRY, KYLE C.              7523      V6B
GILLETTE, JASON B.           0203      1R5
GLEASON, MEGAN K.            0102      1JG
GOFF, MICHAEL S.             0302      V13
GOMEZ, FELIPE A.             3002      V24
GONZALES, ANNETTE G.         3002      1Y9
GOODWIN, DURRAN A.           3404      1Y1
GOSSELIN, NICHOLAS G.        0602      V31
GOULDEN, MICHAEL L.          0302      V14
GRAHAM, PARKER D.            0302      1GS
GRAMMER II, WILLIAM N.       1701      1L3
GRAVES, COREY D.             1802      19D
GRECH, SHAUN P.              0402      V16
GREEN, MARK W.               0402      1R2
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM B.          0206      174
GROSS, TROY J.               6602      1JS
GRUND, DANIEL F.             0402      1GE
GUERRERO, ALFREDO            0302      V36
GUNDY, GARRETT J.            5803      1SG
HALL, ETHAN B.               7532      VMC
HAMMOND, JOSHUA L.           0302      V18
HANLY, JACK W.               0302      V34
HARNER, ZACHARY A.           0203      115
HARPE II, TIMOTHY W.         7210      1QD
HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER B.       0206      174
HARRIS, BRANDON W.           1802      199
HARRIS, GLENDREVIO V.        6002      VLA
HARRIS, CHEYENNE M.          0207      1JG
HARTLINE, NATHAN A.          0402      1CJ
HARTMAN, ALEC M.             7210      1PL
HARTMANN, DILLON R.          0203      1R3
HAYES, TERRANCE L.           0302      V17
HEBERT, JUSTIN B.            0302      V12
HEIDMANN, DAKOTA J.          0801      1NA
HEITKAMP, PATRICK C.         7566      VHM
HEITZIG, GAVIN M.            0302      130
HELLER, KIMBERLEY J.         0102      V18
HELM, RYAN A.                0302      V31
HENDERSON, BRANDON T.        0203      1Y1
HER, JE                      7208      1EC
HERBER, MARK S.              7532      V12
HERBERT, SERGEI K.           1302      1EH
HERZOG, MARK P.              0402      193
HEUGAS, RAUL                 0302      V25
HIGGINS JR, DAVID A.         0802      1NF
HILDNER JR, STEVEN T.        0802      1NH
HILL, COREY G.               0802      1NJ
HOBAN, SEAN W.               0302      V32
HODGES, SAMUEL J.            0602      V37
HOFFMAN, CHRISTIAN E.        7566      1HN
HOLM, JUSTIN E.              0802      1NB
HOLMES, NOLANMICHA O.        0302      V34
HOLMES, MICHAEL N.           0206      175
HOOD, JOEL W.                4402      1CK
HOOVER, BRADLEY A.           3002      1UV
HOSBURGH, CASEY N.           0203      V36
HOTARD, COLIN W.             4402      034
HOXIE, JACOB L.              3002      V16
HRYN, MICHAEL R.             0302      1GT
HUBNER, MATTHEW K.           0802      1NA
HUMPHRIES, DANIEL J.         1803      041
INGAGLIO, PHILIP A.          0402      1MX
INGRAM, JOSHUA R.            0402      15E
IRELAND, MATTHEW M.          0206      1LB
IRWIN, ALEXANDER J.          1302      198
JACOBS, MIKE K.              0302      V17
JACOBS JR, MELVIN D.         0602      146
JAMES, KURT P.               0802      1NF
JEFFERIS, MATTHEW J.         0402      1UV
JENSEN, CLARK E.             0802      1NG
JEWELL, WILLIAM T.           0402      V24
JOHNS, CASEY W.              0302      V13
JOHNSON, JAMEL R.            0402      013
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE C.         0402      1LB
JOHNSON, KELLEY B.           0402      V13
JOHNSON, BRANDON M.          7208      1EC
JOHNSON, JOHN G.             0602      1CF
JOHNSON, LANE M.             0402      1CJ
JOHNSON JR, MICHAEL J.       0302      V35
JOYNER, RYAN M.              0302      V22
JURADO, ISAIAH               0302      V17
JUSTICE, KEVIN B.            3002      1PG
JUSTICE, KAYLA M.            0402      1Y5
KANE, SEAN P.                7509      V80
KAUTZ, BRIAN W.              0802      1NG
KEECH, DANIEL J.             7565      VLC
KEIL, KENT B.                0602      137
KEITER, JOSHUA A.            0802      1NA
KELLEY III, KEVIN E.         0402      1CN
