Date Signed: 3/26/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 189/20
MARADMINS : 189/20

R 261358Z MAR 20
REF/B/MSGID:DOC/CMC C 469/YMD:20190329//
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GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to announce the FY21 Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CWO2) Marine Gunner Selection Board.  Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) will convene the FY21 CWO2 Marine Gunner Selection Board at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps on or about 7 July 2020 for approximately 2 weeks to select qualified regular Marines for appointment to the grade of permanent CWO2 in Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 0306 Infantry Weapons Officers.  Application deadline is 18 May 2020.    
2.  Per reference (A), the Marine Gunner Selection Board is designed to provide the Marine Corps with technical specialists who perform duties that require extensive knowledge of MOS 0306, and can be assigned successive tours of duty.  MOS credibility is a key factor for selection.  The Commandant has directed that Marine Gunners come from the ranks of infantry senior staff noncommissioned officers, Gunnery Sergeant or above.  These Marines must possess combat arms skills, operational experience, extensive knowledge of infantry and combat marksmanship and other such expertise that will make a significant contribution to the warfighting capabilities of their future units and to the infantry/ground combat element advocacy process as a whole.  As Infantry Weapons Officers, they will be a source of expertise on all aspects of infantry weapons and combat marksmanship.  They will maintain their high degree of expertise with assignments within the operating forces, installations and supporting establishments.  Due to continual operating forces assignments, Marine Gunners should expect to receive Permanent Change of Station orders upon graduation and spend a large amount of time deployed.
3.  Infantry Weapons Officers will advise the Commanding Officer (CO) at all levels on the tactical employment of weapons and optics organic to infantry and infantry-like units.  Additionally, they will develop, coordinate, and monitor unit training programs designed to quantify the tactical employment and technical aspects of employment and preventative maintenance of infantry organic weapons and to instill and foster combat marksmanship skills throughout the force.  Therefore, only experienced infantrymen with primary MOS of 0313, 0321, 0369, or 0372 will be considered.  Specific prerequisites and caveats for eligibility are addressed in reference (B).  Should E-8 and E-9 Marines in the 8999 MOS choose to apply they must have held the 0313, 0321, 0369, or 0372, MOS prior to the 8999 MOS or be eligible and meet the prerequisites and caveats addressed in reference (B).  We recognize that few have the broad scope of knowledge and experience required to become a Marine Gunner.  The training track developed forthis MOS will build on the selectees present base of experience to produce an officer qualified to carry out the duties of a Marine Gunner.  Following the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC), newly commissioned Marine Gunners will attend the Infantry Weapons Officer Course. Interested Marines are highly encouraged to contact their primary MOS monitors prior to formally submitting an application.
4.  Marines are encouraged to contact the 0306 Occupational Field Manager, CWO5 (Marine Gunner) Wesley Turner for more information to help determine their qualifications, at commercial (703) 614-8498, DSN prefix 278 or via email at
5.  All Marines are required to obtain a commander's endorsement at each level of command (up to the first General Officer (GO) in the Marines' endorsing chains of command) and submit their complete applications to the following email address:  Please password protect the file and send the password in a separate email.  Hard copy applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis only if you are unable to password protect the document and submit your application using the email address above.  Commanders must ensure that their endorsements, denoting their level of confidence, are promptly returned to the Marines prior to the application deadline.  Commands must ensure that all Marines receive their original endorsement letters.
6.  In situations where Marines are assigned to a command or institution of another service or country that will locally provide endorsements and evaluations based on their own perceptions and values, consultation with a field grade Marine Corps officer or higher is encouraged.  This will ensure clarification regarding the inclusion or exclusion of service unique information.  Endorsements from these senior Marines may be included, if appropriate.  This does not exclude the requirement of a GO level endorsement.  COs must ensure applications are forwarded via the Chain of Command (COC) and include a GO level endorsement.
7.  Applications received without all endorsements will not be considered by the board.  COs should not recommend commissioning for Marines who do not meet the eligibility criteria and do not qualify for a waiver.  If the senior endorser deems a Marine "not recommended" for commissioning, the Marine is ineligible for board consideration.  Marines who receive a "not recommended" endorsement from the senior endorsers and still forward their applications to MCRC will not be considered for the board.   COs are directed to pass this information to eligible Marines in their commands, review applications for completeness, ensure that Marines who request waivers receive comprehensive justification on all endorsements (including the senior endorser), and make definitive recommendations regarding all Marines who submit applications.  COs must specifically address the technical proficiency of the Marines in the MOS for which they are applying.  Endorsements and applications must be screened closely to ensure that only technically and professionally qualified Marines are submitted or consideration.
