Date Signed: 9/8/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 511/20
MARADMINS : 511/20

R 041837Z SEP 20
REF A/DOC/MCO 4400.160/26 NOV 13//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Per the ref, the Field Supply and Maintenance Analysis Offices (FSMAO) are field agencies of Sustainment Branch (LPS), Logistics Plans (LP), Installation and Logistics (I&L), Headquarters Marine Corps (DC, IL) positioned to conduct comprehensive analyses of logistics compliance and internal controls, evaluate policy and procedures, and improve overall equipment stewardship and auditability.
2.  Mission.  Publish the FY-21 FSMAO schedule.
3.  Execution.
3.A.  Per the ref, FSMAO scheduling was coordinated with the appropriate G-4 Staffs within each Marine Forces (MarFor), Marine Forces Reserve (MarForRes), and Supporting Establishment (SE).  Activities listed in paragraphs 3.A.1 through 3.A.3 will be analyzed during FY-21.  Units/activities with multiple Department of Defense Activity Address Codes (dodaac) are listed with only the parent DoDAAC; however, the actual analysis of those units will include all subordinate DoDAACs (for example, company DoDAACs, Sub-RIP, and classes VIII and IX accounts).
3.A.1.  Units/activities to be analyzed by HQMC FSMAO-East (read in four columns):
I&l Number/ Unit / DODAAC / Scheduled Analysis Period
FE2021001  8TH ESB              M21310  26-OCT-20 4-NOV-20
FE2021002  6TH MAR REG          M12151  26-30 OCT-20
FE2021003  2D MAR RDR BN        M20930  26-30 OCT-20
FE2021004  2D BN 10TH MARINES   M12320  2-10 NOV-20
FE2021005  3D MAR RDR BN        M20950  16-20 NOV-20
FE2021006  MWHS-2               M01053  30-NOV-20 4-DEC-20
FE2021007  HQTRS MARFORCOM      M20001  30-NOV-20 4-DEC-20
FE2021008  MCSF KINGS BAY       M53520  14-18 DEC-20
FE2021009  2D LAAD BN           M00920  9-18 DEC-20
FE2021010  MCSF REG             M53515  11-15 JAN-21
FE2021011  HQ 6TH MCD           M83001  11-15 JAN-21
FE2021012  2ND BN 6TH MAR       M12230  11-15 JAN-21
FE2021013  BLOUNT ISLAND COM    M38450  25-JAN-21 3-FEB-21
FE2021014  MAG-14               M00014  1-5 FEB-21
FE2021015  26TH MEU             M20181  8-12 FEB-21
FE2021016  22D MEU              M20179  8-12 FEB-21
FE2021017  2D RADIO BN          M21590  1-5 MAR-21
FE2021018  1ST BN 10TH MAR      M12310  1-10 MAR-21
FE2021019  2D TSB               M27410  1-10 MAR-21
FE2021020  CLB-2                M27340  15-19 MAR-21
FE2021021  MCPP-N               MMV420  15-MAR-21 2-APR-21
FE2021022  VMU-2                M01490  22-26 MAR-21
FE2021023  MAR RDR SPT GROUP    M20970  5-9 APR-21
FE2021024  HQTRS HQTRS SQDN     M02020  5-9 ARP-21
           MCAS NEW RIVER
FE2021025  EWTG LANT            M67355  12-16 APR-21
FE2021026  2D SUPPLY BN         M27110  19-28 APR-21
FE2021027  2D MED BN            M12020  26-30 APR-21
FE2021028  HQCO 2D MARINES      M12101  3-7 MAY-21
FE2021029  1ST BN 8TH MARINES   M12170  10-14 MAY-21
FE2021030  MARCORSYSCOM         M95450  10-14 MAY-21
FE2021031  CLB-6                M27350  17-21 MAY-21
FE2021032  II MEF MIG           M20361  24-28 MAY-21
FE2021033  HQSCVBN MCLB ALBANY  M38441  24-28 MAY-21
FE2021034  MCRC HQTRS           M95492  24-28 MAY-21
FE2021035  MTACS-28             M01145  7-11 JUN-21
FE2021036  2D BN 2D MARINES     M12160  14-18 JUN-21
FE2021037  1ST BN 2D MARINES    M12120  21-25 JUN-21
FE2021038  2D MAR RDR SPT BN    M20975  19-23 JUL-21
FE2021039  3D MAR RDR SPT BN    M20985  19-23 JUL-21
FE2021040  2D ANGLICO           M21625  19-23 JUL-21
FE2021041  CLB-8                M27360  2-6 AUG-21
FE2021042  MARDET FT LEE        M54078  2-6 AUG-21
FE2021043  CLR 45               M29440  2-13 AUG-21
FE2021044  MWCS 48              M00407  16-25 AUG-21
FE2021045  MTACS 48             M01146  16-25 AUG-21
FE2021046  3RD BN 14TH MARINES  M14330  16-20 AUG-21
FE2021047  4TH DENTAL BN        M29120  16-25 AUG-21
FE2021048  3RD CIV AFF GRP      M20192  16-20 AUG-21
FE2021049  MARCORLOGCOM         M38001  30-AUG-21 10-SEP-21
FE2021050  HQ MASS 6            M00985  30-AUG-21 10-SEP-21
FE2021051  2D BN 24TH MARINES   M14170  30-AUG-21 10-SEP-21
