Date Signed: 9/16/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 528/20
MARADMINS : 528/20

R 151955Z SEP 20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This message solicits nominations for the National Security Agency (NSA) Computer Network Operations Development Program (CNODP) Class of 2024.  Applications are due no later than 25 Sep 2020.  Paragraph 7 details procedures for submission.
2.  The CNODP is comprised of the System and Network Interdisciplinary Program (SNIP), the Global Network Exploitation and Vulnerability Analyst Development Program (GDP), and the United States Cyberspace Command Joint Cyber Development Program (JCDP).  This is an opportunity for a select group of highly technically-inclined individuals to further develop their skills in the areas of secure system design, vulnerability analysis, computer network defense, and computer network exploitation.  The goal of the program is to develop a cadre of technical leaders who will improve the Department of Defense and Marine Corps CNO capabilities.  The program is a technically demanding three-year curriculum with a three year follow-on assignment individually tailored to each applicant to best capitalize on their expertise.
3.  The SNIP, GDP, and JCDP Class of 2024 will start on 12 July 2021.  The report no later than date will be 26 April 2021.  This will allow sufficient time for in-processing, orientation, and security clearance verification.  The first three months of the program consists of mandatory core training.  Non-emergency leave will not be approved during these three months.  Training is followed by a thirty-month period where members will perform duties in offices at the cutting edge of CNO.  Members will work alongside experienced experts, performing many of the same technical duties.  CNODP concludes with a three-month final project where members will solve a challenging technical problem of significance to the CNO community.
4.  Application is open to active duty, enlisted Marines in the rank of E-7 and below and active duty officers in the rank of O-2 and O-3.  Officers must be career designated.  Officers in the below zone for O-4 are ineligible.  Applicants must have between 4 and 14 years of service as of 26 April 2021.  Applicants must have at least two years on station for CONUS commands, and three years on station for OCONUS commands.  Applicants who have not fulfilled an obligated payback tour for a previously attended program will not be considered.  Marines selected for the program will incur a six year total obligation (three years in the internship and a three year follow-on assignment).  Nominees will be required to provide a page 11 entry to the selection panel stating acknowledgement of the appropriate obligated service requirement.  Enlisted selectees must incur the obligated service prior to detaching from their current command.
5.  Selected applicants must possess a fully adjudicated TS/SCI security clearance and a current CI Polygraph before the class start date.  If possible, nominees should complete their polygraph prior to detaching from their current command to reduce wait time at their gaining command.  Application to CNODP is not sufficient justification for TS/SCI eligibility determination.
6.  CNODP candidates should possess the following desired qualifications:
6.a.  Post-Secondary education or equivalent experience in the areas of Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, or Applied Mathematics, or be able to demonstrate equivalent experience.
6.b.  Exceptional academic performance and professional accomplishments are required; as well as demonstrated interest in and ability to perform in technical hands-on oriented work.
6.c.  Well-developed oral and written communication skills.
6.d.  Working knowledge in one or more telecommunications or computer network disciplines (Computer Hardware, Software, Networks).
6.e.  Military Occupational Specialty within the 17XX Occupational Field.
6.f.  Demonstrated computer programming skills in C or C++.  Python and some Assembly are desired.
7.  Selection will be based on a thorough review of each application package and an interview with the NSA CNODP board.  Completed applications are to be sent via e-mail to  Applications will be submitted in .pdf format and will consist of the following:
7.a.  Applicant’s master brief sheet from their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and school transcripts.
7.b.  Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s commanding officer.
7.c.  Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor, instructor, etc. attesting to the applicant’s technical skills and abilities.
7.d.  An optional letter of recommendation at the applicant’s discretion.
7.e.  An essay from the applicant (two pages or less) answering the following:
7.e.1.  Why do you think that CNODP is the right choice for you?  Describe your goals that you wish to accomplish in CNODP.
7.e.2.  What experience with programming languages do you have?  List each programming language and your familiarity with it, how long have you coded in it, and the year that you last coded in it.  Only include languages for which you have written (or substantially modified) code.  Include any and all:  assembly, hardware-based, high-level, and scripting languages.
7.e.3.  Other than programming language expertise listed above, how does your expertise and training relate to the core fields (Hardware, Software, and Networks)?
7.e.4.  Describe a positive teaming experience that you have had.  Describe your role on the team and how you contributed.  You may include experience from work or school.
7.e.5.  Technical Experience:  Describe an unclassified project that best exemplifies your technical development activities and experiences.  Tell us the technical details of your contributions to that project, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.  The project can be work, home, or school related.
7.e.6.  Self-Directed:  Describe an example of a project where you worked by yourself with very little guidance; briefly describe what you accomplished, how you approached the problem, and how you liked/disliked working in that capacity.
8.  Applicants will be notified no later than 2 Oct 2020 whether their application will be forwarded to the NSA/USCC selection board.  Individuals selected will participate in an interview with the selection board between Nov 2020 and Jan 2021.  Each nominating organization will be expected to pay for the TDY costs of the applicant to attend the interview.  Video teleconferencing will be utilized whenever possible.  Notification of acceptance for Class of 2024 will be made on or around Feb 2021.
9.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General L. E. Reynolds, Headquarters Marine Corps, Deputy Commandant for Information.//