KELLY, KYLE M.               0207      VFD
KELLY, JANELLE M.            6602      1JQ
KENNEALLY, COREY J.          7204      1PR
KENT, BENJAMIN M.            0602      1NP
KERCHNER, TREVOR S.          0302      V18
KERSTETTER, JUSTIN L.        0402      1RW
KEYES, ALEXANDER G.          0206      174
KIDD, DUSTIN R.              0402      1CK
KIEL, BRANDON W.             0302      V12
KIMBERLING, DAVID Q.         7220      1L1
KIMBLE, BRANDAN P.           0207      1JA
KINGSLAND, JOSHUA M.         0402      1JY
KIRNON, MICHAEL W.           0302      V34
KLENKE, MARIAH A.            1803      19F
KLONOWSKI, COREY D.          0206      1LB
KLOOS, ADAM E.               0802      1NE
KNEGO, STEPHEN P.            0302      V25
KNOTT, BRENTEN S.            3404      122
KOH, BRANDON T.              0402      V37
KOZA, NICHOLAS L.            7518      V8A
KREBS, SAMUEL D.             0402      15S
KUCA, SAMUEL E.              0302      V13
KUNTZ, WILLIAM L.            7532      VM3
KWON, NATHAN C.              3002      1CM
LABATT, THOMAS G.            0302      V23
LAMB, STEVEN R.              0203      1RX
LAMBARTH, MATTHEW P.         7521      S43
LAMPE, ZACHARY L.            0402      1Y5
LANE, MARSHALL D.            0302      V12
LAPADULA, JONATHAN F.        1302      198
LAPORTE, SAMUEL J.           6002      1V1
LATCHFORD, ANDREW R.         3002      1PJ
LAUNI, TYLER J.              3002      1RV
LAWSON, JANAE N.             4402      018
LAYMAN, DILLON B.            1802      199
LAYTON, JACOB D.             0206      174
LEE, JUSTIN K.               0602      1QB
LEGER, TRESHAWN A.           0602      160
LINDSELL, GEOFFREY J.        0302      V26
LINDSEY, ANDREW S.           4402      021
LIVELY, MARCUS P.            0302      V38
LOCKER JR, ROBERT C.         0602      15T
LONG, JOSEPH D.              0302      V23
LOOPSTRA, WARREN C.          6002      VHE
LOPEZ, YURIDIANA M.          0102      1QA
LYRLA, DANIEL J.             1802      19D
MACHADO, OSCAR A.            1302      198
MACISAAC, COLIN E.           0802      1NJ
MACKIE, ADAM W.              0402      1QN
MACY, DANIEL D.              0402      1GS
MAGUIRE, PATRICK M.          0302      V38
MALASPINO, BRANDON M.        0206      1LB
MALCOLM, GRAYSON B.          0802      1NH
MALEY, MICHAEL T.            1302      1PF
MALISHESKI, ALEC J.          0802      1NB
MARCUS, CHANDLER A.          0203      V15
MARTINEZ, NICHOLAS A.        0802      1NF
MASSEY JR, GRADY W.          0402      1CF
MASTRIANO, MARIO T.          0402      1QN
MCALPINE, WYATT W.           5803      1SJ
MCCOLLUM, KELSON J.          0207      1JB
MCCOY, KRISTINA L.           0402      1G9
MCCOY, RYAN M.               0207      143
MCDANIEL, RYAN D.            0602      1G7
MCDOUGALL, SHANE P.          0302      V24
MCFADDEN, JOHN Z.            0802      1NJ
MCGAUVRAN, IAN L.            0302      V26
MCILWAIN, LYNDSEY L.         3002      1NP
MCKAVITT, SEAN W.            0402      1MU
MCLAUGHLIN, AARIN P.         0802      1NB
MCLEAN, MASON M.             0602      V24
MEDFORD, ADAM B.             0602      124
MEDLEN, TREVOR M.            1302      198
MENDOZA, MIGUEL A.           3002      1NJ
MENDOZA, JEFFREY             4402      097
MERCURE JR, JAMES M.         4502      1F1
MERSKI, ELIZABETH S.         0602      V26
MEYER, ROBERT C.             3002      KA0
MIDDLETON III, ROBERT D.     0802      1NB
MIKITA, RORY J.              0802      1NH
MILLER, JUSTIN L.            0802      1NE
MISTRETTA, MATTHEW P.        0204      J38
MITCHELL, BRANDON F.         3002      15G
MITRAVICH, MATTHEW M.        7208      1PJ
MODE, ERIC K.                0402      15D
MOELLER, MARK E.             7523      VF1
MOLIERI, ANTHONY J.          0402      1Y6
MORGAN, WILLIAM P.           0206      1LB
MORRIS, PAUL J.              0206      174
MOUNT, CHRISTOPHER E.        7532      VMH
MULLER, COREY R.             7557      VRA
MUNSELL, ZACHARY R.          0402      15T
