Date Signed: 7/30/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 437/20
MARADMINS : 437/20

R 292040Z JUL 20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  As announced by reference (a), the FY21 U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Promotion Selection Board will convene on 1 September 2020, at Harry Lee Hall, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.  The board will consider CWOs on the active-duty list (ADL) for promotion to the grades of CWO5, CWO4, and CWO3.  ADL CWOs compete for promotion as vacancies become available in their competitive category military occupational specialty (MOS) at the next higher grade.
2.  Promotion Board.  The board will consider, by MOS and grade and only as specified by the yearly promotion plan, three categories of officers:  above-zone, in-zone, and below-zone.  Officers defined as ADL in reference (b) are eligible for the board.  However, officers with established separation/retirement dates within 90 days after the convening date of the board will not be considered by the board if the separation/retirement date is established by the date the board convenes.  Officers whose lineal control number (LCN) precedes the senior officer in-zone are defined as above-zone. Those
above-zone officers who have not been previously considered are defined as "above-zone, not previously considered".  Officers in this status are considered by the board to be in-zone.  Officers may review reference (b) and their eligibility for the board on the internet at the officer promotion homepage.  The senior and junior officers in-zone and the junior officer eligible below-zone are as follows (Encl (2) of reference (b) applies):
2.a.  CWO5 Promotion Selection Board. The MOS 0170, 0306, 1120, 1310, 1390, 2110, 3510, 5702, 6004, and 6302 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.a.1.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Mykel E. Zogaib             01 Jan 17  01901000
         JR IZ: CWO4 Ramon R. Russell            01 Mar 18  01973000
         JR BZ: CWO4 Gontran N. Orozco           01 Jun 18  01984000
2.a.2    MOS 0306:
         SR IZ: CWO4 James E. Curtis             01 Dec 16  01883000
         JR IZ: CWO4 Christopher D. Jones        01 Dec 16  01893000
         JR BZ: CWO4 Rodger W. Turner            01 Dec 17  01964200
2.a.3.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Michael A. Higuera          01 Dec 17  01963500
         JR IZ: CWO4 Nicholas Farmer             01 Dec 17  01964750
2.a.4.   MOS 0620:
         ONLY IZ: CWO4 Neil R. Bray              01 Jun 17  01923000
2.a.5.   MOS 1120:
         SR IZ: CWO4 John M. Bartram II          01 Sep 16  01863000
         JR IZ: CWO4 Kirth R. Ramnath            01 Aug 17  01932000
         JR BZ: CWO4 Sean C. Flores              01 Sep 17  01948000
2.a.6.   MOS 1310:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Marlon T. Porche            01 Dec 16  01872200
         JR IZ: CWO4 Craig S. Polley             01 Jan 17  01898000
         JR BZ: CWO4 Robert W. Joyner            01 May 18  01978000
2.a.7.   MOS 1390: 
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Danilo A. McCabe           01 Mar 17  01905000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Robert Y. Lee              01 Jun 17  01917000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Chad M. Hentzel            01 Dec 17  01964375
2.a.8.   MOS 2110:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Michael S. Lovell          01 Jun 17  01921000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Martin A. Lopezbeltran     01 Sep 17  01949000
         JR BZ:  CWO4 Adam R. Trach              01 Jun 18  01986000
2.a.9.   MOS 2120:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Joseph E. Bering           01 May 18  01975000
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Mauricio A. Piedrahita     01 Jul 18  01994000
2.a.10.  MOS 2305:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Peter A. Scarlett          01 Dec 17  01964850
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Michael L. Gaydeski        01 Aug 18  01998000
2.a.11.  MOS 2602:
         SR IZ:  CWO4 Erik C. Halvorson          01 Dec 17  01964475
         JR IZ:  CWO4 Se W. Kim                  01 Dec 17  01964600
2.a.12.  MOS 2805:
         ONLY IZ: CWO4 Matthew M. Opperman       01 Aug 18  02005000
2.a.13.  MOS 3402: 
         ONLY IZ: CWO4 Tammer S. Azzazy          01 Dec 16  01892000
2.a.14.  MOS 3510: 