    a. Submit appropriate Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) screens for Service Record Book (SRB) pages that have been replaced per reference (C) by MCTFS.  Marines must ensure SRB pages that have been removed and replaced by MCTFS are updated, and made a part of their applications.  Due to operational necessity, all Marines are required to provide their full Social Security Number and all other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the data sheet only.  PII is required to track, identify and evaluate Marines throughout the application process.
    b.  Marines with body markings must submit close up color photographs and explanation of each body marking which addresses the content (description and meaning), location, size, number of body markings and date the body marking was made.  In addition, Marines must submit full length photos in Physical Training (PT) gear (green shorts-green t-shirt) from the left, right, front and back.  For body markings located in private areas, submit drawings and written descriptions which details the criteria cited by this paragraph in lieu of photographs.  Private area is defined as any portion of the body that is covered by the PT uniform.  Males will submit drawings for tattoos located under the PT shorts.  Photos/drawings of the body marking are required in the application only.  Digital photos/drawings of body markings will not be filed in the Marines' Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF).  Applications must also include the Tattoo Screening Form (TSF) and Statement of Understanding (SOU).  A copy of the TSF and SOU may be found on the MCRC website at under "General Forms".  Marines and certifying commissioned officers are required to fill out and sign the entire form except the re-verification portion.  Commands must ensure that color photos are included and forwarded with the applications.
    c.  Reference (D) is the Marine Corps tattoo policy.  In accordance with reference (E), Commanding General (CG), MCRC is the final adjudicating authority for any tattoo issues involving accessions (both officer and enlisted), to include enlisted Marines who may apply for a commissioning or a warrant officer selection board.  CG, MCRC will adjudicate all tattoo issues provided the applicant receives a favorable endorsement from a GO or equivalent in their COC.
    d.  Per reference (C), Unit Punishment books (UPB) are only filed in the SRB if applicable.  For those Marines who do not have a UPB, include a statement as an additional paragraph in the basic application that states "No UPB is provided due to no record of disciplinary action."
    e.  Per reference (E), Marines are required to have a current Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) on file.  The PFT induction standard for The Basic School (TBS) is a first class PFT defined in reference (E).  Per reference (F), all Marines are required to maintain Marine Corps body composition and military appearance.
    f.  Marines must submit a 200 - 400 word essay that must address the following subjects:
        1.  What is the most compelling reason I desire to become a CWO2 (Marine Gunner) in the Marine Corps.
        2.  What I feel my duties will entail on a daily basis.
        3.  How I intend to make the transformation to a WO.
    g.  Pre-commissioning physical examination documents must be submitted per chapter 15 of reference (G).  Reference (G) can be accessed via the following website:  See paragraph 18 of this MARADMIN for additional information regarding submission of medical documents.
8.  In addition to the requirements contained in references (A) and
(B), Marines must meet the basic reenlistment prerequisites per reference (H). Applying to the Marine Gunner selection board does not justify an extension of an End of Active Service (EAS) date or a reenlistment as the sole basis.  If a Marine will EAS prior to the commissioning date on or about 1 Feb 2021 the Marine will need to coordinate with their respective career planners and COs for guidance.
9.  Per reference (A), no age restriction is established.  Marines must meet service eligibility requirements established by reference
(A).  Marines must have at least one year time in grade at GySgt and not more than 23 years of service by the convening date of the board.  Use the convening date of the board when computing the amount of active naval service, 7 July 2020. Active duty in the U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force is not creditable as naval service.
10.  Per reference (A), Marines must possess a minimum General Technical (GT) score of 110 derived from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) or the Army Classification Battery-61.  Marines must use the Basic Training Record (BTR) as evidence of a qualifying GT score.  Classification test score is located on the test score screen of MCTFS.  If score is in MCTFS but does not appear on the BTR, attach a copy of the test score screen to the BTR and submit as an enclosure to the application.  Only a GT score resident within MCTFS will be accepted as an official score of record for all Marines.  GT score is not waiverable.