MUNSHAUR, JEFFREY C.         0302      V38
MURRAY, KADEEM I.            3002      1QN
MURRAY, RYAN P.              7208      1QE
MURSULI, MICHAEL S.          0302      V37
MYERS, JASEN A.              7315      1J2
NARDI, JAMES N.              7532      1V1
NAUDET, JEBIDIAH J.          0602      1EA
NELSON, RYAN T.              0402      1NJ
NELSON, WYATT C.             0402      15D
NERGARARIAN, PAUL S.         1302      1EA
NEVERS, NICHOLAS K.          0302      V23
NEVILLS, PAYTON D.           0402      1NP
NOBLE, MICHAEL S.            0302      V37
NOVAK, DAVID A.              7532      VMA
NUSSE, JAMES R.              0203      1CJ
OLIMSKI, ADAM K.             0802      1NF
ONTIVERO, ALEXANDER V.       0102      1UV
OSTRIKIS, JAMES M.           0602      1SG
OWENS, MICHAEL L.            0206      1LB
PACKER, KYLE M.              0206      174
PADILLA, VANESSA M.          7220      1L1
PAGLIARULO, WILLIAM J.       7557      VRA
PARHAM, JESSICA L.           0207      1JE
PARMER, JONATHAN A.          1302      1EH
PECHON, SEAN C.              0602      130
PELFREY, ANTHONY D.          7523      G71
PENSLER, ALEXANDER R.        0402      V34
PERDEW, ABIGAIL M.           0102      V13
PERHAM, JOHN R.              0802      1NJ
PESCAIA, MICAH D.            0802      1NJ
PETRENKO, RHETT N.           0602      041
PETRUNEY, EVAN M.            0802      1NB
PIERCE, JUSTIN D.            0402      1Y4
PIERSON, PARKER J.           7532      VM3
POHLMAN, JOSEPH G.           0302      V32
POPE, WILLIAM B.             3002      1CK
POWELL, AUSTIN T.            0102      069
PRESTON, SPENCER D.          3002      1PF
PRICE, JOSHUA L.             5803      1DX
PRICE, JACOB L.              0602      1G7
PRINS, NICHOLAS R.           7557      VRA
RAFIQ, OMERMOHAMM S.         0302      V14
RAGUSO, ANTHONY J.           1302      193
RAMIREZ JR, MIGUEL A.        0402      1CE
RAMOS, RICHARD A.            0402      15T
RAMSEUR, JUSTIN P.           0402      15F
RANA, ADNAN M.               7204      1EG
RATHWICK, WESLEY J.          1302      15F
RAYNOR, DALTON M.            3404      1Y2
REDMOND, KEVIN C.            0802      1NE
REEP, JASON A.               1302      15L
REESE, JOSEPH T.             3002      1F6
REEVES, TAYLOR H.            0402      1UW
REEVES, JORDAN M.            0204      115
REHAK, JOSHUA A.             4402      15B
REIMANN, DEREK W.            7532      VMC
RHODES, STEVE K.             6002      VHA
RICKENBACH, RAYMOND T.       7525      V63
RIDINGS, JACOB D.            1302      165
RIGGS, PAUL T.               0302      V34
RILEY, SIDNEY J.             0602      1PG
RIVERA, NIELSEN J.           0207      142
RIVERA, DAVID A.             0206      175
ROBERTS, SCOTT A.            0802      1NE
ROBINSON, WILLIAM C.         5803      1SG
ROBINSON, EDWARD O.          0402      1CH
ROBINSON, MATTHEW J.         0302      V36
ROBINSON, SHANE C.           0203      V23
ROCHA, DAMARIS               0402      1CL
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCIS R.        0302      V12
ROGER, LOUIS E.              0302      040
ROJASRODAS, JOSE O.          0602      124
ROMINGER, TIMOTHY M.         6602      1JQ
ROSEN, DAVID W.              0203      1GR
ROSENBAUM, HARRISON L.       0402      167
ROTH, TORY J.                7556      VR1
ROYALTY, KYLE M.             0802      1NE
RUDD, ANTON                  0402      V32
RUELAS, ALMA A.              7208      1QE
RUIZ, NICHOLAS C.            0302      V23
RUMPS II, JUSTIN R.          3404      121
RYAN, CHRISTOPHER J.         0402      121
SAAD, MINA N.                7220      1L7
SABATH, CRAIG T.             0203      114
SAKAMOTO, ARTHUR H.          7532      1V1
SALINAS, MICHAEL P.          0302      V15
SALL, JASON C.               0302      KAQ
SANCHEZ, BRANDON J.          7315      1J1
SANDS, ELIZABETH A.          3404      1Y2
SAXTON, KEVIN J.             0802      1NJ
SCHAIDLE, MATTHEW N.         7532      VHB