         SR IZ: CWO4 Randall J. Willis           01 Dec 16  01872400
         JR IZ: CWO4 Oscar M. Gonzales           01 Dec 16  01874000
         JR BZ: CWO4 Shane A. Sehi               01 Dec 17  01964175
2.a.15.  MOS 4430:
         ONLY IZ: CWO4 Timothy R. Dechicchis     01 Dec 17  01963900
2.a.16.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Chad E. Reese               01 Sep 17  01946000
         JR IZ: CWO4 Angelo A. Alvarez           01 Dec 17  01963700
         JR BZ: CWO4 Brian S. Burke              01 Aug 18  01996000
2.a.17.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Mark A. Martinez            01 Dec 17  01964350
         JR IZ: CWO4 Azur D. Squillace           01 Dec 17  01964400
         JR BZ: CWO4 Timothy D. Boleyn           01 Aug 18  02000000
2.a.18.  MOS 6302:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Leon R. Jensen              01 Sep 16  01868000
         JR IZ: CWO4 John J. Johnson             01 Sep 17  01953000
         JR BZ: CWO4 David S. Mayer Jr.          01 Sep 18  02026000
2.a.19.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ: CWO4 Kareem J. Long              01 Dec 17  01963100
         JR IZ: CWO4 Jennifer M. Mason           01 Jul 18  01990000
2.b.  No CWO5 selection boards will be convened for the following
MOSs:  0160, 0205, 0210, 0630, 0640, 0670, 0803, 1710, 1720, 2125,
2340, 3010, 3102, 3302, 3408, 4130, 4503, 4810, 5502, 5804, 5805,
5910, 5950, 5970, 6502, 6802, 7002, and 7380.
2.c.  CWO4 Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0170, 0210, 0306,
0620, 1120, 1310, 1390, 2120, 3010, 3402, 3408, 3510, 5702, 5950,
6004, 6502, and 7002 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ)
2.c.1.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Jason M. Rader              01 Aug 15  03975000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Kharl E. Prophete           01 Sep 16  04193000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Zerrick T. Wilson           01 Sep 16  04196000
2.c.2.   MOS 0205:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Juan M. Gonzales            01 Dec 17  04444000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Richard M. Mather           01 Dec 17  04446000
2.c.3.   MOS 0210:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Gerardo R. Ramos            01 Dec 16  04260000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Joseph P. McQuillan         01 Aug 17  04398000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Jonathan T. Ross            01 Dec 17  04497000
2.c.4.   MOS 0306:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Thomas R. Johnson           01 May 17  04333000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Jeremy C. Stover            01 Feb 18  04518000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Laney R. Taylor Jr.         01 Feb 18  04521000
2.c.5.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Rod I. McDaniel             01 Dec 17  04506000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Jeffrey A. Beasley          01 Aug 18  04637000
2.c.6.   MOS 0620:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Emedin Rivera III         01 Aug 18  04624000
         JR BZ:   CWO3 Jason D. Williamson       01 Aug 18  04642000
2.c.7.   MOS 0630:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Ralph B. Rodriguez        01 Aug 18  04639000
2.c.8.   MOS 0670:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Daniel R. Eisenmannaviles 01 Aug 18  04570000
2.c.9.   MOS 0803:
         SR IZ:  CWO3 Robert J. Gonzalez         01 Jun 18  04531000
         JR IZ:  CWO3 Joshua A. Christensen      01 Aug 18  04571000
2.c.10.  MOS 1120:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Kenneth S. Campbell         01 Dec 16  04230000
         JR IZ: CWO3 James E. Bergeron           01 Dec 17  04451000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Mathew S. Hart              01 Aug 18  04604000
2.c.11.  MOS 1310:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Dustin A. Gamble            01 Dec 16  04210000
         JR IZ: CWO3 David R. Young              01 Dec 16  04275000
         JR BZ: CWO3 AJ Shanks                   01 Dec 17  04482000
2.c.12.  MOS 1390:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Edgardo L. Borrero        01 Dec 15  04055000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Pedro P. Peraza             01 Dec 17  04459000
2.c.13.  MOS 1710:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Daniel R. Mitchell        01 Aug 18  04581000
