Date Signed: 6/1/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 321/20
MARADMINS : 321/20

R 291920Z MAY 20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  IAW reference (a), The FY21 Command Screening Boards will convene on 13 July 2020 for lieutenant colonels and 14 July 2020 for colonels.  These boards will select officers for designated command billets projected to be available between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022.
2.  The purpose of the Command Screening Program (CSP) is to ensure Marines receive the best possible leadership and to provide eligible officers with a fair and equitable opportunity to command.
3.  Process.  The boards will select from a list of eligible colonels and lieutenant colonels those who are best and most fully qualified for command.  The board will select as primaries a number of officers equal to the number of commands available.  Additionally, the boards will select a sufficient number of officers as alternates to meet command requirements when officers decline or otherwise cannot take command.  The boards will develop proposed command slates for the primary selectees and forward them with the alternate list to CMC for approval. Once the list is approved, board results listing the primary selectees will be announced via MARADMIN.
4.  Board Make-up.  The Command Screening Boards will consist of representatives of the GCE, ACE, LCE, and supporting establishment to ensure broad MAGTF representation among board members.
5.  Eligibility.
5.a.  Eligible Criteria:
5.a.1.  All unrestricted colonel or colonel selects and lieutenant colonel or lieutenant colonel selects except for officers in unique circumstances, as outlined in paragraph 5.b.
5.a.2.  Officers in the first year of an assignment, including those serving OCONUS on a 36-month accompanied tour.
5.a.3.  Non-PMOS 8059/8061 officers currently in designated Critical Acquisition Positions (CAP).
5.a.4.  Officers in the Special Education Program (SEP) will be eligible to slate to commands available after their graduation from school.
5.b.  Ineligible Criteria:
5.b.1.  Officers with established separation and retirement dates.
5.b.2.  Officers with a mandatory retirement date prior to 1 June 2023.
5.b.3.  Lieutenant colonels in or above the primary zone for the FY22 Colonel Selection Board.
5.b.4.  Officers who have previously held command in one of the designated colonel or lieutenant colonel command screened billets for a period of at least 12 months, are currently in command, or are slated and awaiting command as a result of a previous command screening board.  This does not preclude colonel selects currently in a lieutenant colonel command from eligibility for a colonel command.
5.b.5.  Officers who were selected for command and slated on previous command screening boards but subsequently declined command.
5.b.6.  Officers who were selected as alternates for command on previous command screening boards, and were fleeted-up for command due to vacancy, but declined following the command offer.
5.b.7.  Officers who graduated the AY 19-20 cycle of the School of Advanced Warfighting, School of Advanced Military Studies, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, or the Maritime Advanced Warfighting School.  Officers slated to attend those schools in the AY 20-21 school year are also ineligible.
5.b.8.  Officers serving in a joint duty assignment who have not completed 12 months of a joint assignment by 31 July 2020.
5.b.9.  Officers with the acquisition PMOS (8059/8061).
5.b.10.  Limited duty officers.
5.b.11.  Officers who have been relieved for cause from a designated lieutenant colonel or colonel command screened billet regardless of length of time in command.
5.b.12.  Remove by Request (RBR).  The RBR process has changed.  Officers who are eligible and do not desire to screen must complete the online command screening questionnaire described in paragraph 8.a  and attach an AA form requesting RBR.  The AA form must be endorsed by the first Marine in the fitness report routing chain.  The Senior Marine Representative or administrative reviewer may be used if there is no Marine in the chain.  Officers without properly endorsed AA forms for RBR will be screened.
6.  Alternates.  Officers selected as alternates to command will be prioritized by the board for use when command vacancies occur.  An alphabetical list of alternates (not listed in order of priority) will be posted on the MMOA website following the release of the board results.
7.  Declinations.
7.a.  Officers slated to command who decline must do so via AA form, endorsed by the first general officer in their chain of command, forwarded to CMC via MMOA-3.  Officers who decline command will have a letter placed in their OMPF documenting the action.  Unless otherwise approved by DC M and RA due to extraordinary circumstances, officers who decline command will not be considered for any other command during the slating year and are ineligible for command screening on future boards.
7.b.  Alternates fleeted up to fill vacated commands are also required to formally decline if they choose not to accept the offer.  Letters of declination will be placed in the officers OMPF. 
8.  Board Communication.
8.a.  The Commandant has directed that all eligible officers shall communicate with the board.  MMOA has released an online command screening questionnaire as the primary mechanism for this communication.  Officers may call attention to any matter deemed important, including command preferences or location, family or personal situations the board should consider in decision making.
8.b.  The web address for the colonel command screening questionnaire is:  https:(slash)(slash)  The web address for the lieutenant colonel command screening questionnaire is:  https:(slash)(slash)  CAC card certification is not required to access the site.
8.c.  Officers may submit any update material not found in the OMPF via the questionnaire.  Instructions on how to upload material are provided on page 2 of the questionnaire.  Officers who experience difficulty may contact MMOA-3 at or 703-784-9284 for assistance.
8.d.  The deadline for submitting the online questionnaire is 19 June 2020.  Any correspondence received after the convening of the board will be submitted at the discretion of the board president.  All correspondence to the board must originate from or be endorsed by the eligible officer.
8.e.  OMPF update material.  Officers should submit OMPF update material to the email address: as soon as practical.  Officers are responsible for ensuring their OMPF is accurate at all times.
8.f.  Photographs.  Officers have a personal responsibility to ensure their photograph is submitted and received by the board.  Photos taken within 12 months prior to the convening date of board will be considered current for the board. Marines who are unable to update their OMPF photograph shall submit a letter to the president of the board from their parent command stating the Marine is within height and weight standards.  Digital photographs are to be electronically filed in the OMPF per reference (d).  Officers who submit digital photographs to the OMPF may confirm receipt of the photograph by contacting MMRP-60 or by verifying inclusion in Marine OnLine under the “My OMPF” tab.  If electronic transmission of digital photographs is not possible, officers must submit a hard-copy photograph to the board.
8.g.  Fitness reports.  Completed fitness reports must be submitted to MMRP-30 for inclusion into the OMPF.  Incomplete fitness reports will not normally be accepted or forwarded to the board.
9.  Command availability will be posted on the command screening questionnaire and on the MMOA-3 "Command Screening Program" board updates and info website:  https:(slash)(slash)  The list of commands planned to be available list will be updated periodically prior to the board.  Commands screening are subject to change up until the completion of the board.
10.  CMC (MMOA) points of contact are:
Col M. E. Van Skike, Aviation Col Monitor
  DSN:  278-9300 Comm:  (703) 784-9300
Col G. E. Beals, Ground Col Monitor
  DSN:  278-9300, Comm:  (703) 784-9300
Maj C. A. Denver, Deputy Aviation LtCol Monitor
  DSN:  278-9267 Comm (703) 784-9267
Col R. J. McClam, Ground LtCol Monitor
  DSN:  278-9279 Comm:  (703) 784-9279
LtCol A. M. Ingram, Combat Service Support LtCol Monitor
  DSN:  278-9279 Comm:  (703) 784-9279
Maj R. A. Doss, Ground Field Grade Center Desk Monitor
  DSN:  278-9272 Comm:  (703) 784-9272
Maj C. D. Lawrence, MMOA-3 Plans And Programs
  DSN:  278-9284, Comm:  (703) 784-9284
11.  This MARADMIN does not pertain to the total force.
12.  Release authorized by MajGen David A. Ottignon, Director, Manpower Management Division.//