FE2021052  4TH CIV AFF GRP      M20193  30-AUG-21 3-SEP-21
FE2021053  MWSS-271             M00271  13-22 SEP-21
FE2021054  MARCOR DET DAM NECK  M54079  13-17 SEP-21
FE2021055  HQTRS HQTRS SQDN     M02030  13-17 SEP-21
           MCAS BEAUFORT
FE2021056  TRAINING COMMAND     M30407  24-30 SEP-21
FE2021057  2ND BN 25TH MARINES  M14220  22-30 SEP-21
FE2021058  OCS                  M30380  24-30 SEP-21
FE2021059  MCCSSS               M93053  24-30 SEP-21
3.A.2.  UNITS/ACTIVITIES TO BE ANALYZED BY HQMC FSMAO-West (read in four columns):
FW2021001  MWSS-374              M00374  19-30 OCT-20
FW2021002  1ST FSB               M95000  19-30 OCT-20
FW2021003  1ST BN 1ST MARINES    M11170  07-11 DEC-20
FW2021004  MAG-11                M00011  07-11 DEC-20
FW2021005  1ST RADIO BN          M21570  07-11 DEC-20
FW2021006  HQ CO 1ST MARINES     M11104  07-11 DEC-20
FW2021007  2D BN 1ST MARINES     M11110  11-15 JAN-21
FW2021008  1ST INTELLIGENCE BN   M20372  11-15 JAN-21
FW2021009  2D BN 7TH MARINES     M11140  11-15 JAN-21
FW2021010  CLB-5                 M28280  11-15 JAN-21
FW2021011  H&HS MCAS YUMA        M02212  25-29 JAN-21
FW2021012  CLB-7                 M28349  25-29 JAN-21
FW2021013  CLR-17                M28301  25-29 JAN-21
FW2021014  MASS-3                M00830  25-29 JAN-21
FW2021015  MCRD SAN DIEGO        M34000  22-FEB-21 05-MAR-21
FW2021016  6TH ESB               M22320  22-FEB-21 05-MAR-21
FW2021017  MWHS-3                M01079  22-26 FEB-21
FW2021018  CLB-13                M28391  22-26 FEB-21
FW2021019  HQ 23D MARINE REGT    M14101  15-26 MAR-21
FW2021020  1ST BN 23D MARINES    M14120  15-26 MAR-21
FW2021021  5TH BN 11TH MARINES   M11340  22-26 MAR-21
FW2021022  HQ CO 5TH MARINES     M11154  22-26 MAR-21
FW2021023  1ST CAG               M20186  12-16 APR-21
FW2021024  3D ANGLICO            M21626  12-23 APR-21
FW2021025  9TH COMMUNICATIONS BN M21670  12-23 APR-21
FW2021026  MWSS-373              M00373  12-23 APR-21
FW2021027  HQ BTRY 11TH MARINES  M11303  26-30 APR-21
FW2021028  1ST TANK BN           M21410  26-APR-21 7-MAY-21
FW2021029  1ST MEDICAL BN        M28290  26-30 APR-21
FW2021030  1ST DENTAL BN         M28380  26-30 APR-21
FW2021031  I MSB                 M20371  10-14 MAY-21
FW2021032  MWCS-38               M00307  10-14 MAY-21
FW2021033  1ST RECON BN          M11009  10-14 MAY-21
FW2021034  1ST CEB               M11400  10-21 MAY-21
FW2021035  MWTC                  M33611  14-18 JUN-21
FW2021036  3D LAR                M20470  07-18 JUN-21
FW2021037  VMU-1                 M01480  14-18 JUN-21
FW2021038  1ST BN 5TH MARINES    M11180  14-18 JUN-21
FW2021039  EXERCISE SPT DET      M35014  12-23 JUL-21
FW2021040  MTACS-38              M01144  19-23 JUL-21
FW2021041  3D AABN               M21820  12-23 JUL-21
FW2021042  CLB-1                 M28333  19-23 JUL-21
FW2021043  SOI-WEST              M93250  02-13 AUG-21
FW2021044  AVTB                  M90133  02-06 AUG-21
FW2021045  1ST TSB               M28410  02-13 AUG-21
FW2021046  1ST LAR               M20450  02-13 AUG-21
FW2021047  2D BN 14TH MARINES    M14320  16-27 AUG-21
FW2021048  4TH TANK BN           M21440  16-27 AUG-21
FW2021049  INTELLIGENCE SPT BN   M96210  16-27 AUG-21
FW2021050  CLR-4                 M29410  16-27 AUG-21
FW2021051  SES BN                M33120  20-24 SEP-21
FW2021052  MWSS-372              M00372  13-24 SEP-21
FW2021053  MCSF BN BANGOR        M53530  20-24 SEP-21
FW2021054  1ST BN 4TH MARINES    M11230  20-24 SEP-21
3.A.3.  Units/Activities to be analyzed by HQMC FSMAO-West Pac (read in four columns):
FWP20210001  3D MAINT BN (IMA)   M29021  26-OCT-4 NOV-20
FWP20210002  3D MAINT BN (ORG)   M29021  2-6 NOV-20
FWP20210003  HQ REG, 3D MLG      M29001  16-20 NOV-20
FWP20210004  MWSS-172            M00172  7-11 DEC-20
FWP20210005  HQ, 12TH MARINNES   M13301   25-29 JAN-21
FWP20210006  MCAS FUTENMA        M02204  22-26 FEB-21
FWP20210007  CLB-3 (ORG)         M69009  22-26 FEB-21
FWP20210008  CLB-3 (IMA)         M69009  1-10 MAR-21
FWP20210009  MTACS-18            M01143  15-19 MAR-21
FWP20210010  1ST BN 3D MARINES   M13220  15-19 MAR-21