2.c.14.  MOS 1720:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Christopher E. Wild         01 Aug 18  04547000
         JR IZ: CWO3 David R. Coan          01 Aug 18  04635000
2.c.15.  MOS 2110:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Jonathan M. Griffith        01 Aug 18  04552000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Reynaldo E. Desenganio, Jr. 01 Aug 18  04616000
2.c.16.  MOS 2120:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Daniel M. Matthews        01 Dec 16  04258000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Steven W. Broyles           01 Dec 17  04492000
2.c.17.  MOS 2305:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Andrew R. Russell         01 Aug 18  04574000
2.c.18.  MOS 2340:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Laban O. Towns            01 Aug 18  04617000
2.c.19.  MOS 2602:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Thomas Zavala, Jr.          01 Dec 17  04469000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Simon M. Romanhernandez     01 Aug 18  04596000
2.c.20.  MOS 2805:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Christopher T. Margoupis    01 Aug 18  04590000
         JR IZ: CWO3 John H. Kieffer Jr.         01 Aug 18  04607000
2.c.21.  MOS 3010:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 James T. Brown            01 Jun 17  04334000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Stephanie F. Mendez         01 Jul 18  04540000
2.c.22.  MOS 3402:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Yamirka Chinique            01 Aug 17  04407000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Ryan S. Ford                01 Aug 18  04563000
         JR BZ: CWO3 David D. Caron              01 Aug 18  04633000
2.c.23.  MOS 3408:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Adam L. Treaster          01 Aug 17  04365000
         JR BZ: CWO3 John Leca Jr.               01 Aug 18  04626000
2.c.24.  MOS 3510:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Adam L. Houston             01 Dec 16  04241000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Cleveland A. Fripp          01 Apr 18  04523000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Paul W. Klug                01 Jun 18  04530000
2.c.25.  MOS 4430:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Heather N. Cerveny        01 Dec 17  04449000
2.c.26.  MOS 4503
         SR IZ: CWO3 Jared M. Padula             01 Aug 18  04573000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Izzel P. Sanchez            01 Aug 18  04644000
2.c.27.  MOS 5502:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Andres G. Navarro         01 Sep 18  04676000
2.c.28.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Daniel L. Fidler            01 May 16  04109000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Anton J. Cuevas             01 Dec 17  04480000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Michael A. Rosenburg        01 Jul 18  04542000
2.c.29.  MOS 5910:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Jacob C. Griffin          01 Aug 18  04597000
2.c.30.  MOS 5950:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Heriberto Sanchez         01 Dec 16  04244000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Mauricio Cano               01 Aug 18  04592000
2.c.31.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Shawn M. Bryant             01 Aug 18  04546000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Jason D. Anderson           01 Aug 18  04623000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Adam J. Zeitz               01 Aug 18  04649000
2.c.32.  MOS 6302:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Samuel T. Shelhamer       01 Aug 18  04598000
2.c.33.  MOS 6502:
         ONLY IZ: CWO3 Daniel L. Sallese Jr.     01 Aug 18  04564000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Jonathan M. Devries         01 Aug 18  04577000
2.c.34.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Shane G. Gribbon            01 May 18  04524000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Cristian M. Diaz            01 Aug 18  04545000
2.c.35.  MOS 7002:
         SR IZ: CWO3 Tracy W. Wilson             01 Dec 15  04059000
         JR IZ: CWO3 Daniel R. Gilyard           01 Sep 16  04186000
         JR BZ: CWO3 Daniel M. Bronza            01 Aug 18  04636000
2.d.  No CWO4 selection boards will be convened for the following
MOSs:  0160, 0640, 2125, 3102, 3302, 4130, 4810, 5804, 5805, 5970,
6802, and 7380.