11.  Those Marines whose test scores do not satisfy the minimum requirements are encouraged to retest immediately to ensure scores are posted 30 days prior to the board convening date, 7 July 2020.  Marines will not be allowed to retest without first obtaining written authorization from their commands at the battalion/squadron level via the command authorization letter found within reference (I).  These requests may be signed "by direction" from the unit Career Retention Specialists or any staff officers with "by direction" authority from the COs.  Marines are highly encouraged to follow the Command Authorization Letter template found within reference (I), enclosure (1), to avoid administrative processing delays due to incorrect letter format.  The Command Authorization Letter template can also be downloaded from the Manpower Studies and Analysis (MPA) Test Control website at  Marines should then schedule an Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) retest with the nearest base or installation Education Center or an authorized Marine Corps test site.  Marines are not authorized to take an AFCT retest at a Military Entrance Processing Station or Military Entrance Test Site.  Marines may only take the AFCT twice in a twelve (12) month period.  In addition, Marines will not be retested earlier than six (6) months following the most recent retest.  Marines who fill recruiter billets must follow special instructions which require approval from MPA.  This authority is not delegated.  Recruiters can contact Mr. Jack Jacobs, MCRC G-3 Enlisted Operations, Deputy Head, Enlisted Recruiting Comm: (703)432-9650 or contact MPA Test Control DSN 278-9368 or Comm: (703)784-9368.  Exceptions to those requirements can only be authorized by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, MPA.  Failure to follow AFCT retesting policy will result in test score invalidation.  Marines may submit applications with a pending AFCT retest if they are using their GT scores to meet the aptitude test score requirements established by reference (A) provided the following conditions are met:
    a.  In order for the applications to be accepted, commands must endorse applications with a projected date for testing availability and test results.
    b.  To ensure test scores can be recorded and reflected in MCTFS, testing must be completed no later than 60 days prior to the convening of the selection board.  Convening date of the board is on or about 7 July 2020; therefore, testing must be completed by 10 May 2020.
    c.  If a qualifying score is not reflected in MCTFS 30 days prior to the convening of the board, 7 July 2020, the application will be determined ineligible.
12.  Reference (I) provides information on the Marine Corps Classification Testing Program and publishes initial testing and retest prerequisites.  Arrangements and coordination with Army testing facilities in Kuwait have been made to test Marines.  Army testing facilities are located at Camp Arifjan and Camp Buehring.  If not located within 50 miles of a Marine Corps or sister service testing facility or if any other extenuating circumstances exist regarding AFCT authorization, contact MPA Test Control DSN 278-9368 or Comm: (703) 784-9368.  Waivers:
13.  Requests of waivers for eligibility requirements and exceptions to policy, except those established non-waiverable by law or those specified non-waiverable by this MARADMIN, may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the CG, MCRC.  Requests for waiver of disciplinary action requirements will only be considered if appropriate justification is provided.  Marines must be of unquestionable moral integrity.  A waiver of record of conviction by courts-martial or civilian court may be considered.  However, a waiver will not be considered for a felony-equivalent conviction.  Approval of the waiver depends on the severity of the crime and the amount of time that has lapsed since the crime was committed.
14.  Per references (C), (J), and (K), each Marine is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and Master Brief Sheet (MBS).  The most expeditious means of accessing and viewing the OMPF and MBS are through OMPF online via Marine Online (MOL).  The MBS can also be obtained through the Manpower Management Records and Performance (MMRP) website.  Marines are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the board room in advance of the convening date.  Therefore, it is imperative that Marines review their OMPF and MBS in a timely manner.  If deficiencies such as missing fitness reports and gaps, or unreadable documents are present in the OMPF, Marines are personally responsible for correcting these problems officially with MMRP.
15.  Reviewing photograph submission.  Marines are responsible for verifying receipt of photograph by MMRP.  The primary, most expeditious means of confirming receipt of the photograph is through OMPF via MOL.  Photographs will be available for viewing on OMPF Online within 24 hours of receipt of photograph by MMRP.  The date of the photograph, as noted on the photograph title board, is considered the primary date of determining the 12 month photograph eligibility window for selection boards.  Marines are advised that although a photo may be over 12 months old, the photograph will remain in the OMPF until an updated photograph is submitted.
16.  If a digital photograph has been sent to MMRP, the following statement must be included in the application: "A digital photograph has been sent to MMRP within the past 12 months". A copy of the photograph is required as an enclosure to the application for MCRC screening purposes.
17.  A complete medical exam must be completed and submitted as part of the application.  An application without medical documents will not be considered complete.  Medical documents must include a Report of Medical Examination (DD Form 2808), Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-1), and Annual Certification of Physical Condition or current Preventative Health Assessment if applicable.  Physicals must have been completed within 12 months prior to anticipated date of commissioning (1 Feb 2021).  Marines currently deployed to Afghanistan or other locations who do not have access to medical facilities are authorized to submit pre-commissioning medical documents immediately upon their return to stateside, but no later than 1 Sep 2020.