SCHOLL, BRADLEY C.           0802      1NA
SCHROEDER, TYLER M.          7525      V61
SCHWAMB, ALYCIA E.           7208      1PJ
SCISCOE, JAMES D.            7532      VMJ
SCOTT, DYLAN J.              7208      1EC
SEABERG, LUCAS J.            0302      V37
SEARS, BRETT M.              0402      15S
SERRANO, ALDAIR              0402      15D
SHANNON, ASIA S.             0102      1CL
SHEA, SARA N.                0602      1XC
SHELTON, ZACHARY D.          0402      V14
SHIN, ROY S.                 0802      1NF
SHUMA, JUSTIN D.             0402      19D
SICKENBERGER, DONALD A.      0206      114
SIM, RYAN N.                 0602      139
SIMENEC, TORI S.             4502      121
SIMMONS, PATRICK L.          0102      15A
SINGH, AJMER                 0402      V25
SLAUGHTER, JACOB W.          6002      VM6
SLUSSER, CAMERON S.          0102      027
SMARGIASSI, MICHAEL A.       7557      VR1
SMITH, MICHAEL C.            0402      1CJ
SMITH, AARON M.              1802      199
SMITH, WILLIAM J.            0302      V34
SMITH IV, REUBEN B.          0402      V13
SNELL, GREGORY A.            3404      TMG
SNIPES, TAYLER E.            0402      175
SOBOTA, SAMANTHA L.          0602      1G9
SOCHA, TIMOTHY M.            6602      1JN
SORENSEN, LEAH M.            3404      094
SORTINO III, AUGUSTUS C.     0802      1NB
SOTO, DUSTIN M.              0302      V34
SPRADLIN, JOSHUA A.          0302      V31
SPROTT, CHARLES W.           0302      V15
STAINE, JELANI A.            7204      1PR
STANLEY, JACQUELYN L.        0102      1SG
STANSELL, TREVOR A.          0206      1LB
STEEL, IAN M.                0203      V26
STEVENSON, KENNETH S.        0102      1SJ
STEWART, COURTNEY M.         1302      041
STONE, MEGAN A.              0102      1NE
STONER, BENJAMIN T.          0602      1G9
STREBY, DAVID C.             0802      1NF
STROBEL, BRENNAN W.          0602      1J2
STUPKA, MICHAEL G.           0802      1NB
SUBER, MATTHEW P.            7208      1QE
SWANSON, JEFFREY H.          7518      V8A
SWITZER, ALEXANDRIA E.       3002      1GE
TAGLIARINI, DANIEL C.        0402      1R3
TASSONE, JARRETT D.          0402      15D
TAYLOR, JONATHON K.          7532      VMJ
TEAGUE, JUSTIN W.            0402      V18
TEIXEIRA, OSVALDO J.         6602      1JV
THOMAS, JEDIDIAH S.          1802      199
THOMPSON, NATHANIEL M.       1302      198
THORPE, IAN T.               0602      1Y2
THRELKELD, ROBERT S.         0602      124
TOFT, KEGAN C.               7523      VFE
TOMMINS, PATRICK J.          0302      V17
TOMPKINSON, EVAN C.          0302      130
TONACCI, DAVID M.            7565      VLA
TOVSKY, AARON J.             0802      1NG
TRAYLOR, AUSTIN R.           0302      V32
TRIPP III, DONALD            0302      V36
TROTMAN, HUNTER B.           7532      VM3
TRUSS, ANDRE M.              6602      1JT
TUCKER, OWEN R.              0207      1JE
TYSON, NATHAN A.             7563      VLA
VACA, THOMAS A.              0402      1NF
VANDYKE, ALEXANDER C.        0302      V34
VANNATTAN, JACOB D.          3404      1C1
VAZQUEZ, MICHAEL A.          0102      167
VELIS, JOSE V.               0102      137
VENANCIO, DAVIDSON O.        0302      V33
VERES, JOHN E.               0802      1NP
VINCENT, ELIZABETH J.        7208      1PJ
WADIAK, KYLE S.              0302      V14
WAGNER, AARON R.             7518      V6A
WAGNER, NATHEN A.            0302      V12
WALKER, JORDAN L.            3002      V21
WALKER, RICHARD L.           6002      V80
WALSH, JOHN D.               6002      1V4
WALTERS, TAYLOR W.           0206      175
WALTON, DAVON K.             0402      1Y6
WARE, JARRETT C.             1702      K89
WARNICK, ROCK G.             0102      1PA
WATSON, BRETT M.             0602      1XC
WEASER, TREVOR H.            0802      1NG
WEAVER, JUSTIN S.            5803      044
WEAVER, ROBERT T.            4402      1CF
WEBER, JOHNATHAN C.          0302      V37
