Date Signed: 12/3/2020 | ALMARS Number: 027/20
ALMARS : 027/20

R 022137Z DEC 20
ALMAR 027/20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The physical, mental, social, and spiritual domains of fitness build and maintain the toughness and resiliency necessary to adapt to, overcome, and recover from every situation Marines and Sailors face in their careers.  Optimizing overall fitness supports all the priorities in my Commandant's Planning Guidance (CPG).
2.  The concept of Human Performance combines the four domains of fitness into a synergistic approach that empowers warfighters, and optimizes their performance.  While the importance of physical, mental, and social fitness are more recognizable, spiritual fitness is just as critical, and specifically addresses my priority to build character and instill core values in every Marine and Sailor.  Character strengthens our collective warfighting spirit.  Clarity on core values optimizes our moral and ethical decision-making.  Together with the other domains of fitness, spiritual fitness permits Marines and Sailors to draw upon collective spiritual resources in order to maintain their resiliency, and demonstrate their character.
3.  To ensure the continued health of our collective character and identity and maintain our reputation as elite warriors, I am reaffirming the importance of spiritual fitness.  All Marines and Sailors must tend to their individual character in order to keep the ethos and reputation of our Marine Corps intact.  In addition to serving as models for their subordinates, leaders must champion efforts to instill spiritual fitness in order to advance character development across the Marine Corps and in support of my CPG.
4.  In addition to Marine leaders, chaplains also stand ready and are uniquely equipped to optimize spiritual fitness at all levels.  Chaplains contribute to the personal and professional character development of Marines and Sailors by providing and facilitating religious ministry for those who desire it.  They provide confidential counsel to the maximum extent permitted by law, care for all individuals regardless of belief or background, and provide advisement on moral and ethical decisions that align to the core values of honor, courage, and commitment.
5.  This ALMAR is effective upon release.
6.  Semper Fidelis, David H. Berger, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//