Date Signed: 3/26/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 187/20
MARADMINS : 187/20

R 252113Z MAR 20
POC/P. N. KELLEHER/DEPUTY DIRECTOR (LP)/-/TEL: 703-695-5434 DSN 695-5434//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Summary.  In order to enhance and more effectively oversee Marine Corps Logistics at the enterprise level, the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (I&L) has reorganized the Logistics Division.  This reorganization reduces the number of branches, realigns responsibilities in parallel with doctrinal logistics functions and more closely mirrors other Headquarters Marine Corps divisions.
2.  Mission.  The Logistics Division, under the direction of the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics, develops and manages logistics and materiel readiness plans, policies and programs to sustain ground warfighting readiness in the Marine Corps.
3.  Organization.
3.a.  Logistics Division (LP).  Includes the Office of the Director, the Administrative Support Staff, the Reserve Management section (LPR), and the Analytics and Visualization Section (LPAV).
3.b.  Operations Branch – LPO.
3.b.1.  Current Operations Section - LPO-1 (formerly Operations Section and LPO-3, Strategic Mobility Sections).
3.b.2.  Plans Section - LPO-2 (formerly maritime and geo-prepositioning section).
3.c.  Futures Branch - LPV.
3.c.1.  Concepts Section – LPV-1 (formerly LPV-1, LPC-3).
3.c.2.  Sustaining Program Evaluation Board, SUSPEB, – LPV-2.
3.c.3.  Logistics Innovation Office– LPV-3 (formerly Next Generation Logistics Branch).
3.c.4.  Force Development Section – LPV-4 (formerly LP South Branch).
3.d.  Log It Branch - LPI (formerly LPV-2).
3.d.1.  Portfolio Management and Compliance Section - LPI-1.
3.d.2.  Data and Analytics Section - LPI-2.
3.d.3.  Systems and Services Section- LPI-3.
3.e.  Sustainment Branch - LPS.
3.e.1.  Supply Section – LPS-1 (formerly LPC-2).
3.e.2.  Medical Logistics and Plans Section - LPS-2 (formerly LPC-5).
3.e.3.  Compliance Section - LPS-3 (formerly ICART and FSMAO).
3.e.4.  Operational Contract Support Section - LPS-4 (formerly LPC-4, LBE).
3.f.  Materiel Readiness and Management Branch - LPM.
3.f.1.  Inventory Management Section - LPM-1 (formerly EGEM).
3.f.2.  Commodity Management Section – LPM-2 (formerly LPC-2).
3.g.  Distribution Branch – LPD.
3.g.1.  Integrated Materiel Distribution Section – LPD-1 (no change).
3.g.2.  Personal Property/Pax Transportation Section – LPD-2 (no change).
3.g.3.  Transportation Financial Management Section- LPD-3 (no change).
3.h.  Engineer and EOD Branch – LPE.
3.h.1.  Engineer and Utility Section – LPE-1 (no change).
3.h.2.  Explosive Ordnance Disposal Section – LPE-2 (no change).
4.  Logisitics Division Tasks and Responsibilities.
4.a.  Provides guidance, policies and procedures for ground supply, operational contract support, ground maintenance and readiness, transportation, distribution, engineering, explosive ordnance disposal, health service and services support, logistics IT and data.
4.b.  Coordinates operational logistics support and planning for current operations in support of global force management and Fleet Marine Corps/MEF emergent requirements.
4.c.  Provides logistics assessments of operational plans by integrating requirements for mobilization, war reserve materiel, prepositioning programs, strategic mobility and force deployment planning and execution concepts.
4.d.  Coordinates readiness and Defense Readiness Reporting System issues that affect MAGTF logistics, war reserve, and prepositioning programs.
4.e.  Provides service level coordination with joint, interagency and international partners for logistics.
4.f.  Develops logistics vision and strategy for current and future operations across all functions of logistics.
4.g.  Provides oversight and management of USMC logistics information technologies through compliance, governance and modernization.
4.h.  Acts as DC I&L's logistics lead to identify emerging technological opportunities and facilitate accelerated development and transition to the warfighter ICW DC, CD&I.
4.i.  Manages the accountability, affordability and readiness of Marine Corps ground equipment through its life cycle.
4.j.  Acts as DC I&L's coordinating authority for logistics-related audit actions and activities across the Marine Corps and external organizations/services.
4.k.  Advocates for required logistics capabilities and provides oversight of Marine Corps logistics structure including LCE Tables of Organization and Equipment, organizational mission statements, and mission essential tasks.
4.l.  Chairs Sustaining Program Evaluation Board (PEB).
4.m.  Manages sustainment planning, programming, and budgeting with respect to assigned areas of responsibilities.
4.n.  Provides occupational field oversight of active component logistics officers and enlisted in order to assist with the staffing process.
5.  Command and Control.
5.a.  Command Relationships.  The Logistics Division is task organized to directly support the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics.
5.b.  Communications.  For additional contact information, contact the LP front office at 703-695-5434.
5.c.  The Logistics Division will submit a Table of Organization Change Request at earliest opportunity.
6.  Release authorized by BGen D. W. Maxwell, Assistant Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics (LP).//