2.e.  CWO3 Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0160, 0170, 0306,
0803, 1120, 1390, 2110, 2120, 3010, 3102, 3510, 4430, 5502, 5805,
5950, 6004, 6302, 6502, 6802, and 7002 selection boards will
consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.e.1.   MOS 0160:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Jeremy A. West            01 Aug 16  05077000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Steven C. Lichtenfels       06 Aug 18  05545000
2.e.2.   MOS 0170:
         SR IZ: CWO2 David A. Lopez              01 Aug 16  05029000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Andrew Ridley               01 Aug 17  05347000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Leonardo V. Sandiego        01 Aug 17  05351000
2.e.3.   MOS 0205:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Christine M. Stigers        06 Aug 18  05436000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jonathan D. Greene          06 Aug 18  05470000
2.e.4.   MOS 0210:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Cameron C. Rogers           06 Aug 18  05395000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Karen A. Bowen              06 Aug 18  05561000
2.e.5.   MOS 0306:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Nathan P. McCallum          06 Feb 17  05176000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Phillip D. Blackwell        01 Feb 18  05376000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Christopher J. Latham       01 Feb 18  05379000
2.e.6.   MOS 0430:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Jacob R. Mahaffey           06 Aug 18  05405000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Matthew J. Ford             06 Aug 18  05603000
2.e.7.   MOS 0620:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Temitope E. Binitie         06 Aug 18  05467000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Diego F. Arredondo          06 Aug 18  05601000
2.e.8.   MOS 0630:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Samuel K. Land              06 Aug 18  05392000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Rodolfo E. Argueta          06 Aug 18  05599000
2.e.9.   MOS 0640:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Mario D. Guardado         01 Aug 17  05310000
2.e.10.  MOS 0670:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Mark D. Sorden, Jr.         06 Aug 18  05534000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Benjamin Carrasquillo       06 Aug 18  05576000
2.e.11.  MOS 0803:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Chad E. Perkinson           01 Aug 17  05187000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Taylor D. Stevenson         01 Aug 17  05188000
         JR BZ: CWO2 William A. Duncan           01 Aug 17  05312000
2.e.12.  MOS 1120:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Stephen L. Mitchell         01 Aug 16  05088000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Ramsey F. Gempler           01 Aug 17  05338000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Frania M. Zamora            06 Aug 18  05610000
2.e.13.  MOS 1310:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Daniel P. Opper II          06 Aug 18  05394000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jesus J. Fernandez          06 Aug 18  05607000
2.e.14.  MOS 1390:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Claudia L. Schultz          01 Aug 15  04867000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Shawn M. Paris              01 Aug 15  04928000
         JR BZ: CWO2 David A. Gentry             01 Aug 16  05065000
2.e.15.  MOS 2110:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Thomas E. Marshall          06 Aug 18  05432000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jonathan L. Humphreys       06 Aug 18  05538000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Cromwell O. Downs Jr.       06 Aug 18  05611000
2.e.16.  MOS 2120:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Adam D. Brooks              06 Aug 18  05410000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Daniel W. Rains             06 Aug 18  05520000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Caleb B. Simmons            06 Aug 18  05551000
2.e.17.  MOS 2125:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Rachel S. Carmichael      06 Aug 18  05517000
2.e.18.  MOS 2305:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Erik A. Tirado              06 Aug 18  05393000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Thomas M. Jones II          06 Aug 18  05499000
2.e.19.  MOS 2340:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Garrett O. Pellerzi         01 Aug 17  05332000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Justin L. Trejo             06 Aug 18  05602000
2.e.20.  MOS 2602:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Oliver B. Schierer          06 Aug 18  05408000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jeffery S. Boone            06 Aug 18  05457000
2.e.21.  MOS 2805:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Ryan S. Dean                06 Aug 18  05391000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Romualdo Colonadorno        06 Aug 18  05586000
2.e.22.  MOS 3010:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Emily S. Karras             01 Aug 15  04880000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Berome S. Deceus Jr.        01 Aug 17  05243000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Rubi C. Soto          01 Aug 17  05345000
2.e.23.  MOS 3102:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Justin W. Coats             01 Aug 17  05195000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Alexander R. Kays           01 Aug 17  05331000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Lydia M. Lindsey            06 Aug 18  05577000
2.e.24.  MOS 3402:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Brandon C. Charles          01 Aug 15  04934500