FWP20210011  UDP HAWAII          M13120  5-9 APR-21
FWP20210012  HQ, 3D MARINE DIV   M13001  5-14 APR-21
FWP20210013  31ST MEU (CE)       M20175  26-30 APR-21
FWP20210014  5TH ANGLICO         M21631  3-7 MAY-21
FWP20210015  UDP-EAST            MMJ131  10-14 MAY-21
FWP20210016  MWCS-18             M00107  17-21 MAY-21
FWP20210017  MCB MUJUK           M15017  14-18 JUN-21
FWP20210018  MAG-24              M00024  12-16 JUL-21
FWP20210019  VMU-3               M01495  19-23 JUL-21
FWP20210020  HQ, MARFORPAC       M20221  26-30 JUL-21
FWP20210021  1ST BN 12TH MARINES M13310  9-13 AUG-21
FWP20210022  HQ, 3D MARINE REG   M13101  16-20 AUG-21
FWP20210023  3D LE BN            M20350  23-27 AUG-21
FWP20210024  MAG-36              M00036  13-17 SEP-21
FWP20210025  3D MEDICAL BN       M28260  20-24 SEP-21
FWP20210026  BLT, 31ST MEU       MMJ132  20-29 SEP-21
3.B.  Notification and reporting requirements.  30 days prior to a scheduled analysis, the FSMAO OIC will provide units/activities with a notification letter, appropriate FSMAO checklists, and coordinate additional requirements (in-brief, conduct of the analysis, out-brief).
3.C.  Analysis results.
3.C.1.  Upon conclusion of an analysis, the FSMAO OIC will provide analysis results to Sustainment Branch (LPS), Logistics Plans (LP), Installation and Logistics (I&L), HQMC for review and approval.
3.C.2.  Upon final review and approval, LPS, LP, I&L, HQMC will provide the analyzed unit a “final report” listing compliance scores for each functional area (FA).  The final report will be forwarded, via DoN Tracker, through the analyzed unit’s chain of command.
3.C.3.  Per the ref, unit commanders/accountable officers are required to a submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) including each commodity with FA compliance scores below 80%.  The CAP will be submitted as an endorsement to the final report, detailing efforts undertaken to correct and prevent recurrence of each condition identified in the final report.  The CAP must be endorsed via the appropriate chain of command (ex: Div, MEF, MarFor) and submitted via DoN Tracker response (using the format provided).  The I&L report number assigned to each unit above will be used to track final reports and CAPs in DoN Tracker.
3.C.4.  Those units not required to submit a CAP will have 14 days from the release of the DoN Tracker to respond, acknowledging receipt of the final report.
3.C.5.  Functional Areas with scores 80% and above do not require a CAP; however, commanders are highly encouraged to correct these deficiencies to avoid further degradation of processes and procedures.
3.D.  Per the ref, Commanders, Commanding Generals, or Deputy Commanders/Commanding Generals will endorse FSMAO final reports at applicable Major Subordinate Command, Marine Corps Installations Command, Marine Expeditionary Force, and Marine Force Command levels.
4.  Administration and logistics.
4.A.  Schedule changes.  Requests for schedule changes are submitted, via Don Tracker, to LPS, HQMC, DC IL (code: LP) through the appropriate chain of command.  Approvals of change requests are not guaranteed.  Every effort should be made to manage all changes internally to the requesting MSC prior to contacting the supporting FSMAO office.  The MSC/SE G4 may coordinate with the supporting FSMAO OIC for feasibility of support.
4.B.  Units/activities will ensure that key personnel (Supply Officer, Supply Chief, Supply personnel, Maintenance Management Officer (MMO), Maintenance Management Chief (MMC), Commodity OICs, all Responsible Officers, and commodity key billet holders) are available throughout the conduct of the analysis.
5.  Command and signal.
5.A.  All FSMAO analyses are Headquarters Marine Corps sponsored Internal control events. Accordingly, commanders will include scheduled FSMAO Analyses on the command's Training, Exercise, and Employment Plan (TEEP).
5.B.  Questions regarding FSMAO analyses should be directed to the supporting FSMAO officer in charge.
6.  Release authorized by LtGen C. G. Chiarotti, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics.//