18.  COs must closely review the medical forms to ensure accuracy
and completeness.  Pay particular attention to the following items:
    a.  Marks and scars must be listed.
    b.  Dental class type 1 or 2, documented on the DD Form 2808 in block 43, and have block 83.a. signed by a dentist or submit a dental examination as a separate enclosure.  Dental records should be updated to reflect the most current dental examination.
    c.  HIV results must be within 24 months of check-in to include date tested and roster number.
    d.  Distance vision must be documented in block 61 of the DD Form 2808.  If vision does not correct to 20/20, a current manifest refraction and ophthalmology evaluation is required.  Applicants with a history of vision correction surgery must have all pre-operative and post-operative reports included with the medical documents.
    e.  The results of an updated audiogram must be included in DD Form 2808 block 71.a. or as a separate enclosure.  If any result is outside the normal range, per reference (F), section 38, submit an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) or Audiology consultation/evaluation and interpretation.
    f.  Ensure all "Yes" answers on DD Form 2807-1 are explained by the physician in block 29.  All pertinent medical clearance documents for each condition disclosed in the DD Form 2807 should be provided.
    g.  Ensure all answers on DD Form 2808 blocks 17-42 (excluding block 41 for males) are marked normal or abnormal.  "NE" is not an acceptable answer.
19.  Medical documents will be reviewed for completeness once received.  Additional medical documentation or testing may be required.  Upon publication of the selection list, it is the responsibility of the Marine Gunner selectees to contact MCRC to ensure that medical requirements are met for commissioning.  Select grade to Marine Gunner will not be reflected in MCTFS until selectees have met all medical requirements to accept commission.  Orders to the WOBC will not be initiated until selectees are determined to be medically qualified by Bureau of Medicine and Surgery via MCRC.  Board Information:
20.  To ensure proper filing of separate correspondence addressed to the president of the board for inclusion with an application, include the Marines' names, Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier numbers, and MOS choices.  Letters of recommendation(s) from officers outside the normal COC who have knowledge of the Marines' leadership qualities and their potential for commissioning may be submitted up until the convening date directly to MCRC ON/E, 3280 Russell Road, Quantico, Virginia 22134, or as an enclosure to the applications.
21.  Selection results are considered confidential and will not be released under any circumstances until approved by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC).  Once CMC has approved, results will be published by a MARADMIN message.  Selectees are scheduled to be commissioned on or about 1 Feb 2021.  The selectees will attend the active duty WOBC.  By separate orders, selectees will be ordered to report to the CG, Marine Corps Combat Development Command to attend the WOBC at TBS in Jan 2021.
22.  Selectees from the FY21 Enlisted to Warrant Officer Marine Gunner selection board are tentatively scheduled for commissioning on 1 Feb 2021.  Those selected to Marine Gunner will be appointed by commission, by the President, to the grade of CWO2, designated Marine Gunner, and authorized to wear the bursting bomb insignia.
23.  Lineal control numbers will be determined by the class standing upon completion of the WOBC.
24.  Per Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 1165, CMC may recommend termination of any permanent regular CWO2 at any time within 3 years after the date when the officer accepted commissioning as a CWO2.  Accordingly, the CO, TBS or any required MOS follow-on school shall request that CMC terminate the commission of a CWO2 who fails the WOBC or any required MOS follow-on school.
25.  Recurring application discrepancies noted on past selection boards include:
    a.  Senior endorsers neglecting to make definitive recommendations regarding a Marine's application
    b.  Marines applying for a MOS they are not qualified for
    c.  COC neglecting to vet Marines for MOS qualifications
    d.  Gaps in fitness reports
    e.  Missing statements supporting NJPs and page 11 entries (i.e. fraternization statement)
    f.  Incomplete statements regarding initiation, completion, or type of security investigation/clearance
    g.  Missing current physical fitness or combat fitness test score
    h.  Missing proof or verification of citizenship (if Basic Individual Record reflects Alien)
    i.  Letters of recommendation neglecting to address the Marines' experience in the MOS they are applying
    e.  Missing documents from the OMPF:
        1.  Fitness reports
        2.  Award citation write-ups
        3.  Photos
        4.  Any information not documented in the OMPF
26.  COs should notify MCRC ON-E in writing, of any changes affecting enlistment status or disciplinary action which occur after submission of an application.
27.  This MARADMIN is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
28.  This MARADMIN is cancelled 28 Feb 2021.
29.  The point of contact (POC) for the MARADMIN is Mr. Brent Reidenbach.  Please refer to the POC information at the beginning of this MARADMIN for telephone number or email
30.  Release authorized by Major General James W. Bierman, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.//