         JR IZ: CWO2 Forrest B. Farris           06 Aug 18  05553000
2.e.25.  MOS 3408:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Michael D. McCann           06 Aug 18  05398000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jason D. Reece              06 Aug 18  05519000
2.e.26.  MOS 3510:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Gentry O. Smith             01 Aug 16  04994000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Michael R. Shuman           06 Aug 18  05400000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Glen A. Cline               06 Aug 18  05453000
2.e.27.  MOS 4430:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Richard P. Bowen            01 Aug 16  05071000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Zaneta E. Smith             01 Aug 16  05146000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Allan R. Stover II          01 Aug 17  05266000
2.e.28.  MOS 4503:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Chance W. Haworth         06 Aug 18  05504000
2.e.29.  MOS 5502:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Mark A. Pellon              06 Aug 18  05540000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Katherine T. Genovese       06 Aug 18  05558000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Stephen E. Howell           06 Aug 18  05609000
2.e.30.  MOS 5702:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Samuel B. Curry III         06 Aug 18  05421000
         JR IZ: CWO2 David V. Velasco            06 Aug 18  05589000
2.e.31.  MOS 5805:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Jesse G. Peart              01 Aug 15  04760000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Chad A. Sitz                01 Aug 15  04827000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Nicholas R. Vaneffen        06 Aug 18  05459000
2.e.32.  MOS 5910:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Grant J. Lewis              06 Aug 18  05514000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Mark D. Hawkins             06 Aug 18  05567000
2.e.33.  MOS 5950:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Jonathon K. Barnhart Jr.  06 Aug 18  05412000
         JR BZ: CWO2 George Vinay                06 Aug 18  05549000
2.e.34.  MOS 5970:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Jameson R. Hastings         06 Aug 18  05463000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Jason I. Steele             06 Aug 18  05474000
2.e.35.  MOS 6004:
         SR IZ: CWO2 William J. Sublette Jr.     06 Aug 18  05418000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Joshua J. Anderson          06 Aug 18  05582000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Juan M. Arce                06 Aug 18  05595000
2.e.36.  MOS 6302:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Zane D. Bowman              06 Aug 18  05396000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Matthew S. Willman          06 Aug 18  05502000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Dirkthomas C. Magatas       06 Aug 18  05593000
2.e.37.  MOS 6502:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Robert J. Phelan III        06 Aug 18  05403000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Timothy D. Collins          06 Aug 18  05525000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Christopher C. Henriquez    06 Aug 18  05579000
2.e.38.  MOS 6604:
         SR IZ: CWO2 Christopher M. Foster       06 Aug 18  05480000
         JR IZ: CWO2 Lynsey K. Timmons           06 Aug 18  05573000
2.e.39.  MOS 6802:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Michael E. Fitch          01 Aug 17  05222000
         JR BZ: CWO2 Tony L. Shaffer Jr.         06 Aug 18  05526000
2.e.40.  MOS 7002:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Adam M. James             01 Aug 17  05197000
         JR BZ: CWO2 David L. Rodriguez          01 Aug 17  05303000
2.e.41.  MOS 7380:
         ONLY IZ: CWO2 Austin A. Torres          06 Aug 18  05489000
2.f.  No CWO3 selection boards will be convened for the following
MOSs:  1710, 1720, 3302, 4130, 4810, and 5804.
3.  Continuation Boards.  Upon conclusion of the promotion selection boards, the boards will reconvene as continuation boards.  Officers may verify their eligibility for consideration for continuation by contacting CMC (MMSR).  CMC (MMSR) will adjust mandatory retirement dates and/or notify the officers selected for continuation, as applicable, after the promotion selection results have been announced.  The following continuation boards will be convened:
3.a.  FY21 USMC CWO5, CWO4, and CWO3 (select) Continuation Boards.  The boards may select for continuation those CWOs selected by the promotion selection board who would otherwise be subject to involuntary retirement due to total years active service until the officers have time to complete 2 years in the next higher grade.
3.b.  FY21 USMC CWO4, CWO3, and CWO2 Continuation Boards.  The boards may select for continuation those CWOs who have twice failed of selection to the next higher grade and who, on the day prescribed for removal from active duty, possess less than 18 years of active service.  The officers selected for continuation will be continued on active duty until retirement eligible under title 10, U.S. Code, section 580.
4.  Board Preparation Guidance.  Officers are advised to review reference (a) for guidance regarding submission of information, auditing the official military personnel file (OMPF) and master brief sheet (MBS), fitness reports, deferment of eligibility, and requests for nonselection prior to the convening date of the board.  Officers may review reference (a) at the officer promotion homepage.  Although also mentioned in reference (a), the following guidance is provided:
4.a.  Personal Responsibilities.  Each officer is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and MBS before the date the board convenes.