WEEKS, JUSTIN A.             7204      1EG
WEEMS, WILLIAM B.            0402      1JQ
WEINBAUM, ZACHARY A.         7556      VR1
WERNER, DAVID A.             4402      097
WEST II, WILLIAM M.          0203      1Y1
WESTERBECK, BROCK A.         5803      1SH
WHEELER, ZACHARY M.          0302      V38
WHITEHURST, JOSEPH M.        0602      1G8
WHITWORTH, DAVID P.          0102      V32
WILLETT, ERIC M.             0602      1CF
WILLIAMS, SYDNEY J.          0102      1R2
WILLIAMS, CONNOR K.          0102      138
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW J.         0302      V25
WILLIAMS III, GEORGE B.      0602      1G8
WILLIAMSON, HASSAN           5803      1SJ
WINTER, JUSTIN E.            0302      V13
WISE, SAMUEL W.              0302      V35
WOESSNER II, BENJAMIN L.     6602      1JW
WOLFF, MICHAEL L.            7557      VRA
WOOD, ANDREW R.              4502      910
WORDEN, ANDREW P.            1302      193
WORST, COLE C.               3002      V12
WYMAN, RENEE N.              4402      1F3
YARBER, DAVID W.             3002      1JB
YORK, PHILLIP M.             0207      145
YOUM, SUNWOO M.              0102      TMH
YOUNGBLOOD, JENSEN A.        0102      199
ZALESKI, TERRENCE M.         4502      013
ZAPIAIN, CHRISTOPHER J.      3404      110
ZHU, HARRISON D.             7315      1J3
ZIMKIEWICZ, MARC L.          0302      V36
ZIMMERMANN, GEORGE D.        4402      097
15.b. Officers on the above list that hold the PMOS 1802 or 5803
will be contacted directly by MMOA-3 to discuss options for
lateral move, as a result of recent Force Design decisions.
16.  Return to active duty (RAD), redesignation of limited duty
officers as unrestricted officers and interservice transfer
16.a.  A total of 15 RAD applications were received and presented
to the boardroom for consideration.  The below listed officers will
be recommended to the Secretary of Defense or the Senate as
appropriate, for active component appointments through the
scrolling process.  If approved, officers will be contacted by
MMOA for completion of appointment paperwork and transfer to the
active component.  Upon being joined to the active component (Comp
Code 11) by their appropriate Marine Corps Reserve Agency, selected
officers should contact their gaining active component PMOS monitor
(MMOA-1/2) and not prior.  The scrolling process may take upwards
of 120 days or more to accomplish.  Read in three columns:
NAME                     PMOS      RESERVE MCC
LEE, DAVID J.            0202      1FZ
MOUNGER II, DARRELL G.   0602      SA5
SHARP, JOEL M.           0402      1FY
SHORT, THOMAS A.         4402      SFY
VACCARIELLO, RICH J.     0602      1RA
VELEZ, JUSTIN R.         0402      061
16.b.  No redesignation requests were received or considered.
16.c.  Two interservice transfer applications were received
and considered.  One applicant was selected:
NAME                BRANCH
17.  The Selected Marine Corps Reserve is actively seeking the service of company grade officers in any military occupational specialty (MOS) who want to remain affiliated with the Marine Corps upon transition from the active component.  Opportunities exist for platoon or company command, resident and non-resident professional military education, and advanced or additional MOS training.  Depending on MOS and billet availability, officer affiliation bonuses may be available for transitioning officers.  Opportunities also exist for continued full time active duty service through the Active Reserve program which is announced twice a year via MarAdmin.  Additionally, active duty for operational support and voluntary mobilization may be available.  Interested officers are encouraged to contact Reserve Affairs Personnel Management Branch at email:, DSN:  278-9746 or COMM: 703-784-9746.
18.  This MarAdmin is applicable to the Marine Corps Total Force.
19.  Release authorized by MajGen D. A. Ottignon, Director, Manpower Management Division.//