4.b.  Obtaining and Reviewing the OMPF.  The primary and most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF and MBS is through OMPF online via Marine Online (MOL).  The MBS can also be obtained through the MMRP web site.  Refer to reference (d) to determine what documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF.
4.c.  OMPF Document Submission Guidelines.  Officers are personally responsible for correcting deficiencies, missing information, or illegible documents present in either the OMPF or MBS with CMC (MMRP-20).  Per reference (d), ensure any material sent to CMC (MMRP-20) for filing in the OMPF contains full name, grade, and the electronic data interchange personal identifier (EDIPI).  If the EDIPI is not on the material, then the material may or may not be filed in the OMPF in time to go before the selection board.  For corrections or updates to the Administrative Information Section of the MBS contact your unit S-1 or Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC).  For corrections, deficiencies, missing fitness reports and date gaps to the performance evaluation summary section of the MBS contact CMC (MMRP-30). Officers are reminded that any additions or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window should also be verified to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record.  OMPF documents can be e-mailed as a pdf attachment or OMPF documents can be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20), however, inclusion into the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are e-mailed.  See paragraph 5 (MMRP) for OMPF inquiries and document submission points of contact.
4.d.  OMPF Document Submission Timelines.  It is imperative that documents submitted to CMC (MMRP-20) for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked"contains documents for FY21 Chief Warrant Officer Selection Board".  With the exception of fitness reports, all OMPF documents must be forwarded to and received by CMC (MMRP-20) at least two weeks prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to allow processing time to the OMPF.  Officers are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the boardroom at least one week before the board convening date.  Board eligible records continue to be updated until the convening date of the board.  However, officers are highly encouraged to submit all material no later than two weeks prior to the board for which they are eligible.
4.e.  Career Counselors.  It is the responsibility of each officer to ensure their personal records (OMPF/MBS) reflect accurate and current information.  Officers concerned with specific aspects of their record may contact their respective career counselors.  Active component officers should contact CMC (MMRP-50).  Performance Evaluation System (PES) and fitness report policy and correction specific questions should be directed to CMC (MMRP-30).
4.f.  Active Duty Officers.  Conduct a self audit of personal records, refer to the self audit document guide located at the MMRP-50 (career counseling) homepage or through link at the Marine Online/myOMPF/about OMPF tab.  It is also highly encouraged that officers contact CMC (MMRP-50) to receive a pre-board career performance assessment one year prior to their in-zone look.  In order to schedule a pre-board counseling appointment, refer to the MMRP-50 homepage/officer counselors/appointments tab via the Manpower and Reserve Affairs portal.
4.g.  Fitness Reports.  Fitness reports are due to CMC (MMRP-30) by the time-lines noted in reference (c).  Reports mailed directly to the president of the board will not be added to a Marine's OMPF.  For fitness reports to become part of the OMPF, the reports must be submitted to CMC (MMRP-30).  The automated performance evaluation system (A-PES) is the primary means of submitting fitness reports, however, reporting officials may email pdf copies to the MMRP-32 organizational mailbox at smb.manpower.MMRP-32(at) as long as the senders email account can be confirmed as either the reporting senior's or reviewing officer's .mil email address.  If mailing a paper version of a report to HQMC, it is imperative that the forwarding envelope is conspicuously marked "contains FITREPs for FY21 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board".  Timely submission of fitness reports is critical for board-eligible members, as CMC (MMRP-30) will need time to review reports for accuracy and compliance.  Commanders are ultimately responsible for the timely submission of fitness reports to CMC (MMRP-30) and ensuring that all fitness report timelines noted in reference (c) are adhered to.
4.g.1.  Date gaps must be corrected IAW chapter 8 and appendix F of reference (c).  If missing reports are less than one year old, a reconstructed original is required.  Copies of the completed fitness reports over one year old must have all pages certified as true copies by either one of the reporting officials (RS/RO).  For completion and submission of reports that are over one year old, it is preferable that the original reviewing officer complete the report, however, CMC (MMRP-30) may act as the reviewing officer on reports that are not adverse on a case by case basis.
4.g.2.  Marines are reminded that requests for administrative changes to their fitness report records may take up to 30 days for completion.  The responsibility to request timely corrections rests soley with the Marine making the request.
4.h.  Professional Military Education (PME).  The selection guidance (precepts) for many boards includes a reminder of the importance of PME, whether resident or non-resident, in an officers development.  Officers are advised to ensure that course completion information is noted on their MBS and that PME completion certificates are included in their OMPF in order to document completion.  In cases where an officer has not completed PME but has completed one or more sub-courses of that PME, the officer may send a personal communication to the president of the board describing progress in completing the PME and include documented evidence of any sub-course completion.  See reference (e) for additional information regarding PME.
4.i.  Civilian Education.  All officers must ensure their civilian education is accurately reflected in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS).
4.j.  Communication with the Board.  Each officer may communicate with the president of the board.  Per reference (f), an officer eligible for consideration by a selection board convened under section 611(a) of title 10, U.S. Code, may send a written communication to the board, to arrive not later than 10 calendar days before the date the board convenes. The information in this database is then up-loaded to the internet so that officers can personally confirm receipt of the material via the officer promotion homepage.  In addition, do not send duplicate copies of update material.  Doing so causes CMC (MMPR-1) to again process the material and for the board to review duplicate copies of the material submitted.
4.k.  Forwarding Communications to the Board.  Officers may submit communications via U.S. Mail, next-day packages, or fax.  U.S. Mail is not delivered directly to Harry Lee Hall.  Therefore, anticipate a 2-3 day lag time for further delivery to Harry Lee Hall.  Commercial next-day carriers deliver directly to Harry Lee Hall, excluding weekends and holidays.  Officers with the capability to scan their documents may send the scanned documents via E-mail directly to the organizational mailbox:  officerpromotions(at)  Ensure the e-mail subject line reads "update material for the FY21 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board".
4.l.  Update Material.  Officers may submit to the board any written information, to include written material they deem important for consideration.  OMPF materials sent directly to the board president will not become part of an officer's OMPF.  Although officers may submit any material as update material, officers should contact CMC (MMRP-30) before submitting fitness reports as update material and CMC (MMRP-20) for any other OMPF materials.  This process will ensure an officer's OMPF is appropriately updated.  The following guidelines apply regardless of the means by which an officer submits material, e.g., mail, fax, e-mail, etc.:
4.l.1.  Update material must be in writing and submitted under cover letter with the update material as enclosures (a sample cover letter is available at the officer promotion homepage),
4.l.2.  The cover letter must be addressed to President, FY21 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board (see paragraph 5a for complete address),
4.l.3.  Update material must be from the eligible officer, and the officer must physically sign the cover letter.  Digital signatures are authorized on e-mail submissions.  Material submitted that is not in writing, submitted without a signed cover letter, or received later than 10 calendar days before the date the board convenes as noted below, will not be submitted to the board:
Board         Component     Convening Date   Due Date
FY21 CWO      Active        1 Sep 20         21 Aug 20
4.m.  Update Material Receipt Verification.  Update material sent via USMC email will receive an e-mail confirmation.  The e-mail confirmation receipt is the official notification that CMC (MMPR-1) has received your update material, and will be provided to the president of your board.  No further action is required on the officers part.
4.n.  Classified Reports.  Eligible officers whose records contain classified reports should notify CMC, Officer Promotion Section (MMPR-1) as soon as possible.  Notification should include the Marines' full name, EDIPI, grade, occasion, and dates of the report(s).  CMC (MMPR-1) will confirm the existence of the report(s) and ensure its consideration by the board.
4.o.  Request for non-selection.  Officers eligible for promotion who plan to separate or retire may desire to write to the president of the board requesting they not be selected for promotion.  Any officer who writes such a letter to the board will still be considered for promotion and will incur a failure of selection if not recommended for promotion by the board.
4.p.  Request for Deferment of Eligibility.  Per reference (g), deferment of eligibility is intended to provide officers who entered active duty, and have been placed on the ADL, an opportunity to obtain active-duty experience, qualifications, and significant evaluation before being considered by a board.  Requests for deferment must be in writing and submitted to CMC (MMPR-1) at least two days before the date the board convenes.  Officers approved for deferment will be considered by a subsequent board in the same zone (in-zone or above-zone, as applicable) that they would have been considered had their eligibility not been deferred.
4.q.  Reference (h) discusses the waiver of the annual physical fitness test (PFT) requirement for the CY 2020 semi-annual period.  Marines are not authorized to conduct a PFT for score unless in an exception to policy as defined in paragraph 5 of reference (h).  Marines who have conducted a PFT in 2020 prior to the publishing of reference (h) will retain their score.  Marines may conduct a PFT to update their score up to 90 days following removal of the restrictions published in reference (h).  Any Marine that failed the PFT in CY 2019 will be required to take the PFT within this period.  All officers are to ensure that their PFT score is appropriately entered into MCTIMS, as per reference (h), no later than the day prior to the board convene date.
4.r.  Post-board Information and Guidance.  Chief Warrant Officer board results will be announced via ALNAV when the board reports are approved by SECNAV and the promotion scroll signed by SECDEF.
5.  Addresses, Points of Contact, and Internet Information:
5.a.  Address for the President of the Board:
            FY21 USMC CWO Promotion Selection Board
            Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMPR-1)
            Harry Lee Hall
            17 Lejeune Road
            Quantico, VA 22134-5104
5.b.  Officer Promotion Section (MMPR-1) comm 703-784-9705:
5.b.1. Section Head, DSN 278-9703/04
5.b.2. Promotion Board Action Officers, DSN 278-9703/04
5.b.3. Lineal Staff, comm 703-784-9705/06/07, DSN 278-9705/06
5.b.4. Confirm receipt of material, 703-784-9712/03, DSN 278-9712/03
5.b.5. Fax material to:  comm 703-784-9883/9884 OR DSN 278-9883/9884
5.b.6. E-mail material to:
5.c.  Internet information through the officer promotion homepage.  Go to  Select the "Active Marines" tab at the top of the page.  Under "manpower management", select "promotion branch", and then select "officer promotions", to arrive at the officer promotion homepage.  From there, to find:
5.c.1.  Reference (a):  Select "messages" and under "promotion maradmins" select "CY 2020" then 316/20.
5.c.2.  Lineal list:  Under "reference" select "McBul 1400-blue book dtd July 2020".
5.c.3.  Zone eligibility or update material receipt verification:  Under "online applications" select "eligibility verification/submitted material".
5.c.4.  Information for preparing for a board:  Select "preparing for your board".
5.c.5.  Sample cover letter:  Under "reference" select "sample cover letter".
5.c.6.  Consult with a career counselor via the Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch homepage:  Under "related links" select "officer counseling (MMRP-50)" and then select "appointments for counseling".
5.c.7.  OMPF/MBS.  The primary, most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF, and MBS through OMPF online via MOL.  Alternative means of downloading and viewing the MBS is through the MMRP homepage.  From the officer promotion homepage, under "related links", select "Record And Performance Branch (MMRP)", select “official military personnel file".
5.d.  Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch
5.d.1.  (MMRP-20) Records Management Section.  OMPF documents or questions concerning the OMPF can be sent by the following means:
5.d.1.a.  E-mail:  SMB.Manpower.MMRP-20(at)
5.d.1.b.  Address:  Commandant of the Marine Corps
                    Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMRP-20)
                    2008 Elliot Road
                    Quantico, VA 22134-5030
5.d.1.c.  Phone numbers (comm 703-784-3907, DSN 278-3907) OMPF customer service, DSN 278-3906/3907/5640
5.d.2.  (MMRP-30) Performance Evaluation Section, comm 703-784-3993, DSN 278-3993 or toll free 1-877-301-9953.
5.d.3.  (MMRP-50) Officer Career Counseling Section, comm 703-784-9281, DSN 278-9281, or toll free 1-800-634-7988.
5.d.4.  (MMRP-60) Operations Section, 703-784-3738/4607, DSN 278-3738/4607.
5.e.  Separation and Retirement Branch (MMSR):  comm 703-784-9324 or DSN 278-9324/9306.
6.  Release authorized by MajGen David A. Ottignon, Director Manpower